Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 901

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After Jon was able to control his body, his consciousness was reversed again.

That weird picture ended. He didn't sing incense in a Spirit Hall, but stood on the deep blue sea and opened his eyes.

"I think, I need an explanation."

"Of course I will give you an explanation, but first I need to know, what do you think of?"

The voice of the will of the world sounded from the deep sea, or, in other words, his voice appeared in Jon's ear, and it sounded like it came from the deep sea.

Long and ethereal.

"I almost remember it, whether it is something that needs to be remembered or something that doesn't need to be remembered, this is still a part that needs the last key to open, and that part of the memory is blocked in the deepest part. In the dust, I think it should be the most important part of the content, so I came to you for the key."

Speaking of this, Jon's voice suddenly became ironic.

"You are finally willing to see me. It's really rare."

"Because the time is up, do you know how long you have slept here? In such a long time, you have Digested all your memories, so I can come out."

"How long did I sleep?"

Jon did not intend to get the answer from the will of the deep sea, he stretched out his hand With a tick, a new picture appeared in front of him.

From Britain, the world.

He saw Hermione and Harry holding a funeral for the dead elf.

"Fortunately, the time is not too late. I think I can solve the problems over here after I have solved the problems over there."

"I hope you still have Opportunity to solve the problem over there, don’t you realize that if you get the answer you want from me at this moment, maybe at the next moment you might leave this world and pursue that person? "

"That person? Are you referring to Chen Songyuan? Speaking of which I am very curious, what kind of identity is he?

Can you be like this in this world? It’s almost Supreme Existence, doing things for him."

"In fact, I don’t know his identity, but I know I can’t refuse his orders, nor can I stop him from coming. He has me Can’t be compared to the enemy’s power, just like you at the beginning."

"Then let’s open up our words and say, since you know what I was like at the beginning, you might as well talk to me now Let’s talk about it."

"I can do nothing."

Suddenly a silhouette emerged from the deep sea, one could not see the face or the form, but was able to feel it through perception. There is an existence here, and Jon knows that this silhouette is a certain way of concretizing the will of the world.

After all, it is pure will, and there is no particularly good way to fully embody him.

Just like the so-called four-dimensional creatures, there is no way to intuitively appear in three-dimensional space.

The so-called high-dimensional creatures that humans can see are only projections, and the world will that Jon is facing now cannot perfect his projections, perhaps because of its lack of power. Or maybe it's because of other reasons, Jon not quite clear, and the one in front of you doesn't intend to explain.

These things, when the time comes, he can think about them.

Now talk about him.

"In fact, there is nothing to say about your business.

In short, I helped you enter this world. I don’t know what you are looking for in this world. But now it looks like you should have found what you want."

"I don’t even know what I’m looking for?

Perhaps, those things are in In my memory, I haven’t remembered it yet."

Jon pushed his knuckles and whispered, "Give me that memory."

"I don’t , I have never had any memory, and I also don’t have a key. I only have an image of that person left for you. I can give it to you now, but how do you open it?"

"No need You are worried about this, let me solve it myself."

World will look at him for a while, and finally choose to let go, put the picture on the sea, and then disappear.

The internal affairs between others have nothing to do with him. Speaking of which, he hopes that both of them will leave quickly. For so many years, he has given Jon the green light all the way, not just hoping that he can Leave this world early?

Unkillable trouble, the best choice is to let go.

Otherwise, who knows what will happen.

Fortunately, one of the troubles has already gone, and now that I look at it, the other one is about to go.

Jon picked up the picture.

Light and shadow flickered, nothing happened.

There is no change, the picture has not been opened, it is still a crystal.

Jon knows that the one he is familiar with, Chen Song in his memory will not be as nasty as Dumbledore to set up some special passwords. It has not been opened yet, that is, it has not been when the time comes.

However, he has sorted out all his memories, theoretically it should be soon.

"What's the problem? But it shouldn't be, how can it be so far? In my memory, the content you planted doesn't say that."

" Actually, it’s okay. It’s not too far away. I think the speed is already very good. When I left, I was a little late. Because some things were delayed, there was a problem with the time."

"Well, let’s not talk about this, can you tell me what the weird picture I saw just now is like? Why are we scenting someone?"

"It’s not you The perspective of is the last piece of information that I sent to you after I intruded into that world. It just made you experience it, not what you did."

"But it seems to have something to do with my experience. "

"In fact, it doesn’t matter, because you don’t have any relevant experience. The hidden story in the memory you modify for yourself is actually taken from the person who came back from the world. The screen, I have arranged a relatively good plot for myself."

"It sounds a bit convoluted, can you tell me more in detail?"

"This is a convoluted one? Let’s make it simple. Say, when you entered this world, you inserted a memory for yourself. No, it was when you entered this world and began to reincarnate, you inserted a memory for yourself, and replaced your past memory with this memory. But this matter has nothing to do with me, it is entirely your own behavior."

"Why should I do this? Don’t tell me, you don’t know the reason, you must know the reason."


Jon stared at the man in front of him.

He is not a pure person, he is a projection in this world, or the person from the past.

Or, he is an Avatar.

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