Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 875

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After Jon sat silently on the reef for one day and one night, an unexpected guest appeared here.

Cinnabar brought wine.

"I have a pot of wine, which is enough to comfort the wind and dust, but today this pot of wine cannot be gifted to all the people in the world. Let’s drink together?"

"Why did you come here? Yes?"

"Stephen said that you are not in good shape, so he wrote me a letter and told me where I was here."

Cinnamon looked at Jon up and down, lightly Tap nodded.

"What he said is really good, why are you in such a bad state?

In theory, you have reached your current state. In addition to doing the rest, you Is there anything to worry you about?

Don’t tell me, you’re thinking about denying me, I know it’s definitely not because of him. At this stage of ours, Voldemort is just clown. The same exists, he is just a tool for you to cultivate a hero, and you will never be annoyed by him."

"You have already said everything I want to say, and let me say What?"

"Can’t you just be weaker? You are exposed to me like you haven’t grown up yet. I haven’t seen your other face for a long time, you It is indeed annoying to look confident for a long time."

Jon was silent, and then tried to squeeze his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said to Cinnabar like this: "I don't know if it is because the mask has been worn for a long time. I seem to have forgotten how to show that appearance back then, so it looks like this now. I'll just watch it, even if I hate it... Forget it, I hate it if I hate it, it's not a big problem."

Cinnabar completely believed Stephen's words this time.

Jon is different from many people in this world, but he is still a person after all, he will be disturbed by his own emotions, especially now, he must be thinking about something serious The question, this question has involved himself.

Cinnabar is a very smart person. He can see Jon’s entanglements and troubles hidden under the calm surface, and he can also understand that Jon doesn’t want to disturb other people’s moods, but it’s not that he doesn’t want to disturb others at this time. Everything is fine.

"You still have a lot of things to do, don't sink down so easily."

Jon took a sip of wine into his mouth. The taste of the wine is very spicy, but For him, this kind of taste stimulation has no effect.

His power can already shield this simple physiological stimulus.

However, there is still no way to relieve the power of alcohol on the nerves.

"The most difficult thing to explain in this world is not knowing the three words, not knowing how to go next, not knowing what kind of person I am, or even knowing you and mine. Is existence real.

I used to think I knew enough about this world, but in the end, what I called understanding was nothing more than I thought."

"But you are already better than in this world overwhelming majority people understand the true face of this world, at least you are closer to the true face of this world than those people, aren’t you?

On the way to the truth, it’s hard to get close to the truth. Things, you did it."

"Really? Maybe I did it. The look of the magic world, the look of this world, the inner world of my heart, I know everything, but I can’t help it. Tell yourself that all of this can end here. I am very clear about this self-logic trouble, but I can’t save myself from it."

"This is the reason why we appeared, alone After all, you need help from others."

Jon turned his head and looked at her solemnly: "But, how can you help me with my own problems?"

"Maybe take you to see a psychiatrist?"

Cinnabar made a funny joke: "After all, what you have now is not a physical disease."

"However, in my current situation, even if you put a psychiatrist and a physiologist together, it cannot be cured. This is a passive state of life."

"Do you often do this "

"It's not very clear. Maybe you should ask Stephen about this question. I didn't have this kind of question before going to school, but there seemed to be one in the process of going to school?"

Surprisingly, Jon's memory of this thing is not very clear, he seems to avoid this memory on purpose.

It is actually easy to use Mowang to make temporary contact with Stephen.

"He does enter this state occasionally," Stephen's voice is not particularly clear from the magic net, but he can hear what he is saying: "But I have nothing Good way, after all, if I have a way, I won’t call you over."

"Does he often fall into this state?"

Cinnabar asked .

"Well, it’s not always. I think it depends on the situation. Normally, it will happen every other year or so.

It’s just that it doesn’t last long. In two days, he healed on his own.

It was mainly because he wanted to understand, but this time is particularly special. I think it is very likely to be related to his strength development.

I have not yet reached your realm, so it’s not easy to say what is special about your realm.

Maybe it’s because I saw something different, which led to his current situation. Change? Are you trying to channel it in another way?"

Cinnabar was silent for a while, then hung up the communication between the two people.

"Generally speaking, there are two ways to solve your current problems. The first is external stimulation, but I can't do this because you... how do you say, I can't beat you speaking of which is quite embarrassing,

The second method is for me to help you solve the problem. After all, you have already said your current problem very clearly, but you don’t know how to solve this problem yourself. So now I’m trapped inside, so if that’s the case, wouldn’t I just help you find this person?"

"How can I find him so easy?

I have already looked for this person, although this person must be in China, but if I can't find it, how can you find it?

I don’t even know what’s in my mind Live his name, is it real or fake?

Forget it, don’t worry about this, let me stay here, maybe I will suddenly think of a solution "

"Then I'll accompany you here and wait together. Anyway, I have nothing to do. It just so happens that I can still appreciate the results of your plan."

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