Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 892

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But as soon as Hermione moved, Bathilda unexpectedly shook her head and pointed at Harry and then at herself.

"She wants me to go with her alone."


Hermione asked, her voice sharp and clear, echoing in the candlelight swaying room Here, she has begun to feel uneasy, and that suspicion seems to have become reality-without Jon by her side, it has become dangerous.

"Maybe Dumbledore told her to give me the sword, but only to me?"

"Do you really think she knows who you are?"

"Yes," Harry said, staring down at the cloudy eyes that were staring at him: "I think she knows."

"Okay, but hurry up, Harry."

"Lead the way."

The old lady seemed to understand, and staggered around him and walked towards the door.

Harry turned around and smiled comfortingly at Hermione, but didn't know if she saw it, she stood in the dirty room in the candlelight with her arms in her arms, looking at the bookshelf.

Neither Hermione nor Bathilda saw it. When Harry walked out of the room, he stuffed the silver frame of the unknown thief into his coat.

The stairs were steep and narrow: Harry almost wanted to put his hands against Bathilda's bloated back to prevent her from falling backwards and pressing herself, which seemed too possible.

She whispered and panted, slowly climbed to the top of the stairs, immediately turned to the right, and led him into a low bedroom.

The inside is pitch black and the smell is unpleasant. As soon as Harry vaguely saw a urinal protruding from the bed, Bathilda closed the door, and even that little vision was swallowed by darkness.


Harry said that wand was lit up, and he was taken aback: In those few seconds of darkness, Bathilda had already walked up to him, He didn't even hear it.

"Are you Potter?"

"Yes, I am."

She slowly and solemnly placed nodded, Harry felt Horcrux beating rapidly , Faster than his own heartbeat, it was an uncomfortable and anxious feeling.

"Do you have anything to give me?"

Harry asked, but she seemed distracted by the light of his tip.

"Do you have anything to give me?"

She closed her eyes, and several things happened in sympathy: Harry’s scar was stabbing like a needle; Horcrux trembled, even All the sweaters on his chest moved;

The dark, rancid room temporarily disappeared, and he felt a burst of joy, and said in a high-pitched, cold voice: watch him!

Harry shook in place: The dark, rancid room seemed to surround him again, and he didn't understand what had happened just now.

"Do you have anything to give me?"


She pointed to the corner and whispered, Harry raised wand, vaguely I saw a messy dressing table under the curtained window.

She didn't take him this time.

Harry raised wand and moved sideways between her and the unmade bed. He didn't want to let his eyes leave her.

"What is this?"

He asked, moving to the dressing table, which was piled high on it, looking and smelling like dirty clothes.


She pointed to the mess and said.

As soon as he looked away and searched for a sword hilt and a ruby ​​in the pile, she moved strangely: he saw it from the corner of his eye, and turned around in horror. When I came, I was so frightened that my whole body was limp.

He saw that aging body fell down, and a big snake sprayed out from where she used to be her neck.

When he lifted the wand, the serpent attacked: he bit his forearm, and wand flew to the ceiling with somersault, the fluorescent light spinning around the walls dizzyingly and went out.

Immediately afterwards, the snake's tail hit him hard in the abdomen, sweeping him out of breath. He fell back on the dressing table and fell into the pile of stinky dirty clothes——

He rolled aside, barely avoiding the swept snake tail, it slapped him on the table Where it was a second ago.

He rolled to the ground, broken glass splashed all over, and heard Hermione downstairs yelling: "Harry?"

He couldn't breathe enough air in his lungs to answer. Unexpectedly, a heavy and smooth thing knocked him to the ground again, and he felt it slip over him, powerful and powerful——


"Yes," The voice said in a low voice, "Yes...Look at you...Look at you..."

"wand...wand Accio..."

But it didn't work.

He needs to use both hands to push away the snake wrapped around him, it is squeezing out the air in his lungs, pressing Horcrux tightly into his chest, a pulsating circle of ice, away from him The beating heart is only a few inches away.

A white cold light suddenly appeared in his brain, all thoughts became blank, his breathing was submerged, the sound of footsteps in the distance, everything disappeared...

A metal heart hits outside his chest, and now he is flying, with the joy of victory in his heart, without the need for broomstick and Thestral...

He suddenly smelled of sour When he woke up in the darkness, Nagini had released him.

He got up hurriedly and saw the silhouette of the big snake reflected in the dim light at the top of the stairs: it was attacking, Hermione screamed and hid away, her spells missed and hung The curtain windows were shattered, and cold air poured into the room.

Harry dodged again to avoid a shower of broken glass, and stepped on something like a pencil—his wand—

He bent over and picked it up, but Now the big snake filled the room with its tail lashing.

Hermione is gone, Harry thought of the worst for a moment, but suddenly with a bang, red light flashed, and the big snake flew into the air and hit Harry’s face heavily, round and round. The snake's body rose to the ceiling.

Harry held up wand, but scar burned even harder, and he hadn't had this pain in years.

"He's coming! Hermione, he's coming!"

In a chaos, the snake knocked over the shelf on the wall, broken porcelain flying around, Harry jumped from the bed , Caught the dark figure he knew was Hermione--

She screamed in pain, and was pulled back to the bed by Harry. The snake stood up again, but Harry knew it was more terrifying than the snake Coming soon, maybe already at the gate, his scar was so painful that his head was about to split--

The snake swooped over, and Harry took Hermione to charge ahead.

When it hit, Hermione finally received the signal, wand flicked and screamed: "Confringo!"

Her spells flew around the house and blew up The full-length mirror bounced back towards them between the ground and the ceiling, and the heat of spells burned Harry's arm.

Two people jumped directly into the void from the broken window, Hermione’s scream echoed in the night, and the two were spinning in midair...

At this time, Harry’s scar burst , He is Voldemort, rushing across the smelly bedroom, his long, pale fingers clutching the window sill.

He saw the bald man and the little woman spinning and disappearing, shouting furiously. His shouts mixed with the girl's, echoing in the dark garden, overshadowing what came from the church Christmas bell...

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