Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 863

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Jon’s voice just fell, There was the sound of the ice thawing from the body of cinnabar in front of them.

In the deep sea.

On top of everyone's heads.

The shadow cast by the wreckage of the ancient Egyptian Small World suddenly shattered, to be precise, melted into the deep blue water.

But the power and the most basic roots and laws have been stripped away. After the shadow completely disappeared, the expected scene did not appear, but a more wonderful picture appeared.

The bright rays of light radiated from the body of cinnabar.

It is like sunlight, but it is much softer than sunlight and brighter than moonlight.

This rays of light seems endless, and the source is the body of cinnabar, like a spring, releasing water to the outside.

This time the rays of light are flowing in the sky, but there is no moved towards the outside, as if there is substance, but there is no disturbing cloud, but from the perspective of appearance, it is Very mysterious.

And it is not that absolutely does not have interference.

This kind of interference is embodied in the deep blue sea. Just in the ruins of the world, a small piece of rays of light suddenly fuse together with the sea, derived out of a mirror.

This mirror is similar in appearance to a certain ancient mirror in China’s legend, but Jon has not seen the ancient mirror with his own eyes, so he does not dare to make judgments.

But what is certain is that the mirror condensed from cinnabar is much better than the ancient mirror.

Because there is a mysterious world in the mirror.

Jon can see the scene inside. There is no destruction, no turmoil, and nothing disturbing, as if something has stripped away the bad part of the creature's soul.

This kind of power is not compulsory, it is more like a kind of transformation than those forces that obliterate the traces of force.

It did not completely disappear the traces of the original existence, but after those things disappeared, after the tranquility was obtained, the intelligence that transformed these things was put into it again,

Within the realm, sand gradually converged into land, and the land gradually gained moisture. After the moisture gathered, seeds appeared.

Then grass sprouted, trees grew, mountain springs and valleys flowed out, forming rivers,


The only thing that has changed is that there are no disputes and turmoil, and the creatures live in peace during the period, as if they are living in a peaceful illusion.

The indifferent world suddenly became soft and warm. The destroyed ones were recreated, the rays of light gathered, and all things got their salvation.

The legendary signs of cinnabar are also changing.

The originally huge world shrinks into an illusion in a mirror. Although it seems difficult to be noticed, the rays of light it emits are like the Moon Wheel, this kind of rays of light reminds that the world in the mirror really exists.

The sound of the mighty ocean tide came from the deep blue ocean, celebrating the birth of the new Legendary, which makes everyone very strange.

Because this does not meet the process.

According to the two legendary wizards currently remaining in the West, that is, except for the special case of Jon, the normal process should be improved from the characteristics of a certain force, and after finding the basis for its own existence, Then proceed to the previous step of climbing.

This kind of power is more difficult, and there is no sign at the same time, because theoretically speaking, it is not achieved by its own power, but belongs to the inheritance of the senior legacy, in short, it is the Western magic world. There are too few legendary wizards, which leads to a little bit of this restriction.

Although the restrictions have been relaxed, it is still very difficult to become a Legendary due to the severance of inheritance.

Comparedly speaking, it’s easier on the East side. The most important thing is that the East’s inheritance is relatively complete. When they achieve Legendary, they can also enjoy some convenient channels, which is from With the accumulation of senior, even if the family does not have any talents, it can still push this person up through the power system that the family has built for hundreds of thousands of years.

In order to ensure the longevity of the family.

The white jade Jing, cast by many families together, is actually a concrete manifestation of this in essence.

But cinnabar is even stranger.

First of all, she didn't use any help from Zhu Family, and the Legendary sign that she condensed was not like the two seniors in her family, it was a crested ibis.

From the perspective of bloodline, this matter is very strange, because even Jon did not avoid the restriction of bloodline. The legendary omen he condensed is also based on the two most powerful in the body. bloodline, black bird bloodline and World Tree as the foundation,

But cinnabar is very special. Without bloodline, there is no trace from Myths and Legends, and it is not external. Existing beliefs,

If she invoked the existence of the ancient Egyptian gods, she did not.

From the congratulatory voice given by the deep blue sea, she is Created a new legendary omen.

No matter how you think about it, I feel a bit outrageous.

Jon has no idea about this. After all, he became Legendary for a very short time, so he can only give the opportunity of explanation to those experienced and knowledgeable old people.

The old people were naturally also discussing what kind of situation this is in private, and soon they came up with the answer.

This is a relatively special way that does not rely on external forces, nor does it rely on the favor of senior, let alone the foundation that white jade Jing has cast in the deep blue sea.

"This is a great wish."

Old Ancestor of Zhu Family said in Jon's ear: "A method of promotion in Buddhism. They borrow from the world in this way. Strength, but this road is very hard, especially for the road ahead. If the ambition is not achieved, then the person who made the wish will always be stuck in this realm and cannot be freed."

This This behavior is like taking a loan with Youlan Deep Sea. If Youlan Deep Sea is compared to a bank of power, then Cinnabar is using her future as a mortgage. She promises Youlan Deep Sea a better Small World in exchange for Youlan Deep Sea. Blue Deep Sea's help at this stage.

This method is indeed very smart, but like all human loans in this world, the cost of this method is also very serious.

Once Cinnabar’s wish is not fulfilled, it will be difficult for her to get a longer life like other Legendary wizards, and there will not even be any level of retention. The whole person will be transformed into a part of this world. , The light and shadow that she mastered completely changed into light.

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