Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 872

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Late night.

In the depths of the endless sea, there are countless unnamed islands. These islands are often unmanned, because they are desolate enough, and there is no easy way to pass in the middle of the sea, and there is no development value. , So no one will come here.

But today, there is something special here.

This is a group of tiny islands, there are 13 islands of different sizes, but now all the islands on the highest bulge are marked with a circular emblem, a honey The badger was linked head to tail, holding a gem in his arms.

A gem of hope.

This is a secret place built by the Hufflepuff Magic Research Society with a huge investment. There is no ordinary person here. Only wizards and prospective candidates who will become wizards can come here.

But even the defenders who are permanently stationed here don't know what kind of secrets are hidden here, they just guess that there are incredible weapons hidden inside.

Jon's name here may not be much better than Voldemort. Voldemort is called you know who outside, and he is also referred to by a special name.


I don’t know who gave this name to Jon, but soon everyone accepted the name. After all, it’s like a military powerhouse. On the island, identity is a very important thing.

No one wants to reveal his identity.

And tonight, Jon and Stephen’s important experiments will also be conducted here.

They want to transfer their souls.

"According to the calculations of known muggle social scientists, the weight of the soul is 21 grams, so we are holding Voldemort's nine grams of soul now,

The point is that we need to transfer Voldemort’s soul to other places. Originally, this matter should have been done by the ancestor Helga.

But for some special reasons, the ancestor Helga had something to do temporarily, so it ended. The work can only be carried out by me.

Fortunately, the ancestors have solved all the difficulties of the experiment, we only need to imitate step by step."

Helga Recently I have been studying some new things, because his world has always been related to itself, so there is a lot of content to be changed. When the world changes, it will also affect Helga, the creator of this world. , And the requirements given by Jon are too harsh, and Voldemort’s soul must be transferred completely, and the original Horcrux appearance must be preserved. This is not an easy task for Helga. You must know that even if it is a god, It is also very troublesome when dealing with issues involving the soul.

So Helga found a perfect balance. He sorted out the operation content needed for this matter, threw it to Jon, and started to deal with the changes in his world.

For this decision.

Jon has no comments.

Besides, even if he has an opinion, what can he do?

Helga has already made a decision, so there is no room for change in this matter. Besides, this matter is originally his business.

Helga is willing to help. It depends on the relationship between the two of them. If Helga doesn't help, there is nothing wrong with it.

When Jon handed things over to Helga, he was not as powerful as he is now. Now that he has such powerful power, there is no way to delegate all the tasks to others.

Responsibility always has to be borne by someone. When the sky falls, you also need to be taller. Even more how this matter was originally Jon's own problem.

“That’s why I think you are sick. What do you keep it for?

Except that Jinbei is yours, you may need to save it, and just keep the rest. Isn’t it ruined?"

"The crown of Ravenclaw is something that our ancestors valued very much. He felt that there was a connection between this thing and Ms. Ravenclaw, so he planned to find an opportunity to use this thing to resurrect Ms. Ravenclaw , I think the chance is very slim, but the ancestor Helga is a real god after all. Who can explain the power of existence like him?"

"Can't you?

I feel that your strength is not weak. At this time, the world you are in contact with is much stronger than the world I am in contact with."

"There are many times when you don’t even want to accept these things, but the responsibility lies. There is no way, the bond between me and this world is actually a bit hard to break."

Jon chose among the few antiques in front of him because he needs to try to find one that can accommodate Voldemort Soul Power thing.

Now at this time, Voldemort’s power has recovered to a certain extent. Too much Horcrux is actually not a good thing for Voldemort himself, because it will reduce his sensitivity to the outside world, but he wants to be complete The transfer of a person’s soul is actually not an easy task.

That’s all for the ordinary person. The Soul Power of the ordinary person is not so powerful. Although the weight is about the same as the wizard, the soul of the ordinary person will not be soaked in magic elements for a long time without dissipating. Voldemort's soul itself A lot of magic has been added, so Jon finds it troublesome.

As Stephen said, for a moment, he really wanted to throw this job away, and then destroy the gold cup and the crown. He just complained about the matter.

The experiment process is really boring.

Even Stephen looked boring while watching. The transfer of soul is not as simple as the manufacture of Horcrux. To create a suitable Horcrux, you only need to tear his soul and find a suitable vessel. Applying magic, for a powerful wizard, it is not difficult to use magic itself, but the production process does not need to be serious, but the transfer process is very necessary. Even the slightest distraction may cause failure and cause what kind of problems. Then Jon said not quite clear.

After all, he has never used the magic of Horcrux, he just gained knowledge from books, and at the same time learned the way of soul transfer from Helga.

This is the first time that I have a real hands-on experiment.

So he was flustered and broke two antique vases one after another. Fortunately, they were only broken in the early stage, not during the transfer process.

After smashing the two vases, the tension in his heart seemed to ease a little. During the fifth transfer, he finally successfully transferred Voldemort's soul from the golden cup to Inside a trophy made of crystal.

Next, the process of making the crown in the same way is much smoother.

After he transferred the two Horcrux, the night was already over.

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