Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 858

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The people below, and the people standing in front of Jon, looked like they had seen a ghost.

It's not because Jon's reality is surprising, but because Jon's behavior is really weird.

The people present are all people who can feel how powerful that power is, so when one person swallows this thing into his stomach and face doesn't change, everyone feels it. A weird chill.

As if fear has surged from in the depth of one's soul.

If these people have been able to understand fear after being in high positions for a long time.

This feeling is really a lifetime.

"What's the matter? Why are you looking at me with this look? It makes me look like a monster."

Jon dissipated the wooden bowl in his hand. , Remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, holding his arms, looking at the group of people in front of him.

"How should I put it...I am also entrusted by others, and loyal to others. I don't care what you want to do. You can snatch whatever you want. As long as you don't hurt her, then everything is fine."

But this kind of statement is obviously false, and it is impossible to accept this kind of answer.

If there is no problem with cinnabar, then the problem is someone else. In this case, especially the power of white jade Jing has been guided down. Once you start backlash, you will never backlash to those Youngster, but they will be stained with Old Guy like them.

They are all this age, how can they withstand the impact of this kind of force.

Even the Old Ancestor of Zhu Family quickly thought of this. At this time, there is obviously no way to make the Old Guy in front of him pay the danger of his life to do the next thing, but the sky is that Things are already here. If the power does not vent, the power accumulated by many Aristocratic families over the years will be wiped out.

This kind of thing is fundamentally obliterated, because blocking it is definitely not a good way.

Anyway, let cinnabar bear the price, but they can bear the result.

But they obviously have another better way.

Because what's in front of me is a particularly easy way to walk. Since Jon wants to protect cinnabar, he also has this ability, so as long as they direct all their power to Jon, it will not be over. Yet?

Although no one here said this, I have to say that as a group of old people who have worked together for so many years, their ideas are surprisingly consistent on this matter, and there is no need to make any statements. This matter was decided in a unified manner.

They jointly constructed a war machine like white jade Jing, and naturally they can also communicate through white jade Jing.

Even Old Ancestor of Zhu Family did not oppose this.

In this way, everyone is very good. Anyway, Jon was brought back by cinnabar. Although I don't know who this guy is, he is obviously an object that can be used.

At worst, make it up afterwards, anyway, he is already a legendary wizard, and he won't fall anywhere.

Jon didn't know what the group of people in front of him were doing, but from the eyes of these people, he knew that they didn't have any good ideas.

Oh, it's dangerous.

"Can you not look at me with this kind of eyes, it feels so dangerous, so you are still planning to pour your strength on cinnabar in this state?"

Wen looked at the group of people in front of him. Some of them were relatively young and some were very old. Without exception, they were very powerful. It can be said that a handful of people from Oriental Cream of the Crop are here.

These people unite to deal with him, it's definitely impossible,

Because interests are now at stake, everyone needs to take some precautions and stay behind,

impossible Join together to deal with him.

If it’s Grindelwald or Dumbledore standing here now, it’s a different matter.

Jon, after all, half of the bloodline in his body is from China. , He is also regarded as a person from China, and he came in with someone from Zhu Family.

“In fact, it’s not, because we suddenly found out just now,” said the old fogey who was standing at the forefront and closest to Jon and Fenglun: “It seems that this little friend is quite strong. If all these powers are handed over It’s a beautiful thing for the little friend to deal with it."

"Oh, is it?" Jon opened his mouth and laughed, "Do you know what you are farting?"


Obviously, we can't agree.

Jon is not a fool to be slaughtered. He can stand here and face these people in front of him calmly, he must have the confidence to get out of it safely.

Don't say that cinnabar may wake up at any time, even if cinnabar can't wake up for a while, he still has Grindelwald and Dumbledore secretly helping, if it's not possible, he can ask Helga for help.

Everyone is an adult. Just do things more simply. If you can't beat them, call your parents in time. Don't insist.

But now that I have not yet started fighting, I can still work hard.

"But in fact, he was telling the truth."

The old fogey of Zhu Family coughed and wandered in front of Jon.

"You may, don’t know where this is. This is Jixia, the stronghold of Huaxia Peak.

Don’t you see that we are the only old people standing here now Guy, but there are still some powerhouses out there.

If this fights, you can’t take advantage of it."

Jon didn’t say anything, he glanced around in front of these People, pouted.

"I know, but, I didn’t intend to be a tool man for you, and I don’t like the reward you give, but I have another way,

Anyway, the reason for your entanglement is the confrontation in front of you, right?

Then if I take this wheel away, there will be no contradiction, right?"

Jon Laughing harmless to humans and animals, but these people in front of them are a little unusual.

Because as Jon said, the method he said is indeed a method. If it can be done, it can indeed solve all the problems. The only problem is that the power of white jade will still give Out of backlash.

Of course, these old people will definitely not accept this matter.


Their opposition is not important to Jon.

"Anyway, everyone is on the opposite side. I don’t want you to do any harm to cinnabar, but I also don’t want you to target me. This is not a good choice. "

Jon rubbed his hands and tugged on his sleeves, exposing two openings in the clothes on his back.

"I originally wanted to settle this matter peacefully, but you obviously don’t want to do it. Now the situation has become like this, and there must be no way to resolve it peacefully.

However, I had expected this scene a long time ago. Since this is the case, then everyone should be more swift, and if you have any skills, please show it out."

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