Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 880

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The sun is rising, and the pure, colorless, vast sky hangs high above the head, indifferent to the world.

Jon sat down on the roof of Hogwarts and took a deep breath of clear air.

To watch the sun rise on the hillside so leisurely, this in itself should be the greatest happiness in the world, right?

It is September, but this is the first time Dumbledore has returned to Hogwarts since his death.

Hogwarts has become different. Under the turbulence of the undercurrent, the content that those students endure is indeed uncomfortable.

But with all Jon's understanding of their age, accepting these is also a compulsory course on the way to growth.

According to the truth, they should be college students in the magic society.

The next thing college students need to face is how to integrate into this society. In this way, let them witness the cruelty of society in advance. In fact, it is not a bad thing. It is a very happy thing for many people to get some insights into the future.

Jon is not good at doing these things. Maybe this is a teacher’s innate talent. As for how to train these students, or that these students may suffer some hardships that are hard to say, Jon is actually not good at doing these things. Don't take this matter seriously.

If any student had a problem, Snape would not remain indifferent.

At this moment, what he wants to see more is the sunrise now.

This kind of scene can make people feel calm. The most important thing is that he will not spend too much time in this world. This kind of scene will be seen once less.

As soon as the time came, the students filed out of the castle, going to class, but not class.

The one who was supposed to make trouble in the castle is sitting here with Jon.

"I originally thought you would be watching in the castle, but now it seems that you are a lot more leisurely than I thought."

"Of course I am better than you think. That kind of ease, after all, I don’t have so many things to do.” Peeves who said this looks more like a normal person than when Jon met him for the first time, although in essence it is still a special However, Helga’s pity has indeed made a lot of changes to Peeves: "In fact, there is nothing to say, Hogg has a lot of things to do, so naturally I don’t need to do these things. Everyone divides the work. It’s clear, not very good."

"It seems that it should be a very correct decision to hand over this school to you."

"That's for sure."

Peeves seems to say disdainfully:

"How could human beings have us love this place more?"

"Fortunately, I have done After the arrangement is made, after our plan is over, Hogwarts will have a lot fewer students, and it will become an advanced aristocratic house for further studies. There won't be so many children at that time."

" It’s not a good thing to be special like this. If there are fewer students, what should we do with so many teachers in the four houses?"

"I have arranged a place for each of them, this is Don’t worry about it, the remaining old professors can come to teach fewer students, whether it is for students or for professors who are no longer energetic, it is a good thing."

"Let’s not talk about it. There are too many people in the school. It doesn’t make any difference to me. When this matter is over, I don’t need to keep my image in the past. Snape has a letter for me to give You, do you want to read it now?"

"Snape's letter to me?"

Jon clicked nodded and took the letter.

This letter is not addressed to Jon. Snape’s main purpose of writing this letter is to hope that Jon can forward the content of this letter to Dumbledore, or because of someone between the two of them. These transactions have not been completed yet, or maybe it is for other reasons, anyway, Jon doesn't really want to know.

"I will help him forward this letter to Dumbledore. Just reply to him truthfully. At the same time, you have to tell him that I hope he can be prepared. I may be very busy, and there is no way to stay by her side all the time, and there is no guarantee that he will survive safely under Voldemort's hands. He had better be careful by himself."

"I think He may not care about these things, although I shouldn’t tell you this, but this is also true. His mental state does not seem to be very good. Since the start of your plan this time, he has been in a tense state. I’ve come out, if you have a chance, it’s better to persuade him."

"I know a little bit about his state, don’t worry, the whole thing is not over yet, he will not give up easily. Yes, but if you are worried, you can follow him more, after all, you are his secretary anyway, or your identity will not be suspected anywhere."

"Okay Okay, I see, do you have anything else you want me to tell him?"

"Nothing, oh, by the way, how many people can use Ministry of Magic over there? "

Of course, Jon should ask Order of the Phoenix about this question, but Order of the Phoenix may not have more information than Peeves.

In any case, Peeves still has a very large information channel. If you ask Peeves about these things, you may get more detailed information.

"Ministry of Magic, you can use a lot of people, although many people are not on the side of Order of the Phoenix, but if the people of Order of the Phoenix use the relationship to ask them They may not refuse to do anything to help. It depends on what you do. If it is a simple matter, maybe Professor Sprouse can also help."

He said. It reminded Jon, but in the end Jon still had no choice, to trouble Professor Sprout for this matter.

No need.

Ministry of Magic, there are indeed many graduates of Hufflepuff. Although these people can't exert their great energy, the power of a nobody should not be underestimated. Jon knows this very well. , But he didn't intend to spend so much effort.

Jon is a bit impressed by what happened on the Ministry of Magic, and it is not a major event. The only problem is that no one goes to the scene to participate. Rather than ask the Ministry of Magic for help, it is better than Jon himself. Go do it.

He has time anyway.

And nothing happened.

It just so happens that he needs to see the real Slytherin locket, after all, it is also a Horcrux.

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