Heaven Swallowing God Emperor Chapter 2239


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The ancestor ant of the Imperius lived out a second life, the Peak god, killed the human being who was about to become a god in the starry sky, shocking the entire universe.

All spirits are horrified, and human cultivators are even more desperate.

How can I believe that the ancestor ant that has been dead for 5000 years can actually live a second life?

How can you accept this ending?

Compared with the first life, the ancestor ant of the second life is less hostile and iron-blooded.

After all, it is also the Spiritual God of the current world. He has seen through life and death once again, and has looked down a lot.

However, for the suppression of human cultivator, not at all is much less.

During the 5000 years of his died during meditation, too many ancestor ants died in the hands of human cultivators. It was a small revenge!

The current Spiritual God, even a small revenge, makes the human cultivator almost desperate.

There are many Demi-God powerhouses among human beings today, and even Peak Demi-God. In a few years, they can even hit the gods.

But these people don’t know what’s going on, or if it’s a means of taking the soul of the ancestor ants. In 2000 years, the cultivation base hasn’t even made any progress.

“Are there any human beings who can shoot?”

“Celestial Court, is there an emperor?”

“God, come back!”

All souls pray that the three emperors of Celestial Court, guarding the Human World hundreds of thousands of years, will return.

The Imperius ant race is in power, like the sun at high noon, there is no race against it in the world.

For thousands of years, it has been difficult for human cultivator to produce Demi-God. If this continues, human inheritance will probably be cut off.

In the past thousands of years, the ancestor of the soul-removing ant is like the sun at high noon. When he hit the year, his life in this life was just halfway through, and he was at the most glorious time in his life. The decision that shocked the world was to enter Celestial Court.

This is 200,000 years in the Tiandi calendar. The Tiandi has disappeared for seven Eighty thousand years. After two great golden times, I have never seen it. Everyone feels that he must have been died during meditation and ended Legendary’s life.

The lineage of the soul-removing ants moves their clan, Star Sea is endless, like a golden ocean across the universe, rushing to the South Gate.

“Since the emperor has gone, this Celestial Court has been vacated, and now I am the god of the world, when the lord enters the room, the Celestial Court will be my king, guarding the four-way palace, and from today onwards will be the Heavenly God Palace. !”

The rumbling thunder is moving the universe, and the Supreme Voice spreads to all races. People are shocked that the soul-removing ancestors are about to enter the Celestial Court. Will those celestial troops and generals agree?

People sigh once again that there is no immortal Divine Dynasty, and there is no eternal scepter. After all, it will end.

Think how amazing the Celestial Court three emperors are. Above heaven under earth is invincible. The Lord Human World has risen and fallen ten tens of thousands of years. In the end, their orthodoxy is still going to fall.

This is also the first time Celestial Court has been provoked by hundreds of thousands of years.

Today’s Celestial Court, I haven’t seen the three emperors for Eighty thousand years, and their brilliance has only appeared in the records.

Even the ancestor ant of the Second World of Souls has never lived with the Three Emperors. The glory of the Three Emperors is more of a record, and there is no actual combat record.

In the opinion of some supreme powerhouses and even Spiritual God, the Celestial Court three emperors have such great prestige, but they have survived in the days of Heaven and Earth.

In that cruel age, it was difficult for even the heaven expert to come out. The Celestial Court three emperors were naturally invincible above heaven under earth.

So for the description of the strength of the Celestial Court three emperors, the more powerhouse, the more snort disdainfully.

Why did the emperor kill the seven gods in his later years and fight against True Immortal with a withered body? How many 10,000 years ago it was, who can believe it to be true?

Spiritual God, in this universe, is the Supreme God, which cannot be surpassed. No matter how strong the three emperors are, only this that’s all.

To put it simply, the Celestial Court three emperors are not visible. The previous record of shots is too far away from the contemporary era to verify. The current powerhouse no longer has the awe of the past.

“Celestial Court…no offense!”

200,000 years have passed, Celestial Court’s pride is still there, everyone roars and refuses to give in, even in the face of a god!

“I don’t intend to kill, but I just want to live where the real gods should stay. Please go back.” The soul-removing ancestor ant appeared, stunned into the world, the whole body was golden light, blood energy, and the soul was trembling. .

Behind him, the endless golden Imperius ants hiding the sky and covering the earth, almost drowning the Star Domain.

He ascended strongly, celestial troops and generals either flew horizontally or fell to the ground, basically impossible to contend with a god of the day.

He hands behind ones back, domineering, and is about to step into Nanyao Gate.

However, at this brief moment, a jet-black long spear, surrounded by endless Chaos Energy, suddenly appeared, huge and boundless, covering this piece of Star Domain, falling down like a supporting pillar. under.

The ancestor ant, a long whistle, roars the universe and makes every effort to fight.

As a result, it shocked the heavens and domains. This chaotic long spear fell, coughing up blood from the soul-removing ancestor ant, and flew away, smashing and smashing the stars, and falling to the edge of the universe.

“Three Emperors?” The ancestor ant was shocked.

A shot covering the sky, boundless!

At this moment, the entire universe was in an uproar, and all expert clearly understood Divine Soul was turbulent, and I was so shocked that I couldn’t believe it.

Celestial Court, there is still Emperor, which is terrifying beyond words.

The whole universe is in chaos, who is the owner of that long spear?

A newcomer to Celestial Court? Or one of the three emperors?

Finally, people learned about it in some wild history records.

There is an Emperor in Celestial Court who used this similar gun when he was young.

“He is a brother of the Emperor of Heaven, he is a man of outstanding character.”

“200,000 years, he is still alive?”

People are shocked. If it’s just a weapon, it is impossible to defeat the ancestor ant, the owner of the weapon must still be alive.

The human cultivator is boiling, and the Celestial Court three emperors are still alive. After several generations of new gods, although they have never appeared, they are always aloof and remote, looking down on the world, and the new gods cannot be compared with them no matter how powerful they are.

The celestial troops and generals are crazy, and they have not heard of the Three Emperors for tens of thousands of years, and they all think that the Three Emperors may have died during meditation,

“Don’t do anything.” A calm voice came out, resounding throughout the universe.

The Emperor didn’t make any further moves. In fact, in the eyes of the Three Emperors, he was already invincible in his heart.

As a god respected by all spirits, we should protect all living beings, not for the selfish interests of one race and suppress other races.

Since then, the ancestors of the soul-removing ants have avoided the borders of the universe, and have not set foot on the important Star Domain in their entire life, until they died during meditation.

Ten thousand years later, the ancestor ant of the soul-removing died during meditation, this time is the real death, the avenue is in decline.

His second life is a lot of luck.

In addition to this life, I lived in depression all my life, and my life essence was drastically reduced. In the end I survived for more than 20,000 years and disappeared.

The Emperor’s calendar is 220,000 years, and the seventh 100,000 years of the Emperor’s life is over. His life has come to an end.

But there was no accident. A few years later, he was reborn and lived his eighth life.

So far, people have become numb, and it is normal for the Emperor to create more impossible creations.

He is the living Legendary, a miracle in immortality, no matter what he does, there is no bright spot.

Time flies, and the wheel of history keeps rolling forward.

In the 22nd year of the Emperor of Heaven, Qin Feng lived in the eighth life. He exhausted the origin of the polar body, transformed into a mortal body, and caused great waves.

He cut the extreme blood, and gave up the extreme blood, until the mortal body, it is puzzling, only a few people marveled, the Emperor Return to the Natural State, perhaps clearly understood the source of the power between Heaven and Earth.

So in old legend, the mortal body is the root. People don’t understand it because it can’t reach the realm. Now that the emperor has done it, it is naturally Supreme.

For 300,000 years, the Emperor of Heaven has opened an era of rule that ordinary people cannot understand.

In the eighth life of Qin Feng, a new god appeared in the world. This is an incomparable god, powerful and boundless. From the beginning of his debut, he broke the record of previous generations.

500 years Demi-God, one thousand years of demi-God.

In history, there are very few examples of being gods for thousands of years, and even rumors have never appeared.

Now such a person has appeared, breaking all kinds of genius records, and turning a thousand years into a Spiritual God.

“It turned out to be such a person.” Qin Feng was slightly startled when he learned about the history of this new god.

This person, from the ancient land government, has that kind of aura on his body. Although he was cut off by the opponent, he still noticed it.

Of course, I can perceive that this person is related to the Old Mansion. Apart from him, few people in the world can do it.

Qin Feng never made a move. It is unnecessary. The opponent is from the underworld, but he cut off the atmosphere of the underworld.

Furthermore, even if he is still related to the ancient land, with Qin Feng’s current state of mind and vision, he will not embarrass a new god.

Although this new god is strong, he never crosses the Celestial Court half a step, and rules the universe separately from each other.

Unfortunately, this ancient mansion predecessor became a god, and he encountered a great crisis without reigning for a few years.

Because of a shocking change in one place, a long whistle soars into the sky, a silhouette, like a controller, with tears in her eyes, immensely sad.

On this day, Qin Feng came out of secluded cultivation. He looked up at the sky, knowing that he was born, and could only sigh deeply.

“Two hundreds of thousands of years, you finally came out, is it because of the ancient palace?”

In the depths of the universe, an ancient land burst, and suddenly, the whole universe shook, ten thousand wailing, Heavenly Dao shaking, the endless laws of order fell, all burned, turned into ashes, rushed one after another The fairy light sinks into that silhouette within the body.

At this moment, let alone other people, even Qin Feng was shocked. He clearly saw that the fairy light also had a strength of Divine Soul. Now together, how powerful would it be?

She is one body and soul, and she has completely returned, as if a fairy descended!

With that as the center, spread to the whole universe.

“Who is this? Why is the breath not weak, the three emperors?”

The whole universe was stunned, and it felt incredible. In today’s world, who can compare to the Celestial Court Three Emperors?

This person, too terrifying, even the cosmic avenue is trembling, unable to bear the power of that person, and is about to break.

Fortunately, that person did not destroy heaven extinguishing earth, and he controlled it in time, otherwise the universe would be trampled on and turned into dust.

“Who is this!”

“Is that a woman?”

“It is rumored that the Three Emperors had enemies when they were young, that is, a woman who controls Heavenly Dao, the first god of Human World.”

“Gosh, is she alive too?”

People are horrified, very shocked.

The strength of this empress is really unimaginable!

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