Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 894

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The night is wet and windy.

Two children dressed as pumpkins swayed across the square. The shop windows were covered with paper spiders, all of them cheesy muggle accessories, decorated with a world they didn’t believe in...

He walks freely, with the sense of purpose, power, and correctness that he always spontaneously arises on this occasion...

It’s not anger...that’s more than Only for his weak soul...

It’s victory, yes...He has been waiting for this moment, looking forward to this moment...

"The disguise is very beautiful, Sir!"

A little boy ran over to look under the cloak hood, his smile hesitated, and fear enveloped his painted face.

The child turned and ran away... His hand under the robe grabbed the wand...

As long as he moved a little, the child would never be able to run to the mother again...

But there is no need, there is no need at all...

He walked on a new, darker street, his destination finally appeared in front of him, the Curse of Courageous Faith has been broken, but they I don’t know yet...

The sound he made was lighter than the dead leaves sliding on the road, and he walked quietly to the dark hedge and looked inside...

They Without closing the curtains, he clearly saw that they were in the small living room. The tall, black-haired man with eyes was spraying bursts of colored smoke with the wand, teasing the little black-hair boy in blue pajamas. happy.

The child giggled and grabbed the smoke, pinched it in his small fist...

A door opened, and the mother walked in, saying things he couldn’t hear, she The deep red hair hangs down beside his face.

Father picked up his son and gave it to his mother, then threw wand on the sofa, stretched his waist and yawned...

The door rang slightly, and he was caught Pushed away, but James Potter didn't hear it.

The pale hand pulled wand from under the cloak, pointed at the door, and it slammed open.

When he crossed the threshold, James rushed into the hall. It was so easy, so easy, James didn't even pick up the wand...

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him Go! Run! I'll stop him—"

Block him, there is no wand in his hands...

He laughed heartily, and cast a spell...

"Avada Kedavra!"

Green light flooded the narrow foyer, illuminating the stroller leaning against the wall, the stair railing was as bright as a lightning rod, and James Potter seemed to be broken. Like a puppet, he fell down...

He heard her screaming upstairs and there was no way to escape, but as long as she has a nodded brain, at least she doesn’t need to be afraid...

He climbed up the stairs and felt a little funny when he heard her trying to block himself with something...

She didn’t bring wand either...

How stupid they are, how Believe me, I thought I could entrust my safety to my friends, I thought I could throw away the weapon, even for a short while...

He banged open the door, drownily waved wand, and hurriedly piled her on the door. The chair and box behind were thrown aside...

She stood there, holding the child in her arms.

As soon as she saw him, she put her son in the cradle behind her and opened her arms as if it were of any use, as if she hoped to block the child and he could choose her instead... …

"Don’t kill Harry, don’t kill Harry, please, don’t kill Harry!"

"Go away, stupid woman...Go away..."

"Don't kill Harry, please, kill me, kill me—"

"My last warning—"

"Don't kill Harry, Please...send compassion...send compassion...

Don't kill Harry! Don't kill Harry!

Please--I can do anything--"

"Go away——Go away, woman——"

He could have pushed her away from the cradle, but it seemed safer to kill her all...


Green light flashed in the room, and she fell down like her husband.

The child has not cried: he can stand now, holding the fence of the cradle, looking up at the intruder’s face with interest, perhaps thinking that the father is hiding in the cloak, making more beautiful things Fireworks, and the mother would laugh and jump up at any time--

He pointed wand very carefully on the little boy’s face. He wanted to watch it happen with his own eyes, and watch to destroy the only one that cannot be explained. danger.

Child cried, already knowing that he is not James.

He doesn’t like this crying, he can never stand the cry of the little children in the orphanage——

"Avada Kedavra!"

Then he broke. Cracked: He is nothing, only painful fear. He must hide. He cannot hide in the ruins of this house. The child is still trapped inside crying and must hide far away... far away...


The snake slid on the dirty and messy floor. He killed the boy, but he was the boy...


Now he is standing in front of the broken window of Bathilda's house, immersed in the memory of his biggest failure. At his feet, the big snake is from the broken glass of porcelain. Sliding over... he lowered his head and saw something... an incredible thing...


"Harry, it's okay, you're okay!"


He leaned over and picked up the broken photo. It was him—the unknown thief, the thief he had been looking for...

"No...I lost it. It's...I lost it..."

"Harry, it's okay, wake up, wake up!"

He is Harry...Harry, not Voldemort...Na Shasha The noise is not a snake...

He opened his eyes.

The memory is terminated and the screen freezes.

This is the end of the retrospective.

Hermione puts the wand in her hand, she knows what will happen next, and now she must change her emotions.

"Harry," Hermione whispered, "Do you think it's okay?"

"It's okay."

He obviously didn't tell the truth. Then, Hermione could tell.

They were in the tent, and Harry was lying on a bunk under a pile of blankets.

From the surrounding silence and the faint cold light on the canvas canopy, we can see that the sky is about to break.

Harry was soaked in sweat and could be felt on the sheets and blankets.

"We escaped."

"Yes," Hermione said, "I used a hovering spell to get you on the bed. I can't move you. .

You just...well, you weren’t big just now..."

Her brown eyes have purple shadows, and Harry saw a small sponge in her hand: She just now Wiping his face.

"You are sick," Hermione finally said: "Very difficult to deal with."

"How long have we escaped?"

" It’s been several hours, and it’s almost morning now."

"I have been...why, unconscious?"

"Not exactly,"

Hermione unnaturally said: "You yelled for a while, moaned for a while, and... wait."

Hermione's tone made Harry feel very uneasy. What did he do?

Shouting spells like Voldemort?

Cry like a baby in a cradle?

"I can't take Horcrux off you," Hermione said, and he knew she wanted to change the subject: "It's stuck, it's stuck to your chest.

let You left a mark, sorry, I had to use a cutting spell to get it off.

You were still bitten by a snake, but I have cleaned the wound and added some fresh fragrance ......"

He tore off his sweaty T-shirt and looked down.

There is a bright red oval on the mouth of the heart, which is the mark of Locket.

He also saw a half-healed hole in his forearm.

"Where did you put Horcrux?"

"In my bag, I think we should keep it away for a while."

He lay down On the pillow, I looked at her haggard and gloomy face.

"We shouldn’t go to Godric's Hollow, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault, Hermione, I’m sorry."

"It’s not your fault, I want to go too, I I really thought Dumbledore would leave the sword there waiting for you to fetch it."

"Yeah, oh...we guessed wrong, didn’t we?"

"What happened What happened, Harry?

What happened after she took you upstairs?

Is the snake hiding somewhere?

Did it pop out? Killed her and attacked you again?"

"No," he said, "She is the snake...or that snake is her..."

" What-what?"

He closed his eyes and smelled the smell of Bathilda's house on him, which made the whole incident truly terrifying.

"Bahida probably died for a while, and the snake was...in her body.

you know who left it in Godric's Hollow and waited.

You are right, he knows I will come back."

Even though this fact has been known for a long time, for Hermione, hearing Harry's account of the situation at that time is still It's a bit nervous.

She actually didn’t want Harry’s words to be true. For her, the old lady was a respectable magic circle senior, but she would be treated like this after she died. Obviously A regrettable thing.

"The snake is in her body?"

Harry opened his eyes and looked at Hermione. He felt like Hermione was vomiting with nausea.

"Lupin said there would be magic that we couldn't imagine," Harry said, "Bahida didn't want to speak in front of you just now, because it is a Parseltongue, it's all Parseltongue, I didn't realize it.

Because I was in an anxious situation, and I could understand what she said.

As soon as we got to the room upstairs, the snake gave You know who reported the letter, what I heard in my head, I felt his excitement, and he said he wanted to see me there...and..."

Hermione was silent.

Because she doesn't understand, but she can also know that Bathilda's voice is not human.

She, under Jon's instruction, put Harry into danger.

Harry didn't know what Hermione was thinking. He remembered the snake jumping out of Bathilda's neck, but he didn't think Hermione needed to know these details.

"...She has changed, turned into that snake, attacking."

He looked down at the hole in his arm.

"It won't kill me, it just wants to watch me until you know who arrives."

If he can kill the snake, it’s worth it. Everything was not in vain...He was so depressed, he sat up and lifted the blanket.

"Harry, no, you need to rest!"

"You need to go to bed.

Don’t be surprised, your face is really ugly.


I'm fine, I'll put a whistle for a while.

Where is my wand?"

She didn't answer, just looked at him.

"Where is my wand, Hermione?"

She bit her lip, tears rolling in her eyes.


"Where is my wand?"

She reached over to the bed, picked it up and handed it to him.

Holly and Phoenix tail feather wand are almost broken in two.

A fragile Phoenix feather held the two pieces together, and the wood was completely broken.

Harry held it in his hand as if he was holding a seriously injured life.

He couldn't think, his mind was panic and fear.

Then he handed wand to Hermione.

"Fix it, please."

"Harry, I can't think of it, it's broken like this—"

"Please, Hermione , Give it a try!"


The swaying half wand is connected.

Harry lifted it up.


wand lit up faintly, then went out again.

Harry pointed it at Hermione.


Hermione's wand crooked, but did not let go.

Harry's wand couldn't bear this feeble attempt, and it broke into two pieces again.

He looked at it, stunned, unable to understand the scene in front of him...This war-fighting wand...

"Harry," Hermione said in a soft voice He could hardly hear: "I'm very, very sorry. I think I did it.

You know, when we ran away, the snake was leaping over, so I cast an explosion spell and it went everywhere Rebound, it must be—must be hit—"

"It was an accident," Harry said mechanically. He felt empty and his head was dumbfounded: "We--we will have a magic cultivator to take care of it. Yes."

"Harry, I think there is no way."

Hermione said, tears streaming down: "Remember...Remember Ron?

After his wand was broken in a car accident, it was never restored. He had to buy another one."

Harry thought of Ollivander, who was kidnapped by Voldemort and impounded, and thought of Gregorovitch, dead. NS.

How can he find a new wand?

"Oh," he pretended to say in a normal tone: "Well, then I will borrow yours for a while, I will go to watch."

Hermione With tears on her face, she passed her wand.

Harry left her alone by the bed, he just wanted to leave her at the moment.

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