Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 1763


Oldsteward and Mr. Blois, have gone to the headmaster room with Madam Maxime.

It would certainly be no mistake to find more help in order to be more efficient. And to say who speaks here in the most quantitative and most vivid way, Madam Maxime, that will naturally count two of them.

However, it was also intended to follow Hermione, who had shown a pattern in the past, but ultimately did not at all choose to participate in the talks with Madam Maxime.

And at the same time, she wasn’t with anyone else, just following Savanna alone to the other room.

“Miss Granger, right? I know you – you’re Mr. McLorne’s student.”

After two people sat down, the maid Larsen, who had returned earlier, had cooked them a pot of tea, and then Savanna had taken the lead.

After a little stop, I’ll see her keep saying:

“By the way, I also know that you should ask me how I met Mr. McLorne, right? Because you look like you’re looking for him?”

Hermione listened to Savanna’s self-speculation, and she was just a little bit nodded when she finished talking to each other.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m Marx student, and indeed there’s a plan to find him. Just, these are all just my personal things about that’s all. And this time we come out collectively, the ultimate goal is to deal with Herpo – to find Marx, not just one way to try to win Herpo.”

Moreover, in addition to looking for Marx, the World ynie, who had fled the crowd, was the most worrisome target of the current small partners.

Of course, that’s what Hermione wanted to say.


the other hand, Savanna listened to Hermiones.

“All right! But I have to say… yes, we just met with Mr. McLorne, who saved my life and my elder sister and protected our homeland. You know, before that, we were even strangers to him.”

So suddenly, she slight over the tunnel:

“But if you want to know from me Mr. McLorne’s direction, unfortunately, I can’t give you a definitive answer.”

And so, Savanna didn’t have too much concealment of Hermione, naturally speaking to Hermione about her entire separate experience from Marx.


Not yet, after Savanna said, Hermione in the middle of her journey suddenly interrupted her narrative, which was surprising:

“Are you the descendants of GUFRON? You elder sister is this generation of prophets? Oh, I read it in a book, and your ancestors are as famous as muggle World!”

“Well, that’s what I’m proud of.” Savanna Nodded, “but obviously, in the current situation, predictions and so on can only be more confused than that ‘all’.”

For Savanna, Hermione can only microshrugged, indifferent expression laughed.

Remember, Hermione didn’t like Divination much when he was still in Hogwarts, and that’s all the more natural about “prophecy” things.

However, after that many events, she had also seen Trelawny make a real prediction and seemed to be increasingly convinced of this somewhat unknown thing.

Now, however, she appears not to have interrupted Savanna for that reason.

“Young Lady, I remember you just said Marx was with your elder sister before you were separated?” Hermione, “I don’t know. Did you, too, elder sister come to Beauxbatons? I want to see her — you elder sister is both the last person to meet Marx and a prophet, and should know more?”

“You want to see El Houla?” Savanna was a little late, but eventually shook the head, “No, in fact, the current status of El Houla is not very good. I just hope she’ll be quiet for a few days! So, what’s your problem, even if you ask me, Earl Hula, please don’t bother her anymore.”

Savanna was very pleasant, and it made Hermione feel uncomfortable to go back to the other party, elder sister.

A moment of silence, Hermione looked at the opposite Savanna stretch his hand on the mask, even if the second half of the mask was temporarily dismantled.

Then she started the cup of tea on the table and had a little bit of a drink.

But Hermione didn’t take care of Gowith any tea. Seeing each other doesn’t seem to want to say much more, she hesitates to stand up and leave.

But at this point, both of them saw Ms. Larsen, who had just given them tea, and suddenly opened the door out of a room on the inside.

“Miss Granger, Young Lady knows you’re going to see her, so please go ahead.”


Savanna hearing this ton slightly startled, and seeing Hermione back then looking for himself, and just to slow the other side down, nodded – since elder sister said so, where’s the reason for her stopping?


Larson pulled the door to the room and that’s why moved towards Hermione.


Hermione made a slight gesture, and then thought about it, and went into that room on the one hand.

“Miss Granger, first and foremost, forgive me for not being able to meet you with the truth – believe me, this conversation will make us talk better…”

In the room, Hermione saw the bed that was wrapped up. Those veils overlap with layers, cover the beds with a tight cover, leaving Hermione with nothing to see what it looks like.

But it’s more obvious than it was in the Norwegian Palace… or, more than it was in the previous room in El Hula – the windows in the room were opened, Feng Youyou were out there, and you blew the veil lightly.

It can be said that Marx, although it’s like a short visitor in El Hula’s life, has actually brought her a very big change.

Now, Erkheira, at least when someone else comes to her room, it doesn’t feel weird about gloomy anymore.

“Young Lady,” Hermione’s standing in bed, a little bit nodded, “of course, if you want to talk like that, I have nothing to say. Because I just want to know if Marx is really in England, and… Young Lady, Savanna tells me you’re a prophet, so don’t know if I can ask you to make a prophecy for me?”

Hermione says, on the one hand, staring straight at the sheets in that bed, as if they were going to look at it in general.

In the envelope, Ursula grows a little bit.

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