Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 877

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Hermione checked Jon's reply without leaving a trace, before turning his mind to face the situation.

So Jon and Cinnabar saw Hermione holding Ron's hand in the screen and said: "Thank you, Ron, but I can't let you--"

"You have no choice ," Ron clasped her hand excitedly: "I want to teach you to be familiar with my family tree so that you are not afraid to ask questions."

Hermione trembled and laughed.

"Ron, I think this is not important anymore, because we are running away with Harry Potter, the most wanted man in the country.

If we go back to school, things will be different. .

Does Voldemort have any plans for Hogwarts?"

"Now every young wizard must go to school," Lupin replied: "Announced yesterday.

This is a change because it was never mandatory before.

Of course, almost all Britain wizards have attended Hogwarts, but parents have the right to let their children study at home or study abroad.

And now, Voldemort can put all the wizards under his watch from a young age.

This is also one of the ways to eliminate muggle origin, because students must have a bloodline certificate ——It shows that they have proven their wizard bloodline to the Ministry of Magic to be admitted to school."

Harry felt disgusted and angry: at this moment how many eleven-year-old children are happily looking at the newly bought magic Book, but I don’t know that they will never see Hogwarts, or even their family.


He was speechless and couldn't find words to express the horror he felt, but Lupin said softly:

" I know."

"If you can't confirm, I can understand, Harry, but the impression of Order of the Phoenix is ​​that Dumbledore has left you with a mission."

"Yes "Yes." Harry replied, "Ron and Hermione also know that they are going with me."

"Can you tell me what this mission is?"

Harry looked at The face with wrinkles engraved prematurely, thick but gray hair, I hope I can have another answer.

"I can't, Remus, sorry. If Dumbledore didn't tell you, I don't think I can."

"I guess you would say that," Lupin looked disappointed : "But I can still be of some use to you.

You know my identity and ability, and I can walk with you and provide protection.

No need to tell me what you are doing. "

Harry hesitated. It was a very tempting proposal, although he couldn't imagine how could Lupin keep him secret if he followed them all day.

Hermione seemed a little confused.

"What about Tonks?"

"What's wrong with her?

"Aiya," Hermione frowned: "You are married! You want to go with us, what does she think? "

"Tonks will be safe," Lupin said, "living at her parents' house." "

Lupin's tone is a little strange, almost a little cold.

Furthermore, it is a bit abnormal for Tonks to continue hiding in her parents' house. After all, she is a member of Order of the Phoenix, according to Harry knew that she might want to devote herself to positive action.

"Remus," Hermione asked tentatively, "How is everything...I mean...you and--"


"Everything is fine, thank you. "

Hermione blushed, there was another silence, the atmosphere was restrained and embarrassed, and then Lupin said as if forcing himself to admit an unpleasant thing: "Tonks is pregnant. "

"Oh, very good! "

"Awesome! "

"Congratulations. "

Lupin unnaturally laughed, looking like making a face, and then said: "Then-do you accept my proposal?"

Can three people become four?

I don't believe Dumbledore will object.

After all, he appointed me as the teacher of your Defense Against the Dark Arts course.

I must tell you that I believe this trip will face evil magic that many people have never seen and imagined. "

Ron and Hermione both looked at Harry.

"Um...I still want to ask clearly,"

Harry said: "You want to keep Tonks At her parents' house, walk with us by yourself? "

"She is very safe there and they will take care of her. "

Lupin said, his tone almost indifferent: "Harry, I believe James will also want me to guard you." "

"Well," Harry said slowly, "I don't think so.

I believe that my father would like to know why you don’t guard your child. "

Lupin lost his blood on his face.

The temperature in the kitchen seemed to have dropped ten degrees. Ron looked around the room as if someone had ordered him to remember it. Hermione's eyes moved back and forth between Harry and Lupin.

"You don't understand. "

"Then explain. "

Lupin swallowed.

"I—it was a serious mistake to marry Tonks. I lost my mind and regretted it afterwards. "

"Oh," Harry said, "So you have to abandon her and child and run away with us?" "

Lupin jumped up and the chairs fell over.

He stared at them violently, and Harry saw the shadow of a wolf on his face for the first time.

"Don't you understand what I did to my wife and unborn child?

I shouldn't marry her at all, I turned her into a ostracized person! "

Lupin kicked away the chair he overturned.

"You see me in the Order of the Phoenix, or in Hogwarts, in the shelter of Dumbledore under!

You know what most wizards think of my kind!

After knowing my situation, they almost refused to talk to me!

Have you not seen everything I have done?

Even her family rejects our marriage. Which parent would like their only daughter to marry a werewolf?

There is also child ——child ——"

Lupin is pulling his hair, he seems to be in a mental state.

"My kind is usually not Fertile!

Child will be like me, I know it will be-how can I forgive myself?

Knowing his own situation, he still passed it on to an innocent baby.

Even if a miracle happens and child is not like me, wouldn’t it be better without a father who will always shame him, a hundred times better! "

"Remus," Hermione said with tears in her eyes, "don't say this-how can a child be ashamed of you?" "

"Oh, maybe, Hermione," Harry said, "I'll be ashamed of him." "

Harry didn’t know where he was getting angry, so he stood up with anger.

Lupin’s expression seemed as if Harry hit him.

"If The new regime believes that muggles are all bad origins," Harry said. "What will they do to a werewolf half-blood whose father is a member of the Order of the Phoenix?

My father died to protect my mother and me. Do you think he will tell you to abandon your child and go on an adventure with us? "

"You--how dare you?" "

Lupin said: "This is not a pursuit--not a pursuit of adventure or personal prowess--how can you say this--"

"I think you feel brave and fearless ," Harry said, "You fantasize about following Sirius's footsteps—"

"Harry, stop talking! "

Hermione pleaded, but Harry continued to stare at Lupin's pale face.

"I can't believe it,"

Harry said, "Teach me to beat The dementor person-is a coward. "

Lupin's pulling out the wand was too fast, Harry just had time to catch his wand, he heard a bang, and felt like he was slammed. He flew back and hit the kitchen. And then slid to the ground.

He caught a glimpse of Lupin’s cloak back swing disappearing in the doorway.

"Remus, Remus, come back! "

Hermione called, but Lupin didn't answer. After a while, they heard the front door shut heavily.

"Harry? ! "

Hermione cried and said, "How can you do this?" "

"What can't be. "

Harry stood up as he said, feeling a bag swelling up where his head hit the wall.

——He was still trembling with anger.

"Don't look at me like that! "

"Don't come at her again! "

"Don't-don't-we can't fight!" "

Hermione rushed between them, looking a little funny.

"You shouldn't have said that to Lupin. "

"He asked for it. "

The broken picture flashed quickly in Harry's mind: he watched Sirius fall through the drapery;

the disabled Dumbledore was hanging in the air; a green light and him Mother's pleading voice...

"As a parent," Harry said, "You shouldn't leave your child unless--unless it is compelled by circumstances. "


Hermione stretched out a soothing hand, but Harry shrugged it off and walked aside, staring at the flame Hermione had conjured.

He used to talk to Lupin through that fireplace, hoping to restore his confidence in James, Lupin comforted him.

Now, Lupin’s painful, pale face seems to be in front of him Shaking, a remorse rise in the mind, he felt very uncomfortable.

Neither Ron nor Hermione spoke, but Harry felt that they must be looking at each other in blank dismay behind him, communicating silently.


He turned around and saw them hurriedly looking away.

"I know, I shouldn't call him a coward. "

"You shouldn't. "

"But he behaves like a coward. "


"I know," Harry said, "But if it brings him back to Tonks, it's worth it, isn't it? "

He couldn't get rid of the pleading in his tone.

Hermione showed sympathy, Ron showed indifferent expression.

Harry looked down at his feet, thinking about himself Father.

Will James support Harry saying that to Lupin, or will he be angry because his son treats his old friend like that?

The silent kitchen seems to be buzzing Sounds, with the shock of the scene just now and the silent condemnation of Ron and Hermione.

The "Daily Prophet" brought by Lupin is still on the table, and Harry's face is staring at the ceiling on the front page. .

He walked over and sat down, opened the newspaper casually, pretending to be reading, but couldn’t read it, his mind was still full of conflicts with Lupin.

He was certain that Ron and Lupin Hermione started silent communication again on the other side of the newspaper.

He flipped the newspaper very loudly, and Dumbledore's name jumped into his eyes.

It took him a while to read the one.

The photo is a family photo.

Below the photo says: Dumbledore family, from left: Albus, Percival (holding the newborn Ariana), Candela and Aberforth.

This Attracted his attention.

Harry stared at the photo carefully. Dumbledore's father Percival was a handsome man. His eyes still seemed to flash rays of light on this faded old photo.


Baby Ariana is much worse than a piece of bread at worst, and there are no more facial features.

Mother Candela’s black hair is twisted into a high bun, and his facial features are like a knife cut.


Although she was wearing a high-necked satin gown, her dark eyes, high cheekbones and straight nose reminded Harry of Indians.

Albus and Aberforth wore a short lace collar Jacket with a shawl hair.

Albus looks a few years older, but in other respects the two boys look very similar, because this was before Dumbledore’s nose was interrupted and he started wearing glasses .

The family looks quite happy, smiling peacefully in the newspaper.

Baby Ariana’s arms are waving vaguely outside the baby.

Harry is in At the top of the photo, I saw a line of titles:

Exclusive excerpt-Dumbledore's upcoming biography

Rita · Skeeter,

Harry thought that it was impossible to make his mood worse anyway, so he read it, but obviously he was wrong: the content of the newspaper actually made him feel worse.

He looked at the seemingly happy family on the photo.

Is it true?

How can I know?

He wants to go to Godric's Hollow. Even though Bathilda can no longer talk to him, he wants to see the place where both he and Dumbledore lost their loved ones.

He was putting down the paper to ask Ron and Hermione what they thought, when there was a deafening noise in the kitchen.

He hurriedly stood up.

In the ball at the door, Kreacher broke free, bowed low, and said hoarsely: "Kreacher has captured the thief Mundugus Fletcher, master."

Mundungus Struggling to get up, draw out wand.

But Hermione is faster than him.


Mundungus' wand flew into the air and was caught by Hermione.

He rushed frantically towards the stairs, but Ron knocked him down.

Mundungus fell onto the slate floor with a muffled noise.


Mundungus twisted his body, trying to free Ron: "What did I do?

Send a damn house elf to catch me.

What the hell are you doing, what did I do, let go of me, let me go, otherwise--"

"You have no right to threaten anyone," Harry said and threw the newspaper to On the one hand, he walked a few steps to the end of the kitchen, half-kneeling beside Mundungus.

Ron got up, panting, and Harry calmly pointed the wand to Mundugus’ nose. This guy had the smell of sweat and smoke, his hair was tangled, and his robe was stained with Scabbbers.

"Kreacher apologizes, it’s too late to catch the thief, master."

The elf hissed: "Fletcher is good at avoiding capture, and has many dens and accomplices.

However, Kreacher blocked the thief in the end."

"You did a good job, Kreacher.

But now, we have a few questions for you "

Harry said to Mundugus, and the guy immediately yelled: "I'm scared, okay?

I never wanted to participate... Don't be angry, buddy, I never volunteered to die for you, but at that time, you know who damn it flew towards me, everyone will run away, I always said I didn’t want to do it--"

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