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Compared with the first ancestor of the monkey, the yak ancestor is more tragic.

His life is really filled with cups and other cups on the table. It is pale in the history of blood and tears. Although most of the powerhouses have received a lot of setbacks, the yak ancestor is definitely the most frustrated powerhouse, perhaps not one.

Other powerhouses, some people become famous, all the way triumphantly, have been scored in Skyreign Realm, scored the ancestor level.

There are still some people who have indeed suffered a lot of setbacks. But on the whole, it is actually not bad.

For example, Jiang Yun, who was retired when he was a teenager, could not be cultivation, was mocked by his family, and was bullied by other influences. Together with the people of the family, they want to kill him and replace Young Master Position.

However, since embarking on the road of cultivation, although it has undergone various hardships, it has even fallen twice.

I have never been a slave to others!

The ancestor of the yak, once worked as a slave to others. Not only a slave, but also a mount.

If it is just a mount, there is nothing. Many powerhouses, including Jiang Yun, used to have mounts or volunteered to follow him. Although they were mounts, they were actually partners, comrades-in-arms, and later his subordinates.

Even if he was not voluntarily, he was conquered by him, but Jiang Yun did not regard it as a slave.

The ancestor of the yak, once stunned by an old nephew, the mount of the old scorpion, was suppressed and deceived for a long time. This is a shame in his life, always wanting to destroy the old blind man.

However, the old man is too strong, he has not been able to succeed.

The old nephew is the first ancestor of Taoism.

The time of the Taoist ancestor’s fame was before the Buddha’s first ancestor. At that time, the Taoist’s Influence spread all over the world, and even many other heavens, there are various Taoist temples, monasteries and so on.

At that time, the Buddha’s first ancestor was Shantou Qing, Jiang Clan’s first ancestor was still wearing open trousers, the first ancestor of the ancestors was still fighting, and the blood ancestors were still breastfeeding.

In the world, the Taoist ancestors were the only ones. Although there are a few Great Influences who can compete with him, but in terms of power and reputation, Taoism is unique and no one can compare.

The Taoist at that time was in full swing.

Compared with the scum Lineage in Buddhism, the Taoist scum Lineage is also extremely hypocritical.

They do not claim to be universal, not compassionate. Instead, pay attention to teaching and classlessness, and pay attention to inaction. Pay attention to everything is mysterious and mysterious, you can not care, you can give up.

So, for example, the Taoist sorrowful woman, in order to open the light, in order to increase aptitude, combined with the Taoist.

All kinds of pretending to be ghosts, so that the mystery, deceive the world. In addition to a few Taoist powerhouses who are not ashamed of this behavior, the self-reliant portal became the later quiet Sacred Land, just like the Buddha’s innocent Bodhi Sacred Land.

Most of the Taoist artists, Martial Artist, were taken in by the Taoist ancestors.

In a certain year, a thick green cow descended from the north. Because of his simple mind, he was stunned by the Taoist ancestors and flickered into Taoism.

When the Taoist ancestors were poisoned, it was not easy to see the blue cow at the beginning. I want to emulate the ancestor of the prehistoric Taoist, and cultivate a cow’s fork. Therefore, instilling ideas into the blue cows, all kinds of blowing themselves are the reincarnation of Taoist ancestors.

The old cow was stunned and smashed. Even if it was slaughtered, it would add a rhythm of salt and spices to the Taoist ancestors.

Therefore, the old bull begins the mount of the Taoist ancestors, and the Taoist ancestors called for him to drink. Feel free to swear, teach him the Tao is also the best, but also bluntly the old cow’s talent is too low, not suitable for practice, to slowly sculpted, after all, will be late.

It is also analogous, even if the average pig’s cultivation speed is faster than the old cow.

The old cow was fooled, and the Taoist ancestors said that he believed. Even if the Taoist ancestors said that the bull would kneel and the sow would go to the tree, he was convinced. I don’t know at all that the so-called supreme law of the Taoist ancestors taught him is the garbage Cultural Technique, which is not as good as the General’s Scripture.

The talent is high, and I am afraid of the kitchen knife.

Then the garbage’s Cultural Technique, coupled with the Taoist ancestors, can only go further with his own strength breakthrough. Therefore, Spirit Crystal, Spirit Liquid, etc., which do not affect the potential, can assist in cultivation, and improve the speed of cultivation, are not used.

As a result, Scripture garbage, without the cultivation resources, is still in the environment of the end-era that the Taoist ancestors deliberately created.

How to improve the cultivation base of the old cow? Occasionally, I also raised my Taoist ancestor higher than his old Bull’s Old Ancestor, and I was grateful. I swear that I must be faithful to the ancestor of Taoism. I have no resentment against Dao’s ancestors, his mounts, his servants, and so on.

The Taoist ancestors were very satisfied, although this cultivation was slow.

But the old cow will be desperate, become his mount. At the same time, he also cut out a creature that might pose a threat to him and may be on his knees in the future. The world is still the only one who respects him. No one dares to challenge him.

However, one day, a young man surnamed Jiang did something big.

The cattle of the Taoist ancestors were stolen, and the old cows realized that there were such shameless people in the world. He was miserable by the Taoist ancestors, under the guidance of Jiang Clan’s teenager.

The old cow finally opened up, and finally no longer straightforward.

And, with his own efforts, he awakened the ancestors’ yak bloodline. In one fell swoop, the Supreme Talent, which is rare in the world, followed the Jiang Clan juvenile south to fight against the parties.

The Taoist ancestors called a qi, sent all the masters to deal with the Jiang Clan boy and the yak ancestor.

However, the Jiang Clan boy himself was already Jiang Clan of the Great Clan at the time. He was also a genius, and he was invincible.

Still earning a young Supreme Talent, Influence is getting bigger and bigger and stronger.

No need for Jiang Clan help, but also one party Overlord. In the end, Jiang Clan’s teenager, the first gold dynasty of Jiang Clan, who rose in the chaos of the world, surpassed the Taoist ancestor, the believer Transcendence.

The ancestors of the yak have always confronted the Taoist ancestors.

The Taoist ancestors repeatedly wanted to kill the ancestors of the yak, and even wanted to suppress the ancestors of the yak and collect them as mounts. They were all blocked by the ancestors of the yak. ​​On several occasions, the Taoist ancestors were almost killed by Jiang Clan’s first ancestor.

It was just too embarrassing, and there was help from the Buddha’s first ancestor, which was lucky enough to escape.

Later, Jiang Clan’s ancestor Transcendence was naturally not interested in the mole crickets and ants of Taoist ancestors. But what made the Taoist ancestors mad at the nose was that in the second golden chaos, Jiang Clan appeared a fellow of Defying the Heavens, a little child of Jiang Clan’s ancestor, and then he came up and sang him. Don, Transcendence.

That is the Jiang Yanji, the Taoist ancestors were almost killed by the ginger, and have been hiding.

It wasn’t until the end of the sacred Transcendence that it disappeared. After many billions of years, this time it was born. Now, Jiang Clan has once again appeared a Defying the Heavens boy, and seems to have to inherit the later traditions of Jiang Clan’s first ancestor and Jiang Yanji, and to hide him from being born.

“Old scorpion, fighting with my ancestors, still dare to distract, but also want to kill Jiang’s descendant? You are really looking for death -”

Boom –

A big hoof stalk directly to the head of the Taoist ancestors.

“Niu, you are a scorpion, looking for death?” Taoist ancestors roared.

The yak ancestors laughed: “Old scorpion, you are really stubborn. Prehistoric became famous. Later, he was surpassed by Jiang Da Ge, and became a dog. He dared to hide in the depths of the vain zone until the big brother of Transcendence disappeared for many hundred million years. It was only born. I didn’t expect to meet the little child of Jiang’s big brother. Jiang Yanji also came to the top. You want to kill him, but he was later taken up, and it was a fat cockroach. He hid. Ginger’s Transcendence disappeared. Not many billions of years, your old voice jumped out again, and you met another Jiang Clan teenager -”

“Hey animals, you are looking for death – but three things, this time Jiang Yun will die.”

The Taoist ancestors heard the words and their faces changed dramatically.

Nothing can be done. He must not reproduce the tragedies of the previous two. Jiang Yun can never be allowed to take the old road of Jiang Clan’s ancestor and Jiang Yanji. Later, he will be the dog, and he will be scared to hide in the void.

“There is nothing more than three, this time Lao Tzu personally labeled you as a dog – do not use Jiang Clan’s third Defying the Heavens teenager -”

The yak ancestors sneered.

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