Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 871

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The generation and development of a technology must take a long, long time to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

After these problems are solved, Jon also needs to start worrying about some other problems.

Joanne is actually easier to deal with, but the same problem, if someone from Order of the Phoenix starts to say, it will not be easy to solve.

In the letters he received from the Order of the Phoenix, there were two of the three, all hoping that he could resurrect the dead.

Unfortunately, this is impossible to achieve.

If he was there, he would of course be able to rescue the dead in time, but he was not there at the time, and he did not have the powerful ability to pull people back from the dead world as powerful as Helga.

The most important thing is that time is too late.

After procrastinating for so long, how do you save a person?

Jon is not a tool without feelings, nor does he listen to anyone's orders.

Everyone's suggestions for him can only be suggestions, and the final decision lies with him. As for who he wants to die, or who he wants to survive, these things are long ago. It's decided.

At this time, it’s not suitable for ramifications. He needs stability, so that the impact of power change and era change is not so great. It is the so-called seeking in his place, which was done by the Order of the Phoenix under the leadership of Dumbledore. The matter has nothing to do with him. He is responsible for making plans. As for how to do that is Dumbledore's business, but now the situation is different. The Order of the Phoenix is ​​already in his charge, so it is his business to make any decisions.

He doesn't like to interfere with things that have already happened.

Is there really something you want to get, you should prepare well before this thing happens, if he wants to let the mad-eye Han survive, he will be like Sirius at the beginning, Prepare a back road for Sirius in advance.

After all, the enemy they faced was only Voldemort. Jon had already faced enemies that were more powerful than Voldemort a long time ago, such as gods, world, and others.

Voldemort feels terrifying when the reality is not so broad. The frog sitting in the well feels that the sky is only that big, but when it sees the entire sky, the head of the well becomes insignificant.

So he rejected all unreasonable requests, but was a little curious about the current state of Harry sent by Hermione.

Obviously, the connection between Voldemort and Harry has become deeper and deeper.

He needs to act as soon as possible.

Jon thought for a while, and finally decided to get rid of those Horcrux first before everything was too late.

He decided to go to Stephen first.

"The last time we two acted together, it seems to have been years ago."

Graduated last year, Stephen, who is now working at the Hufflepuff Magic Research Society, is on his way to Gringotts. Say so with Jon.

As the magic society has recently become more dangerous, the work of the Hufflepuff Magic Research Society has also entered the silent state preset by Jon.

Professor Sprout hasn’t come here much anymore, because after a class of graduates graduate, the professor’s task has almost been completed, and the new person has been training in the school for a long time. It seems handy when I start working here.

"That’s because I’ve been in a busy state and I’ve been doing things that I have to do. In fact, I also want to live a normal life like you, but who said... …Maybe this is destiny."

From beginning to end, he did not study in the magic school for several years. It’s actually a pity to speak of which. His magic study career is full of Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Helga are all directions of the cramming education, but the cramming education also has the benefits of the cramming education, at least in dealing with the current emergency situation, it is much more comfortable than the step-by-step education.

"I thought you were going to help Harry do things, so I don't have time to mix it up. After Dumbledore's death, your burden suddenly became very heavy, how about it? Are you still used to it now? How about I help you?"

"I never said what to do to help Harry. You seem to have made a mistake. The Order of the Phoenix is ​​acting according to my orders. , Instead of me trying to do something for them, when Dumbledore died, he transferred all command to me. Why do you think it was?"

"Probably because others were not cruel enough Well, I can basically guess what Dumbledore thinks. Those who are not cruel enough are not easy to deal with this matter. They will be stuck in their emotions and cannot make the right decision, but this is the situation. There is no difference either.

If you are the only one who is cruel, the things you do are often unsatisfactory."

"That’s why the Magic Research Society is necessary to be in practice. After so long, what we need to do is not only record and protect, we also have to interfere, we need to interfere with the development of the whole thing, so that we have more power to deal with and resist, we may encounter Risk."

"Yes, but have you heard that?

The Weasley family is preparing for the wedding, and many people have been invited. How about you?"

"I received their invitation, but I refused. This time is not the right time to attend the wedding, but since they are willing to do it, I have no other opinion, and he did not put all his hopes on them. In that case, I’m very useless."

Jon waved his hand to Gringotts’ Goblin in silence, and walked into Gringotts. At least it seemed safer here. Voldemort still He didn't reach his tentacles into Gringotts, or he was trying to reach in, but he hadn't succeeded yet.

But these reasons have nothing to do with Jon. He is just an ordinary wizard now and wants to go into his own Vault to take a look.

"Gringotts' Vault is actually not safe." After entering the Vault, only Jon and Stephen were left in the confined space, so he had a tendency to speak unscrupulously: "We We need to take things away and bring them to our place to deal with them. As for those false things, just let them be there."

"Do you see what else we need to take away?"

Steven is holding a bag in his hand. The transparent bag contains a golden cup and a magic harp after shrinking, as well as some precious antiques.

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