Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 862

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No one dared to move.

They don’t know what cinnabar is doing, but once the transformation is completed, these families will usher in a new problem. No one is willing to accept this result, otherwise everything they did before will be wasted. .

But Jon blocked everyone.

At this time, when they were finally willing to unanimously externally, Jon also completed the final layout.

Black's wings spread out from nothingness, and the huge to almost unbelievable wings envelop the body of cinnabar, blocking all eyes that want to be unfavorable to cinnabar.

Even though Li Family’s sword light slashed several times, it only lays down some black feathers, and Jon’s blood has not come out at all.

"Stop making trouble, this is all in vain, don't worry, I know very well about cinnabar, she will not do anything to you."

Ghost believes it!

But after seeing Jon's previous weird ability, no one would doubt his ability.

If Jon took cinnabar and hid in the crevice of illusion, they would really not be able to do anything when the white jade Kyo was impossible again.


But all the people present were Old Guys, and this kind of face change was a common occurrence for them. Even Li Family patriarch, who attacked Jon earlier, changed his face to talk to Cinnabar’s mother in an instant. NS.

Jon had no response to these, he quietly pushed through a crack and sent away Grindelwald and Dumbledore-although the two of them could also go by themselves, but in order to ensure that they would not be discovered, Jon came to do it. Is the best choice.

The people here can't deal with him, but it doesn't mean that they can't deal with the two of them.

Everything must be considered for the overall situation. They are no longer the little children who could ask adults for help in everything they did.

Although it has been in the past just a few years, time has changed, and the two of them will grow up to be alone.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald didn’t have much to do next. The two of them just need to go on a scenic tour to make up for the shortcomings of the year, and then continue to move towards a higher direction to climb. There is no need to take up space for them here.

At the time, I brought the two of them here because I was worried about something unexpected here. Jon was afraid that he couldn't cope with it, but now it seems that Jon's estimate of himself is still lower.

His ability is still much better than those who are living in decline, but it will be another matter when Cinnabar wakes up.

Even if he doesn't know what cinnabar is doing, Jon can see that the legendary omen of cinnabar is definitely not inferior to him.

"Looking at the current situation, I am afraid I have no chance to do anything."

The old Ancestral level Legendary secretly communicated, of course, this does not include Zhu Family’s Old Ancestor.

In this matter, Zhu Family’s Old Ancestor is already a vested interest, so naturally it will not be connected with them.

At their age, nothing is as important as the future of his descendants and the future of the family. He is already this age, and no matter how he can live the lifespan of several decades, Zhu Sha is gifted and intelligent. At that time, the family planned to send her mother to Europe to steal the bloodline of the gods. Although the original purpose of the final plan was not achieved, it was a mistake to obtain a baby offspring like cinnabar. Now the bloodline of cinnabar’s father family has been killed by cinnabar herself. At the end, she is a complete Zhu Family.

In this case, no matter from any angle, Zhu Family’s Old Ancestor will cultivate cinnabar as its own Inheritor, not to mention that cinnabar is excellent enough and has such a wide range of friends network.

Even he was impossible to say that he would casually find such a young Legendary wizard to come out to help out, especially when Jon is so young but so strong, the mysterious bloodline of Xuanniao cannot be anymore. Mysterious, the entire East has no record of the Blackbird Inheritor race, but Cinnabar can know such a person. If this is not a favor of fate, then he really doesn't know what favored fate is.

"What else? Yeah, I really can't do anything. I said when this little girl came back."

The old lady said: "Like this Those who have returned from outside experience, especially the innate talent, are also good enough. They are much better than the children who have been kept in the house for cultivation in our house. When this event is over, I will not be able to beat the juniors at home. Go out and wait for our group of Old Guys to die, even if they can’t fight against the Zhu Family, they still have to guarantee their family status."

"The old sister made sense, and I planned it the same way."

An old fogey touched his beard and said: "It's just hard to tell. I see this girl has been sleeping for such a long time. I am afraid that it has encountered any difficulties?

The movement is not small, but you and I also know that the general big movement will inevitably face great difficulties. I look at the thing on it, I am afraid it is not the thing on our side."

Cinnabar was born in There has never been a secret among the Great Family, and the Zhu Family has never hidden it, and there is nothing to conceal this kind of thing. Every family participated in the formulation of the plan back then. In the end, the Zhu Family now patriarch was chosen to join the marriage. It was them too. If it weren't for Zhu Family's contemporary males, it would be really useless, and this Old Ancestor would not bring back his granddaughter.

But anyway, these all are Zhu Family deserve it. Although they said they were jealous, they didn't really kill Zhu Sha.

When they brought the power to Zhusha earlier, they had made plans. If Zhusha failed to get promoted, they would have to give something as compensation later, even Zhu Family's Old Ancestor also agreed.

Just didn't expect Jon.

So now at this time, the situation is quite clear. Obviously they can't do anything else, so doing nothing is the best.

The group is quiet, and Jon doesn't bother.

He was calculating the current state of cinnabar, his fingers were constantly moving in the void, and his wings were not put away.

But not long after, he suddenly put away the wings that protected the cinnabar, and then took the two Zhu Family guarding the cinnabar back a lot.

"What's the situation?"

Cinnabar’s mother is of course the person present who cares about her daughter the most. The daughter has a lot of debts.

If you say that everyone present is concerned about cinnabar because of the interests of all parties, but this mother is definitely not.

"It's okay,"

Jon comforted: "I think her legendary omen is almost the end, it should be about to wake up."

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