Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 896

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Next, it will not be Jon who will tell Hermione about these things, because at that time, the matter should have ended, and a member of Order of the Phoenix should come and continue to do it for him. The following things.

The reason why the Hufflepuff Magic Research Society can maintain its detached independence lies in the existence of Helga.

As long as this Goddess exists for one day, this organization will not die. As for Order of the Phoenix and Ministry of Magic, speak frankly, Jon thinks they will continue.

After all, this organization will have two Ministry of Magic next.

The world does not exist alone.

Although the East and the West will not interfere with each other, it will be a matter of cooperation sooner or later. With cinnabar, peace is almost unnecessary to worry about, so Jon has nothing to worry about.

Regardless of whether there is someone behind him leading all this, at least what he is doing now is what he wants to do, which is enough.

So, today he chose to find someone to drink.

This person has nothing to do. He has nothing to do. Order of the Phoenix also needs to change shifts, but there is no need for a dead person to change shifts.

Because of this, Sirius has time to drink with Jon.

"But you definitely didn’t come to me for drinking, right?

If you’re only for drinking, you have too many people to accompany you, don’t you still have Is it a company?"

"Drinking with your subordinates is not a happy thing. They will be very cautious. They used to be a little better. Since they became wizards and learned magic, they have become more cautious. , It's actually very boring, so I can only find you."

Jon drank a glass of wine a little boldly, extend the hand swayed in front of Sirius.

"Anyway, you are now the best person I can chat with, so cooperate with me to do things."

"What's the matter?"

"Assist me in doing an experiment. There is a psychological experiment. I need someone with a low IQ to help me."


"Okay, let's talk about it. , I have no problem."

Sirius pretended not to hear Jon's ridicule, but he had to admit that compared to other aspects, his IQ was indeed not that high.

At least not as tall as the person in front of him.

"The world is facing destruction and there is a very dangerous flood, which will soon appear in the human world. In this dangerous situation, humans have built three ships.

But this The three boats drifted in the water for too long, and they all had different degrees of damage. In order to maintain harmony and stability on board, the leaders of these three boats are three people with completely different characters.

They occasionally help each other, in order to build a harmonious environment in these three small societies, especially when they are facing a very huge danger, they need to exchange information, but at the same time they have secrets to each other. Obviously, secrets cannot be shared.

In order to be able to rely on them during the long escape journey, they will choose to occasionally communicate what they know.

But one day they I finally got through the torment of suffering and danger and found a new place.

These new continents have fertile land and many prey, and even the people on it will use magical magic, which can make people Get everything you want, even for immortality, or the power to control the entire world.

But now there is such a problem, you are the first person to discover this new continent, how do you choose Do?"

Sirius was silent.

He doesn't know what Jon is referring to, is it referring to Harry and the three of them?

But it didn't make sense, because Harry and the three obviously didn't have this choice.

So without knowing the specific reference for the time being, he can indeed make a more straightforward choice.

In other words, it was originally such a choice.

Is there any other choice?

"In addition to killing the other two people to monopolize this continent, I can't think of any better behavior."

It's not that I can't think of a better behavior, but I want to No more reasonable behavior.

Humans are not gregarious animals, they just gather together to survive in the dangerous jungle.

As a human being, the essence is selfish.

When resources are scarce, everyone gathers together and strives to survive, but if there is an opportunity to become a higher level person, who would choose to give up this opportunity?

even more how, these three people pointed out in Jon's words are just leaders, not the only ones on board.

They need to be responsible for their members, don't they?

As long as you can let your members have a better living environment and better living conditions, let alone kill the people on the other two boats, even if you let him take the leaders of those two boats It is not difficult to sell them together to the destroyers behind.

This was not when they faced Voldemort's pursuit. At that time, they clearly knew that Voldemort was not the one who needed to face Voldemort. Harry's parents died only because of an accident. They really needed to fight Voldemort and face each other. It was Dumbledore to Voldemort.

It's just that they failed at that time.

Because Dumbledore did not want to stand up against Voldemort, but in a group, even if the leader did not want to choose this path, his people would force the leader to choose this way.

That was what Dumbledore faced at the time, and now the answer to this question is also like this.

Not everyone is Dumbledore.

Not everyone can be so noble.

It is a good thing to maintain a balance between the three parties, but if one party can dominate, no one will choose to share their income with others.

This is human nature.

From the jungle to the city to now.

Weak are prey to the strong are the instincts engraved in human genes. Humans are primates. Before they become primates, humans are first animals.

The nature of animals cannot be resisted.

It is as if everyone will strive to pursue the right to live. In order to survive, everyone will give a lot of things.

For this matter.

Sirius is actually quite clear.

Because their original friend, Pettigrew Peter, is like this.

Perhaps there are people who are kind, like James and Lily, who gave their lives to protect their children, or like Dumbledore who chose to be compassionate to the world.

But not everyone is like this.

More people will not take the risk that they may have problems and consider others.

"But why are you telling me this?"

Sirius asked: "Is it possible that it's Harry, what's wrong with them? I'm not a professional mentality Doctor, if you need psychological counseling, please go to your person, isn't that Laura always in your company?"

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