Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 856

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"Don’t look at me like that. To be honest, we can’t do anything about it."

Liu Family patriarch said with a bitter smile: "There was a way. , But we also didn’t expect that this thing will become like this after the reversal. If we knew before, we would not use this method more. Now everyone’s strength is sealed at the same level. There is no way to go up..."

"Don’t say anything so full," Old Ancestor patted the grandson’s shoulder, standing behind patriarch: "Since it’s our home, there must be a way to solve it. , You see, the range of its blockade is within the network, but aren’t there still a few people in the sky?"

Everyone looked up, and there are still some in the sky, among the group of youngsters who had previously competed for the chessboard. , There are just two outside the enveloped range.

The Li Family who makes the sword, the cinnabar sleeping under the bamboo slips, the thunder father and the electric mother turned out by the Wang Family, above the Tianyuan, there is also a trace left by the Liu Family’s ancestors’ will. , And most importantly, the Little Young Master of Zhang Family this generation has been waiting for opportunities in the sky with the Nine-Section Whip.

"Don’t say anything else, but a few of them above are enough. Although the one from Zhu Family is asleep, there are four more than the ban is enough."

"Old Brother, you mean—"

Among the crowd, the old lady of Liu Family also looked up at the wind wheel, her eyes narrowed: "If there are three heaven-holders If we can do it together, naturally the white jade Jing's power can also fall here. Jixia has no defense against us, but this wind wheel..."

The power of the magic net is indeed a limitation, but The white jade Jing was produced by Great Families for thousands of years. Although the name was changed for a while, the strength accumulated by the inheritance of many families for a long time is also not weak.

And everyone has seen the power of the magic net. The precious thing about this thing is that it can exist all the time and has a very wide range. However, white jade Jing is a life-saving thing jointly produced by many families. Although the power is very strong, it can't be used in normal times. Only at least three families can join forces to summon. At present, the power of white jade Jing cannot attack the family who participated in the production of white jade Jing, so this thing is not as convenient as magic nets.

As the people below were discussing it, two transparent lights and shadows fell from the falling power of the deep blue sea and squeezed into the piece of land beside Jon.

The two young people who suddenly appeared are Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Recently, the two of them have maintained their youthful looks and look very elegant and handsome.

"What's the situation now?"

"There are a few good news and some bad news.

The good news is due to the efforts of those people , They transformed the magic net into a simple tool, and Cinnabar also began to wake up in the spiritual world of promotion within the realm of Legendary.

The bad news is that this group of people was forced to be trapped within the realm. the realm, there is no way to escape now."

This is really embarrassing.

The wild goose has been pecked all year round. This is really embarrassing to the old hunters, but the people below are not old hunters, and their cheeks are thick enough, in this case Next, they can still find some consensus to ignore what they have done previously.

Each Aristocratic Family has a unique way of transmitting messages. Even under the cover of the magic net, they can also transmit the message. After all, the magic net has a sufficient upper limit of power Limited, but there is no lower limit on strength.

As long as the power they deliver is relatively weak, there is no problem, and news is one of them.

But the power of summon white jade Kyo comes here and it takes a lot.

The most important thing is that it is very likely that some people’s promotion will fail.

It’s not that the people present have not considered this point. In fact, wait until Cinnabar wakes up from the promotion, It's not that they can't get out from here safely, but then, all they have to pay is completely fall into the magic net in the hands of cinnabar.

Obviously, these people do not want this to happen, they prefer to take everything in their own hands, even if it costs some money.

But it is only a price, even more how this price is also very high, and may not need to be paid by them.

And as long as the gap inside is opened a little bit, Old Guys like them can use things to use their own power to suppress the wind wheel.

"So the current situation is like this. I guess what the old guys are making, but I am not very clear about the specific content. The Cinnabar family did not send me any news. "

Before Jon's words fell, he flicked his finger.

The message has been transmitted.

It is obvious that the Old Ancestor of Zhu Family does not have any optimistic view that they can fully control the wind wheel, but he hopes that Jon can protect the cinnabar and complete the promotion.

As long as the cinnabar can be promoted, their family will have a Legendary battle strength out of thin air. Although the wind wheel suppresses the people present, it is only a suppression under the Legendary, and the suppression above the Legendary is ultimately limited. .

In contrast, a new Legendary is more important.

Jon thinks so too.

But he still wants to see what the other families have made together.

As soon as he finished talking about this to Grindelwald and Dumbledore, the surroundings began to vibrate.

It was the wind wheel that began to spin rapidly, and there was a contending sound of wu wu.

This situation generally appears under the influence of pressure, and the pressure that Mowang is currently under should not be normal.

The sky is moving. The Li Family sword bearer who originally turned into a starlight suddenly lifted his state of speaking and action, and appeared from the real space, holding an iron sword in his hand. , Moved towards the sky and slid past.

He is not attacking the wind wheel, but the Formation of Jixia.

Jixia’s Formation does not cause any difficulties to the operation of white jade Jing, but there are still some obstacles. At this time, power is obviously very precious, and the power of white jade Jing cannot be wasted. In resistance to Formation.

It is not particularly difficult to attack Formation from the inside.

Azure Lotus Sword Song and Big Dipper sword art merged in an instant, and a strong murderous intention erupted in the sky, tearing the Formation on their heads.

At that moment, the thunder father and mother in the sky, as well as the young boy carrying the Nine-Section Whip not far away, simultaneously moved towards the crack and made a pulling action.

A splendid palace cast a shadow from the deep blue sea.

Behind it is an extremely wonderful city.

【Heavenly white jade Beijing·Twelfth Floor Five Cities】

Starseizer House!

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