Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 873

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After dawn, a new day comes.

After Jon and Stephen came out of the laboratory, they heard someone chanting poems on the beach not far away.

Of course, this is also normal. After all, even the Internet signal is not received here, so naturally there is no novelty plaything.

No games, no TV, I can only read some collections of poems to alleviate the loneliness of isolation.

Of course, if this person is not chanting Haiyan, it will make people even more happy.

"This feeling is what I hate the most. I know that other people give me the nickname, and this unfathomable mystery coincidence always makes me feel uncomfortable."

Steven does not hold the same view as him: "At least, the meaning of this poem is very good, doesn't it?"

"You don't understand, the sadness in my heart is not because of a poem ."

Jon looked at the rising sun sighed where the sea and sky meet.

In this world, language is actually a very wonderful thing.

Because it is only an external performance tool, not a real and effective communication channel.

When humans communicate, they are not understanding language, but directly understanding the meaning of it, and using the language they are familiar with in their brains to restore what the other person said.

And Jon's language is Huaxia.

This is his most commonly used word order, although he is also good at Latin.

However, when communicating with others, he often goes over the meaning of others in his head before answering.

So when he heard others recite Haiyan, what he immediately reflected in his mind was not the poem itself, but a familiar sketch.

This kind of embarrassment is something no one can understand.

His unfathomable mystery changes this day, Stephen has become accustomed to. At this time, his state has the feeling of when he was in the First Year, and he can’t understand what Jon is doing, but At that time he just didn't understand, but now he chooses to leave it alone.

Jon can't make mistakes anyway.

Blind self-confidence in what you believe is a common problem for humans, and Stephen is also human, so he is no exception.

But today is more or less weird.

"Are you holding something in your heart and didn't tell us?"

Since Stephen asked, Helga didn’t hide it. He briefly added a paragraph to his mind. I talked about the memory thing, but didn't say anything else, just emphasized the friend thing.

"So, you suspect that someone is doing little tricks behind your back, and this person is your good friend?"

Steven obviously thought that Chen Songyuan was Jon in recent years. The friends I made never thought that Chen Songyuan's identity was older and more distant than he had imagined.

"I'm upset recently."

Jon habitually touched his pocket, but he couldn't touch anything, but Stephen reached out and gave him a cigarette.


"You're welcome, but does this matter give you so much pressure? Your stressful habit of smoking, but only recently developed , But you don’t smoke anymore today."


Stephen didn't even say that Jon didn't notice it. Most recently, he smoked very often.

The frequency is a bit outrageous.

"I’m in this state, it should be because I suddenly became idle."

Steven turned Jon’s face around, the expression on his face was obviously saying: Excuse me What are you farting?

"I’m not kidding, what I said is true. I am in this state. It’s all because things have started to follow my design and gradually progress towards results.

That’s why I didn’t have much to do, and I became what I am now. A person who has been busy suddenly becomes a little confused when he is idle."

But Stephen does not intend to struggle with Jon on this issue, because regardless of whether Jon has the time and things to do, he has things to do.

Jon is a person It is only responsible for the formulation of plans and goals. As for how to do it, the people below need to do it.

However, he is not dead, except for the Order of the Phoenix, he is the one below.

"If you still intend to continue to be sentimental, you can rest here for a few more days to relieve your inner pressure, or find a suitable way to release it. I don’t have so much time to accompany you. I’m playing here, I’m going back.

We still have a lot of things to do. We have to cooperate with Order of the Phoenix to protect the boy who survived catastrophe. It’s really tiring, he’s not a big man. Is it hard to die boy? Why do we need our protection?"

"Don’t complain about this kind of thing, complaining is meaningless, no matter how much you complain, can you change the process and result of any thing’s development?

After you finish, don’t you still have to go back to protect him?

This is also no way. Who makes him weak, but it is very important. He is one of Voldemort’s Horcrux. One, and still the most special, the self-willed Horcrux, we have to let him walk on the preset trajectory, but Dumbledore has already laid out the basics, and now just let us perfect the final operation part. "

"We are here to improve, and you don’t need to do anything. If you are willing to kill Voldemort directly, I will actually be happier, but then you will be unhappy,

I know you, so I didn’t make this request, but please don’t trouble me all the time, please?"


Jon sighed There was no more words.

Moreover, I didn't expect a day when I was despised.

Since the matter here is over, there is no need for Stephen to stay here. Among the group of people working under Jon, Anthony and the people in the company are in charge of things. Stephen is a magic researcher. The representatives of the association never intervene.

Mr. Weasley's position in the company has nothing to do with them.

The main job of the Magic Research Association is to study magic. Whether it is money-making or development on the secular level, they are actually not particularly good at it.

It is difficult to understand what who is good at. Fortunately, Jon can do this and balance it well.

"Then you should go back first, I will think about it myself, maybe I can figure it out all at once, but you still have to bother about Harry’s affairs. The Order of the Phoenix is ​​understaffed. Anthony, they don’t know the magic world as much as you guys."

"I know, since we decided to do this thing at the beginning, we will do it well."

Stephen He expressed his attitude, and then Disapparation disappeared from the air.

Jon looked at the rough waves in front of him, and sighed again.

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