Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 888

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Everything is running according to Jon's arrangement. Because of injury and anxiety, Ron left Hermione and Harry under the influence of Horcrux, which made the atmosphere of the squad suddenly tense. .

On second day Harry woke up, it took a few seconds before he remembered what had happened. He naively hoped that it was a dream, and hoped Ron was still here and didn't leave.

But he turned his head and saw Ron's empty bed, attracting his eyes like a corpse on the road.

Harry jumped off his bed, not looking at Ron's bed.

Hermione was already busy in the kitchen. When Harry walked by, she didn't say good morning to him, but turned her head hurriedly.

He is gone.

Harry said to himself.

He is gone.

While washing his face and dressing, he couldn't stop thinking about it all the time, as if repeating it would reduce the blow a little.

He is gone, not coming back. It was a simple fact, Harry knew, because their protective magic meant that as soon as they left this place, Ron could not find them.

He and Hermione finished their breakfast in silence. Hermione's eyes were red and swollen, and it seemed that she hadn't slept all night.

When the two were packing, Hermione dilly-dallying, Harry knew why she wished to procrastinate by the river.

Because he found her eagerly lifting the head several times, he believed that she was deceiving herself, thinking that she heard footsteps in the heavy rain.

However, no red-haired silhouette appeared in the woods.

And every time Harry looked around like her (actually he couldn’t help but hold a little hope), but only saw the rain-washed woods, there was a little anger in his heart. Eruption.

He could hear Ron say: "We thought you knew what you were doing!"

So he continued to pack, like a hard lump stuck in his heart.

The turbid river water rises rapidly and will soon overflow their embankment.

The two stayed an hour longer than normal.

Finally, after opening the beaded pouch and reloading it three times, Hermione could no longer find a reason for the delay. She and Harry joined hands with Disapparation and appeared on a heathery and windy hillside. .

As soon as he got there, Hermione let go of Harry's hand, walked away from him, and finally sat on a large rock, her face buried in her knees, and her body trembling.

Harry knew she was crying.

He looked at her and felt that he should comfort her, but he did not know what kept him in place.

He was cold and tense from the inside out: he saw the contemptuous expression on Ron's face again.

Harry strode in the heathland, circled the emotionally disturbed Hermione as the center, and cast the spell she used to cast to protect their safety.

They didn't talk about Ron for the next few days.

Harry was determined not to mention his name again, and Hermione seemed to know that it would be useless to mention it.

But sometimes at night, when she thought he was asleep, Harry could hear her crying secretly.

And Harry started to take out Marauder's Map and looked at it carefully with wand.

He was waiting for the black spot marked Ron to appear in the Hogwarts corridor, proving that he had returned to the comfortable castle, protected by his pure bloodline identity.

However, Ron did not appear on the map.

After a while, Harry found that he took out the map just to stare at the name of Ginny in the girl’s dormitory. He didn’t know if his eager gaze could enter her dreamland, which made her sense that he was missing her. , May everything be fine for her.

During the day, they wondered where Gryffindor's sword might be, and discussed where Dumbledore would choose to hide it.

But the more they discuss, the more desperate and far-fetched their guess.

No matter how Harry knocked his head, he couldn't remember where Dumbledore mentioned hiding things.

Sometimes he doesn’t know if it is Ron or Dumbledore that makes him more angry. We think you know what you are doing...

We think Dumbledore told you what to do...

We thought you had a real plan!

He couldn't hide from himself, Ron was right, and Dumbledore left him almost nothing.

They found a Horcrux, but there was no way to destroy it, and the others were as difficult to find as before.

Despair seems to engulf him. Harry was surprised to think about it now, he was so believe oneself infallible that he let two friends accompany him on this aimless journey.

He doesn't know anything, and has no idea. He has been painfully guarding against any signs, fearing that Hermione will also come and tell him that she has had enough and is leaving.

Many nights, they almost spent in silence. Hermione often took out the portrait of Phineas Nigellus and put it on a chair, as if he could fill the huge hole left by Ron's departure. of.

Phineas Nigellus, even though he threatened to never come back last time, seemed unable to resist this opportunity to inquire about Harry's situation, so he agreed to appear blindfolded every few days.

Harry was even very happy to see him. He was a companion after all, although it was the kind of sarcasm.

They like to listen to any news that happens in Hogwarts, but Phineas Nigellus is not a good reporter.

He admired Snape-that was the headmaster of the first Slytherin since he himself took charge of the school.

Harry, they must be careful not to criticize Snape or ask questions that are disrespectful to him, otherwise Phineas Nigellus will immediately leave the screen.

However, he still revealed some snippets.

Snape has to deal with the continuous low-key resistance of a group of diehard students.

Ginny is banned from entering Hogsmeade.

Snape restored Umbridge’s old rules, prohibiting student gatherings of more than three persons and any informal student clubs.

From all this, Harry speculated that Ginny, and possibly Neville and Luna, were with her, trying to maintain Dumbledore's Army.

The sporadic news made Harry so eager to see Ginny, almost thinking of the degree of stomachache, and also made him think of Ron, think of Dumbledore, think of Hogwarts, he missed the school almost as much as his girlfriend As strong as that.

Really, when Phineas Nigellus talked about Snape's repressive measures, Harry had a moment of madness,

He imagined going back to school to participate in the act of disrupting Snape: Yes Eating a full meal, sleeping on a soft bed, and having someone else's responsibility seems to be the most wonderful life in the world.

But he immediately remembered that he was the number one bad guy, wanted by a reward of 10,000 gold Galleon, and now walking into Hogwarts is as dangerous as walking into the Ministry of Magic.

Phineas Nigellus inadvertently emphasized the fact that he often used leading questions to find out where Harry and Hermione were.

Whenever this happened, Hermione stuffed him back into the beaded pouch.

After such a rude seeing off, Phineas Nigellus always refused to show up for a few days.

The weather is getting colder and colder.

Because they did not dare to stay in one area for too long, they did not stay in southern Britain, but continued to migrate around the country.

Half of the mountain, freezing rain is beating the tent;

The marshland, cold water pours into the tent;

Scotland’s small island in the middle of the lake, buried by snow at night Half a tent.

They had seen the Christmas tree shining from several living room windows. One night, Harry finally decided to mention again that he saw the only way left.

I just finished a rare meal and filled my stomach with spaghetti and canned pears. Harry thought she might be a little more moved now than usual.

And he has carefully proposed to take a break for a few hours without wearing Horcrux, which is now hanging on the head of the bed next to him.



She was curled up in a sunken armchair, reading "The Tales of Beedle the Bard ".

Harry couldn't imagine what else she could read from that book, it was not very thick after all.

But she was obviously still deciphering something, because "Spellman's Syllabary" was lying on the arm of the chair.

Harry cleared his throat, as if he hadn't gotten permission from Mr. and Mrs. Dursley a few years ago, but asked Professor McGonagall if he could go to Hogsmeade.

"Hermione, I've been thinking about—"

"Harry, can you do me a favor?"

Apparently she didn't listen to him.

She leaned forward, holding the copy of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", trying to make herself seem less deliberate. Time is almost running, and she needs to guide Harry to think in one direction.

"Look at that symbol."

She pointed to the top of a page. Above the text that is estimated to be the title of the story, there is a graphic that looks like only triangular eyes, in the middle of the pupil. There is a vertical line.

"I haven't taken an ancient rune class, Hermione."

"I know, but it's not a rune, nor is it in the phonetic table.

I always thought it was a pattern of an eye, but now I don’t think it is!

It is a mark made of ink. Look, it was drawn by someone, not the content of the book. Think about it, you have Haven't seen it?"

"No...no, wait."

Harry took a closer look: "Isn't this the same as the one worn by Luna father's neck?" "

"Well, I think so too!"

"That's the Grindelwald logo."

She stared at him, her mouth opened wide.


"Krum told me..."

He retelled the story Viktor Krum told him at the wedding, and Hermione looked very be surprised.

"Grindelwald's logo?"

She looked back and forth at Harry and the strange symbol.

“I’ve never heard of Grindelwald’s logo, and I’ve read about it and haven’t mentioned it.”

“I said, Krum thinks that the symbol is engraved in The Durmstrang wall was carved by Grindelwald."

She leaned against the old armchair, frowned, thinking about how to explain all this.

"That's very strange.

If it is a symbol of dark magic, how can it be in a children's story book?"

"Yes , It’s weird."

Fortunately, Harry always followed her thoughts: "And it is reasonable that Scrimgeour will recognize it.

As a minister, he should be Experts who recognize dark magic."

"I know... Maybe he thought it was an eye, just like I did.

There are small patterns on the titles of other stories. "

She stopped talking and continued to study the strange sign, and Harry tried again.



"I have been thinking, I--I want to go to Godric's Hollow."

She looked up at him, her eyes were not gathered, but her heart was actually sighed in relief. She had been thinking about how to lead Harry to talk about this topic, but now it seems that, like Jon said, Harry is better than her I want to go to that place even more.

It's just that Hermione appeared to be apathetic, so Harry concluded that she was still thinking about the mysterious logo on the book.

"Yes," she said immediately, as if afraid of Harry changing his mind: "Yes, I'm also thinking about this, I really think we should go."

"Did you hear me clearly?"

"Of course, you want to go to Godric's Hollow.

I agree.

I think we should Go.

I mean, I can’t think of a place to find it.

It would be dangerous to go, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be there."

"Uh-what could be there?"

At this moment, she looked as confused as he was just now.

"That sword, Harry!

Dumbledore must know that you would want to go back there. Besides, Godric's Hollow is the birthplace of Godric · Gryffindor——"

"Really? Gryffindor was born in Godric's Hollow?"

"Harry, have you ever opened "A History of Magic"?"

"Hmm ," Harry smiled, as if smiling for the first time in months, his facial muscles stiffened, and it felt strange: "I may have opened it. When I first bought it...just that time..."

"The village was named after him, I thought you might be able to connect."

Hermione said that she did not show a state of guilty conscience, so there is no problem when she speaks. , It’s just a little bit strange, but it sounds much like her old style, which makes Harry almost wait for her to announce that she is going to the library: "A History of Magic mentioned a little bit about that village, etc. ......"

She opened the beaded pouch, touched it for a while, and finally pulled out a good old textbook: Bathilda Bagshot's "A History of Magic", and turned to the page she was looking for.

After the "International Confidentiality Law" was signed and entered into force in 1689, the wizards were completely hidden. Perhaps naturally, they formed their own small community within the community.

Many small villages have attracted several wizard families, and these families unite to help and protect each other.

Dingworth in Cornwall, Upper Flagley in Yorkshire, and Ottery-St. Catchpole on the shores of the England Southern Sea all have wizard families living together in tolerant, Sometimes it's the middle life of muggle who has been cast by Confundus Charm.

Among such semi-wizard settlements, perhaps the most famous is Godric's Hollow.

This village in the southwest part is the birthplace of the great wizard Godric · Gryffindor and the place where the wizard goldsmith Bowman Wright built the first golden snitch.

The cemetery is engraved with the surnames of the Ancient Wizard Family, which is undoubtedly the reason why the chapel has continued to have ghost stories for many centuries.

"You and your parents are not mentioned," Hermione closed book said: "Because Professor Bagshot only wrote until the end of the nineteenth century.

But did you see it?

Godric's Hollow, Godric · Gryffindor, the sword of Gryffindor, don't you think Dumbledore would like you to associate it like this?"

"Oh, yeah..."

Harry I don’t want to admit that when he proposed to go to Godric’s Hollow, he didn’t actually expect the sword. For him, the attraction of that village lies in his parents’ tombs, the house where he survived the catastrophe, and Bahida Bagshot. .

"Remember what Muriel said?"

Harry suddenly asked, but Hermione was taken aback.


"You know," he hesitated, not wanting to say Ron's name: "Ginny's aunt, at the wedding, that means your ankle is too prominent The one."


It was a very embarrassing moment: Harry knew she felt Ron's name almost appearing.

He hurriedly continued: "She said Bathilda Bagshot still lives in Godric's Hollow."

"Bahida Bagshot," Hermione murmured. The index finger gently stroked the author's name embossed on the cover of "A History of Magic", wondering in my heart, is this person Jon asking her to meet the person possessed by the snake? After all, it is better to win an old lady than It's much more reliable to take down other people: "Well, I think—"

Thinking about this, she suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air, which made Harry's heart churn.

He pulled out the wand and looked back at the entrance of the tent, thinking that he would see a hand coming in from the curtain, but there was nothing.


He said, both annoyed and relaxed: "Why are you doing that? I thought you saw Death Eater pulling the tent door, at least—"

"Harry, what if Bathilda had that sword? What if Dumbledore entrusted it to her?"

Harry considered this probability. Bathilda should be a very old lady now, and according to Muriel, she is still old "confused".

Will Dumbledore hide Gryffindor's sword in her?

If that were the case, Harry thought it would be too risky.

Dumbledore never revealed that he dropped the sword, or even mentioned his friendship with Bathilda.

But now is not the time to doubt Hermione's reasoning, she is unexpectedly agreeing with Harry's most ardent desire.

"Yes, it is possible! Then, shall we go to Godric's Hollow?"

"Go, but you must be careful, Harry."

She is now Sitting upright, Harry could see that there was another plan that made her feel as excited as his.

"First of all, we have to wear Invisibility Cloak and Disapparation together. Disillusionment Charm may also be useful, or do you advocate using Polyjuice Potion all the way?

In that way, we have to get someone else’s Hair.

Hey, I think we'd better do something, Harry, pretend the more the better......"

Harry let her go on, nodded whenever she pauses Concurred, but his mind had left the conversation, because he was excited for the first time since discovering that Gringotts' sword was a fake.

He is going home, going back to the place where he once had a home.

Without Voldemort, he would grow up in Godric's Hollow and spend every vacation.

He will invite friends to play at home...maybe even a younger brother younger sister...

It will be his mother who makes him the seventeenth birthday cake.

Because of the thought of going to visit the place where all this was taken away, the life he lost has never been more real than at this moment.

After Hermione went to bed that night, Harry quietly took out his backpack from the beaded pouch and found the photo album Hagrid gave him a long time ago.

For the first time in a few months, he looked at old photos of his parents. They were smiling and waving at him, and he only had so much memory left.

Harry really wanted to go to Godric's Hollow in the second day, but Hermione had other ideas.

She believed that Voldemort expected Harry to go to the place where his parents died to pay homage, so she insisted on making sure that the disguise was full before setting off.

So, after a whole week-they stole hair from muggle shopping before Christmas, and practiced Apparition and reshaping under Invisibility Cloak together-Hermione agreed to start.

They want to Apparition to the village under the cover of darkness, so in the evening the two people drink Polyjuice Potion, Harry becomes a bald middle-aged muggle, Hermione becomes his thin, small, little Wife like a mouse.

She wore a tightly buttoned coat, and the small beaded bag containing all their belongings (except for the Horcrux that Harry wore on his neck) was stuffed into the inner pocket of the coat.

Harry put the Invisibility Cloak on the two of them, and then rotated into the suffocating darkness together.

His heart beat to his throat, and Harry opened his eyes.

They stood hand in hand in a snow-covered alley, with a deep blue sky above their heads, and the first stars were already shimmering.

Some houses stand on both sides of narrow alleys, and the Christmas decorations in the windows are shining.

Not far ahead, a golden street lamp shows that it is the center of the village.

"So much snow!"

Hermione whispered under the Invisibility Cloak: "How do we didn't expect snow?

A thousand counts, There will still be footprints!

They must be sold out—you go ahead and I will—"

Harry does not want to enter the village like a fake horse in a pantomime. , With something on her body, and use magic to cover her footprints while walking.

"Take off the Invisibility Cloak," Harry said, seeing Hermione appear scared: "Oh, it's okay, we have transformed, and there is no one around."

He stuffed the Invisibility Cloak into his coat, and the two of them walked forward without fetters.

The cold air is like a needle sticking to the cheek, passing more houses along the way: any one may be where James and Lily once lived, or that Bathilda lives now.

Harry looked at the snow-covered front doors, roofs and porches, and asked if he could still remember one or two. Although Deep in One's Heart knew it was impossible, he was just over a year old.

He didn't even know if he could still see the house, or what would happen after the death of the man who had been casted on the Curse of Fidelity.

Turn the alley to the left, and a small square in the center of the village appeared in front of them.

There is a war monument-like building in the center of the square, half-hidden behind the Christmas tree in the wind, with colorful lights hanging around it. There are several shops, a post office, a bar, and a small church, and the square of stained glass radiates a jewel-like light.

The snow here is compacted: the place where people have stepped on for a day is hard and slippery.

The villagers crossed in front of them, briefly illuminated by street lights.

When the bar door opened and closed, there were fragments of laughter and pop music, and carols were sung in the chapel.

"Harry, today is Christmas Eve!"


He has forgotten the date, and neither of them read the newspaper for several weeks NS.

"I can be sure."

Hermione said, looking at the church: "They...they will be there, won't they?

Your father mother

I can see the cemetery behind that."

Harry felt a tremor. It was not only excitement, but fear.

Now that he is so close, he doesn't know whether he wants to watch it or not.

Maybe Hermione understood how he felt, she took his hand, led the way for the first time, and pulled him forward.

But when she reached the middle of the square, she suddenly stopped.

"Harry, look!"

She pointed to the monument. As they walked by, it changed. It was no longer a square-pointed stone tablet full of names, but a statue of three people: a man with disheveled hair and glasses, a man with long hair and a beautiful and kind face. Woman, and a baby boy sitting in the arms of mother.

Snowflakes fell on the tops of the three of them, like fluffy white woolen hats.

Harry walked closer and stared at his parents' faces.

He never thought that there would be a sculpture... How strange, seeing himself in the stone, a happy baby without a scar on his head...

"Let's go."

After paying enough attention, Harry said. The two continued to walk towards the church. When he crossed the street, he looked back and the statue became a war memorial again.

As we approached the church, the singing became louder and louder, and Harry’s throat tightened. He thought of Hogwarts so strongly, of Peeves roaring Christmas carols from his armor, and of the twelve in the auditorium. A Christmas tree, thinking of the millinery Dumbledore won with the firecracker, thinking of Ron wearing a hand-knitted sweater...

There is a narrow door at the entrance of the cemetery.

Hermione pushed it away as gently as possible, and the two of them got in.

The path leading to the door of the church is slippery, with deep snow on both sides, without being trampled on.

They walked through the snow, and carefully followed the shadow under the bright window to the back of the house, leaving a deep ditch behind them.

Behind the church, rows of snow-covered tombstones stand on the silver carpet of light blue, with dazzling red, golden and green light spots interspersed with it, which is the projection of stained glass on the snow.

Harry squeezed wand in his pocket and walked to the nearest tombstone.

"Look at this, the last name is Aibo, maybe Hannah's lost relatives!"

"Be quiet."

The two are walking on the snow Going deep into the cemetery, there are deep black trails on the snow.

They bent down to look at the inscriptions on the ancient tombstones, and sometimes looked into the surrounding darkness to make sure there were no others.

"Harry, here!"

Hermione was beyond the two rows of tombstones, so he had to return with effort, his heart pounding against his chest.

"Is it—"

"No, but look!"

She pointed to the dark stele, and Harry bent down and saw Candela Dumbledore was engraved on the icy, mottled granite, with his daughter Ariana under the date of birth and death. There is also a motto:

Where is the treasure, where is the heart

Then Rita Skeeter and Muriel are right.

The Dumbledore family did live here, and some people died here.

Seeing this tomb is even sadder than when I heard about it, Harry couldn't help his heart fluctuate. Both he and Dumbledore were deeply rooted in this cemetery.

Dumbledore should have told him this, but he never wanted to break the relationship.

They could have visited this place together, and for a moment Harry imagined coming here with Dumbledore, what kind of friendship it would be, and how much it would mean to him.

For Dumbledore, however, their relatives lying on the same cemetery seemed to be an unimportant coincidence, perhaps irrelevant to what he wanted Harry to do.

Hermione was looking at him, and Harry was glad that his face was in the dark.

He read the words on the tombstone again.

Where is the treasure, where is the heart.

But he didn't understand the meaning of this.

This must be the inscription chosen by Dumbledore, who became The head of the family after his mother died.

"Are you sure he never mentioned--?"

"No," Harry said briefly, "Let’s look for it."

He turned around He walked away, hoping he didn't see the stone tablet, he didn't want his excitement and trembling to be contaminated with resentment.

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