Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 893

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Jon sits on the sea.

Not his laboratory, but the deep blue sea.

He is looking at this world.

Everything is different from the pictures in his memory, but all the plots that appeared in his mind are completely reproduced in this world.

In other words, something went wrong and he became the one arranged.

What he did was arranged, which created the current situation.

This may not be a bad thing, but it is definitely not a good thing. How should I say, if it is possible, he hopes that this kind of thing will not happen again.

He still remembers Earth in his mind, but now this world is not Earth anymore.

The world without magic school, Earth with the existence of novelist Rowling, seems to be a fantasy in his mind, but he clearly knows the things in the memory, just like him Just like the memory of that person that has sprung up recently, it is difficult to self-modify later.

The memory must be real, not false, but the source may not be his own personal experience, but from someone else's brain.

But anyway, there must be Earth in this vast universe.

In another memory, he clearly saw Chen Songyuan standing with the will of the world.

He has no doubts about the authenticity of this memory, because it hasn’t been too long since he became a wizard, and he has reached this point. Basically, the will of the world is giving him the green light all the way. How can anyone's plan be able to accurately touch the mind of the world's will?

Jon himself clearly knows that the reason why his plan can move the will of the world is not because of how high level and promising his plan is, but because no matter what kind of plan he proposes, it can be The heart that touches the will of the world, the will of the world should have received some interference, or some orders, even earlier.


He has always felt that Chen Songyuan can reach this point. Since he can interfere in all aspects of a person, he has no reason not to do this kind of interference.

This thing is always impossible because Helga, Helga doesn't have that great face.

It's just that he can't understand why Chen Songyuan would accompany him in a play?

Is this necessary?

If there is really any need, why not directly transform him into a powerful god, they have such a long time, before Jon entered Hogwarts and started learning magic, he had nearly eleven years Time can be used to change.

But nothing has changed.

Jon doesn't understand this matter himself, so he plans to make himself understand through others.

The will of the world, in Jon's view, this thing has always been invisible. He may be just a will, using invisible power to interfere with the real world, because he can control the magic power of the entire deep blue sea , This in itself is very powerful, but from his memory, he discovered that the will of the deep sea is also substantial.

That is a silhouette of rippling water.

So he appeared here today, hoping to meet the will of the world.

Since there is no way to see Chen Songyuan directly, or the time to see Chen Songyuan has not yet arrived, it is better to just tap and tap from other directions to find some clues.

But the world will not want to see him.

It doesn't matter, he can wait here.

But waiting is always a time-consuming and labor-intensive thing, so he has made some preparations in advance to avoid some problems caused by his departure during this period.

Even if he does leave, he still has to continue doing things, right?

He sat here like this for a long time.

The action of the will of the world will definitely cause some feedback from the deep sea. He is no longer the little boy who had no power at the time. If he catches some fluctuations, he will naturally be able to find the will of the world along with the fluctuations. The location of itself.

It's a pity that what he can think of, the will he traced, can naturally also be thought of.

It's just that after seeing him sitting here for so long, the will of the world still gives some reaction.

A letter came.

It's not so much a letter, it's better to say that He ticked out a line on the sea: Wait a minute.

Wait a little longer, what are you waiting for?

Jon has some doubts.

But he also clearly understands that the will of the world makes him wait a little longer, not to let him stay here, but to let him come back later.

This time he believed even more firmly in his previous guess.

Whether it is because of his special status, or because the person behind him has explained in advance, at least the attitude of the will of the world towards him is very special.

This is great.

At least in my heart.

You won’t be so flustered when you do things.

He waved his hand and stroked the sea a few times, cleared the writing, and then left from here.

Shortly after he left, the water was flowing, and a slender dragon moved up from the bottom of the sea. Beside him was a man holding a Trident.

"Poseidon, do you say it is right for us to do this now?"

"In short, it was ordered by the adults. Does it have anything to do with us?

We just execute the order. Before the adults left some time ago, we have made all-out preparations. The two of us don't need to worry at all. We are just a tool for spreading the word. How to say it specifically, which one is there."

There was a wave under the sea.

World will send a signal of contempt for both of them.

"We are also very helpless. This kind of thing is wrong anyway. Rather than making a mistake, it's better not to say it. Anyway, the two of us are not important, and people don’t know about our two. Existence,

The two of us are just guarding this world. The adults rescued us from the phantoms of the past, not to let us go with that one to entangle these things,

I have stayed here anyway with the photo of your lord. There is still some time before the agreed time, and everything will be left to you."

His last paragraph was clearly speaking to the will of the deep sea. , But this time Deep Sea Will did not give any response, that is to say he acquiesced.

Yes, in this case, it is very good.

Poseidon and old dragon king looked at each other, and they disappeared here, one facing east and the other west.

Only one crystal ball fell in the deep blue sea water, and was put away by the will hidden in the deep sea.

There is an image, or an avatar, inside the crystal ball.

This is the gift that the person gave to Jon before he left.

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