Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 1764

“Miss Granger, please stop mentioning the prophecy – before I reach the level to which I can read the prophecy correctly, I will not inform anyone of any of the prophecies I have made. After all, with this painful lesson, I have learned deeply that my prophecy will be ‘kill’! ‘

In the accounts, El Hula slowly said that with a slight low voice.

However, the prophecy will certainly not kill.

The prophet lineage of El Houla is pure and bloodline is very high, and her prophecy can be said to be very credible.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of the prophecy has never depended solely on it itself. Since ancient times, a clear prediction needs to be read again in order to make more people aware of future changes, and the level of readers often has a more critical impact on the future.

To say who can read the prophecy more precisely – although it cannot be said absolute – the prophet himself has a great advantage as the source of the prophecy.

This time, however, El Hula, a prophet, questioned his ability. Obviously, her choice is correct, and under the current status, she is no longer suitable for any prophecy for others.

“As for Mr. McLorne’s whereabouts, I can say my speculation.” After a slight stopping, this is why I doubt that “I think Mr. McLorne should have gone to England at least after his departure – when he took two powerful bodies together, and in order to ensure that Britain, which is now being held by fog, is clearly the most appropriate option.”

Hermione, listen, even slightly nodded,

“Yes! Where else can he go besides there?”

Since the prophet was reluctant to make further prophecies, Hermione seemed to have no reason to stay here, and, after all, Savanna said almost every time Marx met them.

Just about to think, Hermione, who was just going to quit, just ignored and couldn’t stand it:

“Young Lady, I don’t know if I can ask another question — did you find anything strange in his actions and performance when I was with Marx?”


Ehula, listen up a little bit.

“Well… there are really some interesting places. For example, he seems to have endured something so that magic can not be used arbitrarily.” She wants to say, “But even so, he took away the two enemies that we cannot deal with.”

“And in addition to that, … although that must not be” strange “, he…, uh, has very strong capacity in his heart – even if he sees things that are unacceptable to certain ordinary people, can be treated with ordinary will.”

That’s what she said in the back, that’s what she said about her own missing body. And said, it seems to have remembered the time Marx took her through.

Whatever her appearance, she was always a young girl who was worth young people. And perhaps because of her disability, she has not been in close contact with a man of age since then, naturally.

It was regrettable, however, that even if she itself had noticed some kind of shadow in her heart, she would have been afraid to generate half of the expectations.

After having been unable to shook the head after the bills, El Hula has regained his mind and again returned to calm.

“In any event, it is true that there is a place where people are unaware, but I do not think that would make people feel” strange “. Mr. McLorne, a good and respectable wizard.”

“Of course,” Hermione got his mouth blown, “so I’m going out and you’re taking a good rest. I’ll come back and say goodbye to you when we finish doing what we have to do.”


After a few layers of accounts, El Houra in the bed looked at Hermiones that silhouette left the door, she retreated into the house with some disgusting emotions.

Not long ago, she was silent. She couldn’t stop talking humbly and humbly:

“Hermione Granger, maybe only a good and beautiful girl like her, can you spend a lifetime with Mr. McLorne?”

It’s just a little bit of a word, and Ursula suddenly turned around and looked at the window to calm down:

“Savanna, when did you learn to listen?”

“I didn’t!”

A silhouette went out of the window, and then a butt sat on the back seat on the bed — that was her exclusive seat in the elder sister Ehula room, where they moved, where the maid Larsen always put a chair, which had never changed for many years.

And when Savanna sat down, she listened:

“I just sent Miss Granger away, and I came back from here with habits — you know, it’s faster!”

And I don’t know if Elkheira threw her out of the window that time, and I don’t know, climbing the window is a habit for Savanna.

Sometimes El Houra was thinking that Savanna had always felt guilty about what happened in the year, so that the subconscious thought that elder sister would not be able to escape from the fire if he could turn out the window himself that year.

However, Ehula is more aware that what she can do for Savanna is nothing more than talk about that year. Because whatever she explains and comforts, the fact that this is in front of us will only make Savanna more guilty of that’s all.

Erkheira was thinking so dark, but it didn’t seem that the Savanna, who was next to him, had suddenly been sealed down by a whisper:

“Ehula, you like that McLorne, don’t you? Don’t worry, Mr. McLorne. I don’t mind your problem. Think about it. You don’t have to hope? Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to help you, at least create some” fair “chances.

Just after saying that El Hula had not been able to refuse, and heard a little kick on light sound, Savanna went out of the window and left quickly.

“The girl,” Ursula has some helpless tunnel, “forget it, but she can’t do anything. She doesn’t want to run outside this time, does she?”

“Wait a minute, Larson! Larson, come here.”

As Ehula was in the room, a little bit of a sudden screaming, Hermione and the others Beauxbatons just arrived, it seems to be getting more “excited”.

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