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“You two juniors, are you looking for death?”

Skyreign ancestors indifference.

Last time, they were brought into the ditch by Jiang Yun and killed by the Killing Array. At that time, in the Killing Array, with the Killing Array aid, Jiang Wangu and Jiang Hongran did make him suffer a big loss and almost got rid of it.

This time is different. Jiang Yun and others left Kyushu without the aid of Killing Array.

In the eyes of Skyreign’s first ancestor, even though Jiang Wangu and Jiang Hongran have entered the ancestor level, they are only the third gold dynasty new ancestor, and he entered the ancestor in the second golden chaos, creating an epic Compared to the powerful ancestors of the secret technique, it is too tender.

Boom –

The Skyreign gantry reappears, covering the heavens and shaking the sky.

The ancient and modern future are shaking, and Great Dao is whining. Even if the battle mainly occurs in the vain zone, the surrounding environment is swaying and even cracking. This is the strength of the ancestor level, and it really can be Destruction.

Between the thoughts, the heavens collapsed and the spirits turned into flying ash.


“This is the true night of the Skyreign gantry. Skyreign’s ancestor created this secret technique, which has been perfecting and is now much stronger than the second gold chaos.”

Some old antiques exclaimed, taboo to the extreme.

“It’s also Skyreign Technique, it’s really different -”

Jiang Wangu screamed.

“Primary, you know it. If you have been shrinking in the territory of Kyushu, you may still be able to save a life. Unfortunately, you do not know the heights of the earth, dare to go out of Kyushu, really looking for death.” Skyreign ancestors sneer.

He is a ancestor who became famous in the second golden world. Could it be afraid of two younger generations?

At the beginning, he became famous and Jiang Yanji was almost in the same era. However, Jiang was farther away than him. In the end, Jiang was extremely Transcendence, and he was still at the ancestor level.

But far beyond the general ancestors, Jiang Wangu and Jiang Hongran even joined forces, he did not fear.

“Come on you, you don’t know the North and the South. Could it be Martial Artist’s strength, is it entirely dependent on the length of cultivation and age, the length of time to judge?” Jiang Hong sneer.

Jiang Wangu glanced at the Taoist ancestor in the distance, faintly said: “The Taoist ancestor became famous at the beginning of the first golden chaos, and was older than my Grandfather. However, I was later beaten by my Grandfather to hide in the void. I didn’t dare to show up. Until my Grandfather Transcendence, he left for a long time, he dared to be born. Later, he was beaten by my father and hid for a long time, until my Father Transcendence left, he only Come out again.”


The Taoist ancestors in the distance heard these words and almost spurted them out against the blood.

The living beings of today, almost no one’s age is comparable to him. He became famous very early, almost invincible in the initial stage of the first gold chaos, and then progressed very little, because it was at the top.

Then, it was surpassed by several latecomers.

He has been respected, worshipped, and even regarded as a monument to Martial Dao by major powerhouses. Now it has become a negative textbook, what makes him feel good?

If it was in the world, the third gold was chaotic, and it was surpassed by the younger generation, even by Jiang Clan’s Martial Artist surpass. He really became a negative textbook and became a joke. Ordinary people are surpassed, he is not only surpass, but also every time.

“Senior, the strength is not good, but also to find their own death, blame the ancestors ruthless.”

Boom –

Skyreign gantry covers the sky and collapses the future.

This is the secret technique created by Skyreign’s ancestor. It is best for him. He studied the endless years and raised this secret technique to an unprecedented height. Skyreign gantry carries his strength, Law, Dao Rhyme, etc., and the moon is boundless.

Simple and straightforward, crushing the two powerhouses of Jiang Clan.


The old antiques that the parties watched in the distance were discolored at the moment, but fortunately they were far away, otherwise they would really be affected.

“The ultimate technique -”

Jiang Hongyao and Jiang Wangu showed an unprecedented dignified color. Skyreign’s first ancestor was indeed very strong, and he became famous for a long time. He stayed at the ancestor level for a long time and accumulated a lot.

If they are alone against each other, they are not opponents at all.

If you join forces, you may not be able to compete.

Booming –

The two gathered the whole body’s strength and turned it into the ultimate force, condensing in the punches above. Suddenly, the punches are like the heavens, exudes the ultimate power, and the frightening runes and Law are stirred up, making the boxing more powerful.

Two punches pierced the ancient and modern future, pierced the vain zone, and slammed into the sky with the Skyreign gantry.

Boom –

The ultimate power collided with the power of Skyreign, Rune strangled, and the fists swayed.

Every light, every Law, can easily break the ordinary Skyreign Realm powerhouse. This strength of frightening can only be possessed by the ancestor-level creatures.


Skyreign’s ancestors were shocked and no support for Killing Array.

The two juniors, Jiang Wangu and Jiang Hongran, actually blocked his epic secret technique, which surprised him. Jiang Clan appeared two ancestors of frightening.

Booming –

The three quickly shot, the light of the fist, the Skyreign gantry collided again and again.

Various runes, all kinds of Law, stir the future of the past and the present.

“It seems that relying solely on the secret technique makes it difficult to suppress them.”

Skyreign’s first ancestor gradually realized that relying on the secret technique alone could not defeat the two masters of Jiang Clan.


A stone spear appears in his hand and is made of psychic stone. The stone spear has a large material, and the psychic stone itself has been cultivated to the Skyreign level, and the material reaches the ancestor level.

Skyreign’s ancestor abolished the strength of two tigers and refining it into stone spears.

“You two can die under the stone spear, it is your glory.”

Skyreign’s ancestors armed with stone spears, the whole person has become different, like the master of the world, overlooking the world.

“The ancestor level Armament -”

All the old antiques are exclaimed.

Although the Skyreign level of Armament is not many, but there are many, generally this level of Martial Artist has at least one Skyreign level Armament. But the Armament of the ancestor level is very rare.

call out–

The stone spear pierced everything, and it was stabbed by Jiang Wangu and Jiang Hong.


Jiang Wangu’s body is in front of a stone sword. The stone sword’s material is also not simple. It is a one-of-a-kind material that is found in the depths of the void.

This sword is now at the level of the ancestor.

“One Sword Level Heaven !”

Jiang Wangu shouted, and a sword broke through the ages, cutting off the future of the past and the present, breaking the vain belt in front of him and colliding with the stone spear.


The stone spear and the stone sword collided, and the voice shocked the ancient and modern future, causing countless creatures to panic.

Sword qi and the confrontation, a fierce confrontation.


After all, Shi Jian still couldn’t stop the stone spear and was shot and flew out. The stone spear came to Jiang Wangu.


In the hands of Jiang Hongzao, a long stone scorpion appeared, and the long scorpion exudes the power of the wild, as if the self-prehistoric sacred era spanned Space-Time, heavy and overbearing. He took turns to grow up, opened the big match, and directly smashed the past.


The long scorpion and the stone spear collide, blocking the stone spear from advancing.

Almost at the same time, Jiang Wangu’s stone sword flew back and once again smashed the stone spear.

The three men fought in a series of battles and the situation was extremely fierce.

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