Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 870

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"Why don't you save it? I think this kind of thing is easy for you, right?"

Joanne asked in confusion, she hoped Jon from her heart Can help, but Jon is indifferent.

"There is a reason for saving, and there is a reason for not saving. If I save him, it means that I am soft-hearted, or that this owl is still valuable, but I can’t think of anything. It’s more valuable than dying. We need to let Harry continuously make changes, so we must give some stimulus. This is also something that can’t be helped."

even more how this The matter itself was caused by Harry's own mistakes. Dumbledore would wipe Harry's ass, but he wouldn't.

People always have to learn to take on their own things and grow in them. If others guarantee and protect you for everything, then why do you need to do things?

Snape has one sentence that is right.

Dumbledore is raising Harry as a pig to be slaughtered, but while raising Harry, he hopes that Harry can be better protected. Of course, this is because of his guilt for Harry. But this idea itself is unrealistic.

Since you have chosen to open the real world to him, don't make unnecessary choices.

Jon is more direct than Dumbledore, because time is running out and he needs to let Harry know what the real cruel world should look like after leaving Dumbledore's protection?

And he doesn't need an owl anymore.

Magic world is about to usher in an important change, and this change is also promoted by Jon.

Whether it's a coincidence or other reasons, Jon is more confident in his plan anyway, because anyway, he has a ready-made solution in his mind.

"Actually, things like kindness also need to be divided into occasions. You have to think about it. In contrast, I suddenly started to like you a little bit. At that time, you did not have so much kindness. "

"Because life at that time was more difficult," Joanne actually knew that her request was very unreasonable. They were just bystanders and recorders. They only needed to do their job well. You should not interfere with any decision of Jon: "Now my life is better, so my heart is softened. If it were the beginning, this kind of thing would not have happened."

"If you have time, let's change it. A person who can't be hard-hearted can't shape a story. After all, in this world, everyone has their own reasons. If these people are denied because of this That’s wrong."

"Although it is said that, what is wrong with that owl?"

"It...maybe it’s wrong It was a long, long time ago that it chose the wrong owner."


The conversation in Joanne’s villa did not last long, because Lenna’s The arrival broke this conversation.

At the same time, it also broke the awkwardness between the two of them.

Lenna came here to give Jon something.

To be honest, Anthony should have sent today's things, but there were other things at the company temporarily, so Lenna was arrested.

"You have been back for so long, it looks like your strength has grown a lot."

Jon did not rush to check the two new prototypes, but started with Lena. Speaking.

"Thanks to the Boss, you have gained too many benefits in Siberia. If I don't make much progress in this way, it is really useless."

Since they came back from Siberia, Lena’s admiration for Jon has risen to a higher level. After all, they witnessed Jon’s success and achievements at the time. It is not an exaggeration to have such emotions.

This is a very normal display. Human beings are born with strong admiration, and there is nothing wrong with worshiping powerhouse itself.

even more how this powerhouse itself is also approachable.

"Okay, don't brag about me, just talk about business," Jon stopped Lena's continued talking, and brought the topic to the two prototypes: "Anthony, since calling you , Did you tell you what is special about this thing?"

"Well, he said it."

Lenna handed a prototype to Jon’s hands, Take the other one in your own hands and show it.

"According to your request from the Boss, Anthony said that they have carried out relevant terminal tests and additions to the prototype to meet the needs of communication.

However, first ask Boss to open it. Monet’s authority."

Jon clicked nodded and snapped his fingers.

In the air, an invisible force waved, and then a small grid signal suddenly appeared on the screens of the two prototypes.

Joanne also timeout the screen of the projector, let Mowang record and record by herself, she came to Jon's side to watch this newly released "mobile phone".

After the magic net's signal was connected to the prototype, Lenna began to show Jon the bottom of the machine.

"We have modified the semifinished product and added two new locations here, including the sound transfer array and the recording matrix.

At the same time, the magic matrix on the back is also related In the transformation, the newly-added gold thread parts are the transformation parts. The modification of these key parts strengthens the machine's sensitivity to magic. In short, it improves the sensitivity.

At the same time, to ensure information There won’t be a lot of loss during transmission. Anthony also plans to add a special substance to ensure the stability of the magic element. After all, according to Boss, the stability of the magic net itself is There is no need to consider, we only need to consider the connection between the terminal and the Monet.

The second issue is the issue of confidentiality and verification. This issue is relatively simple to deal with. Anthony and the others are on the crystal panel. A verification procedure is attached. It is said that this thing can verify the identity of the person, but this function has not been tried yet.

The last step is their check on the uniqueness of the terminal. It is said that they chose to A special serial number is engraved into the magic array, but I don’t know the principle of this thing. Anthony told me a little bit, but I didn’t understand it. Boss, if you want to know, wait a while to ask him in person. Okay."

"Then you don’t have to ask yourself, just make sure this thing can be used. I have no other requirements.

The development of this technology must be changing with each passing day.

, When we expand the big environment, there will be a lot of technical talents who will start to transform.

Don’t worry about these."

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