Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 864

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The cost of this road is obvious, but it is equally difficult.

To be honest, this is not an impossible path. After all, the sword moves with side stroke also has a chance to succeed.

However, the only problem is that in this world, there are so many people who want to follow this path, but few succeed.

Even the Buddhist cultivator who is best at this path has not succeeded many people.

Because this thing is too difficult.

To change the world itself is an improbable thing, especially the desire issued, not only has the possibility of being realized, but also the ability to realize this thing.

Overwhelming majority people do not have this ability, and even if they have the ability, it is possible that their wishes have been rewarded by the world, they have gained strength, but they can accomplish very little.

In the long time, mankind has explored many roads to higher realms. Although different doors require different keys to open, the predecessors have struggled for so many years and have created There were countless open doors.

Very few people will leave these doors without entering, and then open a new door.

This choice is very stupid for many people.

Fortunately, Cinnabar does not care about this.

She must have her own reason, although Jon doesn’t know this reason yet, but when the mirror quietly concealed into the deep sea, Jon looked at the picture in the mirror and suddenly thought of it. something.

It's not something of this world, but some pictures that seem to be stored in his memory, but those pictures are fleeting, making him pass before he can capture them.

He is extremely curious about this thing. It is obviously not a good time to do this thing at this moment, so he can only suppress this curiosity first and continue to watch the achievements of Cinnabar.

The mirror was washed in the deep sea, and the huge force swept across the surface, causing all the dust in the mirror to disappear into the water.

Then there is the light and shadow of nothingness, as if reflecting a certain world. Everyone sees the beauty of the world in the mirror.

The only problem is illusory.

Is the world in the mirror real?

In fact, this kind of problem never results. People often think about the moon in the water and the flowers in the mirror, but they have never seen the entity of this thing, they are just reflections.

This country created by cinnabar is not. It does not exist within the realm, but it does exist in the future.

"This path is not easy to follow, can you think clearly about this?"

Jon put away his wings and came to the front of cinnabar. At this moment, cinnabar is already When she woke up, she lifted her hands flat, and used the connection provided by the magic net to go deep into the deep blue sea, and fiddled with the mirror.

"Whether it’s worth it or not, I’ve already chosen this path anyway.

Neither the emptiness nor the realistic future,

What I promised to the will of the world is also like the promises of the intelligence accepted by me.

Since I have promised, I must produce results. I am not a person who easily destroys his promises, even if You can’t do it, but you can’t do it and don’t do it."

"Since you have your own reasons, I won't say much, but how do you solve this situation now? "

Jon is naturally referring to those people.

People from various families and those who are not bound by the family.

Cinnabar looked at these people. These people have different faces. Some have smiles on their faces and some have no expressions: "There is nothing to solve. I don't think their existence is a bad thing. As for The magic net, although the core is broken, the Demon King itself still exists, doesn’t it?

That’s it, there is no need to solve anything. In this world, there are not enough things that we need to worry about. Do you?

I believe they will deal with it, after all, the appearance of the magic net will not bring about any change of power.

How to live before, and how to live now, but Everyone has one more channel to influence this world.

It’s you, what are you going to do next?"

The dialogue between the two people seems to be no one else around, of course This is indeed the case. Jon immediately enveloped the two of them with a force field to ensure that the voice of the dialogue would not be heard.

"I haven’t figured it out yet, I will go back first and finish the matter over there. After all, everything has reached the most critical moment. As long as Voldemort dies, my plan can be carried out immediately. You should also be able to start here. With the help of the magic net and there are fewer problems here, it should be easy, right?"

"It may not be easy to say that it is easy, but I will try my best To solve these problems, I’ve been preparing for so long before, and it’s not that difficult, but it’s true. What will you do after you go back?

I’ve heard before that you are leaving this world, Do you know where I am going after I leave?"

"It may not be where I am going. I just want to leave. I am afraid there is still a lot to do after I leave." Jon didn't hide anything: "Speak frankly, originally I don’t have a clue at all, but I just thought of something suddenly,

Those things are hidden in my memory, so I have a guess that has been verified,

There are some pictures It also appeared. I probably know what I need to do and why I do it.

The only problem is that there is no way to tell you about these things, because speaking of which is more troublesome.


In short, you don’t need to worry about my business."

"Since you say that, then I don’t care. I wish you all the best, my world will soon be condensed. , Do you want to check it out?"

"Alright, after all, I have seen the birth of the world. I may give you some advice."

"That is Fortunately, let's go."

Jon took the hand of cinnabar, was dragged by the cinnabar, turned into a streamer and came into the mirror.

The magic power of the outside world is still being poured towards the world in the mirror, but it is like throwing seawater into the abyss of ten thousand zhang, there is no response.

It was only when cinnabar came to this space that things changed.

It is as if something belongs to her place, this world begins to give birth to intelligence.

After getting permission, the nature of the world began to be tampered with.

It's like in a universe where there was no matter at the beginning, something started to explode, and then exploded again and again. Stars were born in the darkness, and light and heat suddenly appeared. It didn't cause any damage to the new student's world, but instead allowed the wounds to heal gradually.

The world is changing.

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