Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 876

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Cinnabar has always been a very consistent person.

She said to work here, that means to work, and that she wants to rest here, that means to rest.

She said she wanted to look at the results of Jon's plan here, that is, to really look at the results.

The experimental base is very large. Although there are many things that have not been made directly, there are raw materials here. With the experience of creating the world with cinnabar, it is incredibly easy to make what you want.

Although it is watching TV, there is no electricity here, and the screen is much larger than the popular TVs at this time.

This is just an item she squeezed out to withstand the projection of the magic net. It is similar to the one Jon gave to Joanne, but it has a higher level than that. The only problem is that it can’t Lasting, maybe it will be broken sometime.

But Jon doesn't worry about this, anyway, the power of cinnabar is not weak, and maintaining the existence of this thing is not difficult.

"But what are you doing here? Are you thinking about life? Come and see what?"

"Doing two things at the same time is not difficult for me , Although I am sitting next to you, I am still depressed."

Jon calmly sat with Cinnabar and watched "TV".

"Maybe, I can absorb something in this matter, everything has mystery, maybe it will help me."

"That Take a look," Cinnabar adjusted the frequency to make the picture and sound more clear: "But don't talk, don't affect my viewing experience."

The location where they are located is different from Britain. The time difference is because it is on the island, so the time seems not so clear, but judging from the sky passing through the screen, it should not be like daytime.

"When is this?"

Cinnabar asked, but Jon did not answer.

She reached out and arched Jon, and asked the question again.

"Aren't you letting me talk?"


Xingba, maybe this is called self-inflicted crime, she admits NS.

In fact, there is no need to ask Jon about this matter, because she can also see that the sky in the picture seems to be around the evening, it looks a little dark but not so dark.

It's just that this position is not correct.

According to the truth, what they read should be Hogwarts school and the like, but Cinnabar has lived in Hogwarts for a while, but they have never seen such a modern square.

This is also the building of the muggles, and should not be a building owned by Hogwarts.

So now, they are not in Hogwarts, but outside.

Should the situation in the Western magic world not be so terrifying?

In fact, there are such thoughts because cinnabar has fallen into a misunderstanding.

The scene she saw was a more complete scene. Living in the East, she did not understand the changes in the past two years. The information she learned was also from "secrets" like Jon and Stephen. "Mastermind" knows that some things are naturally clearer than Harry and the others, and then she can't understand why the Western world is so chaotic.

But her wisdom is very high.

The biggest advantage of smart people is that they can infer the complete picture of things from clues, especially when they know most of the layout of the person around them, they can basically guess through guessing. what's going on.

And she suddenly remembered that Jon had said something to her back then, that we must completely chaos here before we can take advantage of the chaos to overthrow the old system.

Considering these, it is not uncommon for such a thing to happen.

In the screen, two people just happened to descend on the square.

They moved towards a house.

"That is Grimmauld Place, Sirius' old house, and Harry is now living."

Jon suddenly explained that it was obviously because he hadn't dealt with cinnabar before.

The power of the magic net is much stronger than the protective measures after loyalty, especially when the hidden power of the wizard house is not so strong.

The protection of Grimmauld Place is almost impossible to hide.

Cinnabar fiddled with it, the screen changed and cut into the house.

"It must be Death Eater," they heard Ron's voice as soon as the screen took over. At this time, he and Harry and Hermione peeked out from the living room window, looking at the few people outside: "You said they knew we were here?"

"I don't want to know," Hermione said, but it sounds like her voice is trembling. She should be a little scared: "If you know, you will send Snape to catch We’re here, aren’t we?"

"Did you say that he had been here and was hit by Moody’s tongue-in-cheek?"

"Yes," Hermione said, "Otherwise he They will tell the group how they got in, right?

But they may also be waiting for us to show up. After all, they know Harry owns this house."

"They Why—"

"The wizard's will has to be inspected by the Ministry of Magic, remember?

They will know that Sirius left this house for you."

The Death Eater outside adds to the ominous atmosphere in House 12.

Ron is irritable, he has an annoying habit of playing with the Deluminator in his pocket, which makes Hermione very dissatisfied. She waits while reading "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", which is very annoying. The lights flashed and dimmed.

"Stop playing, can't you!"

When the lights of the living room were sucked away again, Hermione exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Ron presses Deluminator to turn on the light: "I didn't realize what I was doing!"

"You can't find Do you want to do something useful?"

"What is it? Read a fairy tale book?"

"Dumbledore left me with this book, Ron--"

"—He left the Deluminator with me, maybe I should use it!"

Harry couldn't bear this kind of bickering, and sneaked out of the room quietly and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

He often goes there because he believes that Kreacher is most likely to show up there.

But when he walked to the middle of the stairs leading to the hall, he heard a knock on the front door, followed by the loud sound of metal crashing and the oh la la oh la la sound like a chain.

Every nerve in Harry's body became tense. He pulled out the wand and hid in the shadows beside the elves' heads and waited.

The door opened, and he caught a glimpse of the square illuminated by street lights outside. A silhouette wearing a cloak flashed into the hall and closed the door.

The visitor took a step forward, and Moody's voice asked, "Severus Snape?"

The dusty silhouette rose from the end of the hall and rushed towards him, lifting Withered hands.

"It wasn't me who killed you, Albus."

A calm voice said.

The curse was lifted, and the dusty silhouette exploded again. The dust was so full that the people could not be seen clearly.

Harry pointed wand in the middle of the dust.

"Don't move!"

He forgot the portrait of Mrs. Black.

So he just yelled, the curtain opened immediately, and the woman screamed: "mudblood, dirty, stained my house—"

Ron and Hermione Hastily rushed downstairs, holding the wand like Harry, and aimed at the unexpected guest, who now raised his hands and stood in the downstairs hall.

"Don't shoot, it's me, Remus!"

"Oh, thank goodness."

Hermione said weakly, turning wand towards Mrs. Black, banging With a sound, the curtain was pulled up, and the room became quiet.

Ron also dropped the wand, but Harry did not.

"Bring out the proof!"

Lupin walked into the light, still raising his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"I am Remus John Lupin, werewolf, sometimes called Moony, one of the four authors of Marauder's Map, and my wife is Nymphadora, usually called Tonks.

I I taught you how to summon Patronus, Harry, it is a stag."

"Oh, yes," Harry hung down the wand: "But I have to check."

"As your former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, I totally agree that it must be checked.

Ron, Hermione, you shouldn’t let your guard down so quickly."

They Run towards him.

Lupin was wearing a thick black travel cloak, looking exhausted, but it was nice to meet them.

"Didn't see Severus?"

"No," Harry said, "How is it? How is everyone?"

"All good!" Lupin said: "But we are all under surveillance. There are two Death Eaters in the square outside——"

"——We know——"

"——I must be right Apparition to the top of the front door steps to ensure that they will not see me.

They are impossible to know that you are here, otherwise they will definitely send more people.

There are sentries where you have contact, Harry.

Go downstairs, I have a lot to tell you, and I want to know what happened after you left The Burrow."

They went down to the kitchen, Hermione pointed to the grate with wand, and the flames shot up immediately, creating a comfortable illusion on the cold stone wall, reflecting the light of the fire on the wooden long table.

Lupin took out a few bottles of Butterbeer from the travel cloak, and the four of them sat down.

"I was coming three days ago, but I had to get rid of the Death Eater who was watching."

Lupin said, "So, did you come here directly after the wedding? "

"No," Harry said, "I came here after encountering two Death Eaters in the cafe on Tottenham Palace Road."

Lupin spilled most of the bottle of Butterbeer To the chest.


They said what happened, and after they finished speaking, Lupin looked horrified.

"But why did they find you so quickly?

The person who wants to track Apparition is impossible unless you catch him when he disappears!"

"It is unlikely that they would be walking on Tottenham Palace Road at that time, would they?"

"We thought about it," Hermione tentatively said, "Is Harry still carrying Traces?"


Lupin said that Ron was proud, and Harry was greatly relaxed: "First of all, if he still carries traces, they will I’m sure he’s here, isn’t it?

But I can’t figure out how they would follow Tottenham Palace Road. This is worrying, really worrying."

He appeared Anxious, but in Harry's view, this problem can be put aside.

"Tell us about what happened after we left. Since Ron's father said that the family is safe, we have no news."

"Oh, Kingsley saved us," Lupin said: "Thanks to him, many customers were Disapparation before the group arrived."

"Are those people from Death Eater or Ministry of Magic?"

"Both, they are actually the same thing now."

Lupin said, "There are a dozen people, but they don't know you are there, Harry.

Arthur heard Rumor has it that before they killed Scrimgeour, they had tortured him about your whereabouts. If this happened, he didn't betray you."

Harry looked at Ron and Hermione, their expressions It reflects the shock and gratitude he felt.

He never liked Scrimgeour very much, but if Lupin was telling the truth, then Scrimgeour's last act was to protect Harry.

"Death Eater searched The Burrow upright," Lupin continued, "They found Ghoul, but they didn't want to come near-and then interrogated those of us who didn't leave for a few hours.

They want to hear from you, Harry, but no one knows that you were there except the members of Order of the Phoenix."

"While disrupting the wedding, more Many Death Eaters broke into every family in the country connected to the Order of the Phoenix, and no one died."

He said without waiting for them to ask, "But those people are very rough and burnt. Dedalo Digo’s house was dropped, but you know that he is not there.

They also used Cruciatus Curse on the Tonks family and tried to find out where you were after you went to their house.


But they are okay-obviously a little weak, but everything else is fine."

"Death Eater broke through all those protective spells?"

Harry asked. Because he remembered how effective they were on the night he fell in the garden of Tonks' parents' home.

"You must understand, Harry, Death Eater is now backed by the Ministry of Magic," Lupin said: "They can use cruel magic without worrying about being discovered and arrested.

They broke through all the protective spells we cast. After they came in, they did not hide their intentions."

"Did they make any excuses for torture and torture Harry's whereabouts?"

Hermione's voice is a bit sharp.

"Well," Lupin hesitated, and took out a folded "Daily Prophet".

"Let's take a look," he said, pushing the newspaper from the desktop to Harry: "You will know sooner or later anyway, this is their excuse for hunting you."

Harry Unfolding the newspaper, a large photo of him fills the front page.

Several characters stand out on the photo:

Wanted for investigation

Albus ·Dumbledore's cause of death

Ron and Hermione exclaimed angrily Get up, but Harry said nothing.

He pushed the newspaper aside and didn't want to read it anymore.

He knows what's going on inside. No one knows who killed Dumbledore except the person at the top of the tower at the time, and Rita Skeeter has told Magic Circle, shortly after Dumbledore fell. , Someone saw Harry fleeing the scene.

"I'm sorry, Harry."

"So, Death Eater also controls "Daily Prophet"?"

Lupin nodded.

"But people must know what's going on?"

"The coup was very smooth, almost Silencio," Lupin said: "The official version of Scrimgeour's murder is that he resigned and replaced him. His is Pierce Sinknis, who has been casted a ecstasy."

"Why didn't Voldemort call himself Ministry of Magic?"

Lupin smiled.

"He doesn't need it, Ron.

He is actually the minister, why sit behind the desk in the ministry?

His puppet Xin Knees handles daily affairs, allowing Voldemort to extend his power beyond the Ministry of Magic."

"Many people naturally speculate about what happened: The Ministry of Magic’s policy has changed too much in the past few days. They privately said that Voldemort must be behind the scenes.

But here is the problem. They just said privately that they dare not talk to each other and don’t know who can believe it.

They don’t. Dare to speak freely, fearing that if the suspicion is true, family members will be persecuted.

Voldemort's move is very clever. Announcing the usurper may provoke public resistance, but hiding behind the scenes can cause confusion and suspicion. And fear."

"The significant changes in the Ministry of Magic policy also include making the magic world wary of me instead of Voldemort?"

"This is indeed part of it, this is A unique trick.

After Dumbledore's death, you—the boy who survived—will inevitably become a symbol and call to resist Voldemort.

By implying the death of you and the old hero There is a relationship, Voldemort can not only offer you a reward, but also sow the seeds of doubt and fear among many people who might have defended you."

"At the same time, Ministry of Magic began to investigate the descendants of muggle. ."

Lupin points to "Daily Prophet".

"Look at the second edition."

Hermione opened the newspaper with an expression of disgust on her face as she read "Secrets of the Darkest Art".

"'Muggle's birth registration,'" she read: "'Ministry of Magic is investigating the so-called "muggle's birth" to understand how they have magic secrets.'"

"The latest research of the Department of Mysteries shows that magic can only be inherited through wizard's fertility.

It can be seen that if there is no proven wizard bloodline, people from the so-called muggle may have been through theft. Or violence to obtain magic abilities.’"

"’Ministry of Magic is determined to eradicate those who misappropriated magic abilities. For this reason, every so-called muggle person is invited to the newly appointed muggle birth registration committee for interview .’"

"People won’t allow this to happen."

"It’s already happened, Ron," Lupin said, "When we talk, it’s already People from muggle were arrested."

"But how can they'steal' magic?" Ron asked, "It's really a mental disorder. If magic can be stolen, there will be no squib. Isn’t it?"

"I understand," Lupin said, "However, you must prove that you have at least one close relative of wizard bloodline, otherwise you will be deemed to have illegally obtained magic power and you will be punished. "

Ron looked at Hermione and said, "What if the purebred and half-blood wizard swear that someone from muggle is his relative?

I can be right. Everyone said that Hermione is my cousin—"

Hermione took Ron's hand with both hands and held it tightly.

But in a more secretive place, this young girl is quietly sending messages to Jon.

The action of her message was not reflected in the screen, but at the same time, both Jon and Cinnabar received Hermione's inquiry.

"It seems that she has discovered a lot of things in this."

Cinnabar took out the notebook, which showed Hermione's problem.

The question is also about the Ministry of Magic, why do we need to conduct a general survey of muggle birth?

"This is an action that is more directed at us."

Jon explained that he told Cinnabar what he said, and Cinnabar told Hermione this remark on the notebook.

"Recently, there are a large number of dark wizards in muggle social activities, they will naturally find something different from the past,

because the newly transformed wizards are not in muggle The society hides their identity, but they are still preaching something that seems to be rumors.

Dark wizards are not all fools. Although they practice dark magic, they damage their brains to a certain extent, but if these If things seem too strange, they can also reflect on the problems.

Of course, this matter itself is also beneficial to them, at least it is more convenient for their rule. Although they noticed something wrong, But there is no way to deal with us.

Voldemort himself is definitely unwilling to do these things. He is now wholeheartedly looking for Deathly Hallows, so the people below have no way to discover what we are doing.

They chose to use this one-size-fits-all approach to deal with this matter. It’s just that the Ministry of Magic has long been infiltrated into a sieve, so what’s the secret?"

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