Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 861

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At this time, other people also found anomalies.

This is not right!

They cast their sights over, but saw Jon's black wings floating in front of the cinnabar, and the wind wheel fragments in his hand were instilling a large number of similar laws into the cinnabar.

Then Cinnabar burped in deep sleep.

Immediately afterwards, something began to wake up.

In the deep blue sea, something seems to have been called, and it begins to move towards Falling in the world.

Zhu Family’s Old Ancestor and Cinnabar’s mother both seemed very nervous, but Grindelwald and Dumbledore secretly stopped them, allowing Jon to do his best without worrying about outside matters.

Immediately, everything was seen, a wreck that sank in the deepest part of the deep blue sea and had disappeared for a long time. At this moment, it is flowing toward here along the rift created by the previous war. !

It's like a dream.

An old phantom.

Only Jon knows that it is the remains of Small World left after the elements were extracted by Helga.

Cinnabar is the only person in the world who has been there and has a relationship with it. What is a better way than rebuilding a world on the ruins to condense the legendary omen Woolen cloth?

Cinnabar does not have the idea of ​​leaving this world, but she can become the god of this world. The Oriental God System has disappeared for many years, and it is time to revive.

Although the resurrection is from other gods, what does it matter?

Cinnabar does not care, and the opinions of others are not important.

In the rumbling sound outside, cinnabar lies in the ruins of the ancient Egyptian god system, looking up at the dark sky.

She can see the situation outside and know what Jon has been facing, but she has no way to wake up. The Legendary Omen has not been able to condense. Although she is anxious, there is no way.

The light outside one after another, obviously is an immense power, gathered in one place at this time, but it makes people feel beautiful.

She looked at this beauty, and did not know when, she suddenly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Dreams are always so quiet and long.

The waves swept from afar and washed on the beach. Cinnabar stepped on the sand with bare feet and watched the little crab emerge from the sandpit, crawl over her instep, and dive into the puddle again. Inside.

The familiar smell of seawater came in the air, just like when I was in Small World when I first entered.

So familiar.

The dark sky has begun to change, with rays of light permeating, but this rays of light is not so obvious, it just slowly fills the sky above.

The blue sky is reflected on the sea.

Cinnabar sat silently on the reef, watching the waves surging in the distance, washing up the beach and falling, and the sea breeze blowing from a distance, with a fresh breath, blowing on the fallen palace here , And the dilapidated drapery above.

There is no scramble.

There is no martial power struggle.

Neither ambitious nor the so-called bright future.

These have all decayed, and in time, they have gradually been overwhelmed.

In the quiet decline, there is only one eternal loneliness and beauty.

After a long time, she suddenly understood.

"So, is this what I want?"

The young girl touched her hair: "It's beautiful, quiet, I don't know it, so I I like peace so much."

"Of course you like these," Jon's phantom appeared above the sea: "Although you haven't said it, you just want to live well, but in this world, you want It's too difficult to be without responsibility."

"Are you here to help me?"

Cinnabar doesn't seem to recognize who Jon is, she seems to have forgotten some things.

"Yes, I'm here to help you."

Jon said, crushing the fragments in his hands into powder, resealing the structure, but peeling it out of it the rule of.

Re-sealed, as part of the core of the magic net, he threw it to the Old Ancestor of Zhu Family, and the other part became the nourishment of cinnabar.

So Cinnabar understood.

The rumbling sound came again, but this time was from her heart.

The direction of the wind has changed.

"The world is dead."

She said.

"But I'm still alive."

The rumbling sound in her heart is like the thunder lightning when Heaven and Earth was born. There are countless desperate souls weeping loudly, paying tribute to all that died.



Cinnabar stood between the sea and the sky, calmly like a statue.

She is here, looking at the world.

The world in the dream is a ruin.

She saw the scene of the fall of the gods, like a movie, which appeared in front of her.

The sky is burning, the clouds are red, and the sea is also red, only red stained with blood.

Fire-like lava flows in the cracked earth. The gods fall from the sky. Heaven and Earth cry for it, but the cry of mourning keeps coming and going, because the gods are constantly dying and there is no trace.

Finally, even the crying disappeared in the air again, everything was like an illusion of cinnabar, as if there was only a silent scene in front of me.

It's like a nightmare that makes people empathetic.

"But, I know, this is the real world."

But Cinnabar can't laugh at all, it's like watching a very heavy movie, so She felt exhausted physically and mentally and just wanted to rest.

Is this a dream?

But this dream and reality seem to be almost exactly the same, she is a little confused.

Or maybe, she never distinguished it.

Jon is not here anymore.

So Cinnabar can't tell whether she is awake or staying in her dream.

Or, she may also be just a phantom, a memory left here.

"It shouldn’t be like this, is it? At least this is not what I want, not the world I want."

But everything is so real, she feels those The smell of flames, the crackling sound of burning flesh and blood echoed in her ears, and the smell of smoke made her nose sore.

Every feeling made her feel that this is the true world.

The absurdity of the world is like a big dream, but the world in this dream makes people feel sad and desolate.

No one responded to her, and Jon didn't have a voice anymore.

That's really like an illusion.

Rumbling sound echoes in the sky, and a few fire stars float in the wind.

"It shouldn't be so sad, this is my dream, I deserve my world."

Amidst the cracking sound of something, the sky darkened again Come down.

A ray of pure white moonlight fell from the sky, and the only star rose to the sky again.

【Moon God Chang'e】

The law is constructed from this.

That is the mythical power of China, a legend borrowed from the white jade Beijing, shrouded in cinnabar.

She has become beautiful.

More beautiful.

She floated into the sky, light and shadow circulated around her, transformed into a round moon, radiating rays of light in the sky, gently shining on this devastated world, fire and thunder dissipated in the light , This world has a quiet night sky.

"The starlight is here, the wind is smooth, the earth is in harmony, and everything is auspicious."

The wind is no longer tyrannical, and the sea is calm again.

The dazzling stars reappeared beside her, just like the goddess in the mythology, the earth cooled by the cold wind, the lava on the ground turned into stone, no longer boiling, even the collapsed palace , Have started self-dressing.

It seems unrealistic, but it is not reality in the first place.

Dreamland should have been so beautiful.

At that moment, Jon brought Zhu Family's patriarch to Cinnabar.

In other words, he brought over that part of the magic net.

Give cinnabar the permission to continue.

No one moved, everyone knows that today’s things are over, but they still want to see the birth of a Legendary, and one more thing, they want to see the magic of this new student How far can the net be used?

I see it now,

The effect of this force.

Obviously, this kind of power is more powerful than they knew before.

Heavenly white jade Jing has gradually gathered his strength, giving the stage here to the transforming new student's strength.

In the dream, Cinnabar's body began to become hazy, and the rays of light of magic power were also lit up in the outside body. Her silhouette was blurring, and she entered the magic net with the greatest limit. Magic power is in the loop.

The moonlight began to spread here. The legendary omen of the young girl broke free from the shackles of the body at this time, twisted the body together, and expanded rapidly in the network of the magic net. The rules began to evolve and multiply here. A round of discs flew out from the center of her eyebrows and extended upwards, just like riding an elevator that can directly enter the deep blue sea, flying upwards at a very fast speed. , I was plunged into the deep blue ocean in an instant.

Along with the reverberation of the ocean, there was an echo from the depths of the deep blue sea, and the shadow that had been stagnant and falling began to fall again.

Youlan Deep Sea released its authority.

The ruins of silence in the depths of the ocean have been completely awakened, and the ruins of Small World, which was originally recovered by the will of the world, have begun to be drawn by cinnabar.

Under the influence of moonlight, it travels faster and faster in the deep sea, but at the same time there are some problems. This Small World should not have appeared in the world that humans can observe within the Realm, now appearing, is destined to give up something.

Cinnabar began to give up.

All reality is abandoned, only the deepest will and the simplest structure are retained, and then under the influence of moonlight, it begins to reshape.

Jixia released Formation's access rights, but at the same time, they also began to record this change.

Jon acquiesced in this happening, if they can record anything, then let them.

Cinnabar does not care about these, because she is weaving a dream.

The moonlight began to turn into silk threads, condensed into a mirror.

It seems to reflect everything in the world, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, time passes, illusory scenes reproduce the joys and sorrows of human beings, the birth, aging, sickness and death of all things, rays of light are here , The meaning of life is erased, and in the end only Cinnabar herself sleeps in the mirror.

The magic net has skyrocketed.

In this brief moment, Jon began to mobilize his authority and let Hogg’s power merge in to improve this place. The western magic net has developed for so long, and countless people are magic nets. Node, at this time, these people's dreams were all taken away by Jon and sent to Cinnabar's dreams.

Convergence, this is the beginning.

Those ordinary person's dreams, wizards' dreams, and beasts and monsters' dreams are all turned into cinnabar material, and cinnabar is like an editor, starting to trim his dreams.

There is also a legacy inherited from the ancient Egyptian god system.

In that cemetery, the candles that have long been extinguished by time are rekindled. Although the tombstones have collapsed and become dust disappeared, this world no longer remembers the existence of these wills.

But Cinnabar chose to let them come to life.

The stars are shining in the sky, and the family members of the gods who have died in the long past are once again found out from the imprint of time.

Some of these existences are humanoids, some are not.

Their shadows are very illusory, only faces can be seen.

Some even have only one outline left.

But they still exist.

The integration of every reality and dream has caused this cemetery-like world to undergo a little subtle change. In the legendary signs of cinnabar, the moonlight runs silently, blending these The help from now, let those imprints from time, continuously rebirth here.

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