Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 881

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There is no need to worry about going to Ministry of Magic. After all, the main task is not him, but the three children.

So he came to Grimmmauld Place first.

When he appeared on the twelfth of Grimmauld Place, Harry just woke up from the panic because of some problems.

Jon knows what makes him uncomfortable. After all, his Occlumency is not at home. It is easy to be infected by Voldemort's emotions and memories. There is no other way. As Horcrux, he must have this Kind of reaction.

But then the three of them came to the kitchen downstairs, and Kreacher served them stew and syrup tart.

This house elf is the only one who felt Jon’s arrival, but he did not show any reaction. After all, Sirius was not really dead, and Jon’s position allowed him to order Kreacher did something, especially if Harry didn't order Kreacher to speak.

It's just that he didn't expose himself, he just listened to their plan after confirming that there was nothing wrong with these people.

These people analyzed their action plan over and over again, memorizing this plan verbatim, and did not return to sleep in the house until late at night.

Hermione met Jon in the bedroom.

"teacher, why are you here?"

Looking at Jon sitting on the chair in the room, Hermione was a little surprised, after all, Jon didn’t tell her to come before, and Recently, her mental condition has been relatively tight, and she has been worried about being discovered.

"Come and see you guys, how is the situation with those two little fellows recently?"

"I don’t think their situation is very good, especially Harry’s state, he sees It is really worrying."

"This is the fate he must endure as Horcrux. Don't worry, it will end soon. It is good for him to bear some pain."



Hermione is silent. She also knows that this issue is not an important issue. They don't need to consider this situation in the situation they are facing now. Jon is definitely not here today for these things.

Although the teacher-student relationship between the two of them did not last long, there is one thing that Hermione knows Jon very well.

That is, if there is nothing necessary, Jon generally does not appear in front of others in person.

"Tomorrow you will go to the Ministry of Magic..."

Jon said in silence for a while: "Don't worry about safety, but there is one thing you should pay attention to, that The place is now Death Eater. If your identity is exposed, it is likely to be in danger.

——Of course, since I promised to protect you, I won’t let you really have a situation,


I can help you leave there safely, and give you enough time for Disapparation,

But if there is an accident, if you are caught by who, remember, you must immediately It doesn’t matter if this place is exposed in another direction.

Bellatrix knew about the existence of Grimmauld Place, but they hadn’t been able to get in before.

Now There is nothing at worst about throwing this place away, they are not interested in this house, they are only interested in you.

In the next period of time, you may face many things, I impossible Every thing is protected by your side, but someone will accompany you. You can know this thing in your heart. Don't tell them two, otherwise it will lose its meaning.

The must experience To experience, not everyone can be so lucky, with opportunities like you,

experience more, you will understand how complicated this world is,

you Knowing what I am going to do, the next two years are likely to be the two years with the greatest changes in magic society. You need to seize the opportunity."

Actually, Hermione doesn’t quite understand it, but She still ordered nodded.

Jon patted her shoulder and left here.

There was no light all night.

The dawn is chasing midnight, and it seems to be in a rush.

"Your face is ugly."

Harry's room, Ron said when he came in to wake Harry up.

"It will be well soon."

Harry yawned in reply.

They saw Hermione in the kitchen downstairs, facing the coffee and hot rolls served by Kreacher, her face was kind of crazy, and Harry immediately thought of reviewing before the exam.


She muttered to herself, nodded to them nervously, and continued to fumble in her beaded pouch:

"Polyjuice Potion ……Invisibility Cloak ……

Bait bombs... You have to take two each of you, just in case...

spitting sugar, nosebleed nougat, retractable ears ......"

They gulped their breakfast and moved upstairs. Kreacher bowed to send him off and promised to make steak and kidney pie to wait for them to come back.

"God bless him,"

Ron said moved: "Think about it. I even imagined that I would cut off his head and nail it to the wall."

They stood cautiously on the top of the steps, and they could see two Death Eaters with swollen eyes looking across the foggy square.

Hermione first followed Ron Disapparation, and then came back to bring Harry.

After the brief darkness and suffocation-like feeling, Harry found himself standing in a small alley, according to the plan, the first part of the action will take place here.

The alley is empty, with only two large trash cans.

The first Ministry of Magic staff will not appear until at least eight o'clock.

"Okay," Hermione looked at her watch: "She should be there in 5 points. After I knock her out—"

"Hermione, we know "," Ron said unhappily, "And, I remember we should open the door before she comes?" Hermione screamed.

"I almost forgot! Get out of the way--"

She wand pointed to the fire door with an iron lock and full of graffiti next to it, and the door slammed open. NS.

They know through careful reconnaissance many times that the dark corridor behind the door leads to an unmanned theater.

Hermione drew the door closed so that it still looked closed.

"Now," she turned around and said to the two companions in the alley: "We put on the Invisibility Cloak again—"


Ron finished speaking, put the Invisibility Cloak on Hermione's head, like a budgerigar was covered with a wool blanket, while rolling his eyes at Harry.

More than 1 point later, they heard pu' sound light sound, a little gray-haired man Ministry of Magic witch Apparition a few feet in front of them, and he was a bit unable to open the apparition by the sudden light. Open your eyes.

The sun just came out from behind a cloud, but before she could enjoy the unexpected warmth, Hermione's silent Stunning Spell had hit her chest and she fell.

"Nice job, Hermione."

Ron praised. He got out of the trash can at the entrance of the theater and Harry took off the Invisibility Cloak.

The three of them dragged the little witch into the dark corridor leading to the backstage. Hermione pulled a few hairs from the witch's head, took out a bottle of turbid Polyjuice Potion from the beaded pouch, and added her hair. Go in.

Ron was rummaging in witch's handbag.

"She is Mafalda Hopkirk,"

He read a small card, and the person who was knocked out was a member of the Improper Use of Magic Office. Assistant: "You'd better hold this, Hermione, and the proof coin."

He handed her a few small golden coins, all of which were printed with MOM [Ministry of Magic's English initials The embossed words of the abbreviation were found in the witch's wallet.

Polyjuice Potion has become a delightful light purple, Hermione drank it, and after a few seconds it turned into Mafalda Hopkirk standing in front of them.

She took off Mafalda's eyes and put them on, Harry looked at his watch.

"We are a bit late, the gentleman from the magic maintenance department is coming."

They hurriedly shut the real horse Falda behind the door, and Harry and Ron put them on Invisibility Cloak, Hermione is still standing there waiting.

A few seconds later, there was another pu' sound, and a little wizard who looked like a ferret appeared in front of them.

"Oh, hello, Mafalda."


Hermione said in a trembling voice: "How are you today? How?"

"Not great."

The little wizard replied, looking languid.

Hermione and the wizard walked towards the main street, Harry and Ron tiptoing behind.

"You feel uncomfortable... I'm sorry, I sympathize."

The little wizard wanted to explain his situation, Hermione resolutely raised his voice and suppressed his words. , She must stop him before he walks into the street: "Here, have a candy."

"Uh? Oh, no, thank you—"

"must Eat!"

Hermione said forcefully, waving the spouting candy in front of him, and the little wizard seemed to be frightened, so he took a piece.

The effect is immediate.

As soon as the spitting sugar touched his tongue, the little wizard vomited violently, not even noticing that Hermione pulled a bunch of hair from the top of his head.

"Oh, my goodness!"

She said, seeing him vomiting in the alley: "You might have to rest for a day!"


He retched, while still walking forward, although the road was not straight: "I must—today—must go—"

"But this is too stupid!"

Hermione said in horror: "You can't go to work like this-I think you should go to St. Mungo's Hospital for a check!"

The wizard can no longer stand, and is still trying to move into the street.

"You can't go to work like this!"

Hermione shouted.

He finally seemed to accept the facts she was telling, grabbing Hermione with a look of disgust and barely standing up, spinning and disappearing, leaving only a bag that Ron tore from his hands at the last moment. And some flying vomit.


Hermione picked up the hem of his robe, avoiding the pile of things on the ground: "It's better to knock him out."


"Yes," Ron said, holding the wizard's bag and drilling out the Invisibility Cloak: "But I still think that a bunch of unconscious people are more likely to attract attention.

He loves Work... Throw your hair and potion."

Two minutes later, Ron stood in front of them. The Tibetan azure robe in his bag.

"I wonder why he didn't wear it today, did he, since he wants to work so much?

But leave him alone, I’m Reggie Catmore with a name behind it."

——At the same time, in the space one kilometer away, the real Reggie Catmore swallowed a piece of candy, and the physical problem was immediately solved.

"President, I'm all right."

"It's all right."

Steven said gently: "I made you suffer, Catmore Uncle, but in order to save your family, we must do this."

"no no no, don't say this, at least when I was studying at Hufflepuff, I never thought I would experience it one day This kind of thing,

Besides, this is to help Harry Potter do things. Anyway, I should do it."

Of course, this is the best. However, Stephen would not take it seriously. The Magic Research Society has spent a lot of money to infiltrate many people in the Ministry of Magic, so even if there is no such thing as today, they will still spend their energy to maintain these people in the Ministry of Magic. The presence.

"Don’t worry, what we have to do is resist Voldemort, but there is no way to put these things on the surface,

But our power is just like what you see This way, it’s very powerful, isn’t it?

Anyway, we will help you protect your family’s safety."

There are some things, whether you can do it or not, it’s a must Said, especially in the case of 100% success in this matter, what is the problem with saying these words?

As a qualified leader, now one of the Vice-Presidents of the Magic Research Association, Mr. Stephen must be in order to consider this institution. Jon also It shouldn't be any comments Of... right?


Harry waited for ten minutes, but after a long time, he was lying alone in the alley covered with vomit, and the door beside him was hit. Fainted Mafalda.

Finally, Ron and Hermione are back.

"I don't know who he is," Hermione handed Harry a few black curls and said, "But he has gone home and his nosebleeds are in a mess!

He is quite tall Yes, you might have to change into a big robe..."

She pulled out a set of old robe that Kreacher washed for them, and Harry went to drink potion and deformed.

After the painful change is complete, he is more than six feet tall. From the muscles of his arms, he is very strong and he still has a beard on his chin.

He stuffed the Invisibility Cloak and glasses into his new pants and stood beside the other two.

"My God, it's so scary."

Ron said, looking up at Harry standing in front of him like an Iron Pagoda.

"Take a proof coin of Mafalda,"

Hermione reminded Harry: "Let's go, it's almost nine o'clock."

Three people Walk out of the alley together.

Walking along the crowded sidewalk fifty meters away, there are two black pointed fences sandwiched between the steps, with "male" written on one side and "female" on the other.

"See you later."

Hermione said nervously, and swayed down the steps marked with the word "female."

Harry and Ron walked down with some eccentrically dressed men, as if they came to an ordinary underground public toilet with dirty black and white tiles on the wall.

"Good morning, Reggie!"

A wizard in a Tibetan azure robe cried out, and put the golden proof coin into a slit on the entrance, and entered a small Cube: "Damn it, don't you?

We have to come to work like this!

Who do they think will come, Harry Potter?"

The wizard quacked at his witty remark, and Ron barely laughed twice.

"hehe," he said, "stupid enough, isn't it?"

He and Harry entered the adjacent cubicle.

The sound of flushing sounded from Harry's left and right sides, and his cat waist looked through the gap under the partition, just in time to see a pair of boots crawling into the toilet next door.

He looked to the left again and saw Ron winking at him in surprise.

"Want to rush yourself in?"

Ron asked in a low voice.

"It seems so."

Harry answered in a low voice, his voice low and hoarse.

Both of them straightened up, and Harry climbed into the toilet, feeling ridiculous.

He knew immediately that he was doing the right thing. Although he seemed to be standing in the water, his shoes, feet and robe were very dry.

He stretched out a zipper rope, and immediately rushed through a short slide, rushed out of a fireplace, and came to the Ministry of Magic.

He got up awkwardly, his body was much larger than usual, and he was not comfortable with it.

The hall seemed darker than Harry remembered.

It turned out that in the center is a golden fountain, projecting a little spot of light on the bright wooden floor and walls.

And now, a huge black stone statue occupies the center, terrifying.

Such a giant stone statue, a witch and a wizard sitting on a magnificent throne, looking down at the Ministry of Magic staff rolling out of the fireplace.

Several one-foot-high characters are engraved on the bottom of the stone statue: magic means power.

Harry was hit hard on the back of his leg—a wizard just flew out of the fireplace.

"Don't get in the way, can you do it--oh, I'm sorry, Runcorn!"

The shaman who thanked him was obviously terrified and hurried away.

It seems that the person Harry is posing as Runcorn is very difficult to deal with.


Another voice said, Harry turned his head and saw a tiny witch and the ferret-like wizard in the magic maintenance department approaching him next to the statue Beckoned, and quickly walked over.

"You came in smoothly?"

Hermione asked Harry in a whisper.

"No, he is still stuck in the toilet."

"Oh, it's funny...it's scary, isn't it?"

She said, Seeing Harry still staring at the statue: "Did you see what they are sitting on?"

Harry took a closer look and found that the magnificent throne he thought was carved is actually a pile of stone sculptures. The human body, hundreds of naked human bodies: men, women, and children are silly and ugly, with their limbs twisted and squeezed together, supporting the handsome, gowned wizard.

"Muggle," Hermione said softly, "Where they should be. Come on, let's go."

They merged into the flow of male witch teachers and headed towards the end of the hall Going to the golden door, while scanning all around as inconspicuously as possible, he did not see the distinctive silhouette of Dolores · Umbridge.

They walked through the golden gate to a smaller hall and saw people line up in front of the golden fence gates of twenty elevators.

As soon as they were in the nearest line, a voice said, "Cartmore!"

They turned their heads, and Harry felt a cramp in his stomach.

A Death Eater who was present at the time of Dumbledore's death strode towards him, and the Ministry of Magic personnel beside him lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Harry could feel fear permeating among them. The man’s gloomy, slightly cruel face did not match his gorgeous, flowing robes inlaid with gold threads. There were some in the line by the elevator. Cried flatly: "Good morning, Yaxley!"

The man ignored him.

"I asked someone from the magic maintenance department to fix my office, Catmore, it has been raining in the house."

Ron looked around all around, as if wishing someone to interrupt , But no one said anything.

"It's raining...in your office?

That—that’s really bad, isn’t it?"

Ron smiled nervously, Ya Xley's eyes rounded.

"You think it’s fun, don’t you, Catmore?"

"No," Ron said, "Of course not—"

"You You know I’m going downstairs to interrogate your wife, Catmore?

I’m surprised, why didn’t you hold your hand there and wait with her.

Already wanted Did you draw a line with her, huh?

It might be wise, remember to find a purebred next time."

Hermione gave a soft cry in horror.

Yaxley looked at her, she was busy pretending to cough weakly, and looked away.


Ron stammered.

"The woman I marry will never be confused with the trash, but suppose my wife is accused of mudblood," Yaxley said: "And the Ministry of The head of the Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement has a job to do. I will treat this job as a major event, Catmore, do you understand what I mean?"

"Understood ."

Ron whispered.

"Go ahead, Catmore, if my office doesn't dry out completely in an hour, your wife's bloodline composition will be more problematic than it is now."

The golden fence door oh la la in front of them opened. Yaxley turned and walked towards another elevator. Before leaving, he nodded at Harry and showed a disgusting smile, apparently thinking that Harry would treat him like this Lessons Catmore expressed appreciation.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione entered their elevator, but no one else entered, as if they had an infectious disease.

The fence door slammed shut and the elevator started to rise.

"What should I do?"

Ron asked his two companions immediately, as if a catastrophe was imminent: "If I don't go, my wife—I mean, Catmore 'S wife—"

"Let's go with you, let's not separate—"

Harry said, but Ron shook his head desperately.

"That's really sick, we don't have much time, you two go to Umbridge, I will go to Xiu Yaxley's office-but how can it not rain?"

"Try to stop the spell,"

Hermione immediately said: "If it rains due to evil spells or spells, it should stop.

If you can’t stop, it’s There’s something wrong with the weather spell, it’s a bit more troublesome. You temporarily use the neither water nor fire can approach spell to protect his things--"

"Say it again, slower--"

Ron said, looking for a pen in his pocket anxiously, but at this time the elevator trembled and stopped.

An empty female voice said: "Fourth Layer, the management and control department of magical creatures, including wild beast, alien and ghost offices, Goblin liaison office, and harmonious insect consultation office."

The door opened again, and two wizards and a few light purple paper airplanes flew around the light bulb on the top of the elevator.

"Good morning, Albert."

A bearded wizard said to Harry with a smile, and then glanced at Ron and Hermione.

The elevator creaked up again.

Hermione whispered to Ron anxiously, the wizard approached Harry, squinted at him, and whispered: "Dirk Creswell?

Goblin's liaison office?

Good job, Albert, now I'm pretty sure I will get his position!"

He blinked and Harry smiled Now, I hope this will satisfy the other party.

The elevator stopped and the fence door opened again.

"Second Layer, magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including Improper Use of Magic Office, Auror Command and Wizengamot Management Agency."

The hollow female voice said.

Harry saw Hermione giving Ron a light push. Ron hurried out of the elevator, and the other wizards got off, leaving only Harry and Hermione in the elevator.

As soon as the golden gate closed, Hermione said hurriedly: "Harry, I think I'd better follow him. I see him not knowing what to do. If he gets caught, the whole plan— "

"First Layer, Ministry of Magic chief office and logistics office."

The golden fence opened again, Hermione sucked in a breath of cold air.

Four people are standing in front of them, two of them are talking closely: a long-haired wizard wearing a gorgeous black robes embroidered with gold, a short squat witch with short hair that looks like a toad Wearing a velvet bow, holding a clipboard in front of his chest.

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