Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 866

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There is no parting in life, but love is heavy.

When leaving from the deep blue sea and flying above the clouds, Jon suddenly felt a little sad.

In fact, he rarely expresses such emotions himself. For him, the existence of emotions is a limitation, which will affect his accurate judgments, so he has been suppressing his emotions.

But what Cinnabar said today made him a little sad.

Of course, what makes him sad the most is the scenes that flashed back in his mind.

He thought of someone.

This person's face appeared in many of his memories, but it is strange that in such a long time, in these many years, he has never found that he has such a memory.

The memory of this period does exist, and it gradually becomes real with Jon's memory.

This person.

I don’t know what Jon’s name is, but in his most recent memory of this person, he was called Chen Songyuan, Jon’s best friend in his “last life”. In Jon’s memory, he died in Britain. At that time, this person was also by his side.

But after he died, he didn't know the end of this man.

Now it seems that things are not as simple as he thought.

Chen Songyuan is absolutely extraordinary.

Perhaps he is a god.

Because it’s easy to erase something from a young child’s mind, but Jon has reached this age and this realm, and he wants to remember something again Things, this is not so easy.

So this person must be stronger than Jon. As for what kind of person he is, Jon doesn’t know what kind of person he is, but he knows that since he suddenly thought of these things at this time, it means Soon he was able to find clues about this person, or this person secretly reminded him of these things.

In this world, nothing can happen without a reason.

Everything has its reasons.

And these things are not the main things he has to do now, he still needs to deal with normal work.

Hogwarts will start school again soon, and before school starts at this time, there are too many things to do and too many things for him to check.

"Do you think you are too busy recently?"

Joanne poured Jon a glass of milk and asked: "If you really think you are very busy, indeed You can take a good rest. Why do you want to push yourself so tight?

I have sorted out his things for the first three years. Can you see if there is anything else that needs to be changed?"

"There is nothing to change. Didn’t I read it before?

But I think you still don’t put these things in order, there may be interviews to be done later , Of course, with his mind he might not remember anything,

But these things...I think a person’s life to this point should still be very strange, you You can wait a while and say it."

"Then wait and say it, listen to you,

But in fact, many things happen in your mind,

Is the process important when you arrange things and then let them achieve the results you want in various ways?"

"Of course the process is important, otherwise, what are you going to write about?

We want to make all this look very normal, it looks like it was Harry's choice that caused these results, not our push to cause these results.

Miss Granger will help you solve some logical problems with some things, and you have to work hard for the rest. You are one of my few friends in this world, so I hope you can have a better life,

At least after I leave, you can still live the way you want."

"Are you leaving?" Joanne asked afterwards, and then she I remember that Jon said this when he wrote to him before: "Didn't you say that there is still a long time?"

"Who can tell the question of this kind of time?

I don’t know when the time will come. Anyway, it will be within a few years. Otherwise, why are you in such a hurry to do this?

There are some things, it’s more important to confess in advance. , In this world, I don’t value many people, so I hope you all have a good time."

"How old is Blair?"

Joanne asked, about Jon’s The younger sister, she doesn't know much, only that she was born when Jon first started school. Joanne and Jon's mother Smith are friends. Although the relationship is not very close, there is still a connection after all.

"This year is seven years old, she should start learning magic in a few years."

"What did you plan?

Let her Go to the magic school near your home or go to Hogwarts?"

"Of course it is Hogwarts. Anyway, the ancestor of Helga has become a god, and Blair's bloodline has been gradually purified. She is a female child. , To bear the inheritance of the ancestors, the responsibility is heavy,

Furthermore, even if the Magic World fully opens a school, Hogwarts is the core of the magic net, the magic environment is also the best. Of course, our children must go The best school."

Jon now has a younger sister and two younger brothers. His parents have been giving birth to children since he was out and running around the world for such a long time, but now it is here. So far, Jon can grow up with Blair anyway, but the two younger brothers...he doesn't have this opportunity to accompany them.

But it's pretty good.

Without a mountain-like person like him standing in front of him, it is a good thing for the child's growth.

Blair is a very gentle person, so he believes that Blair will be a good sister. Isn’t it true that there is still Bella?

This witch hasn't planned to get married yet, and even if she gets married, she will find someone to be her husband. Yang Family has a black bird bloodline. Although it is weak, it also needs inheritance.

He is accustomed to arranging everything, but this matter is that he doesn’t want to arrange it anymore.

After all, it is his relatives who are related by blood, and he hopes that they can find the way they want to go.

Even if it is unsuccessful, you can.

He worked so hard, isn't at first just to make his younger brothers and sisters not have to work so hard?

Joanne looked at Jon’s background and didn’t say much. Jon must have a lot of things to think about recently, so it’s actually pretty good to stay quiet for a while.

What a good friend should do is not to provide his friends with a haven for quiet thinking?

At this point, Joanne is a very qualified friend, and everyone admits this.

But Jon quickly recovered his state. He looked at Joanne and took out a piece of paper from the table.

"Then let's discuss the next thing about Harry now."

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