Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 1765

On the current situation in Europe as a whole, Mr. Steward, Mr. Blois and Madam Maxime have been talking at noon.

Look at the meal, Madam Maxime invited you to lunch today.

It must be said that Beauxbatons’ luncheon is still very generous, and that French meals are refined and delicious, so that you can only taste it and relax your feelings.

People often say that “bread is the pillar of life (Bread is the stall of life.”) “, and perhaps only on dinning table can people temporarily forget the misery and sorrow surrounding it.

“Hermione, you can taste this, you can smell so delicious with a crust!”

In the side hall of the castle, everybody is dining with Master Beauxbatons. Ron was particularly interested in the food and, after all, food supplies on the island had to be curtailed, and there was some convergence of food.


Hermione is obviously out there, hearing Ron talking, and consciously complied. Until Ron put several h snails in her plate, she was busy pulling out wand and throwing them all “ding ding Dang Dang Dang Dang” into Harrys’ distances.

“Oh, well, you guys eat slowly.”

Just say she put the fork in the plate and wiped her mouth and ended the stop lunch.

“Are you finished? I don’t think you’re gonna eat much.”

Ginny, sitting next to her, was worried about asking about that, and Hermione was just about to say he was okay, but suddenly there was a pleasant voice behind her.

“Mr…. Potter? Miss Granger? Oh, and…”

Seeing someone named himself, Hermione came back in a hurry and found himself standing behind a nice, beautiful little girl.

Although it’s been a little too long, it’s still hard to forget, like such a lovely girl.

“Dra… Kur Young Lady?”

Yeah, that’s what Veela half-blood Delacour saw at Triwizard Tournament — but not Fleur Delacour, who was at that time, but her younger sister, little girl Gabrielle.

“Yes,” Gabrielle looked at Hermione, showed a sweet smile, “I’m so glad to see you! The previous few days elder sister also sent me a letter saying that she was always worried that you wouldn’t… you know, I heard that it was unsafe out there – although the professors did not say that the newspapers were filled with very scary events.”

“Oh, we’re glad to see you too.”

Hermione was busy standing up and hugging her lightly.

“Indeed, the outside is dangerous, and we even lost our homes. But it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s trying, especially Marx, well, you remember him?”

“Of course,” Gabrielle nodded, “elder sister can often refer to him in a letter! I think if she wasn’t too busy working, she’d have been looking for Mr. McLorne.”

Hermione and Gabrielle had a very good conversation there, and even pulled Gabrielle down again, allowing other small partners to greet each other.

But they don’t at all find out that a mask situated a little far away, young girl, is getting straight and ears are listening.

“So McLorne was really popular… Sounds like this Gabrielle Delacour elder sister was a little bit interesting to him? Well, look at the portrait of a little girl, and her elder sister must be nowhere else to go.”

So gruesome, she ignored shook the head, dark secretly thought:

“No, so go on, Ursula, I’m afraid it’s a slight chance… I have to do something.”

Think of it here, why don’t she just put down the meal and put back the next half of the mask that was unloaded at the time of the meal, and then just stand up.

Under this, a Beauxbatons student sitting next to her scared a jump.

Not to mention Savanna’s inappropriate thinking, but to the teaching staff on the other side old steward didn’t even have a meal time, but still chatting about the external situation with Madam Maxime and some professors in Beauxbatons.

The days spent on the island are almost isolated from the outside world, and so far they have lost much information.

However, with his patient search, a number of valuable information has been asked so far.


“Mr. Madam Maxime, Mr. Blois, we just received another update on Britain’s side – it is said that a few alchemy studies laboratory signs of great magic were detected recently through the alchemy instrument, and those Alchemist felt that there might have been a fierce battle in that direction in England.”


Madam Maxime, come on, frowned.

“Did Herpo come back there again?”

But old steward doesn’t seem to be surprised to see him at the micronodded:

“Herpo always has to set a point, doesn’t he? As for the fight, before lunch, Miss Granger said that she was going to the young Lady of Granger, who was looking for the Graphine family, had learned something. According to Mr. McLorne, Mr. McLorne should have returned to England.”

I heard old steward say that several professors, including Maxime, have no choice but to think:

“So, did Mr. McLorne deal with Herpo again?”

For Marx, who can enter the fog with no difficulty to find Herpo, everyone feels wholeheartedly admired – to be someone else, and today even that weird grey fog is afraid to go halfway in.

Today, many wizard are clearly aware of the strength of the modern muggle army. But even if the British Army is fully resistant, it still has been forcibly attacked by Herpo, with only a small fraction of its troops now shrinking in the deep mountains on the north, and the rest being forced to withdraw from the sea.

Those unknown corpses, they’re scary.

“Well,” After a moment of thought, Madam Maxime is not allowed to sighed, “nor does he know what happened to Mr. McLorne… if it wasn’t him, maybe we’d have to hide in the whole world now?”

“It’s even us!”

Several Prof. Beauxbatons heard this, too.

oldsteward looked at the grief of all of you, and when he came on, he realized that it was actually an opportunity to get busy and open the mouth and said:

“It is for that reason that we must unite as soon as possible – especially in a few of our neighbors, England, where Herpo is on the side of the machine, and we’re afraid that we can’t even sleep at all!”

Indeed, it is difficult to believe that there is a family of his Blois before it.

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