Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 900

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There must be a degree of attention to Harry trio.

It is enough for Joanne, Rank and Lille to monitor them 24 hours a day. Jon feels that he doesn't need to give them too much energy.

That book, I will write very well.

That's enough.

The first three parts of the "Harry Potter" series have already begun printing and pre-publication. Although the name has not been publicized yet, the fact that there is such a book has begun to be known to the public. In places like America, Jon has already started his secret experiment.

The establishment of the magic school in America has not been hindered in any way, because Jon has used a lot of power to promote the operation of this matter.

Using other people's children to do experiments, Jon has no psychological burden at all.

When the dust settles on Britain, the results of the first phase of the experiment over there are also available. There will be a very intuitive comparison of what kind of results can be achieved and sent to the Ministry of Magic. side.

When the time comes, led by the new Ministry of Magic and forced by the international situation, this change will proceed very smoothly.

After all, Jon has already started to transform people who can use magic gradually. It is unrealistic to transform everyone into a wizard, but it is unrealistic to transform all healthy people who are up to the age and under sixty years old. It's not a problem for Mowang.

Anyway, Britain is the closest place to the magic net. When the battle begins at Hogwarts, everything will be on the irreversible path.

It's pretty good, but overall there is no problem.

Jon thinks his arrangement is actually quite reasonable.

The next period of time is obviously not going to be at home. He plans to find a quiet place to digest the everyday all memories in his mind. After all, these memories are still very troublesome and more important. Yes, he still needs to solve the remaining problems.

"Then, I'll leave the business to a few people here."

Standing in Hogwarts' secret classroom, Jon said to several heads and Snape.

"Don't worry, there won't be any problems. You can do your things with peace of mind. I have my own arrangements for things here."

Snape's voice was as cold as ever.

"This remark is a bit familiar, did you say this to Dumbledore?"

But Jon's question was not answered because Snape was gone.


Jon pouted, then turned his head and said to Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout: "Please also two professors spend more energy on this matter. , I'm afraid that there will be any problems, when the time comes, I won't have time to deal with it."

Snape...After all, I have to deal with Voldemort.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen. If something really happens, I will use the help channel urgently."

Professor Sprout said.

Her emergency channel is directly connected to Helga. This can be considered a little personal benefit that Jon has brought to Hufflepuff house.

It's not a problem.

After dealing with these last things, he turned and went to the deep sea.

After deliberation, the best place is still here, this place is quiet, no one is disturbed, and there is plenty of power.

As for how to deal with...It's very simple, just sleep.

When people sleep, their spirits can always be relaxed to the greatest extent.

Just relax.

He can achieve the best effect in processing memory.


While he fell asleep, Hermione happened to walk in front of Harry.

"We need to talk."

Harry looked at the book still in Hermione's hands. It was "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore."

"What are you talking about?"

He asked worriedly, and quickly realized that there is a chapter in the book written about him. I wonder if I have the courage to listen to Rita's treatment of him and Dumbledore. The description of the relationship.

Hermione's answer was completely unexpected.

"I want to meet Xenophilius·Lovegood."


"Xenophilius·Lovegood, Luna’s father, I want to see him Let’s talk."


Hermione took a deep breath, as if plucking up courage, and said: "It’s the mark, "The Tales of Beedle the The mark in Bard, look here!"

She stuffed "Albus · Dumbledore's Life and Lies" under Harry's reluctant eyes.

He saw the photo of Dumbledore's letter to Grindelwald, which was Dumbledore's familiar slender italics.

He really didn't want to see Dumbledore actually wrote those words instead of Rita's fabricated.

"Signature," Hermione said: "Look at the signature, Harry!"

He looked at it, and didn't understand what she was talking about, but when he looked closely with Wand's fluorescence, He discovered that the first letter A of Albus in Dumbledore's signature was a small triangle like the one in The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

"Uh—are you—?"

Ron asked tentatively, but Hermione stopped him with a glance and turned back to Harry.

"It keeps appearing, doesn't it?"

She said, "I know Viktor said this is the Grindelwald logo, but it is clearly on the ancient tomb of Godric's Hollow. The date on the tombstone predates Grindelwald.

Now add this!

I think we can’t ask Dumbledore or Grindelwald what it means--

I don't even know if Grindelwald is still alive, but I can ask Mr. Lovegood, he wore the logo at the wedding. I believe it is important, Harry!"

Harry did not answer immediately.

He stared at Hermione's eager face, then stared into the darkness outside, thinking.

After a long time, he said: "Hermione, let's not repeat the mistakes of Godric's Hollow.

We convinced ourselves to go there, and the result—"

"But it keeps showing up, Harry!

Dumbledore left "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" to me. How do you know we shouldn't understand that mark?"


"Here again!"

Harry felt a little irritable: "We always want ourselves to believe that Dumbledore has left secret marks and clues—"

"Deluminator It's very useful," Ron helped said: "I think Hermione is right, we should meet Lovegood."

Harry glared at him, believing that he supports Hermione and wants to know Triangle Rune The meaning is irrelevant.

"It's not like Godric's Hollow," Ron added, "Lovegood is on your side, Harry.

"The Quibbler" has always supported you, always Tell everyone that you must help you!"

"I believe this is important!"

"But if it matters, don't you think Dumbledore should tell me before he dies?"

"Maybe...maybe this is something you need to figure out by yourself."

Hermione said like a straw.

"Yes," Ron flattery said, "It makes sense."

"It doesn't make sense,"

Hermione said flattery: "But I still think I should talk to Mr. Lovegood.

What does a symbol linking Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Godric's Hollow mean?

Harry, I’m sure we should It figured it out!"

"I think it's better to vote,"

Ron said, "The one who agrees to see Lovegood—"

His hand He was lifted into the air immediately, faster than Hermione.

Hermione's lips trembled inexplicably, and she also raised her hand.

"Two to one, Harry, I'm sorry."

Ron patted him on the back and said.

"Okay," Harry said angrily and funny: "However, after seeing Lovegood, we have to find a way to find other Horcrux, okay?

Hey, Lovegood Where do you live?

Does anyone know?"

"Not far from my house," Ron said, "I don't know the exact location, but when my father mother mentioned them Always point up the mountain.

It shouldn't be difficult to find."

After Hermione went to bed, Harry lowered his voice.

"You are just trying to win her favor again."

"Everything is legal in love and war," Ron said triumphantly: "Just now, both It’s all a bit stained.

Be happy, it’s Christmas time, Luna is at home!"

The next morning, they Disapparation to a breezy hillside and saw The beautiful scenery of the village of Otri-San Catchpole.

From a high perspective, the village is like a small toy house, scattered among the clouds in the huge speed of light slanting to the ground.

They stood there with an awning and looked towards The Burrow for a while, only to see the tall hedges and orchards, covering the crooked little house, and muggle would not find it.

"It feels weird, so close, but I can't go back."

"hmph, you haven't seen them lately, you spent Christmas there."

Hermione said coldly.

"I didn't return to The Burrow!"

Ron smiled in surprise: "Do you think I will go back and tell everyone that I dumped you?

Yes, Fred and George will be very excited about it.

And Ginny, she must understand very well."

"Where did you go?"

Hermione asked in surprise.

"Bill and Fleur's new home, Shell House.

Bill has always been good to me. He—he didn't take it seriously after he heard of what I did, but he didn't say it forever.

He knows that I really regret it, and no one else in the family knows that I am there.

Bill told his mother that he and Fleur will not go back to spend Christmas and want to spend it by themselves. . You know, this is their first holiday after their marriage.

I don’t think Fleur doesn’t care. You know how she hates Tina Warbeck."

Ron turned back Facing The Burrow.

"Go up and have a look."

He took the lead over the top of the mountain.

They walked for a few hours, and Harry put on the Invisibility Cloak at the insistence of Hermione.

There seems to be only a small wood house among the low mountains, and it seems that it is no longer inhabited.

"Do you think that is his house? They went out for Christmas."

Hermione peeped through the window into a tidy small kitchen, on the window sill Geranium.

Ron snorts disapprovingly.

"Listen, I have a feeling, from the window of Lovegood's house, you should be able to tell who lives inside.

Let’s look for it in the mountains ahead."

They went a few more miles north of Disapparation.


Ron called, the wind whipping their hair and clothes.

Ron pointed to the top. On the top of the new mountain they arrived, a weird house stood under the blue sky, like a huge black column, with a ghost-like moon behind it hanging in the afternoon. the sky.

"That must be Luna's home, who else would live in a place like that?

Looks like a big car!"

"Not at all Like a car."

Hermione frowned and said, looking at the round building.

"I'm talking about the rook in chess," Ron said, "It's a castle to you."

Ron has the longest legs and ran to the top of the mountain first.

After Harry and Hermione gasping for breath and clutching their aching ribs to catch up, they saw him grinning.

"It's their home," Ron said, "Look."


"It's their home, look."

The man in front pushes the door open to get away from the scene behind.

Is a normal person.

Chinese style decoration, but strangely no one.

Only ghosts.

Jon walked into the room. He couldn't control his body, so he only acted from the first point of view.

He walked to a black-and-white photo where there was a small incense burner, and then he lit three incense sticks on his body, inserted it, and bowed slightly.

"Mother Ye, since graduating from university, I haven't seen you as a volunteer in an orphanage. I wanted to find a good time to visit you again. I don't want to be like this. After all, although the relationship between you and me is still shallow, I have never forgotten the kindness that gave me guidance...I will clean up the rubbish for you, but I heard that Ye Bai is doing it."

Jon was halfway through, and glanced at Chen Songyuan, who was standing next to him, who clicked nodded.

"...I heard that Ye Bai is doing it. I will go to Britain to take a look at Leaf City for you in two days. We are no longer students anyhow. We will take care of Leaf City for Ye Bai. Okay."

He has a low tone, then walks out of the room and into the blank night.

The screen ends here.

Then, Jon was finally able to control his body.

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