Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 878

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"Tell you, none of us has a Disapparation."

"Well, you are a bunch of heroes, but I never pretend that I plan to take Shang Xing Ming--"

"We are not interested in why you left the mad-eye Han to escape,"

Harry brought wand close to the swollen and bloodshot eyes of Mundungus: "We are already I know you are an unreliable scumbag."

"Then why is house elf entangled in me?

Is it the cup thing again?

Me There is no one left, or you can take it—"

"It's not about those cups, but it's a bit more reliable," Harry said, "Shut up and listen."

It feels good to be able to do something, to get some truth from someone.

Harry's wand is now so close to the bridge of Mundugus' nose, this guy's eyes are all opposite.

"When you kidnapped the valuable things in this house—"

But Mundugus interrupted him again: "Sirius never cared about the rubbish—"


The footboard crackled, the brass light flashed, and a loud clang, accompanied by a howl of pain: Kreacher rushed over and tapped Mundungus' head with a saucepan fiercely.

"Stop him, stop him, he should be locked up!"

Mundungus cringed, Kreacher raised the thick-bottomed pot again.

"Kreacher, don't!"

Kreacher's thin arms trembled under the heavy pot, still holding them high.

"Can you do it again, Harry Young Master, to ask for a favor?"

Ron smiled.

"We need him to be conscious, Kreacher, but if he needs persuasion, you can do it."

"Thank you very much, Master."

Kreacher bowed and stepped back, his big light eyes still staring at Mundungus in disgust.

"When you took away all the valuable things you could find in this house," Harry said again, "You took a batch of things from the kitchen cupboard, including a locket. "

Harry's mouth suddenly became dry, and he could feel the tension and excitement of Ron and Hermione.

"Where did you get it?"

"What?" Mundugus asked: "Is it valuable?"

"It's still in you There!"

"No, passed away," Ron said shrewdly: "He was wondering if he should sell more expensive at the time."

"More expensive?" Mundungus Said: "That's not difficult at all... Damn it, didn't I give it away? No way."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm in Diagon Alley Selling goods, the woman came over and asked me if I had a license to sell magic products, damn shit stick, she was going to fine me, and suddenly she fell in love with Locket, and said she took that one and let me go this time. , I'm lucky."

"Who is that woman?"

"I don't know, it should be Ministry of Magic's Old Witch."

Mundungus frowned and thought for a while.

"She is a short, with a bow on her head."

He frowned, then added, "Looks like a toad."

Harry's wand fell off and hit Mundungus in the nose. The red fire star sprayed on his eyebrows, which caught fire.


Hermione yelled, and a stream of water flowed from her tip and poured on Mundugus' face, but he was choking and panting.


"hahahahahahaha haha, it’s so interesting, it’s a great show."

On the island, cinnabar burst into laughter .

She waved off the TV in front of her, or dissipated directly, even with the raw materials turned into a pile of powder, dissipated in the sea.

"Be quiet," Jon was obviously quarreled. Fortunately, he is here that the guards on the island know. Otherwise, someone will come over at this time: "What are you laughing at? Yes. What’s funny?"

"Don’t you think it’s funny?"

"I’m still saying that, what’s so funny?"

"That Maybe it’s because the brain circuits of the two of us are different. Anyway, I think it’s quite funny. Look, this person’s hair is burnt!"

Cinnabar took a sigh of relief and said again. "Is this person arranged by you? His performance is too dedicated, right?"

"This person..." Jon glanced at Mundugus: "He has nothing to do with me, not me Arranged for him to do this. I have always disliked people like him and characters like him. How could I let him do these things?

I'm afraid he will mess things up, he It’s not good for us to know too many secrets."

"Then it’s not easy for them to think of catching this person. You must say to Joanne that it’s too much to write this story in. It's funny."

"What did you say?"

Jon seemed to have heard something, so he asked reflexively.

"I said this story is really funny."

"It's not this, it's the previous sentence."

"I said you made Joanne Write this story in."

Jon was silent.

Cinnabar can also be seen. After saying this, Jon suddenly fell into a state of heavy thinking. Although she doesn’t know what Jon is thinking, she is still smart. Closed his mouth.

Jon is silent.

He is not thinking, just remembering something.

Or it can’t be regarded as a thing, he is reminiscing about the things he has experienced, especially the ones that have come out of his mind recently.

Those things seem very common, and every little thing that a normal person experiences every day is similar.

But it looks very strange.

Connecting these things, I found that the pictures he remembered in his memory were like stories written by others. They were section by section, not continuous in the middle.

That is, blurring.

This kind of discontinuity often appears in film and television drama works and novels. When scenes shift, screens switch, and time jumps, these stories naturally appear in the next stage, but in The period in the two stories disappeared out of thin air.

Theoretically speaking, this situation should not appear in human memory, because human memory is often clumped, and when mobilized, it is also mobilized together, although between two memories A small piece of it may be blurred in the middle, but as long as you try to think back, you can always fill in that fuzzy blank state more or less.

But Jon’s memory has no way to find the obscured part. In his memory, the content that should have appeared is as if erased by an eraser, and completely disappeared. .

But those new memories are very clear.

It's like something new, he just experienced it.

An even more weird thing is the story he had read originally, that is, a long, long time ago, he can still remember the contents of the book "Harry Potter" clearly in his mind. , At this moment, he remembered it again.

Perhaps it was due to external stimulation, or it might be due to other reasons. He didn’t know the specifics, but the reality is that he remembered the contents of the book. To be precise, he remembered Regarding the content of the scene he just saw at 12 Grimmauld Place.

He has never remembered so clearly, because the text written in the book cannot be clearly recorded. He does not have the ability of eidetic memory. Although his memory is better, it is nothing more.

He didn't deliberately recite the content of the book, but now it is as if there is a book in front of his eyes, and he clearly knows what is in the story.

And the shocking thing is.

What happened in the picture just now is not any different from what is described in the book.

This is unreasonable.

If the world he is experiencing now is not the real world, but the scene described in a book, then he can accept it, but he is very clear that what he is facing now is A real world, this world is truly powerful and independent.


What the hell is it?

He had never figured out this question before, but now he suddenly remembered it.

The operation of the world is not based on human will. He made plans to interfere with Harry’s actions. He just made a plan within the framework and impossible to structure each step in an orderly manner, and the world How it works has nothing to do with people.

After all, the world is so big and people are so small.

If you believe that what you do can affect the operation of the world, you may not be too arrogant.

Jon has always known that his power is not enough, so he always chooses to take advantage of the situation when doing things. How the world changes is not within his scope of consideration. He often chooses to comply with The direction of change, making his own decision. As for the world change itself, it operates according to the law of world change.

He promoted the energy recovery of the magic world, but also because the energy of the magic world itself is going to rise. What he did was to speed up the process, but not to reverse a fading magic world. return.

That kind of situation is impossible, and it is not realistic.

And things returned to the problem he was facing, and what Harry they did was impossible because he worked out a certain plan and changed it.

There is nothing wrong with Order of the Phoenix following his orders, and he can also influence some of Hermione's decisions, and then promote Harry's behavior.

But judging from the changes over the years, how can he say that the decision he made was not driven by some kind of mysterious power?

Doesn't this kind of probability exist?

He can make a plan for Harry's behavior, can't someone else make a plan for his behavior?

It's just like the plan he made and didn't interfere with anything. He even suspects that even if he doesn't do anything, Harry and the others will still do it.

The Mundungus thing is an example.

He has never signaled what Mundugus is doing. In fact, this person has been forgotten by him.

But this thing still happened, this person still became a relatively important existence relative to the whole thing, because he brought a very important message to Harry.

About Voldemort's Horcrux, Slytherin's locket.

Destroying Horcrux itself is not a difficult task for Jon. He knows where each Horcrux is stored, and there is no problem in handling it, as if he could make a fake Horcrux. Similarly, when the strength reaches a certain level, doing anything will become much easier.

He is not Dumbledore after all. Dumbledore needs to explore everything on his own, and what he is best at is relying on others. With the help of Helga, these things become easier.

If it weren't for the problem he is facing now, and if Helga can't help, he won't be bothered to such a degree.

His problem lies in his heart, so he can only figure it out on his own.

Now he wants to understand.

Assuming that Chen Songyuan is behind everything, then no matter what this person wants to do to her, at least one thing can be proved.

He implements a stocking policy, that is to say, just like Jon set Harry a framework for action, this framework will lead Harry into a predetermined ending, but how to proceed with him It doesn't matter.

The specific content needs to be extended by Jon himself.

As for the quality of the extension, the length of the use time is within the allowable range of this framework.

What's more, he has already experienced many times what happened in this state.

After all, to be able to take him from one world to another, impossible is a simple matter.

The person behind should have power over in this world, or he can modify some specific information.

——If this world is assumed to be a game server.

This assumption is of course reasonable. After all, the will of the world has this similar ability, and it can change the derived world.

It is even directly destroyed and then recycled.

He didn't know whether the behavior of the high-level "gods" was the right thing from a low-level perspective, but now he has no other way.

Since there is no choice, let's give it a try.

Because one thing can be clarified, the reason why these things appeared in his memory, and he received information from World Tree, was because the person or god behind him could not afford to wait. NS.

There are many worlds in the universe, some of which are fast, and some are slow, but when unified, time is advancing.

History is impossible to be changed, it can only be created.

When a person tries to change a world for a while, the original appearance of this world will not change, he will only generate a new world starting from the timeline he wants to deceive Myself, but in the dimension of the entire universe, there is no change.

Because no one can make changes.

So Jon believes that the reason why the person behind started to worry is because in the dimension of the entire universe, he may have run out of time.

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