Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 897

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In the evening, a carriage stopped outside the village.

The gray-haired old man walked down from the carriage, holding a slender cane in his hand.

Wearing refined leather shoes, but still casually stepped on the muddy ground. The mud on the ground was mixed with poultry feces, but the old man didn't care.

He walked into the village casually.

It is not a village, but a gathering place. There are indeed few households in this place. Normally, a village will have a few children playing around, but there are no children here, only a few guarding the door. The dog, seeing him, was too scared to hide.

This old man is very dangerous.

But he did not appear here to scare a few dogs, but to find someone.

So in the room, Sirius' tone barely fell, and the drunkenness that Jon had just filled with in Jon's eyes disappeared without a trace.

Someone is coming.

Is an unfamiliar old man.

I said earlier that there are many inheritance ancient families in the Western magic world within the realm, and those of the Smith family died in Jon’s hands. This matter itself is a secret, but it is impossible to hide it. Everyone.

Someone will always learn the real situation behind the scenes and find him.

But I didn't find him to kill him.

It is too difficult to kill Jon in this situation, no less than killing him in the state of a god pinnacle.

In short, it is impossible.

"I don't know if the guests come from afar, what's the point?"

In order to prevent Sirius and his family from being affected, I chose to come out and see this from afar first elder.

This old man is really old.

He walked slowly to Jon's side with a cane, and then knocked on the ground with cane.

A stone stool rises from the ground, neat and tidy as new.

The old man sat on it, seeming to be a little unsupported, put out a long breath.

"Coming from afar, it is natural to see the new Controller. Maybe you have heard of me before, or not, but it doesn’t matter, I’m just an unimportant old man."

"How could it be unimportant for the elderly who have lived for such a long time?

At least for me, it is very important," Jon said softly, "How to call it?"

"Just call me Roca, I won't tell my husband my last name, so as not to cause trouble for the family."

Jon's pupils constricted.

This old man is indeed not ridiculing him with words, but just expounding a fact, because at the moment, Jon really thought about how to rectify this old man and the family behind him.

In this world, there are still many powerful characters.

It can be seen.

"Actually, I am not a cruel person. Perhaps, I just appeared in front of people for too short a time to make people understand my habits."

Jon said with a faint smile.

"But no matter what Old Mister is for, I can say something to reassure you, Old Mister, please rest assured, the people behind Old Mister should also rest assured, as long as everyone hides at home in peace, There will not be anything."

"Then Smith..."

"It's nothing, they just stretched out their hands, and we are working hard to create a new world. , Reaching out at this time, it is easy to be infected by bacteria that have not yet settled in New World, isn't it?"

His smile is like a spring breeze, at least in his own eyes.

But the old man sat not far from him, but he only felt cold.

The chill is biting.

But when people get old, they always feel cold, don’t they?

"Ahem, we are very old. We don't want to die like them. Although we can't reach the deepest part of this world, we still hope to survive."

"Who doesn't want to survive? This is not a difficult thing. I never said that I would deprive anyone of the right to live. Some people want to build their own world, just like they are raging The Voldemort in this world wants to clean up all the things that obstruct his eyes in this world, but this idea is obviously unrealistic. Compared with this world, he is still too weak."

"Yes, we know his weakness, so no one has ever looked at him. Who cares about the activities of a clown?"

The old man gasping for breath said: "But after a lot of Inquiry, we have mobilized so much power to find out what you are going to do. Is this really realistic?

To transform muggle into a wizard, this thing itself is a bit contrary to our class. So I just came to ask on behalf of these old fart, what kind of situation is this?

Of course, if you don’t want to say it, you can, as the new powerhouse in this world, we I know that we cannot interfere with any of your decisions, but I think we always have the right to know, so I pray for your mercy on behalf of our group of people who are about to die."

" Why bother, even if you don’t know, what impact will it have on you?"

"Please forgive the last extravagant hope of a group of elderly people. We are used to controlling everything in our own life. In my hands, once something happens out of my control, I will always feel uneasy, and this uneasy emotion will always affect our lifespan."

The humble plea of ​​the elderly is always difficult to refuse.

"Well, I can tell you how this plan continues. I will let people tell you the content of the plan. I can give you an address. When the time comes, you go to this Just find someone somewhere."

Jon doesn’t worry about these people’s influence on his plans, because they can’t have an influence. Indeed, they have very ancient powers. They inherit the ancient family. The entire magic world has extraordinary influence, but their strength is too weak, Jon can completely remove them from in this world, let alone Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and Helga.

These people are not good.

They just live for too long, but if anything else, these people are like they have been lucky because they live for too long, and they have no chance of being promoted to the next realm. .

"Go back and tell them that I am not the kind of person who will sacrifice a lot of people for the future. Since I have chosen to use some methods to consolidate this decision to change within the borders of Britain Inside, it means that I am not planning to sacrifice a generation and change the good life of others. For me, there is no difference between changing and not changing itself. Even if it is thankless, I will still I did.

What I want is a better world. For this, I just have enough energy and energy."

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