Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 867

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Jon and Joanne sit on the sofa of the villa. From here you can see the Dursley family house opposite, and Jon doesn’t even need tools like telescope.

Shi Yi Shiyi, he has also become very different.

He keeps finalizing what to do next, owl is no longer working, his owl Kane and Joanne’s owl are playing in the room upstairs, because Jon's strength has been so great since After the promotion, his owl Kane basically retired, and now he is waiting for Blair to use it when he enrolls in school.

"By the way, here is a report submitted by Anthony. Would you like to read it?"

In the gap between the two people discussing, Joanne pulled an envelope from the table. .

"What report?"

"It seems to be about joint communications. I haven't read it yet. I just listened to Anthony. The specific content is still your own opinion. , I won’t participate in the discussion about things in this general direction."

Jon took the envelope, which contained a report with a folded two-page image presentation.

He knew what this thing was after a glance. Before he left here, he once instructed Anthony to find a technology company to develop a new contact item, which is similar in function and more developed Mobile phone, but not using the Internet, but connected to the magic network through the embedded magic crystal.

Apparently he has found a suitable company and produced a semifinished product.

This kind of company is generally related to the magic circle, just like the Great Family controls the economy of the muggle world in various ways. In the magic world, not everyone Those who are out of touch with the muggle society, apart from the wizards who are completely indifferent to the muggle society and the wizards who are blinded by the upper will, the rest—at least a large part of the middle-class wizard families are at the same time as inheritance. Also in control of the muggle world.

The wizards will not hand over the rule of this world to muggle. This matter has been confirmed a lot, so there is basically no need to explain it.

On the surface, from their education of ordinary wizards, they must prohibit wizards from contacting muggles.

Only the state officials are allowed to set fires, and the people are not allowed to light the lights. They are indeed very successful. After all, there are still a few wizards in Magic World.

From the report submitted by Anthony, the company he was looking for was such a company. It is a company controlled by the wizard family behind it. It is located in America. Anthony submitted this report mainly to ask I asked Jon what he meant, because when he took the semifinished product, he found that this company also had the intention of stealing core technology.

Jon thought for a while, but didn't reply directly to Anthony, but asked Anthony to come to him for a visit, and asked him to take a look at the semifinished product.

After half a day.

Anthony Disapparation, who has been a wizard for a long time, arrives in the living room of the villa. He no longer wears a slick suit like usual, but puts on a lighter suit.

"Boss." After he came over, he didn't say a word of nonsense, and took the thing out of his pocket directly: "This is something developed by the company over there according to your requirements. I will test it. It’s almost the same as what you said before."

Jon reached out to catch it and put it in front of him. His hand was a palm-size metal block. From the perspective of appearance, it didn’t look like anything. In this particular place, the edges and corners of this thing are relatively round, but the frame is a square frame, a bit like the fourth-generation Apple mobile phone, but its size is much larger in comparison, although I say it is a semifinished product, it looks It is not particularly rough. The aesthetics of the appearance is very standard. The surface of the display is not glass but magic crystal. The back shell is a steel plate with a magic formation mark. When placed under the sun, you can faintly see the flashing inside. Fluorescence.

Jon doesn't actually have so many requirements for this thing, because he just made things imitated the next century mobile phones, mainly portability and acting as a communication tool.

And the most important thing is that it can be replaced at any time, there will be no binding problems, all the modules inside are preset, there is no account limit, because it is directly connected through the magic net, so He did not consider any real-name system issues.

This thing does not require a card, the existence of the magic net itself is equivalent to a huge WiFi network, and the scope of coverage is simply scary.

"How do I use this thing?"

"It's kind of similar to the way we use wand."

Anthony reached for the semifinished product model in Jon's hand : "The only difference is that it is connected to the magic net. It can be used as a communication tool and used for other purposes, but it is essentially an alchemy tool promoted by magic power."

The magic power phone was wrapped around in my hand, and then I pressed a slight, basically invisible depression on the side of the phone, and injected my magic power into it.

The magic power crystal that acts as the mobile phone screen immediately lights up. As a variant of the light and shadow magic, the magic power crystal should have seen the engraved magic lines hidden under the crystal, but now Obviously I can’t see it anymore.

There are a few large icons in the middle of the screen, which look like an Earth meter rotating. You only need to turn that function to the screen if you want to use it. Center, and then tap once.

On the status bar above, the connection status of Monet is displayed, but since Jon has not enabled Monet permission, there is a huge red cross with a space beside the red cross , Is reserved for the connection speed of the magic net, and in the middle is the position where the time is displayed, and on the right is the display of the magic power reserve, as well as the detection value of the surrounding magic power fluctuations.

"What's the situation with this thing? Why is there a reserve of magic power?"

Jon's initial idea was to design a mobile phone that does not need to be charged, only relying on magic It is enough to supply magic power through the human body all the time. Now it seems that this setting is obviously not very realistic.

"Because this thing does not seem to consume much, but in fact it consumes magic power very quickly,

I have tested it with researchers,

If such a thing continues to be powered by ourselves,

A normal wizard can only be used for about two hours a day,

So under our operation, we I found a better alternative,

that is, the grained steel on the back of the phone,

This thing itself has a strong stability, and it is also a tool that can be used as an alchemical material.

We selected this from the many materials provided by the Alchemy Studio.

I think it should be good,

It can completely replace magic The problem of power supply can protect the inner core and at the same time make the wizard not need to worry about the energy problem.

In fact, to a large extent, he is reducing the burden,

especially After we adjust, the magic array can be engraved on this thing.

In this way, we can put a relatively thin but larger core crystal plate in the inner core.

The outer shell can also play a better protective role, especially this kind of energy circulation, which can greatly improve the use time and the lifespan of the body itself."

Jon will The phone took it over and slid on the screen of the magic power crystal. This thing can basically meet all his requirements, especially after he temporarily gave a permission for the magic net to access, it can carry out some preliminary demonstration.

This thing is a bit similar to the application mall of mobile phones. Jon did think so when he was designing. It just transferred the Internet applications to the Monet.

It is conceivable that in the next many years, this world will surely trigger a relatively large technological change in this matter, and even a magical change, but those have nothing to do with him.

He only needs to make a creation.

At present, all they need are two functions, texting and calling.

"If you can, the camera function should be connected.

There should be some families in the magic world that are carrying out business operations in related areas. Can we contact and cooperate with them?

If it is convenient, it should be easier to find them, Ministry of Magic, Daily Prophet or book company, you may be able to find it after a run.

There is no problem with this matter. Right?"

In fact, this matter is very problematic.

Because for Anthony, he is just a newcomer to the magic world, and he is not qualified to meet the leaders behind so many big companies.

Even if it is Jon himself to show him Given the name, those people would probably only ask blankly: Who are you?

Jon does not want to reveal his identity, it does cause a lot of difficulties for the people below.

This matter is not without a solution, because although Jon does not want to make himself too famous, but Order of the Phoenix does.

"I will contact Mr. Weasley, there is a big problem with this matter It shouldn't be, if it doesn't work, then you need to solve it yourself, Boss."

"Let’s do it first. If it doesn’t work, come to me. Is this the only semifinished product we have made now?"

"At present, there is only this one," Anthony clicked nodded: "Because I’m not sure if this thing can meet your Boss needs, so I have been waiting for your reply the past few days after it was made, but the production process is already very good.

I will go back to go with They can remodel them and they can bring two prototypes to you in two days. As for other technical issues, they can continue to improve."

"That's fine, how long will it take to finish it? Problem with the machine?"

"Boss, if you are in a hurry, it should be about the same in two or three days."

"Send it in four days. It’s not a few days before Hogwarts starts school. We have one more thing to do."

Voldemort's things have obviously begun to be prepared. During Jon's stay in the East, Snape strictly followed the plan they made at first. The guy Voldemort introduced their pre-determined question.

The plan is running smoothly, so time is tight.

If time is all right, it should be within these two days. The Order of the Phoenix should take Harry to transfer. This matter also needs a little arrangement.

Jon thought for a while, still planning to write a letter to Mr. Weasley.

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