Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 859

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The severity of the matter does not need to be elaborated too much.

In fact, this battle has already planted the curse early in the morning. The construction of the magic net in the East is really too impatient. There is no agreement between the Great Family in power. Everyone is alive for a long time. Ancient Family, no one is impossible to tolerate a family suddenly becoming bigger and stronger, and then ride shit on the head of other families.

In this case, of course, whoever has the biggest fist speaks.

However, in order to guard against this kind of fist talk, the powerhouses of each family also managed to fight, and they didn’t really fight with anyone. They wanted a showdown, and they wanted to prevent others from the fisherman profits, and at the same time wanting to be a profitable fisherman by himself, it is always unrealistic to ask for too much and not pay enough.

In fact, the Zhu Family is the one that does the most in these families.

To be precise, it is cinnabar.

The rationality of the East's construction of the magic net is that cinnabar gets it from the will of the world, otherwise they are basically impossible to make a Divine Item like the current wind wheel.

The Divine Item governed by this substance is fundamentally different from white jade Jing.

To put it bluntly, white jade Jing is nothing but a deep blue ocean. A backup weapon,

Not much time to use,

Each time it is used, it also consumes a huge amount of power.

But the magic net is different. It is the embryonic form of a world controller.

If there is no absolute reason, the world itself will not allow this thing to be controlled by a group of people, let alone controlled by a part of the group.

Cinnabar consumed a lot of time, and Jon's help helped grind this down. At the same time, the ultimate control is handed over to the will of the world, which is why Jon has the courage to think this The reason why things can be controlled by him.

This thing has a back door, is not that absolutely does not have a problem,

If it is a truly complete Divine Item, then Jon will definitely not stay here for a while After a while,

Leave directly. Anyway, there is a city hanging in the sky. This city is separated from the deep blue sea. He can also use some means to remove the cinnabar from this passage. Take it away,

Only in this way, Cinnabar’s promotion is likely to fail.

Cinnabar is a very, very good friend of Jon in this world, so he doesn't want any big problems with cinnabar, let alone that the problem comes from his hands.

He will do his best to protect the promotion of cinnabar, as long as there is a way, he will never choose the worst path.

Escape is the worst way.

So in front of everyone, Jon's face showed a smile that made everyone uneasy.

Under this situation with swords drawn and bows bent, the situation around them is even getting worse.

Because there are manipulating people behind the scenes of Jixia,

Seeing that Great Killing Artifact has been used, the people behind the scenes immediately expanded the scope of Formation a lot.


In this way, the position of the wind wheel has dropped some height out of thin air, and the space has been opened up a lot.

But at the same time.

Under the influence of white jade Jing, the blue deep sea's interference in the material world they are in has become more powerful.

In this case, Jon's power has been improved a little bit.

He took a step back a little, and the tears in his clothes started to gather strength.

bloodline alienation.

This method of alienation is inspired by the hints Jon got when he observed the transformation of werewolf and Vampire.

By stimulating the power of a special bloodline in the body, some controllable changes can be made, instead of becoming a complete fighter machine like it was at sea.

In short, he is stronger.

Everyone was watching Jon’s movements, as if watching a drama. They saw a pair of wings slowly unfolding behind this unknown Legendary expert, which seemed to be a skeleton. But it is very illusory, the root is on Jon's back, but if it extends outward, it can be seen that the wings link a blue existence.

It is also the deep blue sea.

Like white jade Jing, Jon can also absorb power from here.

So countless magic power is like a torrent, drawn from the deep sea again, and then branded on Jon's wings and turned into black feathers.

This pair of wings is huge, and Jon's body is very small in contrast.

When Jon stretched out this pile of wings completely, the rays of light in the entire space suddenly dimmed.

Of course, this is not because Jon’s wings are too large, but because he drew some power from the deep blue sea when he showed it and weakened the rays of light of white jade Jing.

And it's not just as simple as weakening rays of light.

The group of people who stood not far in front of Jon were even shaken by the wind from the sea, and unconsciously stepped back.

In this brief moment, those elderly Legendaries who were observing Jon finally understood why they never found any trace of Jon in their perception.

Because Jon is not here at all.

He is hiding in an unknown place. There is a high probability that he is hiding in the deep blue sea, so he is not considered to exist in front of everyone.

This is ...A very complex magic problem.

The phantom constructed by refraction, constructed by means of distorted space and elements, is a silhouette that is no different from Jon itself.

But this silhouette, it does exist, but it is not real.

It's like ghost.

They have died in this world, so there is no way to kill them, because humans cannot kill a person who has already been killed.

In short, this is a speed application.

Extremely fast, Jon can walk through the space at high speed. I haven't thought about it yet. Jumping in this complicated position is like turning the space into a piece of paper. From this point to Another shortest way is to fold these two points in half.

“But it’s impossible to do it!”

Old Ancestor of Li Family blurted out that people like them who make swords, speed is what they value most, so he also Basically understand the difficulty of this thing.

"All right?"

Jon tilted his head and said, he touched two of his own wings, feeling a little bit emotional at this feeling.

"Don’t you guys know my details, and never wanted to inquire about it?

I remember that Cinnabar should have told her mother about my identity?"


"Yes, I did say that."

Old Mister of Zhu Family reacted afterwards. The reason why he didn't think about it clearly at first was because Because he didn’t believe what cinnabar said before, the bloodline of Xuanniao had been cut off in China for too long for too long. This time has already tasted a very outrageous level, so he did not believe that Jon really was for a while. The bloodline of the black bird.

"It's the bloodline of the Xuanniao, the speed of Xuanniao can indeed do this, causing such a terrifying effect, but..."

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