Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 905

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Things happen suddenly, in an instant.

Snape received Voldemort's summon, which was communicated through Lucius Malfoy, so Jon planned to take a look at the problems in the campus first, but ran into Harry on the way.

They are going to Shrieking Shack.

So Jon also plans to visit Shrieking Shack.

The road was a bit troublesome, but it was still within the reach of the students. He ran desperately, almost feeling that he could leave death behind. He ignored the blazing light from the surrounding darkness, the sound of the lake scouring like the sea, or the zhi zhi rattling from the Forbidden Forest—even though there was no wind at night. They ran across the playground that seemed to be fighting back. Harry had never ran so fast in his life. Then, he was the first to see the big tree, the Whomping Willow who flicked its whip-like branches and protected the secrets under the tree roots.

Harry slowed down breathlessly, avoiding the whipped branches of Whoping Willow sou sou, and carefully looked at the thick tree trunk in the dark, wanting to see the old tree skin that can be used The knots of the tree calming down. Ron and Hermione also caught up, and Hermione could not even speak.

"We—how do we get in?" Ron said, panting, "I can—can see that place—if we—with Crookshanks—"

"Crookshanks?" Hermione gasping for breath said, bending over and grabbing his chest, "Are you a wizard?"

"Oh-yes-yes -"

Ron looked all around, then pointed at a branch on the ground with wand, and said: "Wingardium Leviosa!" The branch flew up from the ground, spinning in the air like being blown by the wind. Then swish through the treacherous branches of Whomping Willow, rushing straight to the trunk. It stabbed a place near the root of the tree, and suddenly, the twisted Willow Tree fell silent.

"Pretty!" Hermione gasped.


For that brief moment, Harry hesitated. The air was filled with the roar and crash of fighting. Voldemort wants him to do this, hopes he will come to the door... Is he putting Ron and Hermione into a trap?

Next, reality seemed to surround him, cruel and clear: there is only one way ahead, to kill the snake, and the snake is with Voldemort, and Voldemort is at the end of this tunnel... …

"Harry, here we come, go in!" Ron said, pushing him forward.

Harry twisted and crawled into the dirt tunnel hidden under the roots of the tree. It is much narrower and cramped than when they came in last time. The roof of the tunnel is very low. They had to bend their bodies almost four years ago, and now they can only crawl forward. Harry is at the forefront, he lights up wand, beware of obstacles at any time, but the journey goes smoothly. They crawled forward silently. Harry stared at the wavering light from the wand held in his hand.

Finally, the tunnel began to rise, and Harry saw a long narrow light ahead. Hermione tugged at his ankle.

"Invisibility Cloak!" She whispered, "Put the Invisibility Cloak on!"

Harry fumbled behind him, and Hermione stuffed the slippery dress into him. wand's hands. Harry put his clothes on his body with great effort, whispered "Nox", extinguished the light of wand, and then continued to crawl forward with his hands and feet, trying not to make any noise. He tensed all his nerves, knowing that he could be spotted at any time, he could hear a cold and clear voice at any time, and see a dazzling green light.

Next, he heard the voice from the front room, but the gap at the end of the tunnel was blocked by something like an old box, making the voice sound a bit muffled. Harry tried to hold his breath as much as possible, and moved to the gap little by little, looking through the narrow gap between the box and the wall of the cave.

The light in the room over there was dim, but he still saw Nagini. The serpent stayed safely in the sparkling magic ball of starlight floating in the air, twisting and coiling like underwater. Harry also saw a pale, slender-fingered hand playing with a wand on the edge of a table. Then, Snape spoke, and Harry's heart jumped. The place where Snape and Harry were curled up and hiding was only a few inches.

"...Master, their resistance is disintegrating—"

"—There is no credit for you," Voldemort said in his high-pitched, clear voice." Severus, although you are a brilliant wizard, I don't think you are of any use anymore. We are just about to succeed...not too far."

"Let me find that boy. Let me bring Potter to you. I know I can find him, Master. Please."

Snape walked past the gap and Harry stepped back a bit, eyes still on Nagini. I wondered if there was a curse that could penetrate the protective layer around the snake, but I couldn't think of a single one. He didn't dare to act rashly. Once he failed, his position would be exposed...

Voldemort stood up. Harry could see him, seeing his red eyes, his flat, snake-like face, and his pale gleam in the dark.

"I have a problem, Severus." Voldemort said softly.

"Master?" Snape said.

Voldemort raised Elder Wand and pinched it between his fingers delicately and gracefully, like a baton.

"Why doesn't it work for me, Severus?"

In silence, Harry seemed to hear the si si scream of the serpent coiling and stretching, or Voldemort's presence. The si si sigh lingering in the air?

"Lord—Master?" Snape said blankly, "I don’t understand. You—you used this wand to perform superb magic."

"No, Voldemort said, "I only used my usual wand. I'm superb, but this wand...no. It doesn't show the miracle it should show. This wand is the same one I bought from Ollivander many years ago. Compared with that wand, I don't feel any difference."

Voldemort's tone was calm and looked thoughtful, but Harry's scar started to jump tú tú again. As the pain on his forehead intensified little by little, he felt Voldemort's inner anger gradually escalated.

"There is no difference." Voldemort said again.

Snape did not speak. Harry couldn't see his face. He didn't know if Snape felt the danger and was searching for the right words to make the owner clear his doubts.

Voldemort began to walk around the house. Harry couldn't see him for a few seconds. He could only hear him talking in that at a moderate pace voice while pacing. At the same time, Harry's pain and anger continued to increase.

"I thought hard for a long time, Severus...Do you know why I called you back from the battlefield?"

For a while, Harry saw Snape's Silhouette, Snape's eyes were fixed on the snake coiling in the magic cage.

"I don't know, master, but I beg you to let me go back and let me find Potter."

"You talk like Lucius, and none of you know Potter as much as I do. Use Don’t look for it. Potter will come here by himself. I know his weakness, one of his big flaws. He doesn’t want to watch people get knocked down around him, and knows that all this happened because of him. . He will stop at all costs. He will come."

"But, master, he may be killed by others by mistake--"

"I give me those Death Eater’s instructions are very clear. Capture Potter alive. Kill his friend—the more the better—but don’t kill him."

"But, Severus, I want to talk about you. Instead of Harry Potter. You used to be very valuable to me, very valuable."

"The master knows that I am willing to work for you. But—let me find that boy, master. Let me Bring him to see you. I know I can—"

"I told you, no!" Voldemort said, and when he turned around again, Harry saw the twinkle in his eyes In the red light, I heard the rustling of his cloak, like a snake crawling on the ground. Harry also felt Voldemort's impatience from the burning scar. "Severus, what I care about right now is what will happen when I finally face that boy!"

"Master, of course there is a problem with impossible—?"

"— —There is a problem, Severus, there is a problem."

Voldemort stopped, Harry could see him clearly again, and saw him stroke Elder Wand with his pale fingers and his eyes fixed on Snape.

"Why didn't the two wands I used work against Harry Potter?"

"I—I can’t answer, Master."


The intense anger pierced Harry's head like a nail, and he put his fist into his mouth so that he wouldn't scream in pain. He closed his eyes, and suddenly he became Voldemort, staring at Snape's pale face.

"My yew wand was so obedient to me, Severus, but failed to kill Harry Potter. Both failed. Ollivander told me brothers wand under torture. What happened, told me to use someone else's wand. I did, but Lucius's wand became fragmented as soon as he met Potter's wand."

"I--I don't understand, master. "

Snape didn't look at Voldemort at the moment. His dark eyes were still staring at the serpent coiling in the protective ball.

"I found the third wand, Severus. Elder Wand, fate rod, death rod. I took it from its former owner. I took it from Albus Dumbledore’s grave Here it is."

Now Snape is looking at Voldemort. Snape's face is like a dead man's mask, as pale and solid as marble. It was startled when he spoke, and didn't expect that there was a living person behind those hollow eyes.

"Master--let me find that boy--"

"The whole long night, seeing the edge of victory, I was sitting here," Voldemort said, his voice sounded a little Nearly whispered, "Think, think, why Elder Wand refuses to use its abilities, refuses to perform miracles for its legal owner as in the legend... Now I seem to have the answer."

Snape didn't speak.

"Maybe you already know? You are a smart man after all, Severus. You have always been a good and loyal servant. I regret what must happen."

"Master ——"

"Elder Wand cannot serve me well, Severus, because I am not its true owner. Elder Wand belongs to the wizard who killed its former owner. You killed Albus · Dumbledore. As long as you are alive, Severus and Elder Wand are impossible and truly belong to me."

"Master!" Snape protested, holding up Wand.

"There are other ways impossible," Voldemort said, "I must conquer this wand, Severus. Conquer this wand, and finally conquer Potter."

Voldemort uses Elder Wand slammed into the air. Snape was unharmed, and for an instant, he seemed to think he was temporarily exempted. Then, Voldemort's intentions became clear. The snake's cage was tumbling in the air, and Snape only let out a scream. The cage covered his head and shoulders, and Voldemort spoke with Parseltongue.


With a terrifying scream, Harry saw that the only bit of blood on Snape's face had disappeared, and the snake's fangs pierced into his neck. He weakly pushed away the magic cage, his knees fell to the ground, his face became deathly white, and his black eyes opened wide.

"I'm sorry." Voldemort said coldly.

He turned around, there was no sorrow or regret in his heart. With the wand who absolutely obeyed his orders, he should leave the shed now, Pack is in a situation. He pointed at the shiny snake cage of starlight with wand, and the cage floated up and left Snape. As soon as Snape fell to the ground, blood gushed from the wound in his neck. Voldemort quickly left the house, without looking back, the giant snake trapped in the huge protective ball also floated with him.

Harry went back to the tunnel, back in his own mind, and he opened his eyes. He bit the joints of his fingers and bleeds so as not to shout. At this moment, he peered through the narrow gap between the box and the cave wall, and saw a foot in black boots shaking on the floor.

"Harry!" Hermione gasped behind him, but he had pointed wand at the box blocking his view. The box hung an inch and floated to the side silently. Harry tiptoed into the room.

He didn't know why he did this, why he approached the dying man. He didn't know how he felt when he saw Snape's deathly white face and saw those fingers trying to plug the bleeding wound on his neck. Harry took off the Invisibility Cloak and looked down at the man he hated. Snape saw Harry with wide black eyes, and he struggled to speak. Harry leaned down, and Snape grabbed the front of Harry's robe and pulled him closer to himself.

Snape's throat made terrifying noises.


Not only blood came out of Snape. A silvery blue thing that was neither gas nor liquid came out of his mouth, ears, and eyes. Harry knew what it was, but didn't know what to do--

A ampoule made out of thin air was stuffed into his trembling hand by Hermione. Harry used the wand to fish the silver substance into the bottle. The bottle was full, and Snape's blood seemed to have run out, and he grasped Harry's robes and let go weakly.

"Look at...I..."

The green eyes stared at the black eyes, but after a second, something seemed to be deep in those black eyes Disappeared, they became dazed, sluggish and hollow.

The hand holding Harry dropped to the ground, and Snape stopped moving.

It should be dead.

Harry is a little flustered,

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