Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 902

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Chen Songyuan has no particular insights into this matter.

Of course, there is nothing worthy of insight on this matter at all. He knows the entire process of development, and these entire process of development have nothing to say at the worst.

"There is still something in your memory that has not been opened, because you have sealed off this part of borrowing your own power, but the blocked things will reappear one day, but there is no when the time comes, You now think of the part of the overwhelming majority, and only the most crucial point is left unremembered, because that point is related to your identity. Once you remember those parts, your power will follow.

When the time comes, this world can’t accommodate you anymore."

Chen Songyuan said this obviously because he didn’t want to tell Jon about the last part of his memory, but regardless of what Jon knew. Without knowing these contents, he knew one thing.

In terms of what he needs to do in front of him, there must be a reason why he maintains the old ending of Magic World.

"Think about it now, when I insisted on unfathomable mystery to let them go according to the original ending, this thing itself is a bit strange, this behavior is also affected by that part of the memory Huh?"

"That's not the case. Your behavior is because we need to do this.

If you don’t do this, we can’t trace the origin of this world. Find the place we are looking for."

"Although my memory is still a bit biased, I also know that your power is very, very powerful. Even so, can't you find it?"


"In this world, there is no omnipotent existence. Everything is relative. There is always something beyond what we can do. So we must adopt some special methods to allow us to have channels and channels to say these things. Ability."

Chen Songyuan said so.

"My strength is very strong, but I also need to face some problems. After I abandon that thing, it becomes more difficult to find this place, so I have to use some special methods, because we have an incomparable mission."

"That should tell me why I chose this place, this world, right?"

" There is no reason. You chose this world yourself. We always respect Xuanniao's choice, because only you can see a glimmer of the future in the chaos."

"So trust me?"

"This is not a matter of trust, let me tell you a story. In this world, every ethnic group that exists will have two people who guide the development of this ethnic group. They can often find something beyond At that time, the ability of the ethnic group to understand things,

and the emergence of such people, we generally call them the future,

different from the clock of the world, when a world develops At a certain height, people can reverse the course of the world by changing some future or discovering some new things, ensuring that the development of this world is on the right path at all times, at least not being destroyed.

The appearance of this kind of people in the weak-energy world or the group of new students is a very important part.

Their importance is reflected in the fact that if they did not exist, this group would It will soon end in decline, but because of their appearance, the entire ethnic group can continue. This is the meaning of this kind of existence.

And you are such a kind of existence relative to the entire universe. ."

"Compared to the entire universe?" Jon was a little surprised by this description: "Will I raise myself too high? If it's just a mysterious bird, it shouldn't have such a high status. Well, some scenes flashed in my memory, some people in the world also have this kind of power."

"Those who accepted the power of your bloodline have similar power, yes, but It's like they would mix you and Phoenix together. Their eyesight is too short-sighted and they can't tap the powerful power in the bloodline. But you are different. As the only mysterious bird in this universe, you do All the choices that came out, even unconscious choices, are absolutely correct."

"I am the only mysterious bird in this universe. Tell me if this is considered as revealing my identity to me. What?"

"You still exist in this place now, so it doesn’t count."

Chen Songyuan...Let us call him tentatively, casually He said: "You have to know that although there are many worlds, not every world has a chance to be selected by you. Among the worlds that have a chance to be selected by you, only the one we are in now will eventually become your choice.

Do you know what this means?

It means that this world is extremely related to the place we are looking for. With this connection, we can easily find that place and intrude into it. In fact, I can sit here and When you speak, it means that our plan has been successful, so let us celebrate. "

"Our plan, but I don't know yet, what is the content of this plan? "

"It's not important, you will know sooner or later. "

Jon is silent.

Sooner or later, he will know. This sentence is a universal answer. No matter what he asks, he can use this sentence to answer, but, to be honest , I am still a little confused about the situation.

"Well, if I know I will know, will things continue over there? "

He refers to the human world. It is the matter of Britain's confrontation with Voldemort.

"Of course, I have to continue. If there is no ending there, I will not be able to enter completely. In that world, I need a complete opportunity, and this opportunity is just after the end of the war, to be precise... Forget it, you know what time it was. "

"I thought it was nineteen years later. "

"Nineteen years later...it's the end, not the Grand Finale," Chen Songyuan smiled: "In short, you know that point in time, as long as everything that should happen at that point in time has happened , Then the following things are not very important, oh yes, by that time you should recover all your memories, you can leave this world at any time as long as you want, but you still have to remember, I will enter After that world, in about twenty years, you will die there, so you have to leave as soon as possible, otherwise you will be locked here for at least a thousand years. "

"I think it’s not a bad thing to be blocked here. At least I can stay with Helga and my friends for a while. I originally thought that if I didn’t leave after 20 years, there would be no The way to leave. "

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