Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 907

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For a moment of trembling silence, people were dumbfounded in horror. Immediately, an overwhelming noise erupted around Harry, shouting, cheering, and roaring. The strong rays of light of the rising sun shone on the window, and people yelled at him. Ron and Hermione rushed first. Their arms hugged him tightly. They almost yelled His ears are deaf. Then, Ginny, Neville and Luna also came, as well as the Weasley family and Hagrid, Kingsley, McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout. Everyone was yelling, Harry couldn't hear a word, and he couldn't tell who was pulling him or pulling him, desperately trying to embrace a part of his body. Hundreds of people were squeezing forward. Everyone wanted to touch the boy who survived. It was because of him that the nightmare finally ended——

The sun gradually raised above Hogwarts, in the auditorium Permeated with the light of life. People express their mourning and celebration, sadness and joy, and Harry is an indispensable part of it. . . Everyone wanted Harry to be with them. He was their leader and symbol, their savior and guide. No one seemed to have thought that he hadn't closed his eyes overnight, or that he longed to be alone with a few of them. He had to talk to the families of the victims, grab their hands, witness their tears, accept their gratitude, and listen to the news from all directions in the morning: The people who were given Imperius Curse all over the country are gradually returning to normal, Death Eater Some of them ran away and some were caught. At the same time, the innocent prisoners of Azkaban were released, and Kingsley Shacklebolt was appointed as the interim minister of Ministry of Magic...

They moved Voldemort's body out of the auditorium. In a room in, far away from Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Colin Creevey and the other fifty people who died to resist him. McGonagall put the house table back in place, but no one entered the house: everyone huddled together in a mess, teacher and students, ghost and parents, Centaur and house elf. Firenze was lying in a corner recuperating, Glop peeping through a broken window, and someone threw food into his laughing mouth. After a while, an exhausted Harry found himself sitting on a bench next to Luna.

"If it were me, I would hope for some peace." She said.

"I'm eager too." Harry replied.

"I will divert their attention," she said, "Use your Invisibility Cloak."

Before Harry could speak, she pointed out the window and shouted:" Oh, look, a Bubble Snot!" Everyone who heard it turned their heads to look, Harry quickly put the Invisibility Cloak on his body and stood up.

Harry walked in the aisle between the tables and saw the Malfoy family of three huddled together. He didn't seem to know if they should stay there, but no one paid attention to them. Harry saw scenes of family reunions everywhere. Finally, he saw the two people he wanted to be together most.

"It's me," he leaned down between them and said in a low voice, "Will you come with me?"

They stood up immediately, so he , Ron, and Hermione left the auditorium together. Many pieces of marble stairs are missing, part of the railings are missing, and gravel and blood stains are encountered every few steps.

Somewhere in the distance, they heard Peeves flying across the corridor suddenly, singing a victory song he made up:

We won all the victory, Potter is the hero ,

Voldemort is over, everyone has a carnival!

"This scene really makes people feel grand and tragic, doesn't it?" Ron said, pushing a door open, letting Harry and Hermione pass.

Joy will come, Harry knew, but at this moment exhaustion suppressed the happy mood, and every few steps, the pain of losing Fred, Lupin, and Tonks was as sharp as a physical wound. He only felt relieved, and only longed for a good night's sleep. But first he needs to explain to Ron and Hermione that they have been with him faithfully for so long, and now they should know the truth. He recounted what he saw in the penis and what happened in the Forbidden Forest. Before the two companions had time to express their shock and surprise, they arrived. I walked all the way here just now, but no one mentioned this destination.

Since Harry came last time, Gargoyle guarding the entrance to the headmaster's office has been knocked aside. It was tilted there and looked a little fainted, and Harry didn't know if it could understand password.

"Can we go up?" he asked Gargoyle.

"Please," Gargoyle hummed.

They climbed over it and climbed up the spiral stone ladder that slowly rises like an escalator. At the top, Harry pushed the door open.

He just caught a glimpse of the penis still on the table like the last time he left, and a sudden deafening sound made him cry out, thinking that he was under a spell or Death Eater returned in a Swirl of dust, or Voldemort is resurrected from the dead--

It turned out to be the sound of joy. On the surrounding walls, all the previous male and female headmasters of Hogwarts stood up and applauded at Harry. Some of them were waving hats and some were waving wigs, rushing between the picture frames, shaking hands with each other tightly. They jumped and jumped on the chairs in the painting, Dairis Devonte cried unabashedly, Dexter Fosco waved his earpiece vigorously, Phineas Nigellus loudly with his high-pitched squeal Shouted: "Please note that the Slytherin house also played a role! Don't forget our contribution!" However, Harry's eyes only looked at the biggest portrait behind the headmaster seat: tears from the half-moon lens Flowing into the long silver white beard behind, the pride and gratitude on that face were like Phoenix's singing, filling Harry's heart with comfort.

Finally, Harry raised both hands, all the portraits were respectfully silent, wiped his eyes, smiled, and waited eagerly for him to speak. But his words were addressed to Dumbledore, and he carefully considered his words. Although he is exhausted and his eyes are blurred, he must work harder to seek one last advice.

"The thing hidden in the golden snitch," he said, "I fell in the Forbidden Forest. I don't know where it fell, but I don't want to look for it anymore. Do you agree? "

"My dear child, I agree." Dumbledore said, and the other portraits showed a confused and curious look. "This is a very wise and courageous decision, but you will do it." , I am not surprised. Does anyone else know where it fell?"

"No." Harry said, Dumbledore nodded with satisfaction.

"But I want to keep Ignatius' gift." Harry said, and Dumbledore smiled.

"Of course, Harry, it will always be yours until you pass it on again!"

"There is still this."

Harry gave At Elder Wand, Ron and Hermione looked at it with awe in their eyes. Although Harry was sleep deprived and top-heavy, he realized and didn't like their look.

"I don't want it." Harry said.

"What?" Ron said loudly, "Is your brain sick?"

"I know it's very powerful," Harry said wearily, "but I hold my own Wand is happier. So..."

He fumbled in the leather bag hanging around his neck and pulled out the holly wand that was broken in two and connected only by thin Phoenix feathers. Hermione once said that the damage was too serious and it was impossible to repair it. He knew that if the following trick didn't work, it would be completely useless.

He put the broken wand on the headmaster desk, touched it with Elder Wand's tip, and said: "Reparo."

When wand reconnected , The tip bursts out the red fire star. Harry knew it was successful. He picked up holly and Phoenix tail feather wand, and suddenly felt a warmth between his fingers, it seemed that wand and his hands were rejoicing for their reunion.

"I want to put Elder Wand back where it was,"

He said to Dumbledore that Dumbledore was watching him with infinite love and admiration, "Just let it stay Stay there.

If I die normally like Ignatius, its power will be destroyed, will it? The previous master will never be defeated again. It will end."

Dumbledore nodded, they smiled at each other.

"Do you really want this?" Ron said. He looked at Elder Wand, there was a faint reluctance in his voice.

"I think Harry is right," Hermione said softly.

"The trouble caused by this wand exceeds its value," Harry said, "and, to be honest."

He turned and left the portraits.

"My life's troubles are actually enough."

After he left, Jon walked out.

"The matter is over."

He looked at Dumbledore's portrait and said.

This portrait was able to pass his words to Dumbledore. After this was done, the plan between him and Dumbledore was completely over.

"I have communicated and passed that the international secrecy law will be completely abolished at the next meeting. After tonight, Britain will have a new change. Tomorrow morning, the Ministry of Magic, the muggle government and the royal family will A joint statement will be issued. This statement will be sent to the whole world. Maybe you and Grindelwald will know there too."

"Many thanks, so what do you do next?"

"I will wait for Kingsley to succeed the Ministry of Magic and see the implementation of the next new policy. In one week, Joanne will come to interview Harry and the others. Two days after the interview, " "Harry Potter Biography Series" will be on sale all over the world, maybe you can buy one and read it."

"You don’t seem to think about resistance, what if this happens? Do?"

"This situation won’t happen. Without external forces, internal drive becomes extremely important. When most people have become wizards, if you are not a wizard, then you Innate is in a dilemma. This situation is unacceptable to the overwhelming majority. Even more how they are not unable to become. If they want, they can also become a wizard. This service is free from my company."

"It is indeed a very good idea, so I wish you success."

"Of course I will succeed. After all, we have been preparing for so long."

Jon bowed slightly and expressed kindness with Hogwarts' previous headmasters.

"Then maybe we will see you in the future. I will be leaving soon. Goodbye, everyone."

"Where are we going?"

Dumbledore asked.

"Go where I should go, leave this world, maybe I will come back when I have time."

Jon seemed to suddenly remember something, and turned his head and said to Dumbledore : "Professor McGonagall is a good choice for headmaster?"

"Of course, I will always trust Minerva."

"They have already prepared the portrait of Snape, I will give Snape After doing some changes, he and Filch...it’s a good thing to let them go for a walk, maybe they will make the choice they want, whether it’s accepting new students or finding a new place to live."

"None of these have anything to do with us. They can choose by themselves."

"Yes, just choose by yourself. We always have to choose by ourselves."

Jon turned around and took a step, leaving the headmaster room.

Professor McGonagall soon became the headmaster of Hogwarts. In the reform of Hogwarts, there is indeed a need for such a headmaster to preside over the overall situation.

Farewell to several professors, just after Professor McGonagall became the headmaster.

"I think, in any case, the separation is always inevitable, at least we still have a choice in this matter, don’t we?"

Although we will never go this time Return, but after all, it is also a good thing.

"There is no need to shed tears, Professor Sprout," Jon took off the pendant from his neck and handed it to Professor Sprout, who was wiping his tears: "This is the key to the world channel of the ancestors of Helga. I leave it to you for safekeeping, and I believe you will find a good successor."

"Not to Stephen?"

"No need, although he is Hufflepuff The Guardian of the family, but there is no need to give him everything. The responsibility of protecting the family is already important enough. Besides, the way our family is connected with our ancestors, this one is entrusted to the school. I created Hogwarts with my friends in the hope that this school will get better and better, and I am the same, so the school will ask you all the professors."

He looked towards Peeves next to him again, he is still so Naughty, but when he was in the headmaster room, he seemed a lot more calm.

"And the headmaster secretary, I'm afraid you will be Hogwarts' life secretary just like Professor Binns."

"It doesn't matter, Hogg will be with me anyway."

Then there is no other problem.

The Hogwarts incident is over. When Jon walked out of the Hogwarts school gate, he happened to meet Joanne, who came to interview under the leadership of the Order of the Phoenix.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yes, I'm afraid I will never come back if I leave this time. I have a letter here, I want to ask you to hand it to Hermione ."

"Don’t go with your students to see you for the last time?"

"No need, I am not very responsible as the teacher, I didn’t teach her anything useful. Things, I won’t bother her at this time. I’m afraid she will cry. Professor Sprout just cried. I’m still a little bit uncomfortable.”

He turned and left without nostalgia.

He has left enough in this world, that is, those who died in the final battle, he arranged them in Helga's world.

It's just too kind.

He stood on the deep blue sea and said goodbye to the will of the world.

"Then, I'm leaving?"

"It's easy to leave, don't worry, there will be nothing here, everything is under our control In other words, this thing should have happened in this world, but you have made it happen earlier."

"Then I can rest assured, after all, it was a lot of hard work, goodbye? "


Jon closed his eyes and unlocked the last part of his mind.

In the next instant, his wings involuntarily swelled out from behind, tearing his clothes, and the world began to reject his existence, because there was no way to withstand his existence.

He is comfortable with this rejection.

Even through this exclusion, the barrier that protects the world is broken through.

His story.

It's not over yet.

But his journey in this world is over. This journey is quite perfect. The moment he left this world, he seemed to see the rays of light in the future.

The glow of the universe spreads on his wings, like a ray of fireworks lit in the dark night, or a little skylight in the long darkness.

As a mysterious bird.

He can see the future.

So what is the future of this universe?

That is not something he can interfere with. His old big brother, or the Lord, has already done it.

All these plans are for this matter.

Find a future for this universe.

The speed of the mysterious bird is the fastest in the universe, because it can jump from one point to another in the overlapping space, so it was almost within a short time, he came Where he wants to come.

Nor can it be said that it is coming.

Maybe this is going home.

After countless years, he once again returned to the place where he was born.

The place where you were actually born.

In this world, there are countless palaces, and among these countless clusters of palaces, starting from the east and extending towards the West, extending to the center of the world.

There is the center of this world.

There are two majestic halls.

The one slightly to the west is the source of all souls in this universe. It is not where Jon needs to go.

He needs to go to another hall.

When he constricted his wings, turned into a black streamer, and landed in the center of the hall, he just saw the existence of those sitting on the high holy works.

They are all his former colleagues.

There are four people here.

Three seats are empty.

"The wise man, the walker, Mr. Guanqi, the mother-in-law."

He one after another greeting the past, the four beings sitting on the holy throne, he mentioned Only after the name came back to his senses.

After all, these everyday all have countless things to do, and it is impossible to put their spirits here all the time.

But they are very happy to see Jon.

"Welcome back, Xuanniao, it seems that you are back with the future, we I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"You have to wait for a long time. But where did Yun Aunt go?"

"Am I right behind you?"

A familiar voice came from behind, which made Jon turn his head in surprise.

Sure enough, it is still a familiar face.



"Just come back. If you come back, you have seen that one, right? How is he?"

"Everything It’s fine and very smooth."

"This is the answer we want to hear, so take a seat."

The woman called Yunaunt held Jon’s hand. step by step to walk up to the high platform of the Holy See.

Of these seven seats, there is naturally a place for Jon.

In this chaotic universe, there are a total of nine Ancestral Gods coexisting with chaos. They Supreme, have the authority to maintain the world, but for them, the universe is still too big and there are still too many things.

So under this circumstance, Samurai appeared.

They are not a group of beings serving Ancestral God, but an assistant who helps Ancestral God deal with things. As Xuanniao Jon, he was already this ghost when he was not Jon at first. One of the Controllers of the Great World is the close guardian of Ancestral God of Destiny.

The five people sitting next to him are all his colleagues. As for the largest, still vacant seat, it is self-evident who belongs to.

Sitting on the Holy See proves that he will start to pick up the things he put down again, and begin to deal with some problems that may occur.

But this was originally one of his jobs.

Although I am still a bit unaccustomed, but.

Just adapt to adapt.

"Then Xuanniao, welcome back,"

The glorious holy words came from the whole body, and Xuanniao gradually entered the state he used to work here. .

It's just that the holy words have not been finished yet.

In the large and small hall that occupies half of this world, countless silhouettes stand up from their seats and stretch out their hands to stroke their chests.

All beings praised together and shared the highest reputation for maintaining the stability of the heavens and the world.

"Welcome back."

"The Palace of Destiny."

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