Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 889

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Where will the man named Nagini wait for them?

Hermione has always had such a question in her heart.

She doesn't know what kind of deal Jon made with that person, or how that person will appear here.

There is even a little doubt in his heart about that person's motives-are the people around Voldemort really reliable?

But then this thought was dispelled by her, after all, Snape was also a person by Voldemort's side, but Snape was also reliable.

Since Jon didn't doubt that person, she naturally had no reason to doubt.

She walked aimlessly in the cemetery, searching for traces of Harry’s family, but she didn’t, but soon she found another thing, a broken piece erected in front of her. On the stone tablet covered with moss, she lay down in front of the stone tablet and tried to see the pattern clearly. This kind of effort was of course useful, because she could see clearly soon, and the markings on it were revealed.

"Harry, come back."

She whispered in the air. Harry looked reluctant, but after all he walked over.

"What is it?"

"Come and see this, look at the pattern on this."


In Harry's eyes, this was a tombstone, but this tombstone was very old, the surface had been weathered, and the name on it also read not quite clear.

But Hermione was not pointing at this tombstone, but the symbol engraved on the tombstone.

"This is the logo in the book, Harry, if you take a closer look, this is definitely the logo in the book."

Hermione said excitedly because of the story Jon once said to her that when Jon taught her alone, he mentioned Harry’s family, which is a very old family, and this family is famous for Deathly Hallows, but not many people know it now. , Hermione is a girl who knows a lot of secrets, at least compared to Harry.

She knows the secret, so she has been working hard to play her role, trying to introduce Harry into these scenes.

Although Jon has high hopes for her, she doesn't think she is the most important one, just like she can't directly replace Harry to fight Voldemort.

This world has the operating rules of the world itself. It is not so much a fate as a rule arrangement. She is not in the arrangement.

She is a spy and spy sent by Jon. To put it nicely, she is helping Harry and protecting Harry’s safety, but to put it ugly, she is an actor, and then follow Jon’s arrangements. Performance.

And Harry and the others were kept in the dark. They didn't know what happened, and they simply thought that all this was happening in reality.

Deceiving one's own friends, there will be a sense of guilt more or less.

It's just that under Jon's constant hints, this guilt has become very light.

Everyone has one ultimate goal, which is to fight Voldemort, right?

As long as this goal can be achieved, I believe that all this will not cause any problems, even more how to deceive Harry. It’s not just herself, Mr. Weasley, Sirius, nor are they also in this plan. A member of?


Harry lifted his head from the tombstone and said softly, "I think it is indeed possible, but the name is not clear."

Hermione lightened wand intimately: "Ignatius—Ignatius, I guess..."

But Harry didn't give her a chance to continue.

"I, go to my parents, okay?"

His voice was a bit sharp, and then he walked away, leaving Hermione squatting next to the ancient tombstone .

From time to time Harry recognized a surname like Abbott he had seen in Hogwarts.

Sometimes several generations of the same wizard family are listed on this tombstone.

Harry has seen from the ages that some of these families are dead, and some offspring have left Godric's Hollow.

He walked farther and farther in the cemetery, and every time he approached a tombstone, he felt a thrill of fear and expectation.

The darkness and silence seemed to deepen a lot.

Harry looked around all around anxiously, thinking of dementor, and then realized that the carol was over, the messy voices were drifting away, and the worshippers scattered into the square.

Someone in the church just turned off the lights.

Hermione's voice came from the darkness for the third time, sharp and clear, a few meters away.

"Harry, here...here."

Harry heard from her tone that it was his parents this time.

He walked towards her, feeling something heavy against his chest, just as he felt after Dumbledore died, a kind of grief that really pressed the heart and lungs.

The tombstone is only two rows away from Candela and Ariana. Like Dumbledore's tomb, it is made of white marble. The text is easier to read because it seems to shine in the dark.

Harry can see the inscription clearly without kneeling, or even walking very close.

James Potter.

Lily Potter.

The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

Harry read these words slowly, as if he had only one chance to understand their meaning.

He read the last line.

"The last enemy to be destroyed is death..."

A terrifying idea suddenly flooded his mind, accompanied by a panic: "Isn't this Death Eater's idea? Why is it here?"

"It doesn't refer to Death Eater's way of defeating death, Harry," Hermione said softly, "It refers to...you know...life Beyond death, death is still alive."

But they have no life, Harry thought: They passed away.

The empty words cannot conceal this reality. The rotting corpses of his parents lie under the snow and rocks, cold and unconscious.

The tears came out all of a sudden, it was hot and hot, and it instantly froze on the face. What's the point of wiping and covering up?

He let his tears run down, closed his lips, and looked down at the thick snow. The remains of Lily and James were hidden underneath. Now there must be only bones and mud left. I don’t know, nor The son who cared about them staying in the world stood so close.

His heart is still beating vigorously, it was their sacrifice in exchange for it, but at this moment he almost hopes to sleep with them under the snow.

Hermione took his hand again and held it tightly.

He couldn't look at her, but he held it back firmly, taking in the cool air of the night deeply, trying to calm himself down.

He should bring them something. When he came, he didn't expect that the plants on the cemetery were bare and frozen.

Hermione raised the wand, drew a circle in the air, and a wreath of Christmas roses bloomed in front of them.

Harry caught it and placed it on his parents' grave.

As soon as he stood up, he wanted to leave, feeling that he couldn't stand it any longer.

He put his arms on Hermione’s shoulders, she put her arms around his waist, and the two silently turned and walked through the snow, past the graveyard of Dumbledore’s mother and younger sister, towards the dark church and The narrow door out of sight walked.

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