Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 883

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"No, no, I tell you I am half-blood, I am half-blood.

My father is a wizard, he is, you can check it out. Aki Alderton, he is a famous broomstick designer, you can check it out.

I tell you—don’t touch me, don’t touch—"

Jon sit down On the chair of the familiar Ministry of Magic court, I looked at the scene in front of me with interest.

This is the first time he has seen this kind of sight. The Ministry of Magic handles affairs very inefficiently. Of course, this is also because they have fewer things to manage.

Inefficiency also has the benefits of inefficiency. Being able to see the emotional changes clearly, that kind of pain and despair, I don’t know why, can make him feel the truth of the world.

Some irony.

He hides in the darkness, looking at Hermione-she is now Malfada.

She has entered the role, although it seems that she should have seen the locket on Umbridge's neck, but now she is still working seriously.

Ministry of Magic's job seems handy for her. It is hard to say whether it is an innate talent or something else.

But Umbridge's voice is still as unpleasant as ever.

Thinking about this, he fell silent again. After all, the protagonist today is not him.


"This is the last warning,"

Umbridge said softly, the sound was amplified by magic, clearly overshadowing that The man yelled desperately:

"If you resist again, you will get a kiss from the dementor."

The man's cry went low, but the choking sound still echoed in the aisle .

"Take him away."

Two dementors appeared at the door of the courtroom. His big rotting and scabded hands grasped a wizard's upper arm, and he seemed to faint.

The dementor dragged him away in the aisle, and the darkness behind them swallowed him.

"Next—Mary Catmore."

Umbridge called.

A thin woman stood up, shaking all over.

She was wearing a simple robe, her black hair was in a round bun behind her head, and her face was completely bloodless. When the woman passed by the dementor, Harry shuddered when she saw her.

He was completely impulsive, without any plans, but couldn't bear to see her walk into the court alone: ​​when the door began to close, he followed her and sneaked in.

This is not the court where he was tried on the grounds of abusing magic last time. Although the ceiling is the same, it is much smaller than that, and there is a sense of horror at the bottom of a deep well.

There are more dementors here, and the chill enveloped the whole room.

They are like sentinels without faces, standing in the corner farthest from the high interrogation platform.

Behind the railing on the stage sat Umbridge, with Yaxley on one side and Hermione, who was as pale as Mrs. Catmore on the other.

A silvery long-haired cat was pacing around at the bottom of the platform, and Harry realized that it was used to protect the prosecutor there and not let them feel the despair emanating from the dementor.

Despair is for the defendant, not for the interrogator.

"Sit down."

said Umbridge's sweet voice.

Mrs. Catmore staggered to the lonely chair in the middle of the stage.

She just sat down and threw away ding ding dong dong in the armrest, and the chain fixed her there.

"Are you Mary Elizabeth Catmore?"

Mrs. Catmore nodded tremblingly.

"The wife of Reginald Catmore at the Magic Maintenance Service?"

Mrs. Catmore cried.

"I don't know where he is, he should have been here with me!"

Umbridge ignored it.

"Mezzi, Ellie and Al Fred de Catmore's mother?"

Mrs. Catmore cried harder.

"They are scared and worried that I might not be able to go back--"


Yaxley said contemptuously:" The mudblood boy can't attract our sympathy."

Mrs. Catmore's sobbing masked Harry's footsteps, and he walked carefully towards the steps of the high platform.

When he passed the place where the silver cat Patronus was walking, he immediately felt the temperature change: it was warm and comfortable.

He is sure that this Patronus belongs to Umbridge. If it is bright, it is because she is very happy here, and it is good enough to maintain the distorted law she participated in.

Harry moved little by little, cautiously behind Umbridge, Yaxley, and Hermione, and finally sat down behind Hermione.

He was afraid to startle Hermione. He wanted to cast the Muffliato curse on Umbridge and Yaxley, but chanting the curse softly might also scare Hermione.

At this time Umbridge raised his voice to speak to Mrs. Catmore, and Harry seized the opportunity.

"I'm behind you."

He whispered to Hermione.

Sure enough, she was shocked and almost knocked over the ink bottle used for recording.

But Umbridge and Yaxley's attention was on Mrs. Catmore and they didn't notice.

"When you came to the Ministry of Magic today, a wand was taken away, Mrs. Catmore," Umbridge said, "Eight and three quarters inches, cherry wood, made of unicorn hair. Core. Do you confirm this description?"

Mrs. Catmore was nodded, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

"Can you tell us, which wizard did you take this wand from?"


Catmore Mrs. Er cried and said: "I didn't take it from someone-take it.

It was bought-bought when I was eleven, and it-it-it chose me."

She cried more fiercely.

Umbridge let out a little girl-like smile, and Harry really wanted to beat her up.

She leaned forward, in order to get over the obstacles to better examine her prey, a golden thing also swung to her chest, hanging there: locket.

Hermione screamed softly, but Umbridge and Yaxley were still staring at the prey and could not hear any other sounds.

"No," Umbridge said, "No, I don't think so, Mrs. Catmore.

Wand only chooses the wizard, and you are not the wizard.

Here I have the questionnaire that I sent you last time-Mafalda, take it."

Umbridge stretched out a small hand: She looked like a toad, Harry was surprised for a while. There are no webs between the stubby fingers.

Hermione's hands trembled from shock, she fumbled for a while among the pile of papers on the chair beside her, and finally pulled out a volume of parchment with Mrs. Catmore's name.

"That—that's beautiful, Dolores."

She pointed to the shiny pendant in the folds of Umbridge's coat.


Umbridge snapped his head and glanced down: "Oh, yeah—an ancient family heirloom."

She shot Locket, who patted on her plump breasts, said:

"S is the abbreviation for Selwyn...I have a close relationship with Selwyn's Wen Family...

In fact, there are very few pure bloodline families that are not related to me... Unfortunately,"

She turned over Mrs. Catmore’s questionnaire and raised her voice:

"You can't say that.

Parent's occupation: vegetable dealer."

Yaxley laughed disdainfully.

Under the stage, the fluffy silver cat was pacing around, and the dementor stood waiting in the corner of the room.

Umbridge's lies caused Harry's blood to rush to the top of his head, forgetting to be cautious.

She got the locket from an illegal peddler, but now she uses it to prove her pure bloodline identity.

Harry didn’t even consider continuing to hide under the Invisibility Cloak, so he raised wand, shouted: "Stupefy!"

Red light flashed, Umbridge fell down, his head hit the railing At the edge, Mrs. Catmore's paper slipped from her lap to the ground, the silver cat walking back and forth disappeared, and the cold air came like the wind.

Yaxley unfathomable mystery, turned his head to look for the source of the riot.

He saw a bodyless hand pointing at him with a wand, and hurriedly pulled out his wand, but it was too late.


Yaxley slid to the ground and curled up.


"Hermione, if you think I would sit here and watch her pretend—"

"Harry, Mrs. Catmore !"

Harry quickly turned around and got rid of the Invisibility Cloak.

Under the stage, dementor has come out of the corner and is floating towards the woman tied to the chair.

I don't know if it was because Patronus disappeared, or because they felt that the owner had lost control, they seemed unscrupulous.

Cartmore screamed too terrifying, a big sticky, crusted hand pinched her chin and pulled her face back.

"Expecto Patronum!"

The silver stag rose from Harry's tip and leaped towards the dementor. They retreated and melted into the shadows.

The silver deer is jogging round and round in the house. Its rays of light are stronger and warmer than the cat, and it fills the entire court.

"Take Horcrux."

He ran down the steps, stuffing the Invisibility Cloak into his bag, and came to Mrs. Catmore's side.


She looked at his face and said in a low voice, "But—but Reggie said you reported my name for review!"


Harry muttered, pulling the chain on his arm: "Oh, I changed my mind. Diffindo!"

No reaction.

"Hermione, how to remove these chains?"

"Wait, I'm doing something--"

"Hermione, we are all around dementor!"

"I know, Harry, but if she wakes up and finds the locket is gone--

I must copy a...Gemenio!

Okay Now... Then she shouldn't see it..."

Hermione rushed down the steps.

"Let me see...Relashio!"

The chains were dangling into the arm of the chair, and Mrs. Catmore still looked very scared.

"I don't understand."

"You have to leave here with us," Harry said and pulled her up: "Go home and take your children and run away. If you really can’t, you flee the country and flee in disguise.

You see what is going on now, you can’t get justice here."

"Harry," Hermione Say: "There are so many dementors at the door, how do we get out?"


Harry pointed at his own Patronus with wand: the silver stag slowed down, still bright The earth was shining and walked towards the door.

"the more the better, call out yours too, Hermione."

"Call God—Expecto Patronum."

Hermione said, what It didn't show up either.

"This is the only spell that is a little difficult for her,"

Harry said to Mrs. Catmore who was completely stunned.

"It's a bit unfortunate...Come on, Hermione..."

"Expecto Patronum!"

A silver otter jumped out of Hermione's wand's tip , Swimming gracefully to the silver stag in the air.


Harry led Hermione and Mrs. Catmore towards the door.

When Patronus floated out of the courtroom, he waited for the crowd outside to scream.

Harry glanced around, and the dementors on both sides were retreating backwards, blending into the darkness, and being dispersed by the silver spiritual object.

"It's decided now, you all go home and hide with your family."

Harry was dazzled by the light of Patronus and still cringe from muggle. Said the wizard.

"Go abroad if possible, far away from the Ministry of Magic.

This is—uh—the new official position.

Now , As long as you follow Patronus, you can escape from the hall."

They went all the way to the top of the stone ladder without being blocked.

But when he walked to the elevator, Harry became worried.

If they followed a silver stag and a silver otter into the hall, and brought about twenty people, half of them were wizards from the alleged muggle, he couldn’t help but feel too eye-catching. .

Just as he came to this unpleasant conclusion, the elevator door in front of them slammed open.


Mrs. Catmore screamed and plunged into Ron’s arms: "Lencorn let me out. He knocked out Umbridge and Yaxley, also told us all to flee the country. I think we should do this, Reggie, really. Hurry home and bring the child-why are you so wet?"


Ron mumbled, freed himself: "Harry, they know someone has broken into Ministry of Magic, like there is a hole in the door of Umbridge's office.

In that case, I think we still have 5 points of clock—"

Hermione's Patronus disappeared in a pop, and she turned pale in fright to Harry.

"Harry, if we are trapped here, we..."

"As long as we act quickly, we won't."

Harry turned to the group behind him, dumbfounded The person looking at him.

"Who has a wand?"

About half of them raised their hands.

"Well, if there is no wand, find someone with a wand to follow.

We must move fast-before we get blocked by them.

Go on "

Everyone squeezed into the two elevators. Harry's Patronus was guarding in front of the golden fence door. The door closed and the elevator started to rise.

At the same time, outside the Ministry of Magic, Stephen waved his hand, and the wizards from the Magic Research Society began to disappear one by one. Most of them were wizards from muggle. During this time, The Magic Research Society has always been responsible for protecting and concealing these people.

Their task today is not to fight, because it is not necessary, not when the time comes, their task today is to disrupt the Ministry of Magic.

"It looks like we should go, Catmore Uncle, time is almost up."

Reggie nodded, watching Stephen put on the gray cloak, and then follow him to Disapparation Back to the Ministry of Magic.

Ministry of Magic.


"Eighth Layer,"

The witch's cold voice said: "Atrium."

Harry knew there was a problem right away.

There are many people in the main hall, walking around in front of those fireplaces, closing the fireplace.


Hermione screamed: "How are we—"


Harry loudly shouted , Runcorn’s powerful voice echoed in the main hall, and the wizards who had blocked the fireplace were stunned.

"Come with me."

He whispered to the frightened muggle-born wizards that the group was led by Ron and Hermione.

"What's the matter, Albert?"

asked the bald wizard who had followed Harry out of the fireplace before, and he looked nervous.

"These people are going to leave before you close the exit."

Harry tried his best to speak in a majestic tone.

The wizard looked at each other in blank dismay.

"We are ordered to close all exits and no one is allowed..."

"Are you defying me?"

Harry aggressively said: "Is it right? Want me to investigate your family tree, like Dirk Cresway?"

"I'm sorry!"

The bald wizard startedled and stepped back: "I didn't Anything else, Albert, it’s just that I think...I think they are being interrogated..."

"Their bloodline is very pure,"

Harry said, he was deep His voice echoed in the hall, very shocking: "I dare to say that it is more pure than many of you, let's go."

He said loudly to the wizards from muggle, they Hurrying into the fireplace, they disappeared one by one.

Ministry of Magic’s wizard stayed behind hesitantly, some with confused faces, some with panic and dissatisfaction.



Mrs. Catmore turned her head, and the real, no-vomiting Reggie Catmore just came from Run out of an elevator.


She looked at her husband and Ron, who cursed loudly.

The bald wizard's mouth opened wide, and his head spins ridiculously between the two Reggie Catmores.

"Hey—what's going on!"

"Close the exit! Close!"

Yaxley rushed from another elevator Come out and rush to the crowd by the fireplace.

At this time, all the wizards from muggle had disappeared from the fireplace except Mrs. Catmore.

As soon as the bald wizard raised wand, Harry raised his huge fist and knocked him out with a punch.

"He is helping the wizard from muggle to escape, Yaxley!"

The companions of the bald wizard were in an uproar. Ron took advantage of the chaos and grabbed Mrs. Catmore, She pulled into the still open fireplace and disappeared.

Yaxley looked at Harry in confusion, then at the wizard who was beaten up, here is really Reggie Catmore exclaimed: "My wife! The one with my wife Who is this person? What happened?"

Harry saw Yaxley turn his head, a look of awakening appeared on his dull face.


Harry said loudly to Hermione, grabbing her hand, and the two jumped into the fireplace together, and Yaxley's spells flew over Harry's head.

They whirled for a few seconds and ejected from the toilet bowl.

"Reggie, I don't understand--"

"Let go, I am not your husband, you must go home!"

With a bang in the compartment, Harry turned his head and Yaxley just jumped out.

"Let's go!"

Harry shouted, grabbing Hermione's hand and Ron's arm, and spinning quickly.

Harry suspected that he was suffocating. He couldn't breathe and couldn't see. The only real things in the world were Ron's arm and Hermione's fingers, but his fingers were slowly slipping away...

Then he saw the gate of 12 Grimmauld Place and the snake-shaped knocker, but before he could breathe, he heard a scream, purple light flashed, and Hermione's hand suddenly became like a pliers. Staying with him, everything fell into darkness again.

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