Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 857

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After the crack was squeezed away, the entire city moved towards the Formation space under Jixia and illuminated the projection.

There is one thing that Eternal Existence is in the deep blue sea, and there is no way to appear within the realm understood by mankind, that is spirit willpower, and now Jon they see this City is obviously a form of existence of the will world.

It's just that when it appears, there is an anchor point from the creature, so that its form can be revealed in front of humans.

This is a city made of white jade, like the Immortal Palace in Myths and Legends. It is shrouded in layers of clouds and mist, but it can still be seen by those watching it. The brilliance and beauty in it, the prosperous suffocating.

The only slight deficiency is that it looks too illusory.

Because it is really too good, everyone can know that this thing will not exist in Human World.

But the power is real. It is the highest weapon that China’s Aristocratic Family and Powerhouse have created for countless years. Such a city is deadly no matter who hits the head.

And now, this city is beginning to be used.

Under the guidance of the three youngsters, there seemed to be a magnificent sound of fairy music in the sky, and the splendid city opened the city gate, as if it was loaded with a huge cannon. Power poured out from the city gate in an instant, like a sky falling down.

"The sword of the river is coming from the sky!"

After borrowing the power of white jade Jing, the power of Azure Lotus Sword Song has been greatly enhanced, and this power has been greatly enhanced by Li Family The sword bearer took advantage of the situation and guided the falling force of Tianhe to hit the barrier of the wind wheel.

"It’s hard to imagine that the East has such a powerful power. After all, if the East has such a huge power, why did that kind of problem still occur in the first place?"

" Because how much power can play depends on the user, and it is obvious that these people did not use this power at that time. Although the war in the muggle society is inextricably linked to the wizard world Contact, but after all, you can’t directly interfere."

"It makes sense, but it’s good to be able to see this scene now. I’ve never thought of using the deep blue ocean to store power. ."

They looked up at the city in the sky, and did not pay attention to the attack on the magic net by the people below.

Because this kind of care is of no use, the magic net is built by the world's will to allow the East to build. If even this kind of impact cannot be held, there is no need for it to exist.

The scene in the sky is attractive enough, because it is a creation from the legend, it is hard to imagine such a beautiful scene in the world.

Refined carpets were paved on the road, white pegasus walked by auspicious clouds, beautiful women covered in silk holding wine and food in their hands, smoke filled the buildings, there were beautiful men and women Walk in it.

Although they are all phantoms, they are indeed extremely beautiful.

The most important thing is that in the city, there are twelve white jade tall buildings, distributed in the four sides of the city, and guarding the Soaring Firmament Treasure Palace in the middle.

In every white jade tall building, there are silhouettes appearing, some are middle-aged man, some are young young girls, there are old women with white hair holding a pagoda stick, and beautiful women in palace costumes wearing phoenix crowns , There are old men in yellow robe, and men with high crowns holding jade tablets.

These people project their sights here, together with the power that blesses them here.

The young man holding the common Li Family gained tremendous power in an instant, and the others were no less inferior. Even the group of people shrouded in the magic net also gained strength. Even under the suppression of the magic net, the pressure has been reduced a lot.

In an instant, under the influence of various houses on the ground, the city of Immortal Realm in the clouds burst out with immense power. Myriad forms on the earth and the hustle and bustle of sentient beings were also revealed in the city.

But everyone did not expect that when the power of the white jade Jing collided with the power of the wind wheel, the waves produced were extremely large.

Even the motivators felt a kind of inexplicable heart palpitations.

And the backlash bears the brunt of this force, moving towards the cinnabar that is being promoted flows away.

until now, people have always thought that evil is evil itself, but this thing of evil itself is triggered by human greed.

When this huge amount of impact rushed towards Cinnabar, a voice suddenly rang out of the air.

"To be honest, in this case, is it appropriate to sacrifice a little girl for that unnecessary benefit?"

With the joint help of Grindelwald and Dumbledore , Jon suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

Silencio, no one has the feeling, and there is no sign from the outside world.

Jon just appeared in front of everyone so suddenly, the power of the black bird kept flowing in his body, so that Jon did not appear in anybody’s sense, but he was perfectly clear. Just stand there.

At this moment, under the cover of the magic net, Zhu Family Old Ancestor, whose mentality is tense, is completely sighed in relief.

"Although I don’t have any opinion on this situation, to be honest, if cinnabar is not my friend, I will definitely not care about these things with you, but if you are so dying, you just hit In my friend, where can this power be sacrificed?

We have to guide it in the direction of moved towards backlash, eh?"

It’s where he is talking During this period of time, that power has followed the connection of nothingness and came to Jon's face.

In the cracks created under the impact, there are many Legendary flying into the air. After drilling beyond the cracks, the youngster will naturally retreat. In this case, only Chuan Genius can face Legendary.

No one doubted the reason for Jon's appearance, because they looked at the sighed in relief look of the old man from Zhu Family, and knew that this was the back hand that Zhu Family found.

The only strange thing about them is that they don’t know when such a Legendary appeared in the East.

However, Jon did not explain the reason to them. His palm sticks out, and the wooden branches in the Legendary Omen have constructed a wooden bowl, but have absorbed the backlash power.

"Standing here for so long, I'm really a bit thirsty."

Jon picked up the wooden bowl full of energy, and pour out everything inside. Into the mouth.

Of course.

He didn't really drink these things into his stomach, but was absorbed by the roots of Legendary Omen in his mouth.

But there is indeed a feeling of fullness. After all, it has absorbed so much power. Except for Jon's Legendary omen, it is really difficult for others to do it.

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