Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 1809

“Don’t move if you don’t want to die.”

That voice from the back of Savanna was so pleasant that she remembered the landscape of the Springs in the middle of the rocks. However, it was so cold that she could see that the spring ding dong fell deep.

Savanna is afraid to move, because she can feel that she’s serious, and as long as she moves, that wand on her neck will release a curse that is enough to kill.

next moment, the hand that dragged her back, and added a few more strengths, pulled her back.

“What does she do?”

This idea just escaped from the bottom of Savanna’s heart, and a silhouette came from the fog in the front, which stopped the man behind her from stepping back.

It’s Granger.

Savanna looked at the way he came, but he didn’t dare to speak. Well, Hermione apparently saw her, although it was not yet known whether the other party could even see this hostage behind her.

“Stop it! Let go of Graphine…”

Hermione’s holding wand straight to the rear of Savanna’s shoulder, but not yet, suddenly stopped. After a little while, she was staring at her eyes.

“it’s Wynie.”

In Beauxbatons’ room, Luna in unconscious opened his eyes and said it.


Fleur is sitting next to the desk, reading a spell book on the bright moonlight of tonight, but she can’t actually see it at all. When she heard Luna’s voice suddenly ringing in this quiet night, she started standing up and running to bed.

“Miss Lovegood? Miss Lovegood, are you awake?”

“Oh, Fleur?” Luna rubbed his eyes, a little weak, but still flawed, “has it reached night? Looks like I’ve been asleep a long time.”

“Why is it a long time?” It’s been a few days since Fleur said, “Fleur, shook the head,“ but it doesn’t matter, Miss Lovegood, how are you feeling? ”

“It’s good! If I could have a warm hu Butterbeer, it’d be better!” Luna smiled, and then turned around, “Is that you, like, a little tired? Why don’t you sleep too?”

“Me? No, no, I’m fine.” Fleur’s been busy, and then, “Miss Lovegood, did you just say” Wynie “? What does that mean?”


As Fleur reminds me, there are still some confused Luna Dayton:

“Yes, Wynie. Where’s Hermione? I have to tell her that Wynie is no longer a former Wynie anymore, and now Wynie… what do you say? Maybe it’ll be dangerous.”

Fleur doesn’t know Wynie, and listen to Luna’s repeated reference to that name, and she can only be confused with her face. After Luna said, she said:

“Miss Granger went to Seibourg – Miss Granger of the Granger family made a prophecy that she would be in danger in Weymouth and asked Miss Granger to save her younger sister. In a while, Miss Granger should have been in England.”

“Oh, that’s not good… that’s not good.”

Luna is so stubborn and conscious that he will get up and get up. If Fleur didn’t panic to hold her, she’d have to wrestle.

“Miss Lovegood, it’s hard for you to wake up. Blois Patriarch said that your spirit has been hit by a lot, and even if you wake up, it will take some time to stay calm.”


Luna, with the help of Fleur, came back to bed again, and some dizzy tunnels:

“So what do you do, Fleur, or you’re going to ask Mr. Blois to run! Ask him to get Hermione back as soon as possible.”

“Oh, well, I’m going to… you’re lying.” Fleur said, “No more questions,“ just, I don’t know why Miss Granger can’t go. Where the hell is “bad”?

“Because the prophecy will not be changed!” Luna Road, “If human-induced changes can be made, that would certainly not be a ‘prophecy’ … What would happen more terrifying if intervention was imposed.”

“You wait, I’ll go find Mr. Blois.”

Fleur went out of the door in a hurry, even a little bit. And Luna looked at the back of her departure, not from darkness, saying:

“Wynie… speaking of that, Marx? Why do I really want to know Marx, and the people I feel, turn into Wynie?”

And then, at the same time, the fog at the port of Weymouth was in the fog.


Yeah, even though the other guy is smaller than Savanna, and with a grace cap, she can’t see her face. But it’s hard for someone who knows her to be mistaken when the clouds are slipped on that shoulder.

“Wynie, why are you…”

With regard to Wynie, Hermione had too many questions to ask, but after a few seconds, the words had finally come together to say “why“.

Why leave the island alone, despite everyone’s obstruction?

Why come to this place where there’s only danger and despair?

Why are you here today to rob someone she shouldn’t know?

And even… why is your eyes so cold that you have recovered emotional and post-emotional enthusiasm more than ever before?

Hermione just thinks that Wynie seems to have lost everything – that she has not only lost her happiness and sorrow, but also the tenderness and silence that she had always had.

Unfortunately, Wynie, standing behind Savanna, just whispers:

“What ‘why’? I don’t understand. But… well, this young Lady I want, and Miss Granger you, too.”


sound is still unavailable, and Savanna just thinks he’s black and then loses consciousness on the ground. At the same time, Hermione saw that Wynie, who had hijacked the former, disappeared in his own vision.

What do you mean, “You, me too”?

Hermione realized that even he became the target of Wynie trying to hijack, and he was busy putting a Shield Charm on a wand, and then went back to the back.

Nay, but the light of several magic spells whispered through the fog, and two of them struck her back and back in a row.

Shield Charm failed to completely block the impact of the attack, leaving Hermione out.

But in the instant of falling, she kept taking a rune card in her hand, and Quietus landed on the ground. When she saw Wynie go closer when she fell closer, the heavy rules started.

The sudden changes in gravity have halted Wynie’s focus on imbalances.

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