Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 899

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Hermione knew Harry was leaving.

Her sleep has always been poor, especially recently, she woke up whenever something disturbed her.

The same is true today.

Harry was so reckless, even if such a big problem just appeared, he still chose to go to the forest alone.

It's really heartbreaking.

The wind is very cold.

Adding a coat to herself, Hermione walked out of the tent holding her collar, and on the surface you saw Snape standing outside.

"Good evening, Professor Snape, I think you came here suddenly, maybe you are not going to catch us back."

Snape hid in the dark shadow, silently Looking at Hermione.

There is no rays of light between the two of them, so Hermione raised her hand, and a bunch of fluorescence spread between the two of them.

Even if wand is given to Harry, she still has a way to protect herself. As a student of Jon, how could she not wandless use spell?

Hermione’s innate talent is even praised by Grindelwald. If she only talks about magic innate talent, she is even better than Jon.

"I'm here to deliver things."

"Guessed, then the things are finished?"

"He went to get them."

"Is anyone following you?"

"I think you should treat me better." Snape said solemnly: "This is not a good student's attitude towards professors."

"Am I still a student?"

"Miss Granger...you are really good. It seems that Jon does have a good student."

Snape sneered: "But You shouldn’t worry about things tonight. I brought Ron back to you. Dumbledore left him with a very good Deluminator. Let him tell you more specifically. Jon asked me to meet you and let you prepare in advance. Now, I'm going to meet Molly again. Where are you going next?"

"Not yet decided."

Hermione knew that Snape was not bad, and that he was not the one. The leader of the plan, if he is to blame, I am afraid that his teacher Jon is the first to be blamed.

So this matter must not be important.

"Your teacher can't get away recently, so I said, you have to check two things next, Horcrux and Deathly Hallows. You don’t need to check Horcrux anymore. When the time comes, he will come naturally. Help."

"The teacher is here to help, what about Deathly Hallows..."

"Check it yourself, we are not a nanny, protect your safety, we don’t care about anything else. If We have to come for everything, why do you want to leave our protection?"


Snape left, and Jon also cut the screen.

Hermione doesn't need to worry, she can handle these things, she is a good actor.

The innate talent is too strong, don't worry.


Harry is worth worrying about.

When Jon cut the scene back, he was seeing him lying on the ice, looking at the bottom of the pool.

He pointed at the silver sword with wand, and whispered: "The sword Accio!"

The sword was motionless, and Harry didn't expect it Accio.

If it were that easy, the sword would lie on the ground at High Level and he would pick it up instead of deep in the freezing pond.

He began to walk around the circular ice surface, trying to remember the last time the sword fell into his hands automatically, when he was in a critical situation and was calling for help.

"Help me."

He said softly, but the sword was still lying on the bottom of the pool, completely motionless coldly.

Harry began to recall Dumbledore's words.

"Only a real Gryffindor person can extract it from the hat."

What are the unique qualities of a Gryffindor person?

A small voice in Harry's mind replied: Their daring, boldness and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart.

Harry stopped and let out a long sigh, and the exhaled mist quickly dissipated in the cold air.

He knew what to do, and if he wanted to admit it frankly, he had expected it from the moment he saw the sword lying under the ice.

He scanned the surrounding woods again, but now he was convinced that no one would attack him.

If someone wants to attack him, he can start when he walks through the forest alone, and there are many opportunities when he looks at the pond.

The only reason for procrastination at this moment is that the things to be done are too unpleasant.

Harry began to take off layers of clothes with unwilling hands.

Is there any "chivalry" in it, he thought dejectedly, unless Hermione was not asked to do it for him.

When undressing, an owl screamed somewhere, and he thought of Hedwig with a heartache.

He is now shiver coldly and his teeth are fighting, but he continues to take it off until only his underwear and underwear are left, standing barefoot on the snow.

He put the bag containing his wand, mother's letter, Sirius mirror fragments and old snitch on the pile of clothes, and then pointed Hermione's wand at the ice surface.


An explosion like a bullet cut through the silence: the ice surface cracked, and the big gray ice swayed with the waves on the water.

Harry judged that the water is not deep, but to get the sword, he must be completely submerged in the water.

Thinking too much will not make the task in front of you easier, nor will it warm the water.

Harry walked to the pond and put Hermione's wand on the ground, leaving it lit.

Then, he tried not to think about how cold he would be or what he would be shaking soon, so he jumped in.

Every pore on his body was screaming and protesting, the air in his lungs seemed to freeze, and the biting ice water reached his shoulders.

He could barely breathe, and he was shaking so hard that the water hit the shore. He searched for the sword with his numb feet, just wanting to dive down once.

Harry panted and shivered, delaying the moment of immersion. Finally, he said to himself that he couldn't do it, so he summoned all the courage to infiltrate the water.

The heart-wrenching cold, tormenting him like a fire like. His mind seemed to froze. He dived to the bottom of the pool in the dark ice water and stretched out his arms to explore the sword. He caught the hilt with his fingers, and he pulled it up.

Suddenly, something tightened his neck.

He thought of water plants, even though he didn't touch anything when he dived.

He lifted the hand that didn't hold the sword to tear it off, and found that it was not a waterweed: Horcrux's chain was tightened, and he was slowly strangling his windpipe.

Harry kicked desperately, trying to push himself to the surface, but only hit the stone wall of the pond.

He flopped, breathing hard, and he squeezed the tighter and tighter chain, but his frozen fingers couldn't open it.

Venus began to pop up in his mind, thinking, he is going to drown, there is no hope, there is nothing he can do, the arms holding him must be Death...

He woke up, coughing, retching, drenched, and had never been so cold.

Not far away, another person was panting, coughing, and walking staggeringly.

It was Hermione who arrived in time again, just like when the snake came...

But it didn't sound like her, listen to the deep coughing, the heavy footsteps...

Harry has no strength to lift the head to see who saved him.

All he can do is raise his trembling hand to his throat and touch the place where Locket has been tightly squeezed into his flesh just now.

The locket is gone: someone cut him off for him. At this time, a gasping for breath sounded above his head.

"You--you--are you sick?"

Only the shock of hearing this voice can make Harry have the strength to get up.

He shivered violently and stood up shaking.

In front of him stood Ron, dressed in clothes, but like a chicken, with his hair attached to his face, holding a Gryffindor sword in one hand, and a cut Gold Chain in the other, with Horcrux hanging on it.

"Damn it," Ron panted and lifted Horcrux, which swayed on the shortened chain, a bit like imitating the Hypnosis Technique performance: "Why didn't you pick this thing when you jumped down? Come down?"

Harry couldn't answer.

Compared with Ron's reappearance, silver's doe is irrelevant, really irrelevant.

He couldn’t believe it. Even though it was shiver coldly, he grabbed the pile of clothes that were still lying on the water’s edge and put them on his head one by one while staring at Ron. Some worry that he will disappear every time he can't see it.

But he should be true: he just jumped into the pond and saved his life.

"Yes—is it you?"

Harry finally said, his teeth fighting, his voice weaker than usual because he was almost strangled just now.


Ron looked a little flustered.

"You—you called that deer?"


No, of course not!

I thought it was you!"

"My Patronus is a stag."

"Oh, by the way, I think it looks different, without horns."


Harry hung the leather bag given by Hagrid around his neck, put on the last sweater, bent over to pick up Hermione's wand, and looked at Ron again.

"Why are you here?"

Obviously, Ron would like this question to be raised later, or not at all.

"Well, I—you know—I'm back, if—" He cleared his throat: "You know, if you want me."

There was a silence, and the topic of Ron's departure seemed like a wall between the two of them.

But he is here, he is back, he just saved Harry's life.

Ron looked down at what he was holding, and seemed surprised for a moment.

"Oh, yes, I fished it out."

He said needlessly, while giving Harry the sword to check: "You just jumped for this , Right?"

"Yes," Harry said, "But I don't understand, why did you come here? How did you find us?"

"Said It’s a long story.” Ron said, “I’ve been looking for you for several hours. This forest is really big, isn’t it?

I was about to sleep under the tree and wait for the morning to talk, and I saw the other end. The deer ran over and you followed."

"You didn't see anyone else?"

"No," Ron said, "I—"

He hesitated and looked at two trees next to each other a few meters away.

"——I seem to see something moving over there, but I’m running towards the pond, because you jumped down and didn’t come up, so I don’t want to make a detour—hey!"


Harry has already rushed to where Ron pointed out.

Two oak trees grow close to each other, and there is a gap of only a few inches in the eye-high place, which is a good place to steal without being discovered.

But there was no snow around the roots, and Harry didn't see the footprints.

He walked back to where he was, Ron stood there waiting, still holding the sword and Horcrux.

"Is there anything there?"


"Why is the sword in the pond?"

" It must be the one who summoned Patronus and put it in."

The two looked at the exquisite silver sword, the hilt with the ruby ​​shining slightly in the fluorescence of Hermione wand.

"Do you think this is real?"

"Is there a way to know, isn't it?"

Horcrux is still in Ron's hands, locket It trembled slightly, and Harry knew that the contents were restless again. It felt that the sword was nearby and tried to strangle Harry to prevent him from getting the sword.

Now is not the time for long talk, locket should be completely destroyed immediately.

Harry held Hermione's wand high and looked around all around, and found a place: under the shade of a plane tree, there was a big flat rock.

"Come with me."

He first walked over, brushed the snow on the rock, and reached for Horcrux.

But when Ron passed the sword, Harry shook the head.

"No, you should do it."

"Me?" Ron said in astonishment, "Why?"

"Because you took the sword from The fish caught in the pond, I think it should be yours."

He is not generous or modest, just like knowing that the deer is harmless, he is convinced that Ron must make the sword.

Dumbledore at least taught Harry to recognize certain types of magic and recognize that certain behaviors have incalculable divine force.

"I'll open it," Harry said, "You will stab it. As soon as you open it, stab it, okay?

Because the contents will resist, Riddle in the diary Want to kill me."

"How do you open it?"

Ron asked in horror.

"I'll tell it to open it with Parseltongue."

Harry said, the answer came out so naturally, he felt as if deep in one's heart always knew: maybe it was the last encounter Nagini made him realize.

He looked at the serpentine "S", which was inlaid with sparkling emeralds. It was easy to imagine it as a small snake on a cold stone.

"no!" Ron said, "No, don't open it! Really!"

"Why? We will get rid of this damn thing, it has been months-- "

"I can't, Harry, really—come on—"

"But why?"

"Because this thing is harmful to me !"

Ron looked at the locket on the rock, and went straight back: "I can't deal with it!

I'm not making excuses for myself, Harry, but this thing is for me The impact is greater than for you and Hermione. It gave me some thoughts. I had those thoughts before, but it made everything worse.

I can’t explain. Whenever I take it down, I'll wake up, but then I have to wear this damn thing again-I can't, Harry!"

He has dragged the sword back to the distance, shaking his head again and again.

"You can do it," Harry said, "You can do it!

You just caught the sword, I know you should use it.

Please, get rid of it, Ron."

Hearing his name seemed to be an incentive, Ron swallowed and walked back to the big rock, his long nose still breathing heavily.

"Tell me when."

He said lowly and hoarsely.

"Count to three,"

Harry looked down at locket, squinted at the letter "S", imagining a snake, and now the things in the locket are like cages. The cockroaches are rustling like in.

It's almost easy to pity him, but the scar on Harry's neck still hurts fiercely.


The last word was a roar of si si, and the little golden cover of locket bounced off with a click.

Behind the two small glass windows, there is a live eye blinking, black and bright, like Tom Riddle's eyeballs become red, and his pupils become a line.


Harry said, pressing the locket firmly on the stone.

Ron raised the sword with trembling hands, the tip of the sword hung over two crazy turning eyes.

Harry clutched the locket tightly, getting ready, already imagining blood spraying out of the empty window.

At this time a voice rang from Horcrux si si.

"I saw your heart, it is mine."

"Don't listen to it!"

Harry snapped, his face turned Something twisted: "Quick stab!"

"I saw your dream, Ron Weasley, and I also saw your fear.

Whatever you desire can happen, But what you are afraid of can happen..."

"Quick stab!"

Harry shouted, echoing in the woods. The tip of the sword was trembling, and Ron stared into Riddle's eyes.

"Always the least favored, mother prefers her daughter...the least favored, and now that girl is fond of your friends...always second, always dwarfed..."


"Ron, stab it!"

Harry roared, he could feel the locket trembling in his hand, and was afraid of what would happen.

Ron raised the sword higher, and Riddle's eyes turned red.

From the two small windows of Locket, from the pair of eyes, two weird soap bubbles appeared. The heads of Harry and Hermione were strangely deformed.

Ron screamed and took a few steps backwards. Two human figures rose from the locket, chest, waist, legs, and finally stood in the locket like two trees with the same root, between Ron and Harry. Sway above.

Harry had retracted his hand from the locket because it suddenly became extremely hot.


He yelled, but now Riddle-Harry was talking in Voldemort's voice, and Ron stared at that face as if he was hypnotized.

"Why come back? We are better and happier without you. I am glad that you are not here... We laugh at your stupidity, your cowardice, your believe oneself infallible——"

"believe oneself infallible!"

Riddle Hermione repeated, she is more beautiful than the real Hermione, but terrifying: she swayed in front of Ron, smiling high. Ron seemed terrified but unable to move, his sword hung weakly beside him.

"Who will look at you, standing next to Harry Potter, who will look at you?

Compared with'Savior', what have you done?


Compared with the Boy Who Lived in Distress, what are you?"

"Ron, stab it, stab it!"

Harry yelled, but Ron didn't move, his eyes opened wide, and Riddle Harry and Riddle Hermione were reflected in them. Their hair swirled like flames, their eyes glowed with red light, and their voices rose to an evil 2nd layer singing.

"Your mother admitted," Riddle ·Harry said sarcastically, and Riddle ·Hermione laughed loudly: "She prefers me to be a son. She is willing to exchange..."

"Who doesn't like him more, which woman will choose you?

Compared with him, you are nothing and nothing."

Riddle Hermione sang softly, She became as long as a snake, entangled Riddle Harry, hugged him tightly, and put her lips together.

On the ground in front of them, Ron's face was full of pain, he held his sword high, his arms trembling.

"Stab, Ron!"

Harry thought he saw a trace of red in Ron's eyes.

"Ron ——"

The sword light flashed, and the sword suddenly pierced out. Harry jumped away. There was a sound of metal, followed by a long scream.

Harry turned quickly, slid on the snow, raised the wand in self-defense, but there was nothing to resist.

The horrific apparitions of himself and Hermione were gone. Only Ron stood there, advancing the sword feebly, looking down at the locket fragment on the rock.

Harry walked back to him slowly, not knowing what to say or do.

Ron's breathing was rough, his eyes were not red at all, they were still blue as before, and a little moist.

Harry pretended not to see it, and stooped to pick up the broken Horcrux.

Ron pierced the glass of the two small windows, Riddle's eyes were gone, and the locket's colorful silk lining burst into light smoke.

The thing that lived in Horcrux disappeared, and torturing Ron was its last act.

The sword fell from Ron's hand with a clam, and he fell to his knees, holding head.

He was shaking, it was not because of the cold.

Harry stuffed the broken locket into his pocket, knelt next to Ron, and carefully placed a hand on his shoulder.

Not being dumped, he thought it was a good sign.

"After you go," he whispered, thanking Ron's face in the dark that Ron's face was blocked: "She cried for a week, maybe longer, but she didn't want me to see it.

For many nights, we didn’t talk.

You weren’t..."

He couldn’t say anymore. Now that Ron is back, Harry is fully aware of it, yes. For them, not having him is such a big shortcoming.

"She is like my sister,"

He continued: "I love her like a sister. I believe she treats me the same way. It has always been like this. I I thought you knew."

Ron didn't answer, but turned his face away and wiped his nose loudly with his sleeves.

Harry got up and walked towards Ron's huge backpack a few meters away, which Ron left when he ran to the pond to rescue him.

Harry carried it on his back and walked back to Ron.

Ron also got up, eyes bloodshot, but still calm.

"I'm sorry,"

He said in a low, muffled voice: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't leave. I know I'm a--it's--"

He looked around all around in the dark, as if hoping that a vicious enough word would fly down to claim him.

"You almost made it up tonight," Harry said, "Get out the sword, wipe out Horcrux, and save my life."

"Sounds greater than me. Much."

"Such things always sound much greater than they really are," Harry said, "I have been trying to tell you this all these years."

The two At the same time stepping forward and hugging each other, Harry grabbed the still damp clothes on Ron's back.

"Now," Harry said after they separated, "All we have to do is find the tent."

It is not difficult to find the tent.

Although the path to follow the deer in the Black Forest seems to be long, with Ron by his side, the time it takes to go back is surprisingly short.

Harry couldn't wait to wake Hermione. He walked into the tent excitedly, and Ron followed behind a little hesitantly.

Compared with the pond and the forest, it is very warm here.

The only light source is those bluebell-like flames, which are still shining in a bowl on the ground.

Hermione was sleeping soundly curled up in the blanket, and Harry called several times before she woke up.


She moved and sat up quickly, pulling the hair away from her face.

"What's the matter, Harry? Are you okay?"

"It's okay, everything is fine, not just good, it's great, here is someone."

"What did you say? Who--?"

She saw Ron standing there with a sword in his hand, dripping water on the broken carpet.

Harry retreated to the shadow in the corner, took off Ron's backpack, and tried to fuse together with the canvas wall of the tent.

Hermione got out of bed and walked towards Ron sleepwalking, staring at his pale face.

She stopped in front of him, her lips parted slightly, her eyes wide open.

Ron smiled feebly with hope, and half opened his arms.

Hermione dashed forward and began to beat every inch of his body where she could reach.

"Ouch—why—let go! Why—? Hermione—why!"

"You—big—jerk—Ron—Weasley! "

Even if I knew it for a long time, I was still very angry.

Maybe, this is because you like it.

Who can tell about love, right?

Hermione punched every word he said, Ron hid behind his head, and Hermione chased forward.

"You—crawling back—coming?

—so much—so many—weeks—after—

Oh, Where is my wand?"

She seemed to take it away from Harry, and Harry reacted instinctively.


The invisible vertical wall immediately separated Ron and Hermione, and the force knocked her down on her back.

She spit out the hair in her mouth and jumped up again.

"Hermione!" Harry said, "Calm-"

"I won't be calm!"

She screamed.

Harry had never seen her so out of control, it was like crazy.

"Give me back wand! Give me back!"

"Hermione, please--"

"Don't come to command me, Harry Potter !"

She screamed: "I warn you! Give it back! And you!"

She pointed to Ron fiercely accusingly, like a curse, Harry felt Don't blame Ron for taking a few steps back.

"I run out to chase you! I call you! I beg you to come back!"

"I know," Ron said, "Hermione, I'm sorry, I really—"

"Oh, you're sorry!"

She laughed, it was a sharp hysterical voice.

Ron looked at Harry for help, but Harry only expressed helplessness with a grimace.

"It took you so many weeks to come back—so many weeks—you thought it would be okay to say sorry?"

"Then what else can I say?"

Ron yelled, and Harry was very happy that Ron had started resisting.

"Oh, I don't know!"

Hermione exclaimed, with a pungent irony: "Stop your brains, Ron, that will only take two seconds— —"

"Hermione," Harry interrupted. He thought it was an unkind attack: "He just saved me--"

"I don't care!" She Screamed: "I don't care what he did! For so many weeks, we might all be dead—"

"I know you are not dead!"

Ron roared I got up, suppressed her voice for the first time, and moved forward as far as possible through Shield Charm: "Daily Prophet talks about Harry all day long, and on the radio, they are looking for you everywhere. There are so many rumors and ridiculous stories, I I know that if you die, I’ll hear about it right away, you don’t know—"

"I don’t know how you live?"

Her voice is like this now Sharp, soon only bats can hear it.

But she was so angry that she could not speak for a while, and Ron seized the opportunity.

"I wanted to come back as soon as I was Disapparation, but I fell into the middle of a group of hunting team members, Hermione, I can't leave at all!"

"What a group?"

Harry asked.

Hermione sat down on the chair, hugged her arms tightly, and crossed her legs. It seemed that she would not let go in a few years.

"Search for team members," Ron said: "Everywhere, a bunch of guys who want to earn gold by hunting for muggle-born wizards and pure bloodline traitors.

Every time you catch one Everyone in the Ministry of Magic has rewards.

I am alone, and look like school age again, they are so excited, they think I am a muggle who escaped.

I Hurry up and say something badly, so I didn’t get dragged into the Ministry of Magic."

"What did you tell them?"

"I said it was Stan Sunpark, the first I can think of One person."

"Did they believe it?"

"That group of people are not very smart.

One of them must be Troll bloodline. Er..."

Ron glanced at Hermione, obviously hoping that this little humor would ease her mood, but she was still tightly entangled with her limbs and her expression looked like a slate.

"In short, they quarreled about whether I was Stan or not. To be honest, it was a bit pitiful.

But after all, they were five against me, and they took me away. ’S wand.

Later, two people fought, and when the others were distracted, I punched the person who grabbed me in the stomach, snatched his wand, and took my wand. The guy used a Disarming Charm, and it’s Disapparation.

I didn’t do a good job, and I split again—"

Ron raised his right hand and lost two nails.

Hermione raised her eyebrows coldly.

"——The place where my appearance was visible is so far away from you. When I return to the original riverside——you have already gone."

"Aiya, what a thrilling story, "

Hermione said in the haughty tone she used to hurt others: "You must be terrified.

And we went to Godric's Hollow. Let me think about it. What happened there, Harry?

Oh, yes, the snake of you know who jumped out and almost killed us, and then you know who arrived in person and caught us in just a second Now."


Ron mouth opened wide, looking at Hermione and looking at Harry, but Harry didn't pay attention to him.

"Think about missing nails, Harry!

This really shows how small we are, doesn't it?"

"Hermione," Harry whispered, "Ron just saved my life."

She didn't seem to hear it.

"But, I would like to know a little bit,"

She said, staring a foot above Ron's head: "How did you find us tonight?


This is very important.

Knowing this, we can guarantee that we won’t be disturbed by people we don’t want to see."

Ron glared at her, then Take a small silver thing out of the jeans pocket.


She had to glance at Ron in order to see what he took out.


She was a little surprised in her performance, forgot to put on a cold and fierce appearance.

"It can not only turn on the lights,"

Ron said: "I don't know how it is like this, and I don't know why it happened at that time rather than at other times. Because I have always wanted to come back since I left. But I was listening to the radio that day, early in the morning of Christmas, and I heard—heard you."

He looked at Hermione.

"You heard me on the radio?"

"No, I heard you in my pocket. Your voice," he raised the Deluminator again: "Yes It comes from this."

"What on earth am I talking about?"

Hermione asked, the tone between doubt and curiosity.

"My name,'Ron'. You said...what wand..."

Hermione's face turned red, and Harry remembered: it was them after Ron left Say his name for the first time.

Hermione mentioned him when she was talking about repairing Harry's wand.

"So I took it out," Ron looked at the Deluminator and continued: "It looks nothing unusual, but I'm pretty sure I heard your voice, so I pressed it. I The light in the room went out, but another light appeared outside the window."

Ron raised his finger to the front, his eyes fixed on what Harry and Hermione could not see.

"It's a ball of light, it seems to be pulsating, blue yingying, like the kind of light around the portkey, do you know?"



Harry and Hermione said involuntarily together.

"I knew that this was it, so I hurried to Pack my things, put on my backpack and walked into the garden."

"The little ball of light stopped in the air and waited for me. After I came out It floated up and down for a while,

I followed it to the back of the cabin, and then it...well, it floated into my body."


Harry raised his eyebrows, thinking he hadn't heard him clearly.

"It floated towards me," Ron demonstrated with his index finger, "It floated to my chest, and then—it went in. Here,"

He Pointing to a point near the heart: "I can feel it, it's warm.

As soon as it enters my body, I know what to do, and it will take me where I must go.

So I Disapparation and came to a hillside, there was snow everywhere..."

"We have been there," Harry said, "Stayed there for two nights. In the second night, I always feel that someone is walking and shouting in the dark!"

"Well, that should be me."

Ron said, "At least, your protective spell is effective. , Because I can’t see or hear you.

But I believe you are in the vicinity, so I finally got into the sleeping bag and waited for one of you to show up.

I miss you I always show up when I receive the tent."

"Not necessarily," Hermione said, "In order to be more secure, we are all Disapparation under the Invisibility Cloak.

And we can go Very early, because as Harry said, we heard people bumping around."

"I stayed on that mountain all day," Ron said, "I always hope you will show up. . But when it got dark, I knew I might have missed it, so I pressed the Deluminator again, and the blue light appeared and floated into my body. My Disapparation was in this forest.

Still can’t see it.

You, I can only hope which one of you will show up—Harry has shown up.

Oh, obviously, I saw the deer first."

"What did you see ?"

They just talked about the fortuite encounter just now. With the unfolding of the story of the silver deer and the sword at the bottom of the pond, Hermione frowned looked at them back and forth, concentrating on forgetting to tighten his limbs.

Although I knew this happened, I was surprised to hear it again.

"But it must be a Patronus!"

She concealed the fact that Snape's Patronus was actually a deer and said, "Don't you see who called it out? ?

Have you seen anyone?

It led you to the sword!

Unbelievable! What happened later?"

Ron said that he saw Harry jump into the pond and wanted to wait for him to come up, then realized that something was wrong, jumped down to save Harry, and went back to fish out the sword.

He kept talking about turning on the locket, and then hesitated, so Harry intervened.

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