Heaven Swallowing God Emperor Chapter 2241


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Actually, as early as 10,000 years ago, Qin Feng and the others were able to break through Heavenly Dao and forcibly connect with Heavenly God World without damaging the universe.

But considering two points, I finally did not at all.

First, Celestial Court has no other Divine Grade expert except for their three emperors. They need more powerful assistance to enter the Heavenly God World.

Because hundreds of thousands of years have passed, no one knows what Heavenly God World has become.

But there is no doubt that it is definitely a brilliant, expert as clouds world.

Here, they are absolute masters, but in Heavenly God World, they are definitely enemies.

Celestial Court not only needs Peak experts, but also mid-level power, so they have to create gods in the universe of Human World.

The gods that appear in Human World must be stronger than the gods of Heavenly God World, of course, from the same realm.

Because Human World still has the problem of life essence. Compared with Heavenly God World, it is far from it, but it is the gods who have been accomplished in this cruel environment that are especially valuable.

From this point, the people of Human World are stronger than the gods of Heavenly God World accumulated over the years.

Secondly, in this era when life essence is lacking, they have gone far on the road of longevity.

Tan Xuan’s Nine Days, Nine Life and Nine Deaths have been carried out to the last reversal of life and death, and Jing Wuyi’s Promise Body has become more and more perfect.

As for Qin Feng, he has reached the eighth life and is almost out of a long life.

This life, he has survived for more than 100,000 years, but he is still not old and has a strong life force.

They have gone through the most difficult years in Human World. Now that they are close to walking through the longevity road, why don’t the cruel world walk through this road and temper themselves?

After all, entering the Heavenly God World, life essence is almost no problem.

That world has a lot of immortal matter, which can’t have the effect of tempering.

So, in order to accumulate stronger, more power, and temper themselves to the point of perfection, they finally chose to continue to wait.

Waiting for the best time to mature.

Now that Wei Ge is a god, Qin Feng cannot seal her.

After all, Wei Ge Nu and Wei Tian Nu are in different situations. They don’t touch the outside of Tao, so the Seal of No Tao is invalid.

So, we must enter the Heavenly God World when Wei Ge is in the Peak state.

Of course, when Qin Feng unblocked Wei Ge and released it, he had already calculated the time. Within the last ten thousand years, Human World and Heavenly God World will be unified.

Moreover, in these 100,000 years, Celestial Court has accumulated too many demigods, and they are the most outstanding people in each era.

In the past few 100,000 years, although new gods have appeared constantly, they have never impacted Celestial Court.

So most of the demi-god powerhouses in Celestial Court were sealed by Qin Feng after they reached the top of the demigod, waiting for one day, all of them were born, and they became gods.

At that time, it will be their return to Heavenly God World.

On this day, Qin Feng was walking in the universe, and suddenly his heart moved and looked towards a galaxy. No, to be precise, it was a cyan planet.

Now Qin Feng can think of the east and west universe, and the walking universe is marginal, so he naturally recognizes at a glance, this ancient star of life was the place where he slept during the Great Sky Crack, and this place hopes to be sheltered. An ancient star.

Thinking of that girl, Qin Feng fell silent for a while, and then landed on this planet.

Suddenly, Qin Feng felt a strange feeling in his heart. This feeling made him feel unspeakable and sad.

Because he found a place, and this place is a place to heal his wounds after several years.

The Great Grandpa had already passed away, but the teenager Zhou Chen was still there. He joined Celestial Court that year and later entered Heavenly God World.

This young cultivation talent is also quite outstanding and did not disappoint Qin Feng. When Qin Feng was still in Heavenly God World, he was an expert in Heavenly God World, and his foundation was very solid.

Now several 100,000 years have passed. If there is no accident, he should be a very powerful Spiritual God now!

This place is exactly the same as when he was recovering from his injuries, with little change.

This is a planet of a sky full of cultivator, but the strange thing is that this small village is still there, and it’s all mortals.

Here, everyone lives a life of sunrise and sunset, and they don’t understand the path of cultivation.

Those rooms are empty, no one cleaned them, and a lot of dust accumulated.

Qin Feng wandered here, thinking of all the past, that beautiful little face came to mind.

A few 100,000 years have passed, is she still there?

Back then, I heard that Hope had returned to Human World. He didn’t know where he was going. In addition, Qin Feng couldn’t find it when he was going to deal with Wei Tiannv.

As for later, he also looked for it, but there was no trace at all.

Hope itself is Spiritual God, and the life essence is relatively sufficient, but Qin Feng has not found her, so she mostly returned to Heavenly God World.

Unexpectedly, walking around the universe today came to this place.

Three hundreds of thousands of years, and looking back, it looks like a lifetime.

At that time, in the hands of the Divine Grade demons, he could barely struggle, but now, he is extremely powerful, but he is no longer in sight.

For several 100,000 years, I have witnessed growth, incomparably brilliant and unparalleled, but I have also been sad all my life, alone with God.

Coming here again, Qin Feng’s mood fluctuates uncontrollably. Over the years, he has rarely felt this way.

Unexplainable, unclear, but…very uncomfortable, very depressing, and he doesn’t know why.

It seems that something is missing, it’s hard to tell.

Qin Feng shook his head and walked here, the familiar lands are still as they were back then.

“Something is guarding.” Suddenly, Qin Feng eyes shrank. Until now, he didn’t realize that this place is not simple. Something has isolated this place from the outside world. So for 100,000 years, there has been no huge change here.

Before, Qin Feng was still wondering, where the three hundreds of thousands of years have not changed, it turns out that something has blocked this place.

This kind of fluctuation is very obscure, hidden under the ground, and it is difficult to find without careful investigation.

Furthermore, Qin Feng saw things and thought about people, and he was careless for a while, so he didn’t notice it, and he didn’t notice it until now.

His mana is now overwhelming, and it is difficult to find an opponent in the entire universe, so nothing can stop him.

Soon, he broke the special Formation here.

“Spiritual God handwriting.” Qin Feng narrowed his eyes.

This is a special Divine Grade array that only Spiritual God can arrange.

The events of a few 100,000 years ago, under the rush of time, almost disappeared, which is part of the reason why Qin Feng immediately did not notice.

Qin Feng wondered, who will leave Divine Grade here to block this place from the outside world?

This is not a special place, this is certain, but a god Spirit General is required to hide here, which is too weird.

Qin Feng was silent for a while, letting go of perception.

Wow, he was taken aback and saw a lone grave.

There is no tombstone, and it is covered with weeds. If it weren’t for Qin Feng’s perception, it could only be regarded as an ordinary small soil slope.

Qin Feng came here in one step.

“This is…”

The fairy spring lingers around the mountain stream, and the spirit flower blooms, disturbing the void.

Qin Feng dumbfounded, looking back abruptly, looked towards the lone tomb, pupil shrink, his heart trembled violently, and then suddenly stopped for a few seconds.

This is… Hope’s favorite place. When he recovered from his injuries back then, I hope he will take him here every time he comes.

This lone grave…

Qin Feng murmured, suffocated in his heart and blank in his mind, how could this be?


He casts spells, goes back to the source, and wants to understand what happened here.

He punched out, a long river of time flows, scenes flow, the avenues merge, the laws of order are connected, and the retreat from life to life.

Finally, Qin Feng saw three hundreds of thousands of years. It was a vague picture, with the traction of alluring beauty, and buried himself here.

“Is it… Hope?”

Qin Feng trembled, how could this be possible?

Hope to have died of old age in those days?

Impossible, even if I hope to hate him again, there will be one after he partes.

“She is not hope.” Qin Feng shook his head and quickly denied this idea.

Then he lifts the head abruptly, reaching for a grasp.

In the depths of the distant starry sky, Celestial Court vibrated, and the Immeasurable Tower suspended here vibrated violently, and then disappeared from here with a hum.

The celestial troops and generals are dumbfounded, but Celestial Court and the Imperial Capital are there, so I don’t worry about someone invading.

Under the dog statue, the big black dog raised in the strength of Faith has opened eyes, and looked into the distance questioningly: “This kid, what is limited?”

The smashing void of Wuliang Tower appears here at Qin Feng, floating above the solitary grave.

Qin Feng just stared at it, not say a word.

After a while, Wuliang Tower sighed softly: “You are still understood in the end.”

As soon as this statement came out, Qin Feng’s body shook, and as the Celestial Emperor, he almost couldn’t help falling.

But he still didn’t speak, just stared at the Boundless Tower.

The Pagoda trembles, almost jumping to pieces. Finally, it tells the truth: “I hope that three hundreds of thousands of years ago, you would have died when you were still in Heavenly God World.”

Qin Feng’s face turned pale, even if he guessed it, when he heard it, he still felt heartache and suffocation.

“Why did she… die?” Finally, Qin Feng spoke, his tone trembling.

“For you.” Wuliang Tower said: “Back then, you were crazy because of Han Xi’er. I hope you can’t stand it anymore, and this saved Han Xi’er.”

“If you want to lose your heart, you will die.”

The last eight words rushed directly to Qin Feng’s heart, causing his eternal calm mood to stir up large waves.

If you want to lose your heart, you will definitely die.

“She…dead.” Qin Feng was startled, unable to think about anything at this moment, only three words, constantly echoing in his mind, no matter what.

How can I forget that the girl who smiled beautifully, just left.

Three hundreds of thousands of years, he didn’t even know anything.

In the past, what kind of mood she was in, maybe it was like that heartbroken, the real heartbroken.

Hateful, he didn’t even know the last song he wanted to leave him.

Maybe, at that time, I hope to have used this song to tell him what will happen to her after saving Han Xier.

I hope he knows and let him decide, but… he has no intention of understanding hope at all.

Even in the end, he didn’t even give a farewell hug.

Dying alone makes him worse than death?

“Actually, you and her also have a section of emotion.” Wuliangta looked at Qin Feng who was lost and suddenly said this.

Qin Feng’s gaze shifted, staring at the Boundless Tower dull.

“You met the Seventeenth Emperor in Tiansen Marsh that year…” Wuliang Tower told Qin Feng what happened that year.

Qin Feng slowly closed his eyes, and the pain that hadn’t been seen in 100,000 years struck him, almost drowning him.

“Hope…” In the end, he could only spit out these two words dryly, and couldn’t make a sound anymore.

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