Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 903

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"Don't stay here, because there are more important things waiting for you to do," Chen Songyuan sighed: "Anyway, you know these things in your own heart. I know you are impossible. I stayed here, so I don’t have to use these words to irritate me."

"Maybe, what if I suddenly change my mind and don’t leave? It’s only a thousand years. That’s all, I can afford to wait."

"You can afford to wait, I can’t afford to wait. In twenty years, the whole plan will be on track. We need your presence to control this ship. A traveling boat, after all, we can’t find another mysterious bird, can we?"

"Well, well, I will activate the memory in my head when appropriate, and then leave Here, there is a high probability that the situation will be as you wish, and you will leave after everything is over."

"That would be better."

Chen Songyuan said happily, look. It doesn't look like a calm person.

"I will be waiting for you in the future."

"See you in the future and say hello to Earth for me."


Finally I didn't know that Chen Songyuan hadn't heard a word, but he disappeared after Jon finished speaking.

Even if you hear it, you may not be able to ask.

But that's it, the general thing is figured out anyway.

All the things he did when he came to this world, except for what he really wanted to do, the rest were really because of the task.

didn't expect.

This is the point where I have to perform tasks.

Since Chen Songyuan said that the things here should be done better, let them go according to the original ending, so that Chen Songyuan can enter Earth smoothly.

Well, if so.

There is no conflict with his original plan.

After talking to the Mirage left by Chen Songyuan for so long, and having been delayed for so long above the deep sea, now I think something will happen below.

But no matter what happens, it's all about Jon's business. It is what they have to experience. It is better for them not to interfere with Jon.

He doesn't like to always change other people's lives.

There is no way but there is no way, but if you can not change it is better not to change.

Otherwise, the story will not be persuasive.

Many times, the beauty of a beautiful story lies in the fact that so many people have died.

So he took another look at Helga, and then appeared in Hogwarts.

Aberforth's role is basically finished. He has nothing to do, so when Jon appeared in the bar, he eagerly asked when Jon could leave.

"Leaving soon, things will be over soon, don’t they? I think the final war is coming, we don’t need to wait too long. I am also ready for the passage. I just learned from the ancestors Come back within the realm, everyone who died in this accident...All of us can get a chance to be reborn. I chose a place with verdant hills and limpid water, where they can live freely. ."

He just went to the world of Helga, mainly for this.

"But, are you sure you don't see Dumbledore again?"

Aberforth shook his head.

"Well, since you insist. Then I will go first. I think the ones over there should need some immediate processing, just to go and see... Huh? They seem to have been found."


Jon’s silhouette suddenly disappeared from the bar. Next moment, his silhouette appeared in the castle, but no one saw him. His Disillusionment Charm is much more powerful than the invisibility suit. After all, his The strength lies here.


When Jon appeared, Alekto's finger happened to touch the Dark Mark on her arm.

It can be seen that Harry was affected to a certain extent, probably because of Voldemort’s emotions, but he had not yet made a counterattack. A spell from another direction would strike Alex. Fell to the ground.

It was Luna who released a Stunning Spell.

"I only practiced Stunning Spell in DA training before," Luna said, with a slight surprise in her voice: "Didn't expect to make such a loud noise."

For an instant, the ceiling began to tremble.

Behind the door leading to dormitory, there was a louder and louder running sound. Luna's spells awakened the Ravenclaw student who was sleeping on it.

"Luna, where are you? I need to get under the Invisibility Cloak!"

Luna's feet suddenly appeared, and Harry hurried to her side.

As soon as she put the Invisibility Cloak on the two of them, the door opened and a group of Ravenclaw students in pajamas crowded into the common room.

They all gasped when they saw Alexo lying on the ground unconsciously, and screamed in surprise.

Slowly, they swept over and surrounded her, looking at this beast that would wake up at any time and attack them.

Then, a brave First Year new student rushed over and pushed her back with her big toe.

"I think she might be dead!"

He shouted happily.

"Oh, look," Luna saw Ravenclaw's students encircling Alekto and whispered happily, "How happy they are!"

"Yes... …Great..."

Harry closed his eyes, scar tú tú jumped in pain, he took the initiative to fall into Voldemort’s thoughts again...

In the tunnel of a cave...

He decided to check the locket first before coming...

It won’t take long...

common There was a knock on the room door, and Ravenclaw students were dumbfounded.

Harry heard the eagle-shaped knocker outside the door make another gentle, musical voice: "Where did the disappearing things go?"

"I don't know! You shut up! "

A rude voice yelled, and Harry knew it was Alecto's big brother, Amicus.

"Alecto? Alecto? Are you there? Did you catch him? Open the door!"

The students of Ravenclaw were frightened and gathered together Whispering.

Immediately, there was a series of loud noises, as if someone had fired a shot at the door.


If he comes, we haven't caught Potter-do you want to get the same fate as the Malfoys? Answer me!"

Amikus roared loudly, pushing the door desperately, but the door did not open.

Ravenclaw's students backed away one after another, and the most frightened ones began to rush back to the bedroom upstairs.

Harry was hesitating whether he should blast the door open, stun Amicus, and stop him from doing anything else.

At this moment, a very familiar voice sounded outside the door.

"Excuse me, what are you doing, Professor Carlo?"

"I want to—through—this damn—door!" Amicus shouted "Go and call Flitwick! Ask him to open the door, hurry!"

"But isn't your younger sister inside?" Professor McGonagall asked: "Earlier tonight, Flitwick was not with you Did you send your younger sister in?

Perhaps she can open the door for you?

You don’t need to wake up half of the castle."


"She said nothing, you old lady! You open the door for me! Quick! Open!"

"No problem, if you want to."

Professor McGonagall said, there was a terrifying chill in his voice.

I only listened to the light sound of the door knocker, and the musical voice asked again: "Where did the disappearing things go?"

"Turn into nothingness, that is, Transformed into everything."

"Well said."

Amikos waved wand and rushed in the door. The few Ravenclaw students who remained behind rushed towards the stairs. .

Amikus is a hunchback like his younger sister, with a pale dough-like face and small mung bean eyes.

These eyes immediately saw Alekto who was motionless on the floor.

He let out a cry of anger and horror.

"What did they do? These bastards!" he cried, "I want to read Cruciatus Curse to them, and let them tell me who did it—what would the Dark Lord say?"

Amikus stood in front of his younger sister, hit his head with his fist, and screamed: "We didn't catch that kid, they actually killed my younger sister!"

"She was just knocked out," Professor McGonagall knelt down to check Alexo, and said impatiently: "She will be fine."

"Bah, she's in big trouble!"

Amikus roared: "The Dark Lord caught her and it was over!

She even summoned him, I felt my mark burned. The Dark Lord thought we caught Potter!"

"'Grabbed Potter'?" Professor McGonagall said alertly, "What are you talking about,'Grab Live in Potter'?"

"He told us that Potter might break into the Ravenclaw Tower, and that we should call him as soon as we catch Potter!"

"Harry Potter Why Want to break into the Ravenclaw Tower? Potter belongs to our house!"

In Professor McGonagall’s doubtful and angry voice, Harry heard a hint of pride, and his heart immediately rushed towards Minerva McGonagall. Love it.

"He told us that Potter is coming here!" Carlo said, "How do I know what's going on?"

Professor McGonagall stood up, his sharp eyes in the room Sweeping, his eyes swept over where Harry and Luna were standing twice.

"We can push on those hairy children," Amikus said, and the fat pig face suddenly became cunning: "Yes, just do it.

Let’s say that Alekto was attacked by Mao Child’s sneak attack, that’s the Mao children who lived on it.” He looked up at Dormitory’s position and looked at the star-filled ceiling: “We said they forced her to press After the mark, the Dark Lord got false information... He could punish them.

What’s the difference between a few hairy children and a few hairy children?”

“This is The difference between facts and lies, courage and cowardice!"

Professor McGonagall's face turned pale.

"In short, this is a difference that you and your younger sister can't understand.

But I have to clarify one thing: you must not blame many of your stupid behaviors. Hogwarts’ students.

I don’t allow it."

"What did you say?"

Amikus approached, looking like overbearing , His face was only inches away from Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall did not flinch, but looked at him with a contemptuous look, as if he were a disgusting thing stuck to the toilet seat.

"This is not something you allow, Minerva McGonagall.

Your days are over.

We are here now, you You have to support me, or you can't eat and walk around."

He sipped Professor McGonagall's face.

Jon suddenly sighed. If he did not ask Professor McGonagall to cooperate with them at this moment, Professor McGonagall could wave the wand and turn the mentally retarded into a pig.

But on the other side, Harry tore off the Invisibility Cloak on his body, held up wand and said, "You shouldn't do this!"

He turned around at Amicus The moment he came, Harry yelled: "Crucio!"

Death Eater suddenly hung up, twisting and turning in the air like a drowning man, beating and howling in pain.

Following the loud noise of oh la la and the sound of broken glass splashing, he slammed on the door of a bookshelf and then fell to the ground unconsciously.

"I understand what Bellatrix means," Harry said, and the blood was surging in his head, roaring: "You need to be really cruel."

" Potter!"

Professor McGonagall grabbed her chest and whispered: "Potter—you are here! Really—how could—?"

She tried to calm herself down : "Potter, this is stupid!"

"He spit on you."

"Potter, I—you are—really brave—but don’t you Thinking of—?"

"Oh, I know."

Harry comforted her.

Somehow, her nervousness calmed him down.

"Professor McGonagall, Voldemort is coming."

"Why, can I say this name now?"

Luna asked with interest, Ripped off the Invisibility Cloak.

Seeing another student who violated the rules, Professor McGonagall could no longer bear it. She staggered back a few steps, fell onto a nearby chair, and squeezed tightly. Live the neckline of her old tartan dressing gown.

"I think it doesn’t matter what we call him," Harry said to Luna, "He already knows where I am."

Somewhere in Harry’s mind The corner—that corner was connected to the burning and furious scar. He saw Voldemort sitting on the gloomy terrible green boat, skimming fast on the dark lake... He was about to reach the island where the stone basin was. ...

"You must run away," Professor McGonagall said softly, "Quick, Potter, the sooner the better!"

"I can't," Harry said, "I have one more There is something to do.

Professor, do you know where the crown of Ravenclaw is?"

"Pull-the crown of Ravenclaw?

How would I know ——Isn’t it missing for many centuries?"

She straightened up slightly: "Potter, you are really stupid to enter this castle at this time, too stupid--"

"I have to do this," Harry said. "Professor, there is something hidden here. I want to find it. It may be the crown-if I can talk to Professor Flitwick -"

Suddenly there was a collision of movement and broken glass: Amicus woke up.

Without waiting for Harry or Luna to react, Professor McGonagall stood up suddenly, pointed at the shaky Death Eater with wand, and said: "Imperio."

Ah Mikus got up and walked to his younger sister, picked up her wand, dragged obediently and honestly to Professor McGonagall, handed it over with his wand, and then lay on the floor beside Alekto Down.

Professor McGonagall waved wand again, and conjured a twinkling silver light rope out of thin air, circumventing sister Brother Luo like a snake, and tied them together firmly.

"Potter," Professor McGonagall completely ignored Brother Luo's situation, turned his face to Harry and said, "If the demon really knows that you are here--"

Before she finished her words, a burst of painful anger rushed over Harry's head, making his scar look like a fire.

In an instant, he lowered his head and saw a stone basin, the potion in it had cleared, and he saw that the golden locket under the potion was gone--

"Potter, are you okay? "

A voice said, Harry came back to his senses: He was holding Luna's shoulders to stabilize himself.

"Time is running out, Voldemort is getting closer.

Professor, I am following Dumbledore's orders. I must find what he wants me to find!

But when I search in the castle, I have to evacuate all the students-Voldemort wants me, but he won't mind killing a few more people, especially now—"

"Are you acting on Dumbledore's orders?"

Professor McGonagall repeated, slowly showing a look of surprise on his face, and then stood up straight.

"When you search for this-this thing, we will resist the demon and protect the safety of the school."

"Is it possible?"

"I think there is," Professor McGonagall lightly said: "You know, our teachers are very good at magic. If everyone spares no effort, I believe they will be able to hold him for a while.

Of course. Ah, a little action must be taken against Professor Snape—"

"Let me—"

"—If the Dark Lord is at the door, Hogwarts is to be besieged. Transfer the innocent as much as possible.

Floo Network is under surveillance, and the school can’t Apparition—"

"There is a way."

Harry Immediately, he spoke carefully about the passage leading to Hog's Head.

"Potter, we are talking about hundreds of students—"

"I know, professor, but if Voldemort and Death Eater both focus on school, They don't care about anyone from Hog's Head Disapparation."

"It makes sense."

Professor McGonagall agreed.

She wand a finger to sister Brother Luo, a silver net immediately fell on the two tied bodies, and hung them up in the air, like two huge and ugly seabed creatures. The same hangs under the blue ceiling decorated with gold.

"Let’s go, we must wake up the other heads. You'd better put on the Invisibility Cloak."

She strode towards the door, raising wand, tip Three silver cats popped out, with spectacle-shaped markings around their eyes.

The three Patronus ran forward swiftly, and saw that the spiral staircase was covered with silver light, and Professor McGonagall, Harry and Luna hurried downstairs.

They ran through one after another corridor, Patronus left one by one.

Professor McGonagall's tartan dressing gown rustled on the floor, and Harry and Luna under the Invisibility Cloak trot behind.

I went down two more floors, and suddenly there was a gentle footstep.

Harry heard it first, and his scar was still tingling.

He fumbled for Marauder's Map in the leather bag around his neck, but before he took it out, Professor McGonagall seemed to have spotted someone.

She stopped, raised wand to prepare for battle, and asked: "Who is there?"

"It's me."

From a set Behind the armor, Severus Snape walked out.

As soon as Harry saw him, hatred raged in his heart.

Harry only remembered that Snape was very guilty, he almost forgot his exact appearance, his greasy black hair, which was drooping around his skinny face like a curtain, and how cold his black eyes were Ruthless eyes. He didn't wear pajamas, but his usual black cloak, with wand in his hand, ready to fight.

"Where is Brother Luo sister?"

"Probably where you told them to go, Severus."

Snape came closer and looked Passing quickly around Professor McGonagall, he seemed to know Harry was there.

Harry also raised wand, ready to attack at any time.

"I have a feeling," Snape said. "Alecto caught an intruder."

"Really?" Professor McGonagall said, "This feeling Where did it come from?"

Snape moved his left arm slightly, where the skin was burned with Dark Mark.

"Oh, of course," Professor McGonagall said, "I forgot. Death Eater has your own secret contact information."

Snape pretended not to hear Professor McGonagall's words, but his eyes remained unchanged. Searching in the air around her, while approaching her little by little, looking at his expression, it seemed that he didn't realize that he was doing it.

"I remember you shouldn't be patrolling the corridors tonight, Minerva."

"Do you have an opinion?"

"I'm just strange, so It's late, what made you get up from bed?"

"I seem to hear movement."

"Really? It seems to be quiet everywhere."

Snape looked straight into her eyes.

"Did you see Harry Potter, Minerva? If you do, I must emphasize—"

Professor McGonagall shot.

Her wand was slashing sou sou in the air. Harry thought for a while that Snape would collapse to the ground unconsciously. Unexpectedly, his Shield Charm was so agile that McGonagall lost his balance.

She waved the wand towards a torch on the wall, and the torch flew out of the bracket immediately.

Harry, who was about to cast a spell on Snape, had to drag Luna aside and avoid the falling flames.

The flame became a ring of fire, occupying the entire corridor, flying towards Snape like a noose—

Then it was no longer a fire, but a huge black snake , McGonagall blew it into black smoke.

Within a few seconds, the black smoke deformed and solidified, becoming a densely packed dagger chasing after it.

Snape had to block the armor in front of him, and slammed his dagger against the armor's chest protector, steadily--


A high-pitched voice said, Harry looked back while still covering Luna’s curse, and saw Flitwick and Professor Sprout rushing from the corridor in their pajamas. The bloated Professor Slughorn gasping for breath To follow behind.


Flitwick held wand's tip and called: "You are not allowed to kill in Hogwarts!"

Flitwick's spell hit Snape as The armor used as a shield, oh la la, the armor came alive.

Snape desperately broke free from the iron arm that was squeezing him, and threw the armor at the attacker.

Harry and Luna hurriedly jumped forward, and the armor hit the wall, becoming fragments.

When Harry looked up again, Snape was running away desperately, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout all chased after him.

Snape ran into a classroom quickly, and after a while, Harry heard McGonagall yelling: "Coward! Coward!"

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" Luna asked.

Harry pulled her up from the ground. The two put the Invisibility Cloak behind them and ran down the corridor into the empty classroom. McGonagall, Flitwick and Professor Sprout were all standing in a broken window. forward.

"He jumped down."

As Harry and Luna rushed into the classroom, Professor McGonagall said.

"You mean he died?"

Harry ran to the window in three steps and two steps, ignoring Flitwick and Sprout when he saw him suddenly appear. Screamed in astonishment.

"No, he is not dead," Professor McGonagall said angrily. "He is not like Dumbledore, he still has a wand in his hand... and he seems to have learned a few hands from his master."

Harry saw a large, bat-like silhouette in the distance, flying through the darkness towards the wall, and he couldn't help but feel terrified.

Heavy footsteps and wheezing gasps came from behind: Slughorn chased him.


He gasping for breath, massaging his fat breasts in bright green silk pajamas: "My dear child...how surprising...Minerva , Please explain...Severus...how..."

"Our headmaster is temporarily resting." Professor McGonagall said, pointing to the big Snape-shaped hole in the window.


Harry put his hands on his forehead and shouted.

He saw the water of the lake full of Inferius lay down and swept over him, felt the gloomy terrible green boat lightly hitting the shore of the underground lake, and jumped from the boat Voldemortous-looking—

"Professor, we must lock down the school, he is here!"

"Very well, that monster is here."

Professor McGonagall is right Several other teachers said. Sprout and Flitwick gasped, and Slughorn snorts low.

"Potter has work to do in the castle as ordered by Dumbledore.

We must do our best to provide all kinds of cover and let Potter do what he wants to do."

"You must know that no matter what we do, it is impossible to keep you know who out of the door for a long time, don't you?"

"But we can hold him down."


Professor Sprout said.

"Thank you, Pomona," Professor McGonagall said. The two witches exchanged serious and knowing glances. At this moment, they showed the friendly character of helping each other: "I suggest to be around the school Set up basic vigilance, and then gather the students to meet in the auditorium.

Most students must be evacuated, but if adult students are willing to stay and fight, I think we should give them this opportunity. "

"Agree," Professor Sprout said and hurried towards the door: "Twenty minutes later, I will bring the students from our college to meet you in the auditorium."

She ran away, and they heard mutter incantations in her mouth: "Devil's Snare, the pods of the pimple vine... Yes, I want to see how Death Eater can deal with these."

"I can start from here."

Flitwick said that although he couldn't see the outside clearly, he pointed at the broken glass window with wand and muttered very complicated spells in a low voice.

Harry heard a weird sound of hu hu, it seemed that Flitwick had released the power of the wind onto the playground.

"Professor," Harry walked to the small Charms teacher and said, "Professor, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but things are important. Do you know where Ravenclaw's crown is?"

"...Protego Horribillis-the crown of Ravenclaw?"

Flitwick said in a shrill voice: "There is nothing wrong with more wisdom, Potter, but I think in this situation I’m afraid it’s not very useful to download!"

"I just asked—do you know where it is? Have you seen it?"

"Have you seen it? People who are alive No one has seen it in his memory!

Long disappeared, child!"

Harry felt a sense of despair and tension. So, what exactly is Horcrux?

"Flitwick, we are meeting you and Ravenclaw students in the auditorium!"

Professor McGonagall finished speaking and motioned Harry and Luna to go with her.

As soon as they walked to the door, Slughorn hummed.

"Aiya," he said, panting, his pale face dripping with sweat, and the walrus' beard trembling slightly: "It's messy! I don't know if this is wise, Minerva.


He must have a way to break in. Whoever wants to stop him will definitely be very dangerous—"

"I also hope that you and the Slytherin students will gather in the auditorium in 20 minutes "

Professor McGonagall said: "If you are willing to take the students away, we will not stop it.

But if any of you wants to disrupt the resistance, or pick it up inside the castle Weapons confront us, then, Horace, we will fight to the death."


"The Slytherin house should decide whom to loyal," Professor McGonagall interrupted He: "Go and wake up your students, Horace."

Harry didn't stay to watch Slughorn hesitate, he and Luna rushed out with Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall stood in the middle of the corridor and raised wand.

"Stone stone--oh, for the sake of God, Filch, don't--"

The old administrator hobbled up and shouted "Students got out of bed! Students ran into the hallway!"

"They should be like this, you gibberish idiot!" McGonagall yelled, "Hurry up and do something useful! Go!" Get Peeves!"


Filch stammered, as if he had never heard of the name.

"Yes, Peeves, you fool, Peeves!

Aren’t you complaining about him for over twenty years? Get him, hurry!"

Filch obviously felt that Professor McGonagall had lost his mind, but he still shrugged his shoulders and staggered away, muttering silently.

"Okay—Shi Zhi is dispatched!"

Professor McGonagall yelled.

Said it’s too late, then it’s fast. The statues and armors in the corridor all jumped off the brackets. Harry heard the thumping sound from upstairs and downstairs, knowing their companions in the entire castle. Both took the same action.

"Hogwarts is under threat!"

Professor McGonagall exclaimed: "Keep the border, defend us, and do your duty for the school!"

With There was a sound of crashing and shouting, and a group of moving statues swarmed past Harry, some were slightly smaller, some were bigger than daoist, and some animals.

Those clattering armors wielded swords and spiked balls with chains.

"Okay, Potter," McGonagall said, "You and Miss Lovegood had better go back to your friends and bring them to the auditorium-I'll wake up the other students in Gryffindor."

They broke up at the next stairway. Harry and Luna ran to the secret entrance of the Blessed House. On the way, they met a group of students, most of whom were wearing travel cloaks outside their pajamas, escorted by teachers and Prefect Rushed to the auditorium.

"That was Potter just now!"

"Harry Potter!"

"It was him, I swear, I saw him just now!"

But Harry didn't look back, he came all the way to the entrance of the House of Request.

Harry leaned against the magic wall, and the wall immediately separated to let them in. He and Luna hurried down the steep stairs.


Seeing inside the room, Harry startled and slid down several stairs.

The house was full of people, much more crowded than when he was here just now.

Kingsley and Lupin are looking up at him, along with Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson and Alia Spinnett, Bill and Fleur, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

"Harry, what's the matter?"

Lupin met Harry under the stairs and asked.

"Voldemort is coming, the school is going to be locked down-Snape escaped-what are you doing here? How do you know?"

"We give Dumbledore's Army the other Someone sent a message," Fred De explained, "No one wants to miss this fun, Harry.

Then DA notified the Order of the Phoenix again, and it was like a snowball. "

"What do you do first, Harry?"

George exclaimed: "How is the situation?"

"They are evacuating younger students. Everyone Gather in the auditorium and wait for the arrangement," Harry said, "We're fighting."

The roaring roar was overwhelming, and people came to the foot of the stairs.

Harry clung to the wall and let them run past him. There were members of Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army, and Harry’s former Quiddich team member. They all pulled out the wand , Rushed towards the Castle Lord building in the city.

"Let's go, Luna."

Dean shouted extend the hand as he walked by.

Luna took his hand and followed him up the stairs.

The crowd was getting scarce, only a small circle of people remained in the responsive room below, and Harry walked over.

Mrs. Weasley is arguing with Ginny, and Lupin, Fred, George, Bill and Fleur are standing around him.

"You are not old enough!"

When Harry approached, Mrs. Weasley was shouting at his daughter: "I don't allow it! A male child can, but you must return Home!"

"I won't!"

Ginny flicked her hair and freed her arm from mother's hand.

"I'm from Dumbledore's Army--"

"--That's a youth gang!"

"A teenager who is ready to compete with you know who Gang, this is something no one dares to do!"

"She is only sixteen years old!"

Mrs. Weasley said loudly: "She is still too young! What are you two doing? I thought, brought her—"

Fred and George looked a little ashamed.

"Mother is right, Ginny," Bill said gently, "You can't do this. People under the age must leave. That's right."

" I'm not going home!"

Ginny shouted, eyes flashing with angry tears: "Our whole family is here, I can't wait there alone, I don't know anything—"


Her eyes met Harry for the first time. She looked at Harry pleadingly, but Harry shook the head, and she turned her head angrily.

"Okay," she said, looking at the entrance of the passage leading to Hog's Head, "I will say goodbye now, and later—"

Suddenly heard a rustling sound , And then there was a plop, and another person crawled out of the passage, shook his body a few times, and fell.

Then he got up and sat down on a nearby chair, looked around through the slanted horn-framed glasses, and said: "Am I late? Has it already started? I just knew it, just— —Just—"

Percy stammered and couldn't go on. He obviously did not expect to meet so many relatives.

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