Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 891

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Jon also met someone.

She is also a woman.

If Helga still exists in this world, she will be an old woman over a thousand years old, much older than many people in this world.

But this is not the case.

Because Helga is not a pure person, she is a new god.

God always keeps his beautiful appearance.

After all, a young god and an old god, trust is to make choices with their feet.

"So you are here to say goodbye, and listen to what you mean, I’m the last one, am I?"

"Important people are always behind. For this One point, I think you should be convinced."

"Maybe I will believe in others, but you have too many sly plans, who can understand what you are doing?

Furthermore, you suddenly came to me to say goodbye to this matter itself is very outrageous, although your strength has grown very fast, but with the addition of things like magic networks, your strength has increased. It’s not normal if you don’t get too fast.

But even if this power growth rate is maintained, you will still have a period of time to become Demi-God. After becoming Demi-God, you still have a long one. section of the road, you have to go to become a god, not to mention that the path you choose is much harder than the normal path of becoming a god. How can it be so simple to be saved?"

"Ancestors You still have too little knowledge. Some strange things have happened to me. I can’t explain these things to you and I can’t explain them to you, so I don’t know when I might be able to leave. In order to save time, I still plan to first It’s better to explain everything here, lest I leave suddenly, and I can’t handle things here. What if the world can’t get on the right track because of my departure, and it eventually leads to world annihilation?"

Helga: "..."

She really doesn't want to hit Jon's self-confidence, but how can a world be destroyed so easily?

Is it true?

But this kind of self-confidence is not a bad thing, anyway, Helga doesn't care, it is Jon's own business, anyway, it is a good thing for the child to have this kind of self-confidence.

"Do you have anything else? If there is nothing else, please go back. Child has grown up and is not cute anymore. I am a little angry when I look at you now."

"..." Jon said that this was helpless: "Well, anyway, I have already said all that should be said, I will go now."

It's already night when I come out, and the manor is so quiet Very, Blair is reading in the room. His parents do not live here, but live at Yang Family manor with two younger brothers.

My grandmother is old, she likes to be lively, and she also likes small children.

Blair is not small anymore.

In another two years, she will enter Hogwarts to study, and at the same time begin to inherit the grace of Helga left in the world. This is destined to be a bright road, but no matter how bright there is, there will eventually be some bumps on the road. .

I hope she can go on smoothly.

Although the time spent with myself is not particularly long, this child is after all my younger sister.

"Big brother, are you still asleep?"

Little Blair walked out of the room with the cup in his hand.

"Yes, the big brother is still busy, what are you going to do?"

"It's time for me to go to bed, go down and get some milk, Caledy Uncle and Aunt I'm busy making a new desk, so I have to pick it up by myself."

Jon laughed, rubbed Blair's hair, and took the cup in the hands of the little girl.

"The big brother will take you to pour the milk."

He took Blair's hand and walked down the stairs step by step.

In fact, this kind of day is also very good. You don't have to worry about the messy things, and you don't have to worry about the problems that may arise at any time.

But, unfortunately, he can't live such a life.



"If the big brother leaves, would you miss the big brother?"

"Of course I miss my big brother."

The little girl said gruffly, "But why did the big brother leave?"

"Because...the big brother has I have to do something, but the big brother will miss Blair too."

He went to the kitchen to pour milk, then took Blair back to the room, told Blair a story to make her fall asleep, Only then came to the garden.

It's another winter.

But with the existence of a constant temperature magic array, the garden is still as warm as spring.

This is fine.


Maybe this is not good at all.

Standing in the cold wind and snow, Hermione looked at the silhouette in front of her and finally confirmed that this person is the one she was looking for.

Because of that smell, it appeared again.

Harry is another feeling. He has a novel feeling. Looking at this person, Hermione does not need to pinch his arm. This woman is a muggle. The probability of this woman is almost zero: she stands there and stares. There is a house completely invisible to the wizard.

But even if she is a witch, it is strange enough that she ran out on such a cold night just to see the ruins of an old house.

Also, according to magic, she should simply not see him and Hermione.

Harry had a very strange feeling, as if she knew they were here and knew who they were.

Just as he came to this disturbing conclusion, the woman raised a gloved hand and beckoned it.

Hermione leaned against Harry under the Invisibility Cloak, his arm pressed against his arm.

"How did she know?"

He shook his head, saying that he didn't know.

But in fact, Hermione knew that there were special magic marks on her body, which were left by Jon, so that the woman could confirm her identity.

So this situation is in her expectation.

It's just that she can't show it.

The woman beckoned more vigorously.

Harry could think of many reasons not to listen to this summon, but when the two sides looked at each other on the empty street, his guess about her identity became stronger and stronger.

Will she have been waiting for them these months?

Did Dumbledore tell her to wait here, saying that Harry will come one day?

Could it be that she peeped in the cemetery secretly and followed here again?

And she could feel them, which reminded him of some kind of Dumbledore-style mana that he had never seen before.

Finally, Harry spoke, and Hermione was startled.

"Are you Bathilda?"

The tightly wrapped silhouette nodded, beckoned again.

Under the Invisibility Cloak, Harry and Hermione looked at each other, Harry raised his eyebrows, and Hermione nodded nervously.

The two of them walked towards the woman, she immediately turned around, staggered back and forth along the path, and after passing a few houses, she turned to a door.

They followed her down the path, through a garden almost as deserted as the one before.

She fumbled for a while on the front door with the key, opened the door, and stepped aside to let them in.

The smell on her body was terrible, or her room: Harry wrinkled his nose when they walked in the door sideways and took off the Invisibility Cloak.

He stood next to her and found that she was so small, she was too old, and she had just reached his chest.

She closed the door, her bruised knuckles lined with the peeling paint, and then turned to stare at Harry's face, her eyes sunken in the transparent skin folds with thick cataracts inside.

Her face is covered with intermittent blood vessels and elderly classes.

He wondered if the old lady could see clearly, and even if she could, he would only see the bald muggle that he pretended to be.

The old musty smell, dust smell, dirty clothes smell and spoiled food smell became more intense. She unwrapped the mouldy black turban, revealing a head with sparse white hair and clearly visible hair.


She was nodded again.

Harry felt the locket stick to his skin, and the thing that was sometimes ticking or beating inside woke up, he could feel it pulsing in the cold golden shell.

Does it know, does it feel that the thing that can destroy it is in the vicinity?

Bahida stumbled past them, squeezing Hermione aside as if he hadn't seen them, and walked into a room that looked like a living room.

"Harry, I'm not sure."

When things came to an end, Hermione was still nervous after all. In case, she remembered Jon's instructions, if only that person gave a signal , Just do it directly, don’t worry about other things.

But attacking an old lady still makes her feel a little dangerous-of course, she knows, because Jon said that Bathilda has been dead for a while.

"Look at her size, in case it doesn't work, I think we can subdue her."

Harry said, "By the way, I should tell you, I know she is not big Normally, Muriel said she was getting'confused'."

"Come here!"

In Harry's ear, Bathilda yelled from next door.

Hermione jumped for a moment, because what she heard was not a human voice, but she didn't say anything, just grabbed Harry by the arm.

If it doesn't work, just Disapparation directly.

"It's okay."

Harry comforted and walked into the living room.

Bahida stumbled around to light candles, but the room was still dim, not to mention how dirty it was.

Thick dust puffed under their feet, and Harry's nose smelled more disgusting under the musty smell, like rotten flesh.

He thought, I don’t know when someone walked into Bathilda’s house last time to see if she was still alive.

She seems to have forgotten that she can be magic, awkwardly lighting a candle with her hand, and the lace on her sleeve is in danger of catching fire at any time.

"I'll do it."

Harry said, taking the match from her.

She stood there watching him lighting the candles everywhere in the house. They stood on small plates, dangerously on top of a pile of books or a small table full of moldy and broken cups. .

The last place Harry saw the candle was a bow-shaped chest of drawers with many photos on it.

After the flame jumped up, the reflection flashed in the gray glass and silver frame.

He saw something faintly moving in the photo.

While Bathilda fumbled to move the wood to make a fire, he said softly: "Tergeo."

The dust disappeared from the photo, and he immediately noticed that there were six or seven missing. A picture, that is the tallest and most gorgeous picture frame, I don’t know if Bathilda or someone else took them away.

At this time, a photo at the back caught his eye, and he picked it up.

It was the brilliant blond thief in the dream, the teenager who perched on the Gregorovitch window sill, drowsily smiled at Harry in the silver frame.

Harry immediately remembered where he had seen this boy: in "Dumbledore's Life and Lies", he put his arms around the boy Dumbledore.

The other missing photos must be there too: in Rita's book.

"Mrs. Bagshot-Madam?"

He asked, his voice trembling slightly: "Who is this?"

Bahida was standing in the room At the center, watching Hermione help her light a fire.

"Ms. Bagshot?"

Harry yelled again, and walked over with the frame in his hand, and flames rose in the fireplace.

Bahida heard his voice lifts the head, and Horcrux jumped faster on his chest.

"Who is this person?"

Harry asked her, handing the photo forward.

She looked at Harry seriously for a while, then looked up at Harry.

"Do you know who this is?"

He asked again, his voice much slower and louder than usual: "This person? Do you know him? What is his name? "

Bahida looked blank.

Harry felt very depressed. How did Rita Skeeter open up Bathilda's memory?

"Who is this person?"

"Harry, what are you doing?"

"This picture, Hermione, is the thief, from Gregorovitch Thief! Please tell us!"

He said to Bathilda: "Who is this?"

She just stared at him blankly.

"Why did you call us here, Mrs. Bagshot-madam?"

Hermione blinked and raised her voice: "Do you want to tell us anything?"

Bahida didn't seem to hear Hermione's words, and staggered a few steps towards Harry, swinging his head slightly, looking at the aisle outside.

"Do you want us out?"

She repeated the action, pointing at him, then at herself, and then at the ceiling.

"Oh, ok...Hermione, I think she wants me to go upstairs with her."

"Okay," Hermione said, "Let's go."


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