Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 895

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Hermione is really sad this time.

Recently everyone has been under very heavy pressure, but she is much less stressed than everyone because she knows some inside information.

For her, concealing this matter is actually a deception to her friends, but there is no way. In order to fight Voldemort, even Harry has kept some secrets.

Everyone has their own little secret.

Growing up in panic is a necessary experience for many people in their growth journey.

People have to go through these things if they want to grow up.

At least from now on, her youth is dead.

"I don’t think that human youth will never die. It’s just that you died in youth in the past."

Jon walked out of the phantom and sat on Hermione Opposite.

"It seems that your mood is not very good, or the time I came is not the right time?"

"No, teacher,"

Hermione choked Said: "I'm just a little sad."

"You don't need to explain these things to me. I understand your sadness and the difficulty of understanding yours. I want such a young child to do it. These things are actually difficult for a strong man. If you feel that you can’t make it, I can help you forget this memory. As for other things, I will find someone else to do it."

"No need. "

Hermione shook the head: "After all, it is not convenient for me to do it by others, even more how if this matter is left to others, how can it continue? How will it affect Harry?"

"The means to influence a person is not only through unnoticeable influence, we can directly modify his memory, just like Lockhart, do you remember him?"

" Professor Lockhart?"

Hermione was stunned for a moment: "But I heard Harry and Ron say that Professor Lockhart..."

"I don’t know you heard from both of them Something, but Lockhart is not as fragile as you think. He will not interfere with himself simply because of a broken wand. He is a very powerful wizard, and he is even my memory magic teacher.

It’s just that when you were in Second Year, he was invited by Dumbledore to accompany you in a play. Of course, the play itself is not as easy as you think,

Because of it There are very troublesome things Dobby has to do, and because of this, in the end, there will be such a panic scene.

But he is a very strong person, as I said, you too I underestimated Dumbledore who made this plan."

"But Dumbledore is dead."

"Yeah, it's a shame, isn't it?"

Jon casually said, as if he was discussing the death of a chicken in the neighbor's house next door. This attitude made Hermione confused.

Didn't Dumbledore die?

But she knows that if she asks Jon for this question, she will definitely not get an answer. She has been a student of Jon for so long, and she has some understanding of her teacher. Irrelevant things,

Hermione will get the answer even if she doesn’t take the initiative to guess, but if it involves some key questions, no matter how she asks it, she won’t get the answer.

Even typing out the answer on the sidelines is also an impossible realization.

Jon is a very careful person.

At least in terms of life experience, he is so much better than Hermione.

It's as if Hermione and Jon have been chatting here until now, and they have never worried. What if Harry suddenly comes back?

Because there is no need to worry about this matter itself, Jon will definitely handle it well.

A powerful, wise and interesting person.

It is her teacher.

Just like Dumbledore once taught Harry to do some things, Jon taught Hermione not only magic instructions, but also some small tricks in handling things.

After all, Jon cultivated Hermione in the direction of moved towards politicians, and would never just train her in the direction of a powerful wizard.

This is the person he has chosen to control the Ministry of Magic in the future.

"After this matter is over, I plan to select the new minister of Ministry of Magic from a new organization. Perhaps this matter... is of some help to you, you want Don’t take a look and feel it in advance?"

Before making Hermione the Ministry of Magic, he always needs to construct some reasonable employment pathways for Hermione. A student who just graduated from Hogwarts, even if she Successfully prevented Voldemort's behavior, and it was impossible to directly become the Ministry of Magic.

After all, such things as qualifications seem a bit important everywhere.

Jon means to let Hermione join the Hufflepuff magic research society at this time, so that she can transfer to the Ministry of Magic through the magic research society.

During this period of time, the penetration of the Ministry of Magic by the Magic Research Society has reached a relatively high level. It has to be said that Stephen is indeed a very capable person. The members of the Society have penetrated into the Ministry of Magic. He is responsible for the whole plan in Magic.

Steven handed Jon a very satisfactory answer sheet. Behind this matter, the new Ministry of Magic candidate has already planned.

Kingsley will be the Ministry of Magic in the First Rank segment. Although this period is mainly to pave the way, Kingsley's ability is also obvious to all. Let him be a transitioner. It's just one thing.

Jon has already talked to Kingsley about this matter. When the time comes, he will be elected as the new Ministry of Magic in the name of Order of the Phoenix. The Hufflepuff Magic Research Society will not and does not want to interfere in the political turmoil. Among them, they are just an ordinary research society.

It's just a simple loose community organization.

"If Kingsley becomes the next minister, that would be great. I have no opinion. If Kings can be an assistant, it is not unacceptable to me."

More than acceptable, Hermione is even very happy.

Kingsley has always been a very friendly person in Order of the Phoenix, and everyone has a very good impression of him.

Hermione is no exception.

With such a good impression, as a barrier, Hermione will of course accept all the suggestions made by Jon as a barrier. The two people did not have any differences on this issue.

The real disagreement is another matter.

Jon thinks that this is enough. Hermione is basically able to do the same thing. There is nothing important for them to do later. Get the sword, get the gold cup, These things have already appeared in his plan.

In order to avoid a dangerous situation like the last time from happening again, Jon had to revise his plan.

The trouble of life and death is almost the same once, and the rest of the plan is better if there is no danger.

"What do you think about Ron's question?"

"Ron... is he...well now?"

"Of course he is fine, this one You don’t need to worry about things. Mrs. Weasley has been protecting him secretly. Although she is very distressed, she has never exposed her deeds."

"Mrs. Weasley must hate me. , I should have left with Ron, so leave him alone..."

"You think too much, Molly, she is not such a person, at least she won’t be because of this. If something is biased against you, put your heart in your stomach. As a member of Order of the Phoenix, she knows what matters and what is unimportant. No one is better than Harry at this moment. More importantly, he is our last weapon. Protecting him is something we all need to do."


Hermione is keenly aware Some holes in Jon's words.

"It's not time for you to know this yet. In a while, I will tell you why this matter is said so."

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