Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 860

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In the face of absolute speed and space folding, blocking has no meaning.

This group of Old Guys are not willing to release their truly powerful power. If they really join forces, Jon is unlikely to have the opportunity to do anything,

but fortunately Jon did not face such a situation.

He just flicked his wings.

In an instant, the space seemed to lose its meaning, and Jon’s spirit seemed to fall into a deep pool, watching countless weird dreamy colors flicker before his eyes,

This feeling reminded him of the scene when Helga was dragged back from Death's world when he almost died.

At that time, what he saw was the quietest scene in the deep blue sea. , The deep and uncontrollable heartbeat beauty,

Now what he sees is another kind of weird picture. He has seen the deepest secret of the magic world, and he has also seen it I have been to the destruction and birth of gods, and this time is Space-Time Force.

In fact, Jon is also the first to try this approach. Although he was using this feature to hide himself before, hiding and real shuttle are two concepts.

At that moment, it was as if he had traveled for a long, long time. For thousands of years, in the eternal time, it seemed that even death was meaningless, but the time was really short, just short He was in front of Fenglun in an instant.

But it didn't happen by coincidence. Fenglun was fighting against the power of white jade Jing. His sudden appearance triggered a change that was not good compared to the previous situation.

This seems to be a very large basin of water. It was suddenly thrown into the hot furnace, causing a huge steam explosion. The power of the wind wheel carrying the magic net collided with the power of the white jade Jing. , The violent impact caused directly engulfed Jon.

And the others...none of them came forward to help, they stood by and stood back a lot.

At that moment, the irresistible force hit Jon like a landslide and tsunami.

But Jon has nothing to do.

Because the moment that power hits, he has already hid in a smaller place. There is always a channel for the huge power to pour. It seems that the water always flows more. A wide place without choosing to enter a gap.

The only problem is that the closer Jon is to the wind wheel, the greater the obstacle he will encounter. Jon can't find a suitable gap to move forward.

He can only jump continuously in the gaps around him, because those gaps created by collisions will disappear.

He needs to jump into another gap before the gap disappears to ensure that he will not be hurt by the impact.

Of course, in this process, Jon has become more and more proficient in this ability.

"I can't go on like this."

On the edge of the outside world.

Zhu Family’s Old Ancestor and Cinnabar’s mother have been guarded in front of Cinnabar, together with Grindelwald and Dumbledore in the dark to protect the sleeping Cinnabar, while everyone else looked at Jon.

"Let him try this way," the old lady said: "He will be able to approach the wind wheel sooner or later, when the time comes... His power is not weak, the power of Xuanniao has faded too much. After a long time, we don’t know how far this power can be."

"Yes," the remaining old people also echoed: "It's really not the way to go on like this... it's better... …"

Some things don’t even need to be said, and these things don’t need to be understood.

They have white jade Jing and the power of white jade Jing. If you convert this power to the real world, you can use this power against Jon. As for the wind wheel, the power of this thing, itself There is no offensive, the focus of this thing is to balance, rather than proactively provoke war.

Of course, balancing these two words also depends on how to understand them.

But at least for now, the importance of the wind wheel and the magic net is not important.

So the situation turned around.

Jon’s power is not so powerful. The key to his victory is that he has the use of time and space and magic. This use lies in the perspective, but inside white jade Jing, there is also the ability to use this perspective. People.

Or, spiritual imprint.

I don’t know which Oriental Legendary is instigated, and the power of city begins to converge and then shift. Suddenly there is a roar of thunder and lightning in the sky, and I begin to investigate the existence of Jon. Then, that The man holding the jade tablet was the first to perceive Jon’s position in the energy gap. He raised his hand, azure light flowed on the jade tablet, fiercely flicked above the shock of the magic power, and then, Jon’s ear burst There was a roar like the earth's crust revolving.

Everything collapses and the order is chaotic.

The law of burst has set off an invisible shock wave in the deep blue sea. The waves in the sea are one after another, and everything where the ripples pass, everything is shaken to dust.

Especially, under countless ripples echoing each other, the laws overlap each other and build, moving towards Jon enveloped.

Jon had to twist a temporary space gap in the material world, but he also shook under the terrifying turmoil. The strange thing is that the magic net not only did not help, but started to violently the energy The space for operation was sealed, and it did not affect the outside in the slightest.

It’s like turning Jon into the champion of the Colosseum, facing the weird name of white jade Jing, and then those Old Guys who control the white jade Jing are watching the show there. Even Grindelwald and Dumbledore were silently watching his what a joke in a hidden corner.

A group of old bastard with dark hearts.

Within the block.

Under the control of that power, all the power was better concentrated. Under the white jade kyo strikes, the space collapsed, causing the space gap constructed by Jon to be immediately blocked back and forth. And Annihilation Power followed, retrospectively.

Dog stuff is dead here!

Jon changed his hand and opened a new hole for himself to drill out, but he hasn't finished here yet. After the thunder fell, the emperor wearing a yellow robe also threw a sword light out, but the sword qi didn’t. Eyes, looking around Jon for a long time, but helpless, as if looking inside through the frosted glass, there is no way to start.

"This is the change of nothingness? No..."

In the phantom of white jade Jing, Emperor Yellow Robe frowned when he looked at this scene.

"Since the tangible things are not effective, then I might as well try it."

The beautiful woman in palace dress flew from behind, holding the lute in her hand and plucking her fingers.

The white jade phoenix-necked pipa played between the elements, and the space barrier did not work. In an instant, Jon felt impetuous, as if a ghost was born in his heart.

In the sound of the pipa, the rule Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the sword qi thunder fluttered out, and the Painting of All Living Things occupied the home court and quietly implanted in Jon’s body If Xuanniao's bloodline were not good at changing this set, I am afraid that Jon would suffer immediately.

These people have too many methods, and they are plainly annoying.

But Jon is not a good person to deal with. Who is skilled in fighting?

Don’t say anything else, these people in white jade Beijing have been immersed in the rules for many years, but in terms of changes in means, 80% of them are not as good as Jon, who has changeable means.

He is coldly snorted, sketching out the sound of the violin with one hand, resisting Yang Yuhuan’s pipa heavenly sound with the power of puppets, and against the all living beings coming from inside the white jade Jing, with the other hand raising When he started, his fingers flicked again and again, which inspired the rule Totem represented by the black bird. Since the scream of nothingness sounded in the void, endless changes unfolded in front of Jon's eyes, showing Jon a way to leave.

Basically, it is a big prophecy with no consumption.

But the power of white jade Jing is also not to be underestimated. That piano sound with no opportunity swept over with grandeur, and in an instant it has flowed into the deep sea and moved around in the world of elements. , Locked Jon, who was constantly avoiding Space Crack, forced him into a mess.

But that's all.

Jon quickly found a way. Under his guidance, the piano sound actually constructed a whirling channel around him, and the power was directly thrown to the magic net to bear.

In an instant, the projection roared and the magic net moved.

Both sides are suffering, and Jon's weird ability is basically seen.

A big East, there is never a shortage of talents and powerhouse.

"Time and space jump...Elemental dimension distortion...magic power feature folding...absolutely accurate..."

The double pupil appeared in the eyes of Long Patriarch Sun, looking at Jon’s Direction, murmured to himself: "It is possible to achieve this level...this mysterious bird offspring, is it possible that a special population created in ancient times?"

"Can you fart less? Lao Tzu is a decent human."

Jon's voice was transmitted through the blockade, and he bluntly choked on Patriarch Sun.

But this also shows that now he can still do his job well.

But there is a reaction, not long Patriarch Sun.

It is the group of ancient wills in the white jade Beijing.

In an instant, in the white jade Jing’s projection, countless energy changes, the rules focused on deviation, countless forces began to move towards this place, faintly locked Jon’s location, ready to hit it Kill.

In fact, there is no need to go to this step, but now, there is nothing to say.

But at this time, something happened again.

A hidden brilliance was suddenly bounced out of the void by the magic net, and the shadow of a dragon was revealed in the space. Obviously, this one was planning to act first.

"Zhao Baizhao! You little bastard!"

The dragon-shaped apparition was closed, and a silhouette appeared in front of everyone. This is one of the youngsters who participated in the competition before, but I didn't do it back then, but now I want to fish in troubled waters.

He is obviously not the only one who fishes.

So those who were implicated by him couldn't help but swear.

And at this time, Jon spoke again.

"I have a way. Since everyone can’t accept that this thing is controlled by a family, it’s better to break it. Anyway, this thing can work within a range, so don’t worry. If something goes wrong, I can’t just give it closed, don’t you have it?"

This kind of bad idea is obviously something Jon can’t think of, but in this situation, it’s not a way to stay in a stalemate. Those old bastard I can't wait to swallow him like a black-eyed chicken, and there are people outside fishing in troubled waters. I shouldn't let others take advantage of this.

I have to say that this method was thought of by Jon during the crisis, and it is indeed very useful.

After he finished speaking, he immediately turned around and dived into the twisted time and space. His wings vibrated wildly, slid and avoided the aftermath of white jade Jing’s attack and collision.

After an instant, the Old Ancestor and Jon who followed them have placed their palms on the edge of the huge wind wheel.

No need to look at each other and exchange opinions.

The next moment, a cold light flashed in Li Family patriarch's eyes.

White jade, the Old Sovereign emperor in Beijing received the signal, a sword light is fleeting, as if to split the heavens and earth world, slaying out Sun, Moon and Stars, and crushing everything The destruction of dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, like the way to illuminate the future, slipped down from the white jade Beijing.

Imperial Family Secret Art·Skyfall Sword Medal.


The harsh sound first burst from the center of the wind wheel, and then rolled upwards, the magic net is connected to the deep blue sea, and it is like the world collapsed. The roar.

During breathing, the sky changes day and night, the blue ocean is boiling, and in an instant it is frozen for thousands of miles.

The Formation in Jixia vibrated, and the wizards outside were frightened and frightened.

Within the realm, the air is not invisible. Like a sandstorm, the magic power of yellow sand stirs and rubs against each other, and the gaps in space can be seen everywhere.

The majestic power finally lost its balance with the rupture of the core of the magic net. At that moment, a chain reaction of horror occurred in the deep blue sea, and was immediately suppressed.

The will of the world came, and blocked it, but did not help suppress it.

The whole space is filled with the screaming sound that seems like Heaven and Earth is broken.

Part of Jon's hand was prepared for cinnabar. Because of this, no one from the top to the bottom of Zhu Family competed, and what Jon got in his hands was also suitable for the cinnabar physique. Part.

Monet has many permissions. Each family has taken away part of it related to their own family. Only Jon took the cinnabar individual things.

But there is no big problem.

at worst, change a family mainstream, Jon doesn't care about this.

The fragments in his hand are full of shadows, like a phantom. It is the intersection and overlap of light and shadow that can achieve the effect.


The battle is finally over.

But the aftermath has not dissipated yet.

As the core of the magic net collapsed, massive regular fragments began to flow towards the surrounding area, just like duckweed for food, floating in the river water.

Those people, Formation of Jixia, and even White Jade Kyoto have a share of it.

Zhu Family is even more funny. I don't know who made a full hiccup, and the sound rang in everyone's ears.

"wait a minute"

Yang Yuhuan’s will is the most keen, and he cast his sights on the white jade Beijing-the chaos of time and space is like this, where can people be in this situation? Let your voice be heard by everyone?

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