Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 906

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When Jon's consciousness left Harry's mind, it still felt a little unreal.

Why aren’t things happening in your head real?

It’s really weird to say this from his mouth, but it’s normal to think about it. If that’s not the case, how can the whole thing make sense?

Only if he has experienced it personally, can he integrate this story ingeniously. Otherwise, where did Joanne get such material to write the book?

It is a wonderful reincarnation.

But on the other hand, Hagrid has already taken Harry to another battlefield.

Jon is behind.

Follow from a distance.

He is counting down.

Voldemort was talking, but he didn't know that Britain was not the only one in this world, and beyond the envelope of the Sleeping Dragon Formation, tremendous changes were taking place.

It's kind of pitiful.

The shouting cut through the dawn sky, Neville was on fire, but he was nailed to the spot, unable to move even a little bit. Harry couldn't stand it anymore, he had to act--

And then, many things happened at the same time.

They heard a commotion from the boundary wall of the school in the distance. It seemed that hundreds of people were grandiose climbing over the wall outside of sight, shouting loudly and rushing towards the castle. At the same time, Glop swayed from the side of the castle and shouted: "Hagrid!" Voldemort's giants roared in response. They rushed towards Glop like bull elephants, shaking the ground. Then came the sound of horseshoes and bows, and in a blink of an eye, sharp arrows shot in the middle of Death Eater. They yelled in surprise and got confused. Harry drew the Invisibility Cloak from his robe and put it on him, leaping up from the ground, and Neville was able to move.

Neville's body straightened, and he broke free of the restraint curse all at once, and the burning hat slipped off. He drew a silver thing out of it, with a gleaming handle and rubies studded with--

In the roar of the crowd, in the slaying of giants, in the swarming Centaur No one could hear the sound of the silver sword cutting off the hoof, but it seemed to attract every pair of eyes. With a sword down, Neville cut off the snake's head, and the snake's head rotated high into the sky, shining in the light spilling from the hall. Voldemort opened his mouth and yelled in anger, but no one could hear him. Then, with a bang, the body of the snake fell heavily under his feet——

Harry hid under the invisibility cloak, before Voldemort raised the wand. , Put a Shield Charm between him and Neville. Then, amidst the shouts, roars, and heavy footsteps of the fighting giants, Hagrid's shouts overwhelmed everything.

"Harry!" Hagrid yelled, "Harry—where is Harry?"

The whole scene was chaotic. Centaur charged into battle, chasing Death Eater in all directions. Everyone was escaping from being trampled by giants. The reinforcements from nowhere were so powerful that they approached. Harry saw the winged behemoths Thestral and Hippogriff, the winged beast Buckbeak, hovering on top of Voldemort's giant, grabbing their eyes, and Glop fisted them with old fists. At this time, all the wizards, the defenders of Hogwarts, or the Death Eater of Voldemort, were forced to retreat to the castle. Harry fired curses and spells whenever he saw Death Eater. They collapsed to the ground, but didn't know who or what animal attacked him, and then their bodies were retreated and the crowd stepped on their feet.

Harry was still hiding under the Invisibility Cloak, crowded into the hall by the crowd. He was looking for Voldemort, and then he saw Voldemort at the other end of the room, still under the loud command, while retreating into the auditorium, while waving the wand and shooting the curse towards all directions. Harry cast a few more Shield Charms, and Seamus Finigan and Hannah Abbot, who were nearly hit by Voldemort, hurriedly ran from him into the auditorium and joined the already raging battle there.

At this time, more and more people crowded the steps of the front door, and Harry saw Charlie Weasley catch up with Horace Thrughorn, who was still wearing bright green pajamas. Behind them, there seemed to be Hogwarts' heavy relatives and friends who stayed to fight, as well as the shop boss and homeowner in Hogsmeade Village. With a violent sound of horseshoes, Centaur Bain, Ronan, and Margaret rushed into the auditorium, and at the same time, the door leading to the kitchen behind Harry was blown off the hinges.

The house elf grandiose of Hogwarts flooded into the hall, screaming and brandishing knives and meat cleavers. Walking in the front is Kreacher with Regulus·Black locket on his chest, even in this way His bullfrog-like voice is still clearly audible: "Fight! Fight! Fight for my master, the defender of house elf! In the name of the brave Regulus, resist the Dark Lord! Fight!"

They slashed and stabbed Death Eater's ankles and calves, and their faces burned with hatred. No matter where Harry looked, all he saw was Death Eater, who was under the spiritual pressure of a large number of small spirits. He was so subdued by spells. He was stabbed in the leg and was drawing arrows from the wound. There were others. Running desperately, but was overwhelmed by the swarming elves.

But the battle is not over yet. Harry ran through the combatants, through the people who were struggling under the spell, and rushed into the auditorium.

Voldemort is at the center of the battle. He shoots at the people around him with a bow from left to right. Harry couldn't aim, and could only move forward a little bit under the cover of Invisibility Cloak. There are more and more people in the auditorium, and as long as they can walk, they are desperately squeezing into it.

Harry saw Yaxley being knocked to the ground by George and Lee Jordan, Dolohov collapsed with a scream in Flitwick's hands, and Walton McNeill being thrown by Hagrid. To the end of the auditorium, he slammed into the stone wall and slid to the ground unconsciously. He also saw Ron and Neville defeat Fenrir Greyback, Aberforth knocked out Luke Wood, Arthur and Percy knocked Sinknis down, and Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were running around in the crowd. Did not participate in the battle, just called their son loudly.

Voldemort was fighting with McGonagall, Slughorn and Kingsley at the same time. His face was cruel hate. Their three people were running around and avoiding him, but he could not kill him--

Fifty meters away from Voldemort, Bellatrix was also fighting vigorously, fighting three people at the same time like her master: Hermione, Ginny and Luna. They all tried their best, but Bellatrix matched them evenly. Suddenly, a Killing Curse almost hit Ginny. It really hung, and Ginny died an inch away. Harry's attention was drawn over—

He changed direction, temporarily let go of Voldemort, and rushed straight to Bellatrix, but was knocked to the side before running a few steps.

"Don't touch my daughter, you bitch!"

Mrs. Weasley threw off the cloak while running, freeing up two arms, Bellatrix turned around and saw this The new challenger laughed gruffly.

"Get out of the way!" Mrs. Weasley yelled to the three girls, then wand waved and started fighting. Harry watched Molly Weasley's wand whirled and killed with horror and joy. The smile on Bellatrix Lestrange's face began to tremble and turned into a growl. The two wand sou sou shone brightly, and the floor near witch's feet became hot and cracked. The two women are fighting to the death.

"no!" Mrs. Weasley saw several students rushing forward to help, loudly shouted, "Go back! Go back! She is mine!"

At this time, Ji A hundred people stood by the wall, watching these two duels: Voldemort and his three opponents, Bellatrix and Molly. Harry stood there in a dilemma. He wanted to attack and protect himself, not sure whether it would hurt the innocent.

"I killed you, what will your children do?" Bellatrix taunted, she was as crazy as her master, jumping to avoid the spell sent by Molly sou sou, "Mom What can I do if Mimi ends up like Fred?"

"Never again—no—you—touch—my-child!" Mrs. Weasley screamed.

Bellatrix laughed heartily, the laughter was heartily, exactly the same as her laugh when her cousin Sirius fell back through the curtain. Harry suddenly knew what was next.

Molly's curse flew under Bellatrix's outstretched arms and hit her chest, exactly where the heart was.

Bellatrix's triumphant smile solidified, and her eyes seemed to stick out. At that moment, she knew what had happened, and then she fell to the ground. The surrounding crowd was full of noise, and Voldemort screamed.

Harry felt like turning around in slow motion. He saw McGonagall, Kingsley, and Slughorn were all blown up, fluttering and tossing in the air. Voldemort saw his last and most loyal assistant being knocked down. , The anger exploded like a bomb. Voldemort raised the wand and pointed it at Molly Weasley.

"Protego!" Harry loudly roared, Shield Charm ran across the center of the auditorium immediately, Voldemort looked around all around to find who cast the spell. Harry finally took off the invisibility cloak.

Shocks of astonishment, cheers, "Harry!" "He's alive!" shouts rang out from all sides, followed by another piece of absolute silence. Voldemort and Harry stared at each other, and at the same time they started walking around in circles face to face. People grabbed their hearts, and the auditorium suddenly became deadly silent.

"I don't want anyone to help," Harry said loudly. In absolute silence, his voice spread like a trumpet. "It must be like this, it must be me."

Voldemort made a si si sound in his mouth.

"Potter is not telling the truth," he said, his red eyes widened. "That's not his style, right? Potter, who do you want to use as a shield today? "

"No one," Harry said flatly, "Horcrux is gone. Only you and me. Both can't live, only one survives, and one of us will leave forever... "

"One of us?" Voldemort sneered, his whole body tight, his red eyes staring like a snake ready to attack, "You think it's you, right, that has Dumbledore The boy who survived by chance after being linked behind?"

"My mother died to save me. Is this accidental?" Harry asked. The two people are still moving sideways, in circles, always keeping the same distance. For Harry, there were no other faces except Voldemort. "In that cemetery, I decided to resist. It was accidental? I did not resist and survived tonight. It was also accidental to come back to fight?"

"By chance!" Voldemort cried, but still did not attack. . The surrounding crowd freezes, as if petrified. There are hundreds of people in the auditorium, and it seems that only the two of them are breathing. "Occasionally, luck, and that you can hide behind adults crying and let me kill them for you!"

"You don't want to kill anyone tonight," Harry said , They went around in a circle, staring at each other’s eyes, green eyes to red eyes, "You never want to kill any of them, never think about it. Understand? In order to prevent you from hurting these people, I am ready to die. ——?"

"You didn't!"

"——I made up my mind, this is the key. I did what my mother did. You can't hurt them anymore . Didn’t you find that the spells you shot at them are not binding? You can’t torture them, you can’t hurt them. You never learn from your mistakes, do you, Riddle?"

"How dare you—"

"Yes, I dare," Harry said, "You don't know the things I know, Tom Riddle. I know many important things you don't know . Do you want to listen so that you don't make another big mistake?"

Voldemort didn't speak, and silently walked around the circle. Harry knew he was temporarily bewildered, and he dared not do it lightly, worried that if Harry really knew some fatal secret...

"It's love again?" Voldemort said, the snake's face full of It’s ridicule, "Dumbledore’s magic weapon, love, he claimed to conquer death, but failed to prevent him from falling from the tower, falling to pieces like an old wax figure! Love, did not stop me from crushing your mudblood mother to death like a cockroach, Potter-This time no one seems to stand up because of loving you and block my spells. Then, how can you not die when I do it?"

"Only a little." Harry said. The two of them were still turning and holding each other face to face, and the only thing that separated them was the last secret.

"If it is not love that saves you this time," Voldemort said, "then you must believe that you have a magic that I don't have, or have a weapon even more powerful than mine?"


"It's both." Harry said. He saw a trace of panic flashing across Zhang She's face, but it was fleeting. Voldemort laughed, the laughter was more terrifying than his yelling: cold and crazy, reverberating in the silent auditorium.

"Do you think you can have more magic than me?" He said, "More than me—Master Voldemort? The magic I used, Dumbledore never even dreamed of dreaming!"


"Oh, he thought about it," Harry said, "but he is wiser and didn't do the things you did."

"You mean he is weak!" Voldemort screamed He said, "He is weak, he has no guts, he is weak, and dare not take away what should belong to him-now it will belong to me!"

"No, he is smarter than you," Harry said." It’s a better wizard, a better man."

"I killed Albus Dumbledore!"

"You think so," Harry said, "but you Wrong."

For the first time, a commotion among the onlookers, hundreds of people on the wall took a deep breath at the same time.

"Dumbledore is dead!" Voldemort threw this sentence fiercely at Harry, as if it could cause Harry unbearable pain, "His body is in the marble grave on the wasteland of this castle. I see it, Potter, he will never come back!"

"Yes, Dumbledore is dead," Harry said quietly, "but it wasn't your arrangement. He chose In order to die, I chose a few months before he died. He and the person you think is your servant arranged everything together."

"What a naive and ridiculous dream!" Voldemort said. But he still didn't attack, those red eyes stared into Harry's eyes firmly.

"Severus? Snape is not yours," Harry said. "Snape is Dumbledore's. He has been Dumbledore's since you started chasing my mother. You haven't noticed. Because you don't understand that kind of thing. Have you never seen Snape's Patronus, Riddle?"

Voldemort didn't answer. They continued to confront each other in circles, like two wolves ready to tear each other to pieces.

"Snape's Patronus is a deer," Harry said, "It's the same as my mother's, because he has loved her for almost all his life, since their childhood. In fact, you should have discovered that, "He saw Voldemort's nostrils suddenly open, and he said, "He asks you to spare my mother's life, isn't it?"

"He longs for her, nothing more," Voldemort sneered. Said, "But after she died, Snape admitted that there were other women in the world, and the bloodline was purer and more worthy of him—"

"Of course he would tell you that." Harry said, "But From the time you threatened my mother, he was Dumbledore's spy, and he has been against you since then! Snape ended his life when Dumbledore was dying."

"That doesn't matter!" Voldemort screamed, he concentrated attention completely listening to every word Harry said, and suddenly a string of crazy laughs, "Snape is my person or Dumbledore's person, they want to set up something small on my way Little stumbling blocks, none of them matter! I destroyed them just as I destroyed your mother, Snape's so-called great love! Oh, but this shows the problem, Potter, but you don’t understand!"

"Dumbledore prevented me from getting Elder Wand! He wanted Snape to become the real owner of Elder Wand! But I got ahead of you, Xiaomao child-before you started, I got wand, I didn’t wait for you to wake up, and I understood the truth. I killed Severus Snape three hours ago, and now, Elder Wand, the death rod, and the rod of fate really belong to me! Dumbledore’s last plan fell through, Harry? Potter!"

"Yes, yes," Harry said. "You are right, but before you kill me, I suggest you think about what you did...think about it. Think, try to do some confession, Riddle..."

"What does this mean?"

All the things Harry said to Voldemort, including revelations and frigid irony and No word of scorching satire shocked Voldemort so much. Harry saw his pupils shrink into two narrow slits, and saw the skin around his eyes turn white.

"This is your last chance," Harry said, "Your only chance...I have seen you end without repentance...Be brave...Try it...Try something Confession..."

"How dare you—?" Voldemort said again.

"Yes, I dare," Harry said, "because Dumbledore's final plan did not cause any unexpected results for me, but it did for you, Riddle."

Voldemort's hand holding Elder Wand was shaking, and Harry gripped Draco's wand tightly. He knew that the moment was coming.

"The wand still won't listen to your command, because you killed the wrong person. Severus? Snape is not the real master of Elder Wand at all. He hasn't defeated Dumbledore at all."

"He killed—"

"Did you not listen to me? Snape didn't defeat Dumbledore at all! Dumbledore's death was planned by them together! Dumbledore planned to die undefeated and became Wand's The last true master! If everything goes according to plan, the power of wand should die with him, because no one wins wand from him!"

"But, Potter, Dumbledore is equivalent to giving Wand Me!" Voldemort's voice trembled with malicious saltiness, "I stole wand from the grave of its last owner! I took it out against the wishes of its last owner! Its power belongs to me. !"

"You still don’t understand, Riddle? It’s not enough to have a wand! Holding it and using it doesn’t make it truly yours. Didn’t you hear what Ollivander said? Wand chose wizard...Before Dumbledore died, Elder Wand recognized a new owner, and that person didn't even touch it. The new owner violated Dumbledore's wishes and removed the wand in his hands. He didn't even know that he did it. What, I don’t know that the most powerful wand in the world has served him allegiance..."

Voldemort's chest was rising and falling fiercely. Harry could feel the spells rushing up, and he could feel the spells pointing towards his door. Gather strength in wand.

"The real owner of Elder Wand is Draco Malfoy."

Voldemort's face showed a dazed astonishment, but it was fleeting.

"But what does that matter?" He said softly, "Even if you are right, Potter, what does it matter to you and me? You no longer hold that Phoenix feather wand: We just rely on skill to fight... wait until I kill you, and then deal with Draco Malfoy..."

"But you are too late," Harry said, "You missed the opportunity. I took the lead. I defeated Draco Malfoy a few weeks ago. I snatched this wand from him."

Harry shook Hawthorn wand and felt all eyes in the auditorium. On it.

"So, the final result is like this, right?" Harry whispered, "Does the wand in your hand know that his last master has been disarmed? If it knows... now I am The real master of Elder Wand."

Suddenly, a golden red light burst from the magic sky above them, and a small half-round of dazzling sun appeared on the window sill closest to them. The sun shone on both of them at the same time, and Voldemort's cheeks were suddenly red. Harry heard Voldemort's high-pitched voice screaming, and he also raised Draco's wand at the same time, shouting his most ardent hope to the sky:

"Avada Kedavra!"


With a bang, like a cannonball explosion, in the center of the circle they stepped on repeatedly, a golden flame was shot out. That was where the spells collided. Harry saw Voldemort's green light hit his own spell, and saw Old Demon's spell fly into the air, appearing as black in the rising sun, spinning under the magic ceiling like Nagini's head, flying towards The owner it doesn't want to kill—the owner finally wants to fully own it. Harry grasped Accio's wand with his free hand with Seeker's superb skills, only to see Voldemort staggering back, arms open, and the slender pupils in his red eyes rolled up. Tom Riddle fell to the ground, dying like a mortal, his body was limp and convulsed, his pale hands were empty, and the snake face was hollow and blank. Voldemort died, and was killed by his own spells bounced back. Harry stood there, holding two wands in his hands, looking down at his opponent's body.

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