Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 904

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When Hogwarts started preparing for the battle, Jon and Snape were sitting in the headmaster's office.

Because for this magic school, there is nowhere to stop the headmaster.

Either Dumbledore in the past, or Snape now, as long as they want, they can get the results they want.

It is not difficult to get the desired result. If you want to expand your influence on this matter, you may be able to achieve a better effect.

But Jon thinks this is great now.

This night, the magic world is destined to receive a considerable impact. When Jon is ready to unblock the blocked news, a lot of information will be conveyed to the current Britain, from all directions .

For example, the European continent and the Americas are within easy reach.

In this matter, Jon was almost foolproof. He placed the pilot in the Americas. After achieving results there, he started moving towards the other two directions for thinking.

China has not encountered any resistance, because it has solved the most difficult part of the population, and as an ordinary person, there is no reason to block anything about magic. It is popularized in the ordinary person’s world. Come.

"Don't you really think about it, find a school to continue to be the headmaster?"

"I don't like being a teacher. I have been in Hogwarts for so many years, and the torture is not enough Do you have more?

Once your plan is rolled out, the position of magic professor is not very important. Every year so many new students graduate from Hogwarts, you can find a random magic school to be a teacher , Then is there any need to continue this position?"

"That can’t be said. If Dumbledore allowed Voldemort to stay as a magic professor, maybe there would be no such problem. Huh?"

"Are you talking in sleep?

Even if Dumbledore allowed Voldemort to become a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, what should happen will still happen.


Human ambitions are impossible and filled with matter. You should know this better than me.

Besides, to become a professor, he wants to be a headmaster. There are ways to gain power. There are so many kinds, but he chose the worst one. Isn’t this enough to explain the problem?

According to Dumbledore’s guess, the reason why he wanted to stay in Hogwarts as a professor back then, It’s because he wants to steal the treasures of Fugwarts to make Horcrux. If this kind of answer does happen, I’m afraid it’s not a good thing."

"It makes sense, but now this What should we do in this situation?

I have arranged a few places for you and you are not satisfied. Then, where are you going?"

"I have my own choice, I We have already agreed with Filch, we two plan to travel the world, maybe there will be a better place for us to provide for the elderly."

"Elderly care..."

"Okay Well, as a wizard, it may be a good choice to be able to provide for the elderly. After all, you no longer need to worry about living and eating. As long as you don’t pursue the achievements of unfathomable mystery, you can indeed start to provide for the elderly."

The world is full of wizard’s life. Obviously it is the extremely rich life of the material world dreamed by human society.

magic can help mankind solve many problems, but there are not so many material needs. , The results of magic can basically be satisfied by most ordinary people.

In this way, ambition becomes insignificant.

"Ministry of Magic still needs to cooperate with the international magic organization to formulate more restraint regulations, and the muggle governments of various countries also need to make some adjustments, but there is no need to worry about these. The problems in the East are basically The above has been solved, and most of the problems in the West have been solved. As long as Voldemort is solved here, we will be able to transition to the next stage very smoothly."

"In fact, the solution will not solve Voldemort. Doesn't it affect anything?"

Snape suddenly asked: "From what I have observed for so long, Voldemort's existence basically has no effect on your plan. For you, he is just a clown, it’s the kind of existence that you can suppress him as soon as you stretch out your hand, but why do you care about his life and death so much?"

"This involves some troublesome reasons, of course I can’t do that. To tell you bluntly, but maybe one day you can think of it,

If you know why this is happening, maybe you can progress to the next stage and become the god of this world?"

"Really? That's a coincidence. I'm not interested in becoming a god at all, but are you keeping my memory okay?"

"Don't worry Well, I keep your memory very well. After Voldemort does your hand, I will appear immediately to save your life and your memory."

Jon smiled: "But don't forget, we The most important question is to show your memory-the forged memory, to our boy."

"Have you forged something?"

Snape Some doubts: "I looked through it twice, and in my memory, it seems that there is no big problem."

"Of course there is no big problem, because I only erased what was related to me. Part of it, and modified it, the others have not been changed.

You have to trust the ability of an editor, headmaster."

Snape reported this. indifferent.

"Are you sure you won't take a look at those children? They should be in the responsive house now, and they seem to be about to burn the school."

"Don't worry, I think it doesn’t matter if there is a room for requests. The place where things are stored is burned. Although the crown on it is indeed Horcrux, the crown itself is fake. We have worked hard for so long to replicate Voldemort’s Horcrux. , Those fake things are damaged if they are damaged. No one cares. If the genuine product is damaged, we will feel distressed. Wasn't it because of this that Voldemort chose one thing to make his Horcrux?"

Of course.

There may be part of this reason.

But no matter what the reason, it is not important now.

This matter is essentially Voldemort's nature problem, looking for the cause will not be able to solve any problem.

No matter where to find the reason, whether Voldemort's childhood or other places are good, finding out the reason is also impossible to get Voldemort back on the right track, because he can't go back anymore.

"Forget it, I won't tell you, I guess Voldemort will come to you soon, I will take your memory away first."

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