Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 884

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Time Reverse.

When Hermione pulled Harry and their Disapparation, Yaxley caught her, and Jon, who came out immediately after him, was still a step late after all, unable to catch up with them directly.

But this situation is also in Jon’s calculations, because he is not particularly familiar with the Ministry of Magic. It is very possible that some problems will occur when looking for people, so he will They were vaccinated with Hermione, and if they were caught, they would immediately find an opportunity to escape there and go to a place no one knew.

Hermione did exactly that.

When she appeared in Grimmauld Place, she keenly discovered that she was following a person, so taking advantage of Yaxley's relaxation, she seized the opportunity to take the person Disapparation to another place.

And the opportunity was naturally created by Jon afterwards.

Jon used mental magic to disturb Yaxley's thoughts a bit, and then controlled the latter in his own hands.

Otherwise the location of Grimmauld Place will really be exposed.

Even if Hermione becomes a leaker, she can still guarantee that the location of this square is not known to too many people, seen by Yaxley, and guarded by Yaxley and outside the door. The Death Eaters have seen at the same time, there are two concepts.

Steven appeared in front of Jon a moment later. As soon as he appeared, he saw Jon standing on the stone steps of Grimmauld Place, carrying Yaxley's body in his hand, as if carrying Holding a chicken.

Of course he knows this place. After all, Jon is also one of the Secret Keepers. Snape didn't tell anyone the location of this place, but Jon said it.

Furthermore, under the interference of the magic net, the secrecy effect of the Courageous Faithfulness Curse is as bright and bright as a torch burning in the dark.

"Take this person back, let Professor Lockhart deal with his memory, don’t modify too much, don’t leave anything behind today, but at the same time don’t let him be too concerned about the location of Greenmore Square. More memory."

Jon's request seemed strange to Stephen.

"You yourself are a very superb memory Grand Sorcerer, why don't you do it yourself?

I take it back to find the Professor Lockhart to do it, and then send the person back. Isn’t it tedious? "

"The real meaning of letting Professor Lockhart do it is that you can check the memory of this person.

Although his status in Death Eater is not too high, he should always Know some things we don’t know,

Snape is also impossible to know everything. On the contrary, a nobody knows more. How to squeeze his value out is a problem you need to face , Now I’m going to see them at Hermione."

"Okay, okay, you are like a nanny now, and I’m even worse, to be your nanny’s nanny."


Jon didn't stay to listen to Stephen's complaint, he had already broken the space and left here.

Hermione didn't get angry with Jon beforehand at their location, but the notebook he left on Hermione could help him find these people.

So next moment, he disappeared from Grimmauld Square and came to a forest.

"Where is this?"

Looking at Hermione who was sobbing on the ground, Harry, Ron and Jon frowned who collapsed on the ground.

He didn't have any impression of this place in his mind. He should have never been here before, so it is a bit strange for Hermione and the others to appear here.

"teacher," Hermione took a deep breath, making her cry less obvious: "This is the forest where the Quiddich World Cup was held last time...teacher you don't know."


“Obviously I don’t like this sport, and I was not there when you were holding the Quidditch match. I was busy with some things abroad at the time.”

These things are naturally Impossible and Hermione said, because there is no time for a while, but I can't tell these things clearly.

"But you are indeed a little flustered."

Jon waved his hand, and a green leaf fell from his hand and landed on Weasley's head to prevent this little fellow from losing blood. Too many to die.

"Fortunately, it’s just a split body, and the injury is not particularly serious. You will remember to use fresh flavor later. Disapparation should also be added to the transportation system in the future. If you have time, you can study this aspect. Ministry of Magic work is very helpful."

"teacher, is it possible for us to go to Ministry of Magic now?"

"Don't worry, I will take care of Ministry of Magic matters. Okay, this one... will not exist for too long. We will do all these things well. You can take care of both of them now. The main thing is to take care of Harry.

As for the little fellow of the Weasley Family, if he If there is anything, let him calm down, rest assured, I will arrange someone to protect him, and nothing will happen."

Jon's speech is very fast, and simply didn't give Hermione a chance to interrupt. , It is not so much a pointing, as it is a command.

"Well, I will come to you in two days, the past few days you are free to move around, don’t lose the notebook I gave you, it’s best to keep it in your bag and don’t take it out ."

Jon glanced at Harry, who seemed to be about to wake up.

"Don't make them doubt, it shouldn't be a problem for you."

Jon paused, because there seemed to be a memory in his mind that he remembered again .

But Hermione didn't know, the young girl only saw the scene where Jon finished saying this and then disappeared.

Harry, who was next to her, woke up, and she started sobbing in an instant.

Harry opened his eyes and first saw a dazzling golden and green.

He didn't know what happened, only that he seemed to be lying between branches and twigs.

He inhales hard, his lungs seem to be deflated.

He blinked, realizing that the dazzling color was the sunlight shining through the tall tree canopy.

Something twitched beside his face, and he knelt on the ground with his hands, thinking that he would see some kind of vicious little animal, but it turned out to be Ron's feet.

Harry looked all around and found that they and Hermione were lying on the ground in the forest, as if there was no one else.

The first thing Harry thought of was Forbidden Forest. For a moment, even though he knew how stupid and dangerous their three people were to appear in Hogwarts, his heart was still excited when he thought of sneaking into Hagrid’s cabin from among the woods. It got to be pounded.

Ron groaned low at this time, and Harry crawled over to him, and soon discovered that this was not the Forbidden Forest: the trees looked younger, the spacing was larger, and the ground was more open.

He ran into Hermione next to Ron's head, and she was crawling too.

When he saw Ron, Harry forgot everything, because Ron's left body was soaked in blood, and his face on the soil and fallen leaves was as pale as gray.

The medicinal properties of Polyjuice Potion are disappearing. Ron's appearance is between Catmore and himself. While the only bit of blood on his face fades, his hair is getting redder and red.

"What's wrong with him?"


Hermione said, her hand was already busy touching Ron's sleeve, where The blood stains are the wettest and the darkest in color.

Harry watched in horror as she tore off Ron’s shirt. His internal organs were agitated uncomfortably. Hermione exposed Ron’s upper arm, where a large piece of meat was missing, as if it had been cut away by a knife. ……

"Harry, hurry up, in my bag, there is a small bottle with white fresh flavor written on it--"

"In the bag--good--"


Harry rushed to where Hermione had landed, grabbed the beaded pouch, and inserted his hand in.

Immediately, his hand touched something: the spine of the leather book, the sleeve of the sweater, the heel--


He grabbed wand from the ground and pointed at the magic packet.

"Bai Xian Accio!"

A brown vial jumped out of the bag, he grabbed it, and hurried back to Hermione and Ron.

Ron's eyes are half-open and half-closed, with only a little white of the upper and lower eyelids showing.

"He fainted."

Hermione is also complexion pale, she is no longer like Mafalda, although there are still a few gray areas in her hair: "Help me open, Harry, my hands are shaking."

Harry pulled off the stopper on the vial, Hermione took the vial and poured three drops of medicinal liquid on the bleeding wound.

The green smoke billowed up, and when it dissipated, Harry saw that the blood had stopped, the wound looked like it had been growing for a few days, and the flesh and blood that had just been exposed was covered with new skin.

"I only dare to do so much," Hermione tremblingly said, "Some spells can fully recover him, but I dare not use it, for fear of doing it wrong and causing more damage...he So much blood has been shed..."

"How could he get hurt? I mean,"

Harry shook his head, trying to clear his mind and figure out what happened. "Why are we here? Didn't we go back to Grimmauld Place?"

Hermione took a deep breath and seemed to be crying.

"Harry, I don't think we can go back."


"When we Disapparation, Yaxley caught I, I can’t get rid of him, he is too strong.

He was still holding on to Grimmauld Place, and then—I think he must have seen the door and guessed that we were going to stop. There, so he loosened his hand, I threw him away and brought you here!"

"But, where is he? Wait a minute...you wouldn't mean they are here Grimmauld Place, right? He can't get in, right?"

Hermione's eyes flashed with tears, shook the head.

"Harry, I think he can. I—I used the withdrawal curse to force him to let go, but I have brought him into the protection of the Scarlet Faithfulness curse.

Dumbledore is dead. After that, we are the Secret Keeper, so I leaked the secret, didn't I?"

Unable to hide, Harry knew that she was telling the truth, which was a heavy blow.

If Yaxley had been able to enter the house, they really couldn't go back.

Now Yaxley may be using Apparition to bring other Death Eaters there.

Although the house was dark and depressing, it used to be their only safe shelter. Now Kreacher is much happier and friendly, and it even has several points of like home.

Thinking that the house elf was busy making steak and kidney pies that Harry, Ron, and Hermione would never eat anymore, Harry felt sad, but not for the food.

"Harry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Don't be silly, it's not your fault! If you want to blame, you should blame me..."

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out mad-eye Han's magic eye, Hermione stepped back in fear.

"Umbridge put it on the door of her office to watch others.

I can't leave it there... but that's how they found someone got in."

Hermione didn't answer, Ron groaned and opened his eyes. He was still gray and sweaty.

"How are you feeling?"

"It sucks."

Ron said hoarsely, touching his injured arm, shrinking with pain. .

"Where are we?"

"The forest where the Quiddich World Cup was held," Hermione said, "I was looking for an isolated, hidden place. This is-- "

"——The first place you think of."

Harry finished speaking for him, looking at this seemingly deserted glade, he couldn't help but think of the last time they When Apparition got to the first place Hermione thought of, Death Eater found them within minutes.

Is it Legilimens?

Does Voldemort or his party members now know where Hermione took them?

"Do you think we should transfer?"

Ron asked, and Harry could tell from Ron's expression that he was thinking the same.

"I don't know."

Ron is still complexion pale, he didn't try to sit up, and he didn't seem to have the strength to do so.

It is too difficult to transfer him.

"Stay here for now."

Hermione was relieved and jumped up.

"Where are you going?"

"If you want to stay here, you have to set up some protective magic around."

She held wand and started Walking around in a big circle beside Harry and Ron, mutter incantations in his mouth.

Harry saw a slight tremor in the surrounding air, as if Hermione turned into a warm air above the clearing.

"Salvio Hexia...Protego Totalum...Repello Muggletum...Muffliato...You can take the tent out, Harry..."


"In the bag!"

"In...Of course."

This time he didn't bother to touch it any more, but used another Accio curse.

A pile of canvas, rope, and poles flew out, probably because it smelled like a cat. Harry recognized that this was the tent where they slept in the Quiddich World Cup that night.

"Isn't this the Perkins old man from Ministry of Magic?"

He asked, and began to untie the nails of the tent.

"He obviously doesn't want to take it back. His back pain is so severe."

Hermione said that she is now using wand to draw complicated figure eight patterns: "Ron's Father said you can lend it to me. Erecto!"

She pointed to the messy canvas and said.

The pile of things immediately rose into the air, and all at once fell on the ground in front of Harry. The last nail flew from the surprised Harry's hand and slammed into the end of the cable.

"Cave Inimicum," Hermione waved wand to the sky at last: "I can only do this. At least, if they come, we should be able to find out,

but I There is no guarantee that this will block the V——"

"Don't say the name!"

Harry and Hermione looked at each other in blank dismay.

"Sorry," Ron stood up and looked at them, groaning softly, "It makes me feel like a curse or something.

Please, Can’t we just call him you know who?"

"Dumbledore said, the fear of a name—"

"Remind, buddy, just call you know who The name didn't bring Dumbledore any good fate."

Ron rushed to say: "Just—just show respect to you know who, okay?"

"Respect? "

Harry repeated, and Hermione glanced at Harry warningly. It was obvious that in such a weak situation as Ron, he shouldn't argue with him.

Harry and Hermione dragged Ron into the tent.

The inside is the same as Harry remembered: a small suite with a bathroom and a small kitchen.

He pushed away an old armchair and carefully placed Ron on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed.

This short distance has also made Ron even paler. As soon as he was placed on the mattress, he closed his eyes again and said nothing for a while.

"I'll make some tea."

Hermione gasping for breath said, took out the kettle and cup from her pouch, and went into the kitchen.

Harry felt that the hot tea was as timely as the fire whiskey that Mad-eye Han sacrificed the night, and seemed to scald his throbbing fear a little.

After two minutes, Ron broke the silence.

"What did you say about the Catmores?"

"Good luck, they have escaped."

Hermione said, tightly Holding a hot teacup for comfort: "As long as Mr. Catmore's mind is clear, he will use his entourage to take his wife away.

They may be escaping abroad with their child, Harry called She did this."

"My God, I wish they escaped."

Ron leaned back on the pillow and said, the hot tea seemed to make him feel better. Also recovered a little blood.

"But, I don’t think Reggie Catmore’s mind is so good. When I pretend to be him, everyone talks to me.

God, I I wish they escaped...If both of us entered Azkaban because of us..."

Harry looked at Hermione, the question came to his lips-Mrs. Catmore did not have a wand, would it hinder her? Followed her husband's appearance-swallowed again.

Hermione is actually not worried about this matter. At least at this point, she has very deep confidence in Jon. The teacher should be able to handle this kind of matter, since they can all be brought out. , That at least shows that the strength and manpower of the Order of the Phoenix are still sufficient to protect those who escaped from the Ministry of Magic.

At this point, her guess is not wrong. Although Catmore has a bad job and is not good at socializing at Ministry of Magic, he has been able to work until today. He also has some friends. Because of this, he was able to be favored by Stephen and the others-definitely not because he was selected by Harry and the others.

Even if there is no such thing as today, Stephen and the others are going to save the wizards from the muggle who are in the hands of the Ministry of Magic.

The new world is coming soon, and a large number of people are needed to promote the theory of the New World. There is no better manpower than the wizard from muggle.

But then again, at this moment, Hermione watched Ron anxious for the fate of the Catmores. Her expression was so gentle, so gentle that was unbearable.

Especially in Harry's eyes, he felt as if he saw her kissing Ron.

"Hey, did you get it?"

Harry asked her, half to remind her of his existence.

"Get it—what do you get?"

"Why did we take such a big risk?


Where is the locket?"

"Have you got it?"

Ron yelled, lifting his body a little from the pillow: "No one told me!

My goodness, you should mention it!"

"Well, aren't we going to escape from Death Eater's den?"

Hermione said:" Here, I kept it in my pocket and kept it well, please don't worry."

She took out the locket from her robe pocket and handed it to Ron.

The locket is the size of an egg, a gorgeous S, which is embedded with many small emeralds, and gleams with dim rays of light in the twilight from the top of the canvas tent.

"Will someone destroy it after Kreacher?"

Ron asked with luck: "I mean, can you be sure it is Horcrux?"

"I think so," Hermione said, holding it in her hand and examining it carefully: "If you destroy it with magic, there will be traces."

She passed it to Harry, Harry held it in his hand and looked over and over, this thing looked intact.

He thought of the incomplete diary, and when the ring Horcrux was destroyed by Dumbledore, a crack appeared in the gemstone.

"I think Kreacher is right," Harry said, "We have to find a way to open this thing before we can destroy it."

When talking, Harry suddenly realized that he was holding it. What is behind, and what is hidden behind those two little golden gates.

Although he had trouble finding it, he had a strong urge to throw the locket away immediately.

He restrained himself, tried to break the locket with his hands, and then tried the spells Hermione used to open the Regulus bedroom door, but none worked.

He gave the locket to Ron and Hermione again, and they each tried their best, but they were as unsuccessful as him.

"Can you feel it?"

Ron pinched it tightly in his hand and asked in a low voice.


Ron passed Horcrux to Harry.

After a while, Harry understood what Ron meant.

Does he feel his own pulsation, or is there something beating in the locket, like a small metal heart?

"What shall we do with it?"

This is indeed a problem, because Jon went too anxiously and did not tell her how to destroy Horcrux.

"Keep it safe until you figure out a way to destroy it."

Harry replied.

Even though he didn't want to do this, he still hung the chain around his neck, let the locket fall into the robe, and hung it close to the chest next to the bag Hagrid gave him.

"I think we should take turns to watch outside the tent," he continued to Hermione, standing up and stretching. "And also need to think about the food issue-you stay here."

He said firmly again, because Ron was struggling to sit up, his face turned green.

The sight glass Hermione gave him on Harry's birthday was carefully placed on the table in the tent. Harry and Hermione took turns taking on the task of guarding throughout the day.

However, the sight glass remained silent all day. I don’t know if it was due to the protective magic and Repello Muggletum curse cast by Hermione, or because people rarely come here, and their woods are always silent. People, only birds and squirrels occasionally pass by. There was no change at night.

At ten o'clock, Harry lights up Wand, changes shifts with Hermione, watching the silence, and seeing bats hovering and dancing on the heights, flying across the small starry night sky above the campsite.

He feels hungry now, and there is a nodded dizziness.

Hermione didn't put any food in her magic bag because she thought she was going back to Grimmauld Place in the evening.

They have nothing to eat, only some wild mushrooms that Hermione picked from a nearby bush and put them in a tinplate pot.

After taking two bites, Ron pushed his share away, feeling a little nauseous.

Harry only reluctantly ate it so as not to hurt Hermione's feelings.

The surrounding silence was broken by the strange rustling and the sound of breaking twigs. Harry thought it was caused by animals and not people, but he held Wand on guard.

He ate the rubber-like mushrooms that were not enough to satisfy his hunger, and his stomach was already uncomfortable, and now it was burning because of his nervousness.

He thought he would rejoice after stealing Horcrux back, but for some reason, he didn't feel that way.

Sitting there and looking at a small piece of darkness illuminated only by his wand, all he felt was worries about the future, as if he had been in it for weeks, months, or even years. He sprinted towards this target, and now he stopped abruptly, and there was no way to go.

There are other Horcruxs that have not been found. He has no idea where they may be hidden, or even what they are.

Furthermore, he didn't know how to destroy the only one he found, the Horcrux now clinging to his chest.

The strange thing is that instead of absorbing his body temperature, it clings to his skin coldly, as if it had just been fished out of ice water.

Sometimes Harry felt, perhaps imagined—he could feel a small heart beating irregularly next to his own.

Sitting in the dark, countless ominous premonitions crawled into my heart.

He tried to resist and drive them away, but they still attacked mercilessly.

Two people cannot both be alive.

Ron and Hermione were talking softly in the tent behind him, they could leave at any time if they wanted, but he couldn't.

While sitting there trying to overcome his fear and fatigue, Harry felt Horcrux ticking and counting his remaining time...stupid thoughts, he said, don’t think like that...


scar stings again.

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