Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 1810


Wynie’s feet are next, with a whisper in his mouth, and then a little bit of food standing in front of Hermione in the backward. Honestly, it surprised Hermione, because her gravity rules did not seem so obvious to Wynie.

Yeah, it’s like being offset by something unknown.


Hermione was trying to say something, but that’s when those wizard who came with her to support tonight finally came very far.


In a sudden, a spell plundered the fog and accurately shot Wynie’s location. And Wynie, while being trapped in the Hermiones gravity trap, moved slowly, raised wand very promptly to block that spell.

More noteworthy, in this case, she continues to think very quickly and with a clear mind. At the time of the attack, not at all chose to open the spell of the attack in a more economical manner, but to fight it positively. It was also because she had no unloading power, and that was a powerful shock, and instead became a borrowing force from the gravity trap.

At that moment, it was not thought that Hermione would do the same to Wynie to see her get out of the way, and then disappear as quickly as she just did.

Miss Granger, are you okay?

Until that time, the two teams of wizard, who were late, were rushing to the side of Hermiones, and the two Captain leaders asked her a quick question.

“I’m fine,” Hermione shook the head, staring at all around the fog tunnel, “it’s you who have to be careful and sometimes not necessarily a privilege.”

These wizard can all be the elite in modern wizard, and they are the help of the Ministry of Magic in Belgium and others to the Resistance Coalition, and everyone’s power is mixed. It is clear, however, that, in the case of combat capabilities alone, in the present catastrophe, only “experience is promising and insufficient”.

“Yes.” One of them, Captain Nodded complied, hesitated, “Miss Granger, the witch who fell on the ground… should be Savanna Gófhine Young Lady?”

“Well,” Hermione without the slightest hesitation channel, “but better not go. That’s what we’re doing here, but now she’s a bait.”

And now she can be Hermione’s bait to seduce Wynie to re-emerge, but it can also be Wynie’s bait to induce Hermione to distract them.

Now, it’s probably about to see who can’t stand it first.

Unfortunately, Hermione only felt like having known Wynie for the first time tonight – not only that Wynie’s namo Leng Rushuang character, but also that Wynie’s wisdom was always on her mind.

For example, now, when Hermione is still vigilant at cautiously, she has no idea that Wynie has gone out directly and quietly from the fog of nowhere.

“Grab her! But don’t hurt her!”

Seriously, this is a very contradictory statement, which, with it, highlights the heart of Hermione at this moment. Otherwise, this time she seems to be careless.

“What’s the matter? You guys…”

Hermione quickly discovered with surprise that neither of those two teams around her had a vibration after her opening order. To that end, she couldn’t keep staring at Wynie, standing in front of him, and she was rushing around to look back at two eyes.

So she saw that almost all of them suddenly were in their place. In addition to a few appearances, there appears to be struggling, and the rest of them, regardless of men and women, appear to be stagnant expression.

“Granger,” at this point, Wynie is a freshtrack. “Now, I’d like to ask you a question, why?”


Hermione hearing this is not a clue.

“Why, don’t you come with me?” Wynie said, “Don’t you want Marx?”

“I, of course, think of him,” Hermione came back with a skeptical confusion, “so, you’re with Marx now?”

When Hermione said that, even her own self followed it, and then she was staring at the back: “Wait! Do you want to tell me that this is Marx that makes you…”

But soon, Wynie just shook the head.

“What’s ‘wrong’? I only heard you talking to yourself there.”

She didn’t wait this time for Hermione to keep talking, and she walked straight to the other side.

Hermione saw it again in her left hand, and the rune card was uplifted, and she went back a little bit as Wynie pushed. Then again, she was surprised to find that the wizard, who had been her assistant, was still close to Wynie at this moment, leaving each other to pass slowly on her own.

This must also be some kind of rule – a rule that was not known to Hermione in the near future of rule magic.

It seems that Wynie has also made very significant progress during this period, and even frustrated Hermione – whose gravity rules have been ineffective for each other – and the rules of the other have clearly worked.

After a slight delay, Hermione finally took his left hand and looked at the rune card to Wynie. But just in that brake, she found herself unable to move.

“Granger, don’t fight… come with me!”

At the same time, the wand in Wynie’s hands has been lightly explored and steadily pointed to Hermiones.

“It is true that she just hasn’t played the rules on me, and now I only have obediently surrender.”

The idea was over in Hermione’s heart, and she was almost going to give up on it. This may be because she’s got a gap on Wynie’s body, but at the same time she thought of her own sudden guess.

Yeah, well, now she’s actually a little bit interested in being taken away by Wynie, because… it might be possible to see Marx, right?

But her little “wish” has not been achieved at all.


A flame exploded in front of Hermiones, and then Wynie exchanged a position with Silhouette, who fell straight from the air, and turned around and turned into the fuzzy fog behind him.

Hermione’s mystery, which makes it possible to find that Wynie, standing in front of himself, has become a very familiar backdrop.

“Mr. Blois?”

Yes, it’s Wynie’s father, Blois Patriarch.

It was just that the other side did not at all respond to Hermione, and he was silent for a long time with the complexities of his face looking forward to a heavy fog.

After a while, Mr. Blois put out of a breath, and then said solemnly:

“She’s gone with someone.”

And he hasn’t spoken to this father yet.

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